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Hell Explained By A Chemistry Student

The following is an actual question given on a University of Arizona chemistry mid-term, and an actual answer turned in by a student.

The answer by this student was so ‘profound’ that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well:

The Question:

Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle’s Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

One student, however, wrote the following:

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march 16, 2017 / after two snow days, im back in school. i haven’t done much but marathon the harry potter movies with my family and rewrite some chem notes

Chemistry in the Shower

Requested by Anon:  a Sherlock x reader, where he tries to explain her chemistry for her finals and they just end up doing other things
& Anon:  Can you do a smut one shot with Sherlock where he and the reader have sex in the bathroom and it’s really hot and they freak John out a bit because he thought that she was shy and All?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,515

Warnings: Smut - shower smut, unprotected.

A/N: This was soooo hard to write… As Dean would say “Game of Thrones is complicated, the shower sex – that is complicated… Hell ain’t complicated.”


Originally posted by mental-leaps

“It’s really not that hard, you see.” Sherlock started, using his intellectual voice as he made strange drawings on a white piece of paper, “If we add up these two, you get this one. The same goes to this: If you divide it, you get these two.”

“Yeah, but how do I know which one goes first?” (Y/N) whined.

“You mean…? Nomenclature isn’t hard.” Sherlock continued. He was trying his best to be patient with her; obviously, no one had his brains and so he had to be compassionate. So he proceeded to explain the correct order in which the chemical compounds were to be named. “Any other doubt?”

“How do I divide a compound?” Sherlock sighed heavily.

She wasn’t dumb, not at all, but she was stressed and her mind wasn’t working as it used to. Sherlock knew it, he had noticed, and so he offered his help to explain Chemistry to her – a choice he was already regretting – and all he could think of was that she would find a way to remove all of the stress in her life so he could go do his experiments in peace.

“Doubts?” He asked for the millionth time that day and mentally prayed for her to say no.

“Yes.” Sherlock groaned, shutting his eyes for an instant to try and recover the last bit of sanity he had left. “I don’t want to study anymore.” (Y/N) continued, and Sherlock couldn’t help but to release a relived sigh.

“I was about to stab you.” Sherlock confessed, looking dead serious into her eyes.

“I was about to kill myself.” She replied, and then her head fell over the table as a frustrated groan escaped her throat.

“Take a rest, we can continue later.” Sherlock spoke as he got up from the table and towards the window.

“Do you honestly want to continue helping me?” She inquired, without lifting the head from the table.

“I don’t see why not.” Sherlock said nonchalantly.

“Because I’m a freaking imbecile for this, perhaps?” Sherlock chuckled.

“Don’t feel bad, not everyone can have my brain.” He beamed.

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anonymous asked:

what if t'challa is rhodey's classmate/lab partner at mit and he likes the guy but he's so sick of listening to him brag about his little brother-from-another-mother until he mEETS HIM AND THEN HIS HEART CLENCHES and he's like "how do i woo this bby genius without getting mauled by his overprotective brother/bff"

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here. I deviated from the prompt a little, methinks. Also Tony’s nineteen in this and getting his second PhD if that helps. Watch out for under the cut!

“—And then Tony accidentally set it on fire,” Jim explained, showing a worrying lack of concern by grinning like the engineer he truly was.

“So then you had to start over,” T’Challa said.

Jim tilted his head. “Well, we’d documented everything up to that point so not really? I mean yeah we had to rebuild the model but to be honest it was probably better we find out the fire-hazard before we presented in class.”


“But it’s whatever—” Jim checked his watch and yelped. “Ah! I was supposed to meet him for lunch, did you wanna come?”

T’Challa watched Jim scramble to get his books packed up. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to try and get a vegetable in him today, so Chinese.”

“I will pass.”

Jim shrugged. “Your loss. See you in Calculus.”

T’Challa watched him go. He wasn’t looking forward to it. Jim either complained about homework or bitched about how Tony had tested out of the class and how he wished he had too.

