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Imagine a Mission Interrupting Your Wedding to Eggsy

A/N: This was requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch so I hope you like it! Love the idea and I spent most of this writing time on wedding Pinterests but whatever  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A bit of swearing and blood in this one but nothing too bad! Enjoy pals :D

“You look wonderful, Y/N. He’ll die when he sees you, I promise,” Roxy twisted the final strand of your hair on top of your head, and grinned as she looked you up and down. 

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summary: in which barry allen alters the timeline and sets foot on a universe where his once best friend and first love is alive.


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“Barry, you’re doing the right thing.” he told himself over and over as he walked across the hallways leading to your apartment. “She deserves to know. She’s important to you and she needs to know that because you cannot lose her again. No, not again.” he continued to whisper under his breath, gripping the bouquet of flowers he bought for you.

He stopped in front of your door and counted to three until he knocked. When the door immediately opened, he felt like his heart dropped at how beautiful you looked. Well, you didn’t dress too extravagant, but still the effect you had on him was ridiculous.

“You’re staring at me again in a very weird manner.” You teased. “What? Is it too much?” You gestured to your outfit.

Barry shook his head, “You just look very beautiful tonight.”

You snorted, “And you’re just messing with me.” But you still grinned and blushed. “Are those for me?” you looked at the daisies in his hands.

He smiled and handed them to you. “Yup. They’re your favorites, am I correct?”

You took them gratefully, “Indeed they are.” You looked back at him, “How’d you know? I never told anyone about that.”

Barry shrugged. “Lucky guess.”

Though that was a lie. He knew because when you were both in sixth grade, you told him that your favorite flowers were daisies. Barry promised himself that he would remember that confession for future uses, and he was right.

“Okay then,” you closed and locked your apartment door. “Where are we going to have this special talk of ours, Barry Allen?”

He grinned. “I was thinking at Jitters, on their rooftop. I asked for a reservation and they agreed.”

You were impressed. “Seems like what we’re going to talk about is very important.”

“You have no idea, Y/N.” Barry chuckled to himself.

That made you even more curious. “Can I get a hint on what it’s about?”

Barry laughed as he shook his head. “Absolutely not, you’ll have to wait until we’re there.”

You sighed. “But I can’t wait that long.” you dramatically told him.

A certain glimmer was seen in his eyes as he proposes an idea. “I know a faster way to get to Jitters.”

“Oh, yeah? How?” you challenged.

In one swift movement, Barry crouched down and carried you bridal style to Jitters with his incredible inhuman speed. As he placed you down, you held onto his shoulders for support, your breathing hard while your eyes were wide.

“What the hell was that?” You exclaimed. “Barry Allen, are you telling me that you’re Kid Flash?”

He rolled his eyes. “Actually, I am the Flash.”

You looked around you and you were already at Jitters, more specifically on their rooftop just as Barry promised.

“I-I don’t understand.” you said.

Barry didn’t let go of you as he explained. “Y/N, what I’m about to tell you will probably mess the timeline or something but you need to know this.”

“Timeline? I’m still not getting anything you’re saying.”

He breathed deeply. “I’m not from here, Y/N. This whole universe just started a few weeks ago. And from the timeline where I came from, you’re not alive.”

You pulled back slightly, your eyebrows furrowing. “That’s impossible. I’ve known you for years, and I’m certainly not dead.”

“In this world you aren’t.” he clarified. “This is so hard to explain because until now I can’t even believe you’re here in front of me, breathing and perfectly fine.”

You thought that Barry was playing a practical joke on you, or perhaps he just really made this absurd excuse to take you on a date. But by the way he was looking at you, at how his eyes pierced through yours, and how you felt his sincerity with every word he told you, you couldn’t help but believe him even a little bit.

You ran your hands through your hair, “Okay, please explain to me this whole universe and timeline thing.”

And then he started speaking. He told you about how his mother was murdered at the age of 11, he told you how his father was imprisoned because they thought it was he who had done it and not the Reverse-Flash. Barry also told you how you died in the original timeline, and he didn’t try and hide the fact that the both of you were very special to one another as well.

“So, we were dating back then?” you asked, already sat down on a chair with a hot mug between your hands, Barry sitting in front of you.

“Yeah, we were.” Barry nodded.

“And I died at the age of 17 because of a car crash.” you added in which he nodded again. “Wow. How unfortunate.”

“Wait,” Barry raised an eyebrow, “You believe me?”

“Kind of.” you shrugged, looking down at your coffee. “I don’t why I do, even though I do find the time travelling hard to understand, but somehow I just believe you.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Y/N.” Barry smiled.

You smiled back. “You bring a lot of suprises, Barry.” you humored.

Barry had the urge to kiss you in that exact moment, but he knew it was too fast. After explaining everything to you for the past hour, he thought you were probably in shock, and weren’t ready for too much drama.

“Will you come back to the original timeline?” You suddenly asked him, making him look at you.

He answered immediately. “I don’t know, but for now, I’m just enjoying what I have.”

“Your parents.” You understood.

“Yep,” he agreed. “And of course, you.” he blushed.

You grinned. “I’m not going anywhere, Barry.”

He reached forward and grasped your hand, which made your heart skip a beat.

“Good, because I’m not letting you go again.”

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awh get better but here's a prompt? I just came up with this for you to feel better: lance being the castle's walking spa, like if anyone (you can pick) is feeling sad they just go to him and he has everything to make them feel better and fresh, maybe even memorizes everyone's likes or dislikes (he probably keeps Keith's mullet silky and soft even though he 'claims' to hate it)

anon, i have been gushing over this prompt this whole weekend with my friends and then… i accidentally wrote a little drabble

my hand slipped

The mission had been long and hard, and everyone was exhausted. As Lance landed Blue in her hangar, he quickly hopped out of her and ran up to his room, grinning from ear to ear despite the tiredness that clung to his limbs, making his movements rather sluggish.

While he heard the others shuffling around and complaining through their comms, Lance muted his own and hummed a bit as he gathered everyone’s baskets. After a day like today, they all deserved a break. A moment or two to just relax!

“Lance, hey, it’s time for debriefing upstairs, come on. We’re waiting for you.” Shiro tells him before the radio goes silent– everyone probably took their helmets off. Arms filled with small baskets piled on top of one another, he headed to the control room.

He noted when he entered that the others had already started, setting each thing down before taking a seat next to his best friend and listening to Shiro and Allura speak. It took a few minutes, but once they were done, Lance stood excitedly. “Um, excuse me!”

Shiro raised a brow at him, turning back to the group just as he had been about to walk away to the training deck, motioning for Lance to continue. The Cuban boy bounced on his heels in excitement before addressing them all. “Okay! So, I have these things…” He begins.

As they sat their on the round couches Lance explained how his mother used to always explain to him how important self-care was, how she would always take care of her babies when they were down.

“I want to do that for you all now. We had…  a tough time out there. We all deserve a little bit of R&R time.”

At this Allura tilted her head, arms crossed over her chest as she spoke. “Um, Lance, what’s ‘r and r time’? It sounds… Odd.”

Lance merely smiles, hands stuffed into his pockets to hide the slight tremble they had gained from talking about his family. “Well, it’s basically just when you take time to take care of yourself and relax. A human saying.”

Allura agreed to let Lance ‘take care of them’, as he had put it, and with that he began to hand out each person’s individualized basket, himself included. “I’ve been collecting these things every time we go to swap moons! I made each one based on what you all like and what would be best for your skin types and stuff!”

