you know what? i’m gna say it, jimin is so cute and he looks adorable when he doesn’t have any makeup on, when his hair is messy, when he has swollen eyes, a soft tummy, a pimple on his face, when he just cutely pouts, when he squint his eyes whenever he laughs so hard, it feels like the whole world is balanced and nothing bad could happen, the fresh breeze outside, the sun shining brighter than ever, the birds are chirping, my crops growing, my family healthy, thank you jimin, i love you

if i take your name out of the poem / the poem is still a poem / still something you should have seen coming / if i take away the glass & the fire / the poem isn’t poetry / it’s just the truth / and the truth doesn’t sound as pretty / so i flower it up with roses and honey / even though you didn’t like anything sweet / and the irony isn’t lost on me / and maybe i am a little vulnerable when it comes to you / but maybe you’re not taking credit for your part in this / see the love interest still dies at the end of the movie / but maybe she would have survived if the hero knew when to leave well enough alone / you always said you wanted me because of how much light i gave off / but it faded so you had to leave / now i’m thinking it’s the opposite / i gave off so much light it was blinding / so you had to look away/ so you slammed the door on your way out / & now i’ve survived every season without the weight of you next to me / i’ve watched the sun rise & set 365 times / i haven’t faded away / the love interest is still living / & she’s doing it so brightly you’d mistake it for theatrics

brain: don’t get your hopes up about nominations tuesday
me: if bandstand doesn’t at least get choreo, best actress, lighting design, and orchestration nominations i’ll burn the american theatre wing down

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