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Protective || Riverdale Preferences

Archie Andrews:  

“Yeah I’d love that. Thanks.” His signature grin instantly appeared on his chiseled features. The girl that stood in front of him mirrored his facial features, her fingers gripping the strap of her bag tightly. “So… I should come to your house tonight or…” She trailed off, oblivious to the fact that Archie’s girlfriend was standing right there. “I-I…” Archie trailed off, his brown orbs snapping to your figure. “No. You will not be coming to his house. And no, he will not be going to your house either. You’re giving him notes, that’s it. You seriously can just do it right now. So you will do. And I, his girlfriend, will explain what the stupid Chemistry notes are. So back the fuck off.” You growled, finally having enough of the situation. She rolled her eyes before stomping off angrily, upset that she couldn’t so far into Archie’s pants as she had thought. Your (e/c) eyes still blazed with anger before they met his soft ones, and they then settled down. “You’re so funny.” He laughed, pressing his lips to yours. “Haha. Last time I checked, I’m the only one you’re supposed to be sleeping with.”

Jughead Jones:

The first thing that really caught your attention was the way that Jughead’s slender fingers curled in anger at the fact that his father stood right in front of him. Jughead never truly knew what it was like to have strong parental figures, and there were many reasons why. Jughead’s mother left with his younger sister while his father got drunk while trying to get over the loss. This left Jughead with nothing. “D-Dad..” He stuttered, trying to not only control his anger, but also the tears that threatened to spill over the edge. This was the part where you had to step in. FP Jones was known to have an uncontrollable temper, and you were not going to allow him to do anything to the broken boy who quivered beside you. “Back up. Back up right now.” You hissed, pushing the drunken man backwards. “Don’t you dare talk to him. Don’t you dare lay a hand on him. You never have been a father figure, so why try being one now? Get the fuck away right now or so help me Jason Blossom will not be the only murder case in this town.”

Betty Cooper:

“There was a reason I didn’t let you on the cheer squad before Betty!” Cheryl hissed, crossing her arms sassily against her chest. “But sadly, that Veronica of yours is so obsessed with you she wouldn’t stop talking. So guess what I had to do. So now that you’re sadly on this team, you might as well put some effort in!” Her face was now as red as her hair, and it only infuriated you more. Betty shook her head, mimicking her by crossing her arms. “I put in effort! S-Sorry that I don’t have 10 years of experience behind me!” She attempted to shoot back, her voice wavering. This was your moment. You had to step in. “Stop it!” You blurted out after a few uncomfortable seconds. “Stop talking, stop yelling, stop moving, just stop all of it! Cheryl, I have had enough of these stupid games that you play, and I’m done with trying to ignore it. You need to stop speaking to her, looking at her, conversing with her. I am done with your games Cheryl Blossom! So shut the fuck up and get back to cheer practice.”

Veronica Lodge:

Music pounded in your ears, and lights caused your vision to go blurry. There were so many bodies everywhere. Sucking in a deep breath, you attempted to locate your raven-haired girlfriend, and it was sure difficult. When you finally spotted the girl, she was squished between two unknown bodies, and it was obvious that she was very uncomfortable. Marching over to the trio, you crossed your arms. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” To whom you were speaking to, it didn’t matter, as the two men departed quickly. Rolling you eyes, you turned to follow them. You found them before they entered the bathroom, and you tugged them backwards. There was no way they were going to walk away unscathed. However, you were unaware of the presence behind you, so you continued along. “That girl you were with? The girl you were touching? She’s mine. So I’m just warning you. The next time you lay a hand on this girl, there will be consequences. So don’t even attempt to defy me.” Turning around, you were met with a warm embrace. “I love you.”