“Like, Mullet, I put the tea tree oil shampoo in yours because it makes your hair soft and keeps it less greasy, and I put what I hope is similar to a hydrating mask in there to keep your skin from getting super dry.

“But Allura got a lot of the same stuff I have skin wise because we have similar skin types! And Shiro got coconut oil-ish stuff because it’s gentler on scars but still keeps skin healthy–”

A hand found it’s way to Lance’s back and gently patted it, making the tanned boy jump a bit in surprise. “Thanks Lance, that’s really nice of you.” Shiro tells him with a kind smile, looking down at him with slight admiration while Hunk and Pidge voiced their agreement.

“So… Space family spa day?” He questions, looking around at the group.

“Space family spa day.”

Beloved Baker Street Chapter 1

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Summary: Sherlock voiced his deduction. “She’s from out of town though. Intended to stay only one night before returning to-”

“Cardiff.” Y/N finished, leaning against the doorframe.

Sherlock studied her for a moment in silence, eyes narrowed.

Y/N Hudson was the brilliant daughter of Mrs. Hudson, owner of 221 Baker Street. Returning to London to work as a forensic scientist and be closer to her mother, she never expected to be swept up into the whirlwind life of Sherlock Holmes…

“How is Pennsylvania? Are things going well?” Martha Hudson asked, her voice slightly distorted through the speaker of a phone.

Her daughter, Y/N, held the cell phone wedged in between her ear and her shoulder as she folded some newly laundered sweaters.

“Better than the lab back in Denver, I must say.” The young woman replied with a sigh. “I blame you and Papa you know, mum. I was raised to expect so much more action!” She laughed.

“Don’t remind me, dear. I hate to think on what your childhood was because of your father and me. Although I think I can say it was mostly your father.” The older woman lamented.

“Oh mama, I was only teasing. I turned out just fine.”

“Yes, well I think that was due to you, muffin, not anything that I did.”

Y/N smiled at the pet name she’d heard so often growing up. Y/N Hudson hadn’t seen her mother in person since right after her father had died, some years before. The young biochemist had flown out to London and spent a few days with her mother, repairing the relationship they had lost when Y/N left at 18 to go to school and get away from the “business” her father was involved in.

“Mama, I was thinking…maybe I should look for a job over there and come live in London. I know it’s a big change, but frankly, I hate my job here. Besides, I’ve been wanting to live closer to you for a while.” Y/N suggested, nervously playing with a lock of hair.

Over her 26 years, Y/N had had a complicated dynamic with her family. Her parents’ marriage was an ill-advised impulsive decision that neither could see lasting. Barely a year after Y/N came into the world, they moved to Florida. Her father, Frank, got in with a really bad crowd and eventually began to run a drug cartel. Mrs. Hudson didn’t know about his dealings until Y/N was in elementary school. By that point, she did her best to keep Y/N away from Frank, but the father wasn’t one to be separated entirely.

He taught the young child how to shoot a gun, and put her into self defense classes. He was a terrible man, but he cared about his child. During her adolescence, Y/N resented her mother’s choice to stay, determined to leave it all behind and become independent as soon as she possibly could.

Always intelligent and fascinated by science, Y/N was accepted to Reed College on a full scholarship. Belongings packed, and with all the money she had saved over the years, Y/N left. Her mother found a note the next day saying that Y/N was going to college. She assured Mrs. Hudson that she loved her, but she needed to make a new life for herself.

Y/N graduated top of her class with a major in biochemistry and a minor in history. At first, she worked in research, alongside dedicated scientists. Inevitably, the work was too dull for the quick minded young woman. Needing to work her brain, Y/N changed careers. Being a CSI fit her perfectly, but she still felt as though something was missing. She missed her mother.

“Really? That’s all I’ve wanted since you left for school, but I knew you needed to come back in your own time.” Mrs. Hudson said ecstatically.

“You wouldn’t happen to know if Scotland Yard is hiring, would you?” Y/N half-joked.

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Love You Forever

Summary: Following the events of 6x19 the Black Fairy, Belle tucks Gideon into bed, and both Belle and Rumple reflect on having hope in the face of hard choices.
A/N:  I have a lot of mixed emotions going into the finale, and this little Rumbelle/Gold Family fic hit me yesterday. I don’t usually go angsty, but I had to write it. For all the moms out there–Happy Mother’s Day.


“The things you love are like the puffs of a dandelion weed; they grow wild and happen as they will.” - Bette Lee Crosby

Belle trailed her fingertips across Gideon’s forehead, basking in the simple pleasure of watching her son sleep for the first time. His breath was deep and even, his face serene. The tiny lines around his eyes were smooth, giving him the appearance of a young boy, rather than a man.

It seemed impossible her baby was the same age as she. Experienced parents had told her children grew up in the blink of an eye, but this was ridiculous even for Storybrooke.

Belle pressed her fingers to her mouth, suppressing a delighted giggle. Gideon was a sound sleeper, but not a quiet one. His hair stood on end, the way Rumple’s often did when he woke in the morning. Two huge feet poked out from beneath the covers, further affirmation her son was too tall and strong to share a bed with his mother. Every so often he rolled over, snorting as he resettled on the mattress. Belle pushed up from the pillow and tucked the comforter around his legs. Earlier tonight, when Rumple had ushered them toward the stairs and urged them to go to bed, she couldn’t resist his suggestion that she stretch out beside Gideon, ease him into his first night of being home.

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Prince Jisoo

{joshua + reader, prince and princess}

both of you fell for each other outside of palace but both of you were already engaged to another prince and princess, and the twist of fate happened

“My dear princess, I’m so pleased to let you know that you’re going to get married this year!” the king, your father, exclaimed over the breakfast table in the morning.

“Father, I have said this many times, I am not going to go along with this arranged marriage.” you stopped eating, losing all your appetite upon hearing your father.

“You have no say in this. We’ve already planned everything since you were young, and there’s no way we’re going to break the promise.” your father said sternly.

“That’s right our little princess, we’re doing this for the good of you, and your future.” your mother said and gave you a hopeful smile.

“I’m going back to my room, please continue breakfast.” you excused yourself to avoid having a heated confrontation with your father.

Since young, you have been listening and obeying your father and have never gone against him. However, regarding this issue of marriage, there was no way you would put your own happiness on the line. People in the palace have been congratulating you and talking about this marriage. They seemed happier than you, and you just didn’t understand why couldn’t you have a say in your own future.

Every morning you would leave the palace for a walk, and also to give out free food and money to the commoners. At first, your father was not agreeable to let you go out on your own but you insisted, and said that if he didn’t allow you, you would leave the palace and not return. Your father had no choice but to agree, since he didn’t want to lose his only princess.

You made your way to market and houses as usual, but this time round things were different. You saw a lot of people gathering outside a hut, and they seemed to be surrounding a man. As you approached closer, some commoners saw you and shouted “princess!” and you smiled so widely and walked to them. The man turned in your direction and you took a glance at him, and saw how beautiful his eyes were. His eyes reflected perfection, and his features complimented his face.

“This lad is here to give out free food and money as well!” an old lady said while holding your hand.

“Oh, that’s really nice of him.” you held her hand back to support her while the both of you walked to the man.

