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march 16, 2017 / after two snow days, im back in school. i haven’t done much but marathon the harry potter movies with my family and rewrite some chem notes

“For whatever reason, there is this energy between us when we come together, which is very compelling and curious. Why do we have that? There’s attraction on screen with other actors I have worked with, but it’s not the same. What’s different between David and me? I don’t know.”

GA, First Magazine, 2008


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (College AU)

Summary: In which Bucky attempts to use chemistry to explain the chemistry between you and him.

“Unholy War” (Jacob Banks)

A/N: any chem talk was me attempting to remember things from chem class in senior secondary school. forgive me if i made any mistakes! -j. x

“Are you annoyed?”

“… Oh, I don’t know, Bucky, what do you think? What do you think my problem is?”

“Um, it’s a Friday night and you’re here in the lab instead of somewhere else?”

Your problem isn’t the fact that you’re stuck in a lab on a Friday night. You’re annoyed because for some reason, Bucky Barnes has followed you into the lab and refuses to leave. He’s now poking your upper back like he’s a prepubescent teenager who just discovered the poking feature on Facebook.

Your apartment mate Steve introduced you to Bucky last semester. Apparently a few interactions and that one time you helped him with a Chem 101 problem set was enough for Bucky to decide that you two should be a couple.

Oh yes, sparks did fly, but that’s because Bucky’s personality borders on the line of flirtation. As cute as he is, you’ve brushed away his “declarations” of love. You know how guys like Bucky work, and their agenda isn’t something you want to get involved in.  When you find yourself getting too entranced by his chivalry and wit, you remind yourself to tread carefully. Much to your annoyance, your rejections have no effect on his persistence.

Forehead creased in frustration, you grab Bucky’s offending finger before staring into his blue eyes. “Please stop,” you let out.

Bucky hops onto the surface of a lab desk. Kicking his legs up and down, he lazily smirks at you as he watches your eyes drift from his eyes to the rest of his body. “You like what you see?” Bucky cheekily asks. “Take a picture, doll face. It lasts longer.”

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All I saw was a white line on a black background like in that Arctic Monkeys music video but all I heard was my chemistry teacher explaining a new experiment to my class. I didn’t understand what to do and woke up crying.

David: Like, in life you have chemistry with people… you also have that as an actor. And you don’t have any control over it, as in life. You know, we were lucky, as Gillian said.

Gillian: It’s almost despite us, somehow.

David: Whereas we tried, we tried not to have it.

Gillian: [laughing] Boy, did we try!

 - Early Show, July 2008


Coffee Shop AU - 

Every day, Emma Swan gets a coffee at the local diner, and pays for the next person in line. Except for one day, when she realises that it’s usually the same woman standing behind her. Emma decides to watch the woman, scrutinizing her for never paying it forward after getting a free cup. Finally, Regina decides to confront Emma for staring. After some heated words, and clear chemistry, Regina explains that she never accepts the free coffee and always settles her tab at the end of the week, like she has done for years. Emma is a little shocked, and in an attempt to apologise for her misguided judgement, offers to buy Regina a drink. Who knew it would lead to an actual date the next night?

It Was the Way...

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Summary: High School! AU, you and Barry have been assigned to tutor each other, you help him in English while he helps you with chemistry. But, you soon realize there’s more chemistry than you expected. (Just something I thought of)

It was the way you didn’t let anyone bother you.

It was the way you nodded along to your music, not caring who saw.

It was the way you bit the end of your pen when you thought.

It was the way your eyes sparkled and you smiled when you had an idea.

It was the scribbles you left on his work as you edited it.

It was the way your brows crinkled in confusion when you couldn’t understand something.

It was the way he could see you focusing when he tried to explain chemistry.

It was the way you tucked your hair behind your ear as you leaned over the papers.

It was everything about you that had Barry Allen completely falling in love.


It was the way he smiled.

It was the way he laughed.

It was the way he got excited just explaining something to you.

It was the way he seemed to never run out of things to say.

It was the way his handwriting left illegible marks all over your homework.

It was the way he hummed along quietly while you both worked.

It was the way his hand moved around all the time, always fidgeting.

It was the way he looked at you when your eyes met.

It was everything about Barry Allen that had you falling in love.

I remember when I was in 9th grade, we had a teacher have us all play a game. It was simple: you were in a relationship and if you decided to leave your partner, you crossed to the other side of the room. If you decided to get back together, you went back.