Cheryl Blossom:

“What class do you have next?”  You questioned curiously, glancing up at the red-head. Cheryl shrugged, crossing her arms as the two of you walked the hallways. “I believe I have math.” she nodded. Before you could respond, a couple of girls walked by, shoving Cheryl with their shoulders. “Watch it…freak.” They hissed before they began to walk away. You growled, letting go of Cheryl’s hand before storming after them. Who the hell did they think they were, talking to her like that? She had already been through enough trauma in her lifetime, why would she need someone to make it worse. “Hey!” You growled, grasping their wrists in your tiny hands. They attempted to tug away their hands, but your grip was relentless. “Oh wait. I’m sorry. Did I interrupt you from your task of ruining people’s lives? News flash! You don’t get to do that and get away with it. Especially with my girlfriend. So you better watch who you touch or talk to, because I will seriously do something much worse to you than you did to her. So watch it.”

Special ops in space part 1

Decided to hop on the humans are space orcs band wagon. My take on how aliens contacted humans and how it went from there from a slightly more militaristic and scientific approach.
The day that the Intergalactic Alliance for Planetary Peace (jokingly called the APP by the younger generation, quoting an old saying “there’s an app for that”) was five years after all of the nations had declared world peace after the bloodiest war yet. Half of the human population had been decimated by everything but nuclear bomb, every world leader had decided that enough was enough.

They had showed up at one of the council meetings that take place on a different continent every month to discuss less pressing matters. It almost ended horribly, an unknown group of entities showing up where all of the world leaders had congregated, but through fast talking on the alien’s part and the vow to be more peaceful beings earlier made by the humans, everything ended up going well.

Which lead to the current situation. While they may claim to be more peaceful, humans are still wary of areas where none of them had been before. So, along with a team of top scientists and medical staff, there went a team of the top 6 military personnel. Three from assorted American special ops, one from Norway, one from Canada, and the last from Poland. When questioned by the members of the A.P.P, the leaders stated that there was absolutely no way in hell they were allowing their top people into an unknown area without protection. The warriors on the ship, when they heard this, laughed. How could a squishy group of mud covered savages that haven’t even reached outside of their own solar system could really do anything?

This was an opportunity for the researchers of the Alliance to study the surprisingly hardy species as well. They were surprised that these soft creatures were the top of the food chain, even with everything, including their own atmosphere, trying to kill them. So the ship of researchers set off into deep space to discover new planets and to discover more about each other.

The first meeting was terrifying. Three soldier were the first on the ship, no emotion showing on their faces, heavy exoskeleton like armor surrounding what they assumed covered their vital regions, and more sleek looking weapons than seemingly possible. Many were happy that the scientists did not look the same, though some did look just as serious while others were gaping in awe. Then, three more of the heavily armed men followed.

It was a tense two days on the ship for the aliens. The human soldiers inforced the fact that they were a predator species by prowling around the entirety of the ship minus the private chambers. Though they weren’t too sure that they haven’t been there but went when nobody was watching. Soon though, the soldier lessened the amount of firepower they had on them and lightened the amount of armor they had on. In the communal rations center they were seen slightly separated from the other humans, sitting in a tight group and bearing their teeth at one another, rapidly switching languages to communicate. The human designated Sara, specializing in chemistry, explained to Gumantal (a poor pronunciation of him true name, but the sounds needed to actually speak it would ruin a human throat so he allowed it) that the team came from different ‘countries’ that have different languages and sometime dialects, and that the entire team had learned each other’s and many other languages in order to communicate with other humans. When asked why not simply use a translator device, such as the one they were using right now, the human female bared her teeth and stated that it was better for them to do their jobs if they didn’t need one. She went on to explain that even if they couldn’t speak it, they were well on their way to learn each of the other species on the ship’s language.

Gumantal apologized afterwards for upsetting her with his questions, then asked what he did to offend her. Humans were an intricate species of primitive life form so they wanted to avoid any tensions early on. Sara and all of the other researchers bared their teeth this time, reassuring the brave many armed alien that they were not angry, the bared teeth was called a smile and it showed amusement or joy. The forest green alien walked away, bewildered.