The man wore simple clothing and he seemed like a commoner but something about him made you feel like he was more than just someone. You greeted him with a smile and he greeted you with a bow. Both of you continued to give out the free food and money, and interacted with the commoners. You had a great time as usual, and time passed by very quickly. You walked over to the man and decided to talk.

“I’ve never seen you before.” you said with a smile while helping him pack.

“Oh, princess, you shouldn’t be doing this, I can manage on my own.” he said politely.

“No it’s fine, if I mind doing this, why would I even come here in the first place?” you let out a laugh.

The man smiled shyly and told you that it was his first time at this area. Usually he’d be in another region but he realised that not only commoners in his region need help, so he decided to come here today.

“I heard a lot about you.” the man said.

“Really?” you raised a brow.

“Yeah, these people were telling me about how nice you are, and that every day without fail, you’d be here with food and money. And you’ve been quite a topic in other areas as well. They named you the benevolent princess.”

“Wow, I’m flattered. I’m not that great actually, these people are too nice, and their hearts are so genuine.”

You liked being around these commoners as they were kind hearted and they all possess a genuine heart, unlike in the palace where people are the puppets of politics.

“Your heart is genuine as well.” the man looked at you and said sincerely.

“Yours as well.” you smiled back at him.

“What’s your name?” you asked as the both of you were walking around.


“Jisoo… sounds so gentleman.” you teased.

“Thank you. And you’re ______, right?”


After that day, both of you have been meeting at the same place every morning and both of you would give out food and money together. The both of you got a little closer than before. You enjoyed his company, and so did he.

One day, he was there but you weren’t. You had a confrontation with your father as you told him about jisoo and you expressed your liking for him, but your father opposed and forbidded you to meet jisoo. In addition, your father decided to bring forward the marriage with a prince whom you didn’t even know. You were infuriated. You sneaked out in the afternoon and went to the usual place, wishing that jisoo was still there. You wanted to rant about everything to him.

“Jisoo!” you shouted and ran to him as you spotted him sitting on the bench outside a hut.


“I thought you left! I’m so glad you’re still here. I’m so sorry for not coming in the morning.” you said apologetically as you took a seat beside him.

“Everything alright?” jisoo asked while looking at you with concern.

“I had an argument with my father. He wants me to marry this prince whom I don’t even know. We haven’t even met before, and I don’t even know his name. I told my father I don’t want to marry this man but he isn’t listening. I’m so upset.” you ranted.

“To be honest, I’m actually facing the same problem. I have to marry this girl, arranged marriage. And I don’t know her name, what she looks like, what she fancies or not… I have no clue at all.” jisoo shrugged.

You heart sank at his words. You didn’t know he had a betrothal, and you even fancied him - just when you thought the day couldn’t get any worser.

“You know, sometimes it’s best to see things in a positive light. Your parents want the best for you, and they wouldn’t do things that will harm you. Besides, you never know, your future husband might be a really good man, and you might fall in love with him. Don’t be too upset about it, okay?” jisoo tried to comfort you but it seemed as though every word he said pierced through your heart.

“Actually I-“ you wanted to tell him that he’s the one you love, but you didn’t want to be selfish. After all, he might not reciprocate your feelings.

“Yes?” jisoo waited for you to complete your sentence.

“I wish you all the best with your marriage. I hope you will be happy with her, and that both of you will love each other. A lot.” you faked a smiled and took a lot of courage to say it.

“Thanks. I hope you too, please be happy.” It wasn’t easy for him to say this as well, because he already fell for you, but he knew that it was impossible because he had to marry another girl. “And by the way,” he continued, “I won’t be coming here any soon, because I have to prepare for the wedding.”

His eyes looked so sad and you had to hold back your tears.

“So, we don’t know when we’ll meet each other again?” you asked, already knowing what the reply was.

“Yeah…” jisoo looked down, avoiding contact with your eyes, because he knew that if he stared any longer, it would be hard for him to leave.

Both of you bid farewell and days after separation, you were still thinking of him. You hardly left your room, and you just didn’t have the mood for anything.

“Child, don’t forget to doll up later. Your in laws are coming, and so is your future husband.” your mother walked into your room and reminded you.

“I’m not going to see them!” you shouted as you ran out to your room’s balcony.

“My dear child, if your father sees you like this he’d be terribly upset.” your mother ran after you.

“But I’m upset too! Why isn’t anyone concerned about my feelings? I didn’t ask for this marriage, and nobody should be forcing me and saying that it’s the best for me.” you said, on the verge of bursting into tears.

Your mother kept silent and the only thing she did was to hug you very tightly, reminding you of how much she loved you.

“I know you don’t like this arrangement, but you haven’t seen him, and the least you can do now is to meet him. Who knows, maybe he’s against this as well? Just take a look, alright?” your mother stroked your hair and tried to convince you, and you reluctantly agreed.

“Just a look.” you told yourself as your mother dolled you up.

The guests have arrived and you met them alongside with your parents. As you walked out the door, you saw a person, a person whom you longed for, a person whom you would never forget, and a person whom you fell in love with. It was jisoo. You couldn’t believe your eyes. You couldn’t believe that he was the one you were betrothed to.

“Jisoo?” you said and took steps towards him.

“_____?” jisoo was also taken aback.

“You know each other?” jisoo’s mother asked, and the adults were looking at one another.

“W-what? What’s going on? You’re a prince? Why didn’t you tell me?” you held onto his arm and questioned him.

Jisoo excused himself and you so the both of you could have a talk and sort things out. Both of you left the dining area and proceeded to the balcony.

“Hey, yeah, I’m a prince but I like to keep things low, so I didn’t tell anyone that.” jisoo explained.

“So are you here for the betrothal?” you asked happily, already knowing the answer.

“Yes. I didn’t know it’d be you! This is so amazing.” jisoo said and he couldn’t take his eyes off you. “You look extremely beautiful today.”

“Oh my gosh I thought I would never see you again… this is… i don’t know, i’ve been wanting to tell you that i fancy you, but you told me that you had an arranged marriage, so i didn’t…”

“I wanted to let you know my feelings as well, but since I’m aware of my marriage, I couldn’t let you know that I love you.”

You looked at him so lovingly and there were tears in your eyes as you formed a genuine smile.

“Maybe this arranged marriage isn’t that bad after all.“

Do You Have Any Interest In Jaebum?

“Hi honey. May I request a story of JB got7 as a Prince and he meets his princess ?” 

Requested by: @karougirl123​

Type: fluffy

Thank you so much for your request. I’m sorry for the wait, I’ve been writing for the past few days cause I wanted it to be as good as possible. 

Hope you like it! 

Enjoy :)

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-GIF isn’t mine-

“Are you ready?” I hear my mother ask. I was getting ready for the party that my parents organized. They invited every kingdoms of the country.

“Not yet! Do I really have to be there?” I suddenly ask, facing her.

“Can you leave us alone, please?” she asks Hiya, my maid, who was helping me with my dress.

“Y/N, you need to understand your role. You are the only child, unique daughter of one of the three Kings who rule the country. Your role is really important ! You represent beauty and delicacy, just like a flower” she says, coming closer to me.

“But why do I have to be this person?” I whine. I could see my mother losing her temper.

“Y/N as a princess you need to be there! No more questions, be ready in ten minutes. All the guests are already here” she sternly says, leaving me alone in my room.

Hiya came back few seconds later.

“She’s so beautiful!”, “what’s her secret”, “this isn’t a legend, she’s truly beautiful” I hear people whisper as I walk towards my parents. The room was full of people and all eyes were on me.