The first time my partner lied to me, I left. I can’t remember it exactly, but it was big enough that over half of the class walked to the other side. Then they apologized and promised to never lie again. Some people filtered back; others remained. Then 3 months went by and nothing bad happened and you were supposedly happy. More people went back to the other side of the room. I was left with another girl. The teacher questioned us on why we didn’t go back.

I can’t remember much, but I remember being critiqued for not going back; he had apologized and “changed”. Did I not want happiness with someone I loved?

I will never forget watching my classmates walk back across the room for just the idea of love and love’s forgiveness. I will never forget being the one on the outside looking into that mindset.

How am I supposed to watch Supergirl without feeling that exact same emotion towards K*rmel? How can I watch a show that makes my heart break knowing that it shows girls that huge lies can be so easily forgiven? Not that the relationship can’t be rebuilt, but that it has to be rekindled so quickly? With a simple breakup and love declaration and motions of allowing yourself to be “saved” to be loved?

It reminds me of that day and I get the same sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.

What was the chemistry like with Gillian Anderson, you know, after ten years? I’m just wondering, what was it like after all this time? Did you have to feel each other out again, or was it instant?

DD: I think it’s even – it’s, I don’t know, because chemistry’s not a thing that you play or that you try to make – it’s kind of a mysterious thing that you try to get as an actor with whoever you’re working with, male or female. You know, you want some kind of spark to fly. But with Gillian and I, the cool thing is that, as with you guys, what was initial kind of liking one another, and working well, and kind of sparking off one another, becomes actual history. And there’s less that you have to fake. you know, we just feel… we know who we are. There’s a kind of intimacy that happens that I think–

You guys just have it together!

DD: Well, now we do! We’ve been working together for almost 20 years, so.

David Duchovny, The Covino & Rich Show, January 27, 2016

How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?
—  Albert Einstein
The MBTI Types and Favorite Moments of Summer

ENTJ: Realizing that it’s only June and deciding to make a huge list of everything fun you want to do this summer

INTJ: Finding a quiet place to think or read a book on a rare day when it’s cooler and raining

ENTP: Going out to multiple fast food restaurants at crazy hours of the night while blasting music with friends

INTP: Bringing tons of sparklers to the family Fourth of July party, trying to explain the chemistry behind it, then giving up and laughing as you watch your cousins go crazy with them

ENFJ: Going on a day trip with a close group of friends, finding tons of amazing shops and restaurants and stopping multiple times to take pictures

INFJ: Deciding to go on a road trip with your friends at the very last minute, rolling the windows down to feel the hot wind in your hair as you shout awful pop songs together

ENFP: Getting ready to go to the biggest party of the summer that tons of fun people are invited to, and finding the perfect thing to wear

INFP: Finding an amazing music and book store filled with your favorite albums and authors

ESTJ: Checking off the only thing you had to do today and seeing a clear schedule

ISTJ: Going to the farmer’s market on a beautiful weekend morning to find the best fruit you’ve ever had

ESTP: Climbing out your own window onto the roof with your best friends, laughing and yelling into the night just for the hell of it

ISTP: Hosting a huge bonfire at the beach after messing around in the water and the sand with your friends all day

ESFJ: Arriving to a big neighborhood barbecue and meeting someone who you’ve never talked to, only smiled at, before now, and finding out they’re an incredibly interesting person

ISFJ: Using a summer rainstorm as the perfect opportunity to have your favorite people over and watch movies with tons of blankets and popcorn

ESFP: Spending the entire day shopping with a group of friends, trying on insane clothes and running out before you could be asked to leave the store

ISFP: Making dream catchers and braided lanyards under the trees at your favorite summer camp with someone you’ve known forever

Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.
—  Albert Einstein
@ science side of tumblr:

So in my chemistry class today my science teacher had us taste different things in vials and guess if it was an acid or a base. We stuck our thumbs on the top of the vial, turned it over, and tasted what was on our thumbs (which was really unsanitary first of all, she didn’t even have us wash our hands). 

But the thing is, we tasted some different stuff, like baking soda water, soda, vinegar, diluted tomato sauce, etc. But the last vial contained Windex. Our teacher said she had diluted it, but it still smelled very strongly like Windex. It left a weird feeling on my tongue, like burning, but only for a little bit. Our whole class was mortified, but our teacher brushed it off with a “"it’s just a tiny bit, it’s not gonna kill you.” 

Later in the day, several students got really bad stomach pains and threw up in class or in the bathroom and had to be sent home. They all blamed the Windex. So here’s my question: are they right? Should my chemistry teacher get in trouble for this?