It was sometime later that those on the ship learned that the soldiers were composed of both males and females. When asked why the males did not do everything in their power to protect the biologically weaker, less muscular birth givers, Human Victor bared his teeth for the first time and seemed to bark harshly.

“I dare you to ask Oliver that! She’d rip yer mandibles off and feed ‘em to ya! Lyne would as well, now that I think about it. One thing you need to learn about humans, women are supposedly weaker than us men but they can still kick ass.”

A shaking Xiloiy later learned from Human designation William, occupation physicist that the barking was laughter, and that yes, human females stand on equal ground to the males of the species. This puzzled him as he came from a race that protected the bearers of his species to ensure the continued survival. Human William barked, laughed, at this when he stated it, shaking his head. Xiloty is still perplexed as to why.

All aliens on the ship were confused by their new companions and were curious as to how they would handle being a foreign planet with life for the first time. This was also the time that Xiloiy began to make a journal on the habits and any other information on humans, fearing having his outer mandibles ripped off as they were crucial to attracting a mate.

The special ops team assigned to protect the crew as well as gathering intel on everything they could were anxious as well, packing everything they may need for a worst case scenario. The warrior species that were to protect the crew and ship originally were insulting them when they believed the humans were not paying attention, mocking the useless item that would only tire them out. The ops team knew though that if push came to shove that they would be the ones to survive. After all, they’ve had to survive worse than some unknown territory. They were all highly trained to be able to conquer situations like that. Colonel Victor Kelly would make damn sure his people made it through this.

modern day dregs: wylan

  • he’s the most diligent student of the dregs. never misses a deadline
  • he even does tutoring for maths and music
  • in his satchel he carries: a polaroid camera, a map of symbols he sketched to depict what the road signs in the city mean, and usually a few snacks because he learned to be prepared at all times since spontaneous adventures are his and jesper’s thing
    • jesper always wants to stop for food, and wylan has had it with the nonsense TM
  • he bikes everywhere. and during the summer, he can’t pass the paper wrapped bouquets in the deli shop window without purchasing one for his mom - biggest momma’s boy on the planet
  • he loves that there’s a myriad of methods to portray a story. it relinquishes some anxieties about not being able to read
  • he frequents plays and concerts and ballets. he’s fascinated by the way people can capture art and convey it beautifully enough to get a whole audience to feel like they’re a part of the story, too. he figures it’s how others must feel when they’re reading text by a proficient writer
  • but he’s especially a film enthusiast. he raves about movies to the other dregs, the mailman, even the barista he sees daily before school
  • and he will explain the chemistry of cinematography in great detail to you even when you don’t ask. it’s science and art mixed in one so try and stop him (you can’t)
  • he’s the type to get excited and tap you on the arm during a movie, a silent query, omg did you notice that?, only with him it’s not about an action sequence or a touching scene, it’s about the way light is manipulated or the camera’s panning at the perfect time
  • he also loves electronics, appreciates how advanced things are, particularly his smart phone. has been caught having full conversations with siri
  • but it is disheartening when siri can’t precisely read the messages in the dregs’ group chat because of all the typos. they’re mostly kuwei anyway, but there’s also kaz, who uses abbreviations for everything since he loathes texting, which leaves wylan like ????
  • when it comes to deciphering what kaz’s nonsensical assortment of letters mean jesper is an expert and he always comes through
  • knowing it’s mainly for his benefit, wylan utilizes the speak to text option to reply “what would i do without you, jes. ily” with a dozen hearts and then he realizes too late he’s still in the group chat
  • he’s definitely the type who shuts off his phone, chucks it across his room and hides in shame under the blanket for a while thinking i can’t believe i just did that
  • yes, he has an existential crisis over small things sometimes

others: nina



This is an important mechanism in most ochem two classes. Decarboxylation is what it sounds like- the removal of a carboxyl group. A fun example of where this mechanism is commonly used is the conversion of THCA (the inactive compound in marijuana) into THC (the active compound in marijuana). This decarboxylation takes place under applied heat, hence why weed must be burned or baked to receive its maximum effects. 