“Now that my beautiful daughter gave us the pleasure in joining us, let the party begin” my father declares, raising his glass.

Dear lord, I could finally breathe. For the past three hours, people were asking me questions and talking about boring things. I was in the garden next to the fountain.

“There you are!” I suddenly hear. I immediately froze, scared to move.

“I’ve been looking for you all night, my Love” the voice adds. I wince, recognizing the person behind it. This man will never leave me alone.

“What do you want Wooyoung?” I sigh, not bothering to look at him. He sits down next to me, putting his arm around my shoulders.

“I only want to spend time with you my Love” he winks, taking my hand to leave a kiss on it.

“Yeah sure! Go have fun at the party and leave me alone” I harshly say, leaving to go in one of the French gardens that we have.

“Why so fierce, my Love?” he asks, following me.

“I’m not your love, Jang Wooyoung! And I will never be, so leave me alone!!!” I explain to him, walking faster.

“No need to be aggressive! You know one day, you’ll fall for me” he says, going back to the party.

Finally I was alone. I’ll be able to relax a bit before my mother starts to look for me. In the middle of the small French garden, there was a small and cozy terrace.

The second I sat down, I started to thing about this whole Wooyoung story. His father was also one of the three Kings. When we were kids we used to spend time together when our fathers were meeting up. We were three, Wooyoung, me and…

“Oh excuse me. I didn’t mean to interrupt your thoughts. I’ll leave right now” I hear a familiar voice say. I look up to see who it was. I automatically smiled.

“Jaebum, you didn’t interrupt me. I guess you’re felling overwhelmed too?” I ask, sitting up.

“Yes, indeed. It feels so…”

“So overrated?” I finish his sentence.

“Yes, exactly! May I?” he asks, pointing at the spot next to me. I nod, smiling at him.

“People talked to me about random topics. I didn’t understand a thing” I reveal.

“Same for me, don’t worry. I guess it’s the same for Wooyoung” he chuckles, looking at his feet.

“Wooyoung is probably flirting with girls, don’t you think?” I laugh.

“Did he talk to you?” Jaebum quietly asks, looking at me.

“Yeah. He actually thinks that one day I’ll fall for him” I chuckle.

“He still thinks you like him?” Jaebum asks, chuckling with me.

“I never liked him. You’re the one who told him I liked him and it’s not even true” I explain.

“Well that’s not what you told me” he winks at me.

“No no no! Jaebum you told him that I told you that I liked him. We were thirteen and all I said was ‘he’s kind of cute’. Finding someone cute doesn’t necessarily mean that you like this person” I say, explaining the situation.

“I’m not sorry though” he suddenly reveals, smiling to me.

“Well you should be! Because since the moment you told him, he hasn’t stopped” I sigh.

“I think it’s funny” Jaebum casually says.

“Funny? How is that suppose to be funny?” I ask, frowning and looking at him.

“Because, I know that every time we’ll see each other he’ll find a new way to seduce you and you’ll be whining about it” he says, trying really hard not to laugh because of the look on my face.

“Really?” I say, glaring at him.

“Where were you all night?” my mother asks me.

“I was in the garden” I say, trying not to mention the fact that I was with Jaebum.

“Alone?” my father asks, looking up at me.

“Hum, actually Jaebum was also outside so we talked” I say, trying to sound casual.

“Jaebum? As in Im Jaebum?” my father asks. I nod, looking at the food on the table. I never know what to eat for breakfast

“Y/N, are you- I don’t know, do you have any interest in Jaebum?” my mother suddenly asks. The moment she asked me I was eating some grapes. And me being me, I chocked on my food.

“Pardon?” I ask, coughing.

“You heard your mother, Y/N. She doesn’t need to repeat her question” my father seriously says.

“Hum.. I don’t know. Why do you ask?” I ask, looking at my food. Too embarrassed to look at them.

“We’re just curious” my mother smirks.

“Tomorrow evening, we’ll have dinner at the Im’s Kingdom” my mother suddenly says.

“That’s good. Just our two families or?” I ask, still looking at my food.

“The three Kings of the country will be reunited. So Jang’s Kingdom will join us too” my father explains. Great another evening with Wooyoung. I can’t wait.

“Where were you yesterday evening, my Love?” Wooyoung asks me while we’re all having dinner.

“Why do you care?” I ask, not even looking at him.

“I was worried, Love” he reveals, stroking my hand. I quickly moved my hand so he couldn’t touch it anymore. Wooyoung was next to me and Jaebum in front of me. I wish I was next to him.

“So, Jaebum! Do you have a lady?” Wooyoung asks with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Hum.. no not at the moment why?” Jaebum asks, clearly embarrassed. I was kind of happy to know that he was single.

“Oh for no particular reason” Wooyoung says, drinking some wine.


“I like your garden” she suddenly says.

“Really? Why?” I ask, smiling at her.

“It’s relaxing. Mine isn’t as relaxing as I wish it was” she sighs, still smiling.
Her smile was my favorite thing in the whole world. And I’ve seen many many smiles but this one is my favorite.

“Jaebum?” I hear. Was I staring at her?!

“Hum yes?” I quickly answer, looking away from her face.

“What are you thinking about? Are you okay?” She chuckles.

“Your smile” I say before I even think about it. I closed my eyes, mentally scolding myself.

“My smile? What about it?” She calmly asks, looking at me.

“I love it” I simply say, mentally scolding myself for the second time.

“Thank you” she shyly says. Even though I wasn’t looking at her, I knew she was blushing. “I love yours too Jaebum” she quietly says, blushing and looking at me.


“What do you mean you kissed, Mister Jaebum?” Hiya, my maid and confident asks.

“Don’t say it this loud. My parents could hear” I quietly laugh.

“But how did it happen?” Hiya asks, smiling.

“I don’t know… we were talking outside, and he started to say that he loved my smile and I guess it happened” I smiled like a crazy person.

“Miss Y/N are you blushing?” Hiya smirks.

“No… maybe…” I answer, hiding my red cheeks with my hands.

“Mister Jaebum is a good person. He’ll treat you well” she says.

“I feel like, every time we see each other we end up in the garden” Jaebum laughs.

“Yeah I guess” I laugh with him. The kiss happened last week. Jaebum was here because our fathers, once again, need to talk about the country.

“Can I… can I tell you something?” He suddenly stutters.

“Hum, yeah sure” I answer, not sure about what he’s going to say.

“Hum, so since we… yo-you know… kissed….. I can’t s-stop thinking… a-about… it and especially a-about…. you” he stutters. At this point I was blushing like there was no tomorrow.

“I’ve been thinking about it and also about you” I whisper, looking away.
"Could we… I don’t know.. kiss again?” He asks. His question surprised me.

“No I’m sorry to ask. It’s really not appropriate. I’m sor-”

Before he could finish his sentence, I attached my lips to his. At first, he didn’t return the kiss. But few seconds later he thankfully did.


'Wow, we’re kissing again. It feels amazing’ I thought.

I felt weird in my stomach, it’s like some butterflies were stuck in there, ready to fly away. But I don’t want them to go. I always wandered how it felt to kiss a girl. Well I mostly wandered how it was to kiss HER.

 It feels amazing, it feels like a dream.

“We should probably go back inside. Our parents are going to suspect something. And I want this to be our secret” Y/N says, winking at me.

