I find a lot of weird stuff tucked into old books. But today I found this:

It’s some torn-out pages that look like they’re from a diary. And then there’s the other piece of paper, and the writing on it looks … familiar. I showed it to Snadge and she said it just looked like scribbles. Whatever this is, I think it’s connected to whatever’s happening to her. I don’t know how, or why it’s showing up now (I haven’t seen her in weeks, I know I haven’t touched that inkwell, and I haven’t been having any dreams), or what it’s doing in my Grandpa’s copy of Richard Hooker’s Ecclesiastical Policy.

I’ll try to take some better pictures of the whole thing and unstick where the pages are attached to each other.


After watching Haikyuu episode 3 for the fifth time, seeing especially the Tensemi moment (TENSEMI!!)

It makes me think that Tendou do that often, that sing thing but hey! we already know that but also the preview dialogue makes me think that is only their thing, Tendou and Semi, like the Kuroken thing! you know that “No i didn’t. Yes you did. No i didn’t…Yes you-. No i didn’t”, a Tensemi thing. At first Tendou would do it ‘cause he loves to tease Semisemi, but then that became something totally theirs. Imagine Tendou singing out of nowhere and pointing at Semi waiting him to sing along, Semi knows that whatever he says won’t be correct but still tries 'cause it’s their little game. Imagine Tendou singing about his mark on a test, his lunch, the Shonen Jump news, or even in Semi’s birthday! he could sing a lame song about what he bought him!!

Summarizing it, this sing thing has now Tensemi copyright to me


Pictures of the full diary pages and the … I don’t know? Code page? The first photo is how it looked in the book. The diary pages are torn out of something bound–I can see stitching holes and stubs from the conjugate leaves. Don’t know where the coded page came from but it got beat up pretty bad while it was folded. I’m gonna see if I can get some of that dirt off.

Oh–and I checked the book for provenance information and all I could find was this: 

anonymous asked:

I'm on the 4th day of Mystic Messenger. I saved my game data at 00:29. In order to continue exactly from where I left off, do I have to start playing after 00:29? (like 00:45 or something) so that I don't miss chats and calls? I have read that -

somewhere on your blog before, but today I tried loading the game before 00:29 at 22:45 but it was still on the 4th day. I thought if you load a game at the time before you saved it, it wouldn’t load as the same day? I just got confused.

First. Please PLEASE forgive me. I really REALLY wish you hadn’t sent this to me anon because now I have to post this for everyone to see.

To continue when you left off, you would need to load the save after 00:29. BTW, there is no reason to load your save every time you start the game up unless the auto-save messes up.

But, as for your question, the day starts at midnight which is 00:00. 22:45 (10:45pm) does NOT occur before midnight, it occurs after midnight.

If you had loaded your 4th day save at 00:05, you would have moved forward to the 5th day because 00:23 occurs after 00:05.

I keep thinking about that girl from my dream last night. Her eyes…

She was dressed in some kind of old-timey looking school uniform. It was hard to tell how old she was. And she was just sitting at my drawing table looking at me. I tried to get up, but…if you’ve ever woken up with sleep paralysis you know the feeling, I was trying to move but I couldn’t. 

She stood up and started walking towards me and I swear, I swear as she got closer I felt sheets and blankets on my bed starting to move. It was like I was sleeping on a bed of….

I don’t want to get into what it felt like. Like I said last time, body horror.

Anyway, before she actually reached me I woke up. Or maybe I was already awake. I don’t really know. 

Inkwell’s still in the circle of salt. I’m starting to think whatever this is, salt and smoke and shouting aren’t going to keep it in there. Either that, or it’s already out.

reaganwarren  asked:

If the inkwell is possessed DO NOT DESTROY IT. If it is a conduit for an entity, destroying it will only release it into the ether and it will become more powerful as a result, i.e.: your problem will not go away. DO NOT DESTROY THE INKWELL unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not a conduit to an evil entity. Only destroy it if it itself is the source and not a tool being used by something else.

That sounds wise. Honestly I think the impulse to smash/destroy something spooky when you aren’t really sure what it is or what it’s doing is a bad one. I’m keeping it in the salt circle for now (though to be honest I don’t think the salt is doing anything) and I’ll only take it out if I want to try using it again.

I do think the inkwell probably has something to do with this. All this started after I brought it home and began drawing with it.

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The Great Yocoatl? Hmm, that sounds kinda familiar for some reason.. Hey, if you haven't already can you describe the little girl?

She wasn’t little, she was a teenager. She had dark hair and very, very, very dark eyes. She was dressed in what looked like a school uniform and something about her looked…I don’t know. Like she was only partly there.