I am going to give a step-by-step description of how the decarboxylation in the third image works. 

1. First the molecule orients in a way that will allow the OH group on the carboxyl to associate with the carbonyl

2. The carbonyl double bond attacks the hydrogen. This breaks the carbonyl bond. The electron shared with the hydrogen is pulled back into a double bond with that carbon. That creates the CO2 molecule!

***The carbonyl bond was very stable, thus heat needed to be applied to break it***

3. The alcohol that formed is attached to the double bond that formed. Is this a stable formation? NO! This is called an enol. An enol will never be your final product because the carbon-oxygen association is tooooo strong. So we need to form that carbonyl— the electrons on the oxygen will push down and the double bond will attack any available hydrogen. 

Thats it! you have decarboxylated your molecule. 


—At least I think so ;)

Here is an excellent chart to help you decide if something is Ortho-Para or Meta Directing!

Wtf does that mean? — Well, when you are adding molecules to an aromatic ring, the structures already attached to that ring have a lot of say in how that addition will occur (if at all). 

If a structure on the ring is deactivating, the addition will occur in the meta position 

If a structure is activating, the addition will occur in the Ortho or para positions

*Why is this the case? First, make sure you understand what ortho, para, and meta means. A quick google search can clear this up. Next, draw out three aromatic rings with a methyl on one carbon. Place a carbocation in the ortho, para, and meta positions (one per aromatic ring). Now draw the resonance structures for each molecule. 

Hopefully this will demonstrate that the ortho/para positioned carbocations place the carbocation right next to the methyl group. 

Now that you see our resonance of the carbocation is depended upon ortho/para/meta placement, we can discuss deactivation/ activation. 

ACTIVATION: Do carbocations want more or less electrons? They want MORE! So if they are able to resonate next to one of the electron donating groups, it will be happy.

What makes a group “electron donating”. An electron donating group will have an abundance of electrons. Atoms like Oxygen and Nitrogen are electron hogs, but they are donating because they are resonating their electrons towards the aryl carbon 

DEACTIVATION: Carbocations do not like to be next to other electron hogs! They are hunting for electrons so they want to avoid electron withdrawing groups at all cost.

A structure will be electron withdrawing if they are stealing electron density away from the aryl carbon. Carbonyl groups are a good example of this because a resonance structure exists where the oxygen has ALL the electrons, leaving the neighboring carbocation super electron hungry! this makes the aryl carbon electron deficient, and the carbocation really hates to be next to him now. 

This is why certain structures cause aromatic rings to undergo specific types of addition! Hope that helps. 


What do the two of you think is the secret to your very special chemistry? When playing these two characters? As actors?

GA: We’ve actually been having a fifteen year affair.
[press cackling]
DD: I mean, I don’t know why in the beginning. You know, maybe just luck in the beginning. But, you know, after this long, we actually do have a history. So when I look over at Gillian, or you know, I’m Mulder looking over at Scully… there’s a lot of shit that I can call on, you know. We have a lot between us. We don’t really have to make it up. I think that just as people, you know, now, fifteen years later, we’ve just shared so much, regardless of how much we speak to each other, that you know, when I see – I expect to see Gillian, even if I haven’t seen her for a year.
DD: She wasn’t listening to me.
GA: I was, I was, I was, I heard –
DD: You just heard the last line.
GA: – no no no, I, but I think, I was really distracted –
DD: You were, what were you looking at?
GA: – no no no, I wasn’t I wasn’t I wasn’t…
DD: You were looking out the window. I don’t have a window like you do.
GA: Okay, you can tune out now. Um. I, uh. But that, whatever it is that is between us, was there from the second we started working together. I don’t think it’s, it’s not quantifiable, it’s something that is unique, — and you know, yes, they got lucky, but it was something that Chris had seen, which is why he fought so hard, um, you know, specifically – this is something that has been written about a lot, but, to cast me over somebody else, that he saw something between the two of us that was unique. But you know, it is, we got– whether it’s luck or [mock wistful] that we were meant to be with each all along, I don’t know–
DD: Well, there’s chemistry in life, and there’s acting chemistry. I’m not saying they’re the same thing, but they’re as mysterious.