“Y/N?” I ask. She’s now facing me. She starts to walk up to me, she was smiling and she suddenly kissed me one more time. I immediately responded to it.

“Now we should go” she smiles.

“Whatever you want my Princess” I whisper in her ear, smiling like a fool.

So here it is! I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to send me feedback about it :) 

If you have any requests, feel free to ask!

Masterlist - kpop version

Love you all xx

王子様のプロポーズ 2- Be My Princess 2 [Mobage]
Step up Kiss Event - Mikhail

A devilish invitation
“Come over here”

Devilish indeed. He is pure sin omg. This event is a part 3 of Mikhail’s route in the social version of BMP2. See here part 1 (the wolf prince and the secret sign) and part 2 (wet skin vacation ) . I am so pleased this event continues from where they left off in the summer event. Then, they parted ways, implying more was to come next time they see each other and here it is.

(summary under the cut)

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potentialheartofdarkness  asked:

Could you write me CS + Baking idk something at a ridiculous time like 3am? PLEASE YOU PRECIOUS CUTIE YOU <33

you know i can’t say no to sexy cs baking times.

She’s been lying wide awake for the better part of an hour now, tossing and turning, hoping the the hunger will subside. She even curls up into his side, her head resting on his chest, feeling the downy hair tickle the side of her nose. But no. Nothing can change the fact that it’s almost three o’clock in the fucking morning and she’s starving and craving something ridiculously sweet. 

What the baby wants, the baby gets.

Groaning as she pushes herself up on her palms, she feels Killian stir beside her. She feels the tips of his fingers start to play with her hair, tracing the curls at the ends, “What is it love? Everything okay?” 

“Hmm, yeah. Just hungry. Seriously, these cravings need to stop already,” she sighs exasperatedly. Standing up and rapidly pulling on one of his long sleeve shirts and small shorts, she starts to head down the stairs. Thankfully her parents got their own place in the past year, allowing her to actually have past midnight excursions to the bathroom without worrying about waking her parents. Well, that and…other things. And with Henry staying at Regina’s tonight, hurrah for not having to keep quiet anymore, she things slyly to herself. 

“Swan, hang on a moment,” she turns around at the bottom of the loft stairs to see him wearing nothing but sweats swung low on his hips, the oh so sexy trail of hair that got her into this little predicament to begin with disappearing beneath the hem, making her think about denying herself of sweets for something more…substantial. 

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Royally Yours: Part Five

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You’re unwillingly engaged to the Crown Prince of another kingdom, whom you had known as a child but then lost contact with. Time, deceit, and politics brings you two back together, but it’s a dramatic stretch to the ascension of the throne.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Grant Ward, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Pots, Peggy Carter, Bruce Banner, Lincoln Campbell, Betty Ross (more to be added)

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: wowww this mother’s a lowkey bitch yikess watch yo back Grant


Originally posted by a-ripley

    Your mother manages to get past Lincoln and Bruce, and barges into you room, startling yourself and Rebecca out of a fit of laughter.

“Mother,” you say, standing up. You and Rebecca had been sitting around in your dried dresses, having come up from the kitchens an hour ago after finishing your soup and sneaking past any royal eyes. “What are you doing in here?”
Lincoln and Bruce are standing in the threshold, each wearing apologetic expressions, but you ignore them.

Your mother stands with her arms crossed and a stern look on her aged face as she all but glowers at you. “I would like a moment alone, with my daughter.”

The princess looks between you and the former queen before you nod your head at her.

“I’ll see you at dinner, Rebecca,” you say and she nods her head in return, silently dismissing herself. Your guards close the door behind her, leaving you alone with your mother.

“What are you doing?”

“Excuse me?” you ask, raising an eyebrow. “I should be asking you the same thing.”

“Grow up, (Y/N),” your mother snaps at you. “What the hell are you doing with Grant?”

You pale, and your mother straightens her back. “I will not allow you to have an affair behind your husband’s back.”

“Affair?” you repeat, astonished by your mother’s boldness. “Grant and I have had no such intimacy.”

“Then explain to me why the entire castle is whispering of his love declaration for you,” your mother demands.

You feel a sudden urge to protect your friend. “Grant has never declared anything but his undying friendship and loyalty to me, as his queen and friend.”

“Bull!” the former queen shouts, and you flinch at the intensity of her voice. “There are servants telling me of the night before, when you fled the dining hall, that he had told you he loves you.”

“Then they are liars!” you shout back, knowing what would happen to Grant if your mother unearthed the truth from you.

She glares at you. “He is a threat to your unification with Prince James.”

“The unification you forced me to undertake,” you reply shortly.

“I am sending him away.”

Your heart races, and you feel the urge to attack her. “You will not!”

“I will!” your mother yells back. “You are an irresponsible child and I will not stand by and let you crumble all that we have accomplished in the last days.”

“All that you have unjustly accomplished!” you scream, heart pounding fast in anger and fear. “If you believe I am so irresponsible, then so be it, but don’t you dare take Grant away from me.”

“So it is true!”

“It is not!” you insist. “He is my dearest friend; why can’t you see that?”

“You are jeopardizing the alliance,” your mother scowls. “I am sending your ‘friend’ back to Sokovia where he will join the navy and be sent overseas.”

“No!” you shout. “I order you, as your queen, to not touch Grant in any way!”

“He’s leaving in the morning,” your mother says, tone final.

You are leaving in the morning,” you scowl, having reached your breaking point. “Guards!”

Lincoln and Bruce quickly reenter your room. “Your Majesty?”

“Escort the former queen to her chambers and ensure she does not leave,” you order them, glaring at your mother. “I don’t want to see her face again.”

“What are you doing?” your mother shouts at you, fighting your two guards. “I am the queen, let go of me!”

“All due respect, ma’am,” you hear Lincoln say, “you’re just the queen’s mother.”

They drag her out of your room, and you crumple onto you chair, holding your sides. You can feel every part of your life being changed in this moment, the effects of the disagreed upon marriage coming into a high effect as fear pumps through you at the realization your mother had just tried to take Grant from you.

Shakily, you gather yourself and change your clothes, breathing in and out routinely as you dress yourself and braid your hair. When you deem yourself as presentable, you raise your chin and leave your room calmly, coming out into the empty hall.

You’re searching for a guard first, and keeping your eyes out for James. You pass tapestries hanging from the walls and under weapons sheathed above your head in mounts on the ceiling rafters, all distracting as you search for someone.

Ahead, you see a guard and his companion, and you shout, “Guard!”

They both turn and look at you, standing at attention as you reach them.

“Yes, Your Majesty?”

“My advisor,” you say, looking between them. “Find my advisor and ensure he is still in the castle. His name is Grant of Ward.”

“Yes ma’am,” they say in unison and begin to walk again, but you grab the closer one’s arm, and he jumps.

“Where is Prince James?”

The two Romanian guards exchange glances, and then the second one says, “I don’t believe we can share that detail with you, Your Grace.”

You sigh, still holding the one man’s arm. “Please,” you say. “I need to speak with him.”

The guards meet eyes again, and then the first speaks to you. “He’s in the watchtower.”

You nod, and thank them truthfully, before picking your skirts up and running towards the fort. You pass Queen Winifred on the way, coming in front the court yard, but your joint anger with her brings you to ignore her call and burst out onto the west side of the castle.

On the top of the fort, you see James’ figure standing with his eyes looking out at the sea, one hand touching the rectangular section of the railing around the high structure, and the other hanging limply at his side.

You reach him, and stand at his side, catching your breath.

“What do you want?” he asks you in a mild tone of voice.

“My mother,” you say, still breathing deeply. “She’s trying to get rid of Grant.”

James squints and looks down at you. “She knows he loves you?”

“Yes,” you nod. “I didn’t tell her, but servants did and now she’s going to force him to join the Sokovian navy and ship him overseas, and, God James, he’s going to die. She’s going to kill him.”

“Killing him is different from deporting him,” James replies, facing you. “What makes you believe she would do that?”

“Well,” you start off sarcastically. “For one, the first boy I ever expressed an interest in at age fifteen, his father was suddenly demoted from a noble to a commoner and requested to leave the castle. And then, when I was seventeen, the boy I liked fell off of a veranda shortly after kissing me. The murderer was never caught. Now tell me, who has that kind of power to demote and get away with murder?”

James purses his lips. “Your mother.”

“Exactly,” you respond, “and knowing her, she will probably have Grant killed so that he can never return as an affair.”

“Your mother is more concerned with our marriage then we are,” James says flatly.

“James, please help me force her to leave,” you ask of him.

“Why me?” he questions. “You’re a queen, and her queen at that.”

“I’m the Queen of Sokovia, not Romania,” you correct him. “Your parents are still in power and can stop my orders.”

“Not over your own subjects,” James replies. “The alliance isn’t into play until we are publicly wed in three weeks. Your mother is a person of Sokovia, and you still have ruling power over her. Force her to leave; my parents cannot stop the orders of another queen.”

You exhale. “James, I think I love him.”

You see him suck in his cheek. “Don’t let him hear this.”

“Does Natasha love you?” you ask him, and he looks down at you, a guarded expression on his face until he exhales.

“Yes,” he responds.

You hold your tongue about the indifference you had learned.

“There will be nobles arriving within the next day for a celebration of our believed engagement,” James informs you after a long and silent moment has passed.

“My mother has just told me this.”

“Does that mean-”

“Yes,” he cuts you off, and you realize how sullen he’s been this entire time. “We will have to act like we are in love.”

You face the sea and hold tightly onto the edge of the stone fort.

“I don’t believe our friendship is strong enough to do that,” you say softly.

James leans forward on his elbows beside you. “Do you remember when we were young, and tricked Steve into believing he had gone crazy?”

“Yes,” you nod.

“We will do that again,” he says. “Just fooling a different crowd with a different lie.”

“We were five and seven then, James,” you reply, sighing. “Children are easier to mislead than adults.”

“It’s Bucky,” James says.

“What?” you ask, thrown by the change in topic.

“If we are to act in love,” James explains, “you need to use the name people who I care for call me.”

You bite your lip. “King Bucky.”

James lets out a soft laugh. “That’s not the name that’s going down in our history books, (Y/N).”

You let out a breath. “Acting like we are in love takes intimacy.”

“I can fake it for as long as you do,” James tells you.

“I don’t know how long I can do that for,” you respond. “I haven’t really been…intimate.”

James sighs and chuckles, bowing his head as he shakes it. “Just follow my lead and we will trick them all.”

“Bucky,” you say, looking at him. He raises his eyebrows at you, letting you know you have his attention. “What if we don’t convince them we’re in love?”

“Well it’s not like they can do anything,” Bucky replies. “We’re already married.”

“We’re fooling Romania though,” you say. “Doesn’t that bother you?”

“I’ve been fooling Romania since the day I met Natasha,” Bucky tells you. “What is another lie with that?”

You don’t say it, but you think to yourself that Natasha has probably been fooling Bucky since the day she met him too.


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Request- I was supposed to send this with my last request but can you do a Lucifer reader where it starts with you being 5 and him watching you then you grow up fall in love with him then you’re finally 80 and he’s on the bedside with you but it flat lined and one day in hell he sees you and asks you to marry him

A/N- I did this request before your first one anon cause this idea hit me like a brick! There’s gonna be a second part for sure! I’m REALY sorry I haven’t been posting as often- I’ve just been so busy lately I haven’t had the time or the mind to write. Let’s hope that changes! Tell me what you think!

Lucifer x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 |

Word Count- 1083

From the time before Lucifer fell from heaven, his father told him that one day he’d have to look over someone named Y/N. Lucifer himself was still young and dutiful so he didn’t mind the idea. Though as he grew to protest the idea of humans, he always remembered the person he’d have to look over, Y/N. He had been assigned other humans before, but Y/N was the name he always remembered. Though he never had the chance to meet Y/N while he was an angel, for Y/N had been yet to be born.

As he fell from heaven, his feathers ruffled with the wind, and a few pulled away- flying in either direction. He was falling. Expelled from heaven by his own father whom he loved and in turn was said to love him. He was angry, sad, and hurt. Yet why was your name still stuck in his head at a time like this?

Years passed him by and although he will never admit, he would always check if you had been born yet. Why out of all the humans he was assigned to look over was your name the only one his father ever mentioned to him. He was beyond curious. What kind of special human would it take to have his own father- God, mention? He just had to know.

Finally he found you.

You were five years old. Your parents took you to the park, and you were barely able to run around for five minutes without falling over.

“This? I’ve waited this entire time for this little squirt?” Lucifer sighed and chuckled to himself. “I can’t believe I was actually curious abo-” he whispered to himself but stopped when he heard the cries of children.

He looked back in your direction, a part of him was worried you had gotten hurt. Though it wasn’t you. It was two other kids who were there. From what it looked like to Lucifer- it seemed you pushed one down and he scraped his knee, while the other held her arm. ‘Nice one kid-’ he thought.

The adults scrambled and began to argue and before Lucifer noticed he was standing right beside them, invisible to all.

“I didn’t push him!” you argued, but you thought about it, “I did push him but he was bugging him!” you say, pointing to the other little kid who was still crying.

“Y/N honey- even if someone is being bad to someone else, that doesn’t mean you should be bad to them. You have to tell us- the adults,” your mother said softly.

Lucifer scoffed and you turned to look at him. Which, of course, surprised him. He was invisible right?

“Are you saying that our little Johnny was to blame?” the other mother shouted angrily.

“Of course not, were telling Y/N to not do such things in the future,” your father explained.

“It sounds to me like you’re blame my child!” she shouted again.

Lucifer sighed out of frustration, traveled a few minutes back, popped out a cellphone and began recording. In doing so he found out you were telling the truth. The little boy, Johnny as his mother called him, was teasing and bullying the other boy. Johnny then pushed the other little boy ignoring him. You came in and pushed Johnny to the floor. Lucifer traveled back to the present, now visible to all, and walked up to the parents.

He plastered a fake smile on his face, “Excuse me- Sorry for interrupting but this little one is right.” The parents just stared at him. “My name is Nick, I’m a- vlogger. I was vlogging my day when the little squabble between these little kids caught my attention. I was still far away so I couldn’t stop them sooner. Forgive me for that,” he said. He then played back the footage which ended with Johnny’s mother in fumes and stomping off with her son in tow.

With a small smile creeping on his face, he disappeared.

You didn’t see him for the next few of months. Your parents didn’t seem to remember about him or the incident at all. You were beginning to think you made him up.

Lucifer felt restless in the depths of hell. He kept remembering you. You weren’t a horrible human in his opinion, but he still didn’t understand why he felt the need to check on you.

“One quick peek and I’m out of there,” he told himself.