IWTB roundtable press interview, July 2008

as I hit the tag limit but felt there was much to be said about this exchange, I have copied in the intended interpretive comments below:

#ah yes #the fabled acting chemistry #much different from real life chemistry #which is the kind he doesn’t have with gillian #okay but there is so much to say here #it is the sacred origin of our name #shit between us #it is gillian bringing up all on her own the hilarious joke that they might have had sex #or at least want to have sex #gillian the true origin of the shackin up tag #then david getting all mushy at her saying they have a history #he’s like #i guess it was random at first #but at this point our acting isn’t really acting #i just look at gillian and i feel things #deep deep love shit things #that mulder feels too #and i don’t have to make it up #because we been through shit in our lives #fifteen years later#and he has such feelings that it overrides the ordinary need to see in person the person one cares about#he doesn’t even need to #he expects to see gillian #which ngl is incredibly adorable to say #like that is definitely family member level yo #and he is sitting there being all sincere with his halting expression of vulnerability #and emotional revelations about his expectation to see her even after a year #and gillian is staring out the window not listening #and when he calls her out she totally denies it #but david’s voice is like #on the edge between let down and mock let down #here he was getting real in front of all these journalists #who are totally annoying wow #and she manages to miss it #or deliberately ‘misses’ it? #in order to deescalate the emotional tone of the conversation? #anyway there he is pouring out his heart about his expectation to see sometime in the future his former costar #and gillian giggles and denies him his mush and then completely contradicts what he said # by saying that it’s just there for no reason #vs. herr sappmeister who brushes off the random chemistry they started with and just wants to talk about their deep deep acting love as people who been through it all #and she just rambles and talks again about FOX not wanting her #and wraps up with another jokey joke about how they were meant to be #by which time david has recovered his dignity and is like #no okay acting chemistry tho #not the real kind bye


What A Small World Part 2

Part 1, Part  2 

Pictures aren’t mine, taken out of Pinterest.

Words: 4408

Pairing: Mark/Reader

Genre: University AU/Angst in future chapters/Smut in future chapters

Previous Part: Part 1

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Chemistry | Evie x Reader

Originally posted by adisneylover92things

Prompt: #141 “Wait a second. Are you jealous?” #145 “You deserve better than me.”

Summary: Evie knows your emotions better than you do.

Author’s Note: Yay! Evie my baby!

You rolled your eyes as you watched Evie laugh at something Doug had said. You tapped your fingers impatiently, waiting for her to get back and explain your chemistry homework to you.

The education system on the Isle was flawed, to say the least, and your teacher told you that you needed a tutor and Evie jumped at the opportunity. You and her dated on the Isle. Well, as close as you could get to dating on the Isle.

You had always met in secret out of fear of her mother and fear of everyone else on the Isle. Once she moved to Auradon and chose good, you were heartbroken. But 6 months later, you were in Auradon with her.

“I’m back!” Evie said in a sing song voice. You gave her a half smile as she sat down in front of you. “How’s it going?” Evie asked. “Badly.” You sighed. Evie winced. “Sorry. I just needed to talk to Doug for a minute.” She apologized.

“Well I’m sorry to be taking up your precious time with Doug.” You sneered sarcastically. “It’s as if the other 12 hours you spend with him aren’t enough!” You snarled.

Evie looked taken back for a moment before frowning, clearly upset. “What’s your problem, (Y/N)? What happened?” Evie looked crestfallen which made your heart sting but also fueled your anger.  

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Acid-Base Reactions in Solution: Crash Course Chemistry #8

Acid Base chemistry is so important for every part of OCHEM. If you are not solid here it can impact you negatively in every other area. So watch this cute video to help clear some stuff up!