You were in your room playing with your toys. Lucifer popped in, in his invisible self, and sat on your bed. Hearing the smallest creek from your bed, you turned and saw him. At five, seeing someone on your bed, after you had just been sitting there, you were scared and screamed a little. Of course you recognized him right after which was why you stopped your screaming. Though it didn’t stop your parents from barging in.

“What is it honey?!” your dad questioned in a panic.

“The man from the park,” you said, pointing at Lucifer, who in turn panicked. You weren’t supposed to see him. No one was.

Your father turned in the direction you pointed, but he saw nothing. “BABE COME HERE!” he shouted, calling for your mother.

She ran over. “What?! What is it?!”

“Y/N made an imaginary friend. Their very first one! This is exciting! Quick bring the camera. We need to document this moment to embarrass them later when Y/N decides to bring someone home,” your dad told her.

“Daw! What’s their name sweetie?” you mother inquired.

You shrugged and turned toward him. “You said you name was Nick last time,” you whispered to him while covering your mouth with your hands to prevent your parents from hearing you.

“My name’s Lucifer but I presume your parents might not like that. Just keep calling me Nick,” he answered with a shrug of his own.

You pouted out your lip and turned toward your parents. “His name is Luci,” you tell them.

“What!” Lucifer shouted.

“He’s a boy is he…? What’s he look like honey?” your dad asked.

“He’s big,” you start, lifting your hand up to signify height. “He has super big wings and pretty! And- And- his face looks kinda mean but his heart looks nice. It’s like a really bright light,” you say.

“You…” Lucifer mumbled as he turned his head toward his wings. “How?” he questioned. ‘How can a five year old see my wings…? My grace… How?’ he questioned.

Hope you liked it!
Part 2

So I guess the fashion for certain "Foundations" is to turn in tax report over six months late and to work CASH ONLY?

So… the Ffoundation’s 2013 990, turned in to the IRS:

1) They declare all that’s in there is CASH. CASH ONLY?!?? for a foundation?? Ok. You know that Crockett & Tubbs would be on their ass in two secs flat. Don’t think I have to explain why.

2)They declare there are NO family members in the board. I wish I was kidding. LMAO! Except on THEIR OWN web site, they have an entire section with photos and mother is President and CEO, Nnobody is Chairman and his sister is CFO. OK THEN. Let’s keep going y'all!

3)They declare extravagant expenses to say the least for a foundation, but the best thing is this…. They say that they spend 48k to organize the trips from LA to the East coast for underprivileged students. Excuse me? LOL. They take MAX two dozen kids there. Even considering a ridiculously high expense of $1,000 per kid, it would be nowhere near 48k. BUT THEN everything becomes clear when you see that the person who organizes the tours, Antoinette Brown, is counted in expenses for 40k… SO out of those 48k, 40k go to her and the actual charity money is only $8,000. A MUCH more realistic figure to fly a maximum couple dozen kids to the East Coast and make them visit colleges.

Naturally, all the sections with revenue from previous years are left blank AND there is NO knowing where the money they have came from, because the mandatory part about contributors and how much each one gave? Is non existent. 

This has been brought to you by today’s CIRCUS show. Never seen anything like this in my life.

I thought this was a skate blog.

Isn’t it?

I don’t know bra.

I’ve honestly been surfing way way way more than I’ve been skating.

The last board I bought was a Mother. It’s too long. The wheel base is large and I’m thrown off. It’s been hot too. I can keep going with excuses. If pressed for a reason though, I probably couldn’t find one. There is a difference between an excuse and a reason. I have no reason.

Cowabunga though: I live less than a mile from the beach. Learning to skate before really learning to surf allows me to enjoy surfing in a way I’m not going to try to explain. Talking about things, like surfing and skateboarding, whose value relies so much on feelings, can end up sounding incredibly grandiose. When spoken and written about well it is perfect. But such prose is limited in supply. I’m just going to leave it as, “It feels good.” I’m just doing what feels good. 

I had a wonderful day. I hope you did too.

I’ll be your anchor - Chapter 3

A/N: Guys, I’m loving all the support and encouragement to write this fanfiction. It’s so awesome to write it when people actually give you recognition and incentive. Thank you so so much! And once again, I love you!

It was the day after the big fight, I got up at 8am, as usual, because I needed to be at work at 9:30am, since I worked in a restaurant and everything needed to be ready. My body was throbbing with pain. It was aching so much that I was even considering not showing up at work. But I knew I had my obligations and I had to go to work. 

I took a bath and chose an outfit. I put it in my bed while I was cleaning all the water from my body. Touching my body was painful. I laid the towel in my bed and put my bra and panties on. I was about to put my shirt on when my mother came in my room. I tried to cover my body with the towel, but it was too late. “Oh my… What is that? You have bruises all over your back and arms, who did that?”, she screamed, surprised. “It’s nothing, mom. We are doing a routine in dance classes that involves doing a lot of backflips with your partner, you know how this things are”, I lied. I actually used to take dance classes, but I dropped out because of Chris. My mother had no idea I did that. She still thought I was taking dance lessons and it was always a good excuse for when I had this bruises all over my body. “I need to go there to talk to your dance teacher. It’s strange how you come home with your body full of bruises, it seems like you’ve been beaten up by someone”, she said. “No mom, it’s just that we are doing things that are more advanced than before, don’t worry. Now let me get dress, I’m late for work”, I explained. “I just came here to tell you that a friend of yours is downstairs waiting for you. You should hurry up”, she told me. “A friend? I don’t even have friends”, I said in between my teeth, and laughed. “What did you say, baby?”, my mom questioned. “I said I’ll be right there”, I tried to disguise what I said before. “Okay”, she said, leaving my room. I finished getting dressed and then went to the bathroom. I did a ponytail and a simple makeup and went downstairs.

When I got there, Cameron was waiting for me in the kitchen. My mom and dad weren’t home already, because they left for work. My mom was a kindergarten teacher and my dad was a doctor. My dad wasn’t home most of the time, and my mom was always in her room preparing activities for the kids, so that meant being alone all the time… And that was an excuse for Chris being here or taking me out whenever he felt like it. Now, back to Cameron. I walked into the kitchen, where he was. “What are you doing here this early?”, I asked him. “I came to pick you up, we are going out”, he told me, smiling. “Uhm, no, we’re not? I have to work in like 15 minutes and I’m late”, I explained, looking at my watch. “Ok then, I’ll drive you there”, he continued. “No, I have a thing called car too”, I was being a little bit rude to Cameron, trying to make him quit the idea of taking me to work. “I don’t care, Ash. I’m taking you, whether you like it or not”, he asserted. I knew I wasn’t going to take the idea of taking me to work out of his head, so I accepted it. I ate something really quick and we both ran to the car, since it was almost 9:30am. I tried not to talk to Cameron during the whole ride, even though he tried talking to me several times. I always replied “yes” or “no” to everything he said, which I knew was starting to make him angry. “Can you stop here?”, I asked. “Why would I? Your work is not there”, he replied. “But I wanna leave here, will you listen to what I say at least one time?”, I shouted. “Okay then”, he agreed. He stopped the car, I opened the door and got out. “I’ll be here when your shift ends. I want to take you to a place”, he told me. I looked at Cameron and closed the door. I didn’t wanna be seen with him, because people might tell Chris about it, and I know what would happen if Chris knew about this. I walked the rest of the way until I got to the restaurant I worked in.

After work, I got dressed, ‘cause I was wearing my work uniform and I got out of there as fast as possible. I was looking at my phone when I heard a car honking. I looked up and it was Cameron. I rolled my eyes and approached the car. “What are you doing here?”, I asked. “I’m here to pick you up, I told you I would come”, he smiled. “Where do you wanna take me?”, I questioned. “Get in and you’ll see”, he continued, smiling once again. I got in the car and buckled my seatbelt. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna kidnap you”, he joked. “Well, you should”, I mumbled. “What?”, Cameron asked. “Forget it”, I grinned. 

After 10 minutes driving, he stopped the car and got out. “Come on, get out of there, you lazy ass”, he laughed. “What am I doing at your house?”, I asked. “I’m gonna cook you dinner… Or at least order something. Nash isn’t home, it’s just us”, he explained. “I know, that’s the problem”, I mumbled again. “I didn’t understand again, but yep, come on”, he said. I got out of the car and me and Cameron went upstairs to his apartment. We got in and I went straight to the kitchen. I picked up my phone and I had a message from Chris. I replied and I put my phone in my purse again. 

Fuck Chris. I’m here with the guy I like and that apparently likes me back and I’m thinking about a guy that beats me up everytime we’re together. I’m gonna have some fun ‘cause after last night, I deserve it. 

“So, what are we doing for dinner?”, I asked Cameron, who was looking inside the fridge for 15 minutes. “That’s what I’m thinking about”, he replied. I got up and walked towards him. “We can make spaghetti with something, spaghetti is my favorite”, I laughed. “Uhm… With chicken?”, he smiled. “Spaghetti with chicken, are you sure?”, I asked. “Well, you like spaghetti, I like chicken…”, he explained. I laughed and agreed with his idea. After a few minutes, he looked at me and said “I think we should order a pizza”. I laughed. “Are you not trusting my cooking skills?”, I asked. “Well… it’s not that… Actually, it is that. I’m gonna order a pizza”, he laughed. “Well, for your information, I am a very good cook”, I bragged. “Well, we’ll try it another time”, he joked.

After he ordered the pizza, we both sat on the couch, while we waited for it. “So, what do you wanna do while we wait?”, he questioned. “I don’t know…”, he slid on the couch to sit closer to me, “…What would you like to do?”, he smirked. I looked at his lips and looked back at his eyes again. “Something”, I answered. “I’m sorry about this”, he said, and after that he kissed me. I felt his tongue searching for mine, so I kissed back. His hands went straight to my hips, pushing me softly, making me lay on the couch. Cameron laid down on top of me, with his lips still connected to mine. I felt his hand going under my shirt, and I didn’t tell him to stop. It was the first time in a long time that I was doing something that I wanted to do, and not something I was doing because Chris pushed me to do so. I put my hands on Cameron’s hair, and pulled it softly. I opened my legs to make Cameron fit in between them. And so he did. I felt his hands rubbing my back delicately. I broke the kiss. “Stop”, I asked him. “Why?”, he questioned. “My back hurts” “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be doing this anyway. You are Chris’ girlfriend”, he lowered his head. I sat back up and looked at him “It’s okay, we both made a mistake here”, I told him, getting up, ready to leave. “Yeah, we did”. I looked at Cameron and walked towards the door, I opened it and the pizza delivery guy was there, with his hand up in a fist, ready to knock on the door. I walked past him and walked home, never stop thinking about what just happened.

A/N: I’m sorry I took so long to write this part, I suck at making out scenes. Anyways, you can give me feedback or ideas here. Love y’all <3

Is it just me?

I don´t want to be rude or offend Ishida in any way. These are just some theories that I came up with (not even really theories, just thoughts on what could be true)
I´m just stating my thoughts. Nothing else.

I think that maybe Ishida is Kaneki. We´ve already established that he must be reading a lot in order to be able to contain so many refrences in Tokyo Ghoul, and for the amount of symbolism and good writing. I´m pretty sure that people who don´t read much aren´t capable of what he can do. (I saw another post on this, which describes it in more detail)
Sounds like a certain someone, right?

But then there´s TG itself. Sometimes I honestly wonder if something happened to Ishida in his past for him to be able to write such a sad story. Now, I know this isn´t necessary in order to create a tragic storyline, but it ties in nicely to my theory. You can´t find one character in TG, that hasn´t had something really bad happen to them, mentioned explicitedly or not. And not some melodramatic bullshit, I´m talking about actual bad stuff.
I mean, is he trying to tell us, that something bad happens to anyone?
That (to quote Amon) : “The more earnest someone is, the sooner they´ll loose their life” ? That is realistic, but unbelievably sad.
How is he able of portraying what such traumatised people feel, so well? Is he a good authour? Maybe. Can he empathise well? Most likely. But for the theory´s sake lets stick with something having happened to him.

For example Kanekis backstory. Even before he became a ghoul, his life wasn´t all sunshine and rainbows, he was an orphan, due to his insufferable aunt who then proceeded to treat him like dirt under her shoes, because of her never ending jealousy towards his mother. I swear to God, this woman is the most vile and evil thing in all of Tokyo Ghoul.  Even Jason had his traumatic backstory to explain to us why he turned out the way he did. This woman had no excuse.
Doesn´t that sound weird? The guy who tortured and traumatised our main protagonist, actually brought him to a realisation that he needed, but this woman was so unnecessary and so bad to Kanekis life, that it has me wondering.
Was that Ishida´s porpouse? “See, all these characters that you thought were bad had understandable and reasonable backstorys, but this woman? She is the most evil one in the whole series. She didn´t need any traumatising past to do what she did.”

So, why did he do that? Was this person an actual person from his life?

Kaneki´s everchanging personality…is that a metaphor for growing up?
For changing? Did Ishida change this way? Is he trying to tell us or his friends and family that he changed? That everybody changes?
All the characters (at least most of them up until now, and I´m sure he won´t stop) underwent some sort of character development.
But who went through the most?

I also believe that Saiko´s addiction and how she coped with her situation are maybe what he did to. I mean he did state that he learned to draw through reading his favourite manga, if I got that correct. And her watching helplessly as Haise was being beaten is a lot like Kaneki when he watched Hinami´s mother die. Maybe he felt helpless about something as well?
If, for argument´s sake, we presume that Kaneki´s past is like Ishida´s past, and his Mom died, due to a person like his aunt, then maybe Ishida feels guilty about not having done something against it?
Like Kaneki wanting to protect the ones he loved. Is that just like Ishida?
Did Ishida wish he became strong like Kaneki, or did he and realise what he did to his friends and family wasn´t what they wanted and thinking that way wasn´t always necessarily good? Did Ishida make similair mistakes like Kaneki and learn the harsh way in the end? To be honest I am just speculating, but it would make sense.

I hope you didn´t mind me rambling along for so long, I can just write about Tokyo Ghoul for ages. And I really respect and look up to Ishida, don´t get me wrong.

I also hope this theory made sense xD Sometimes things just sound more plausible in my head…;-;

loveandbesilentylisse-blog  asked:

Ah, there you are Severa. I was hoping we might sit and talk a while. Perhaps you could tell me about the future that you came from.

Severa frowned and furrowed her brows slightly. She didn’t feel like explaining all of the things she had been through and how perfect her mother was. The only way to get out of the conversation was to make up a perfectly good excuse.

“Why do you care? The future is going to look different for you, so there’s no reason for me to talk to you about anything."