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We HAVE to point out everything that’s wrong about it. They WANT us to call them out, make the media aware of its issues, plot holes, because that’s EXACTLY what every other queerbaiting show does but is getting away with.
The Final Problem is bad FOR a REASON.
Sherlock has such a wide audience, if WE as a fandom speak up, it’ll reach everyone.
This way we’re actually calling out every other queerbaiting show that is chickening out facing these topics. Sherlock is giving us the oppurtunity and example to address the issues in television and movies today.
And BBC Sherlock isn’t backing away.
They have a fourth episode prepared.
They know what they’re doing.
Johnlock is happening guys. Have faith in the creators.
It’s our job atm to revolt and get the medias attention
Because TFP is the best example of everything a show shouldn’t do to its audience

The podium is ours
The attention is on us
If we can pull this off, we are making television history

I love movie Jay bc his attempt to cheer Lloyd up was 100% lego movie style humor but it was also 100% something tv show Jay would have said in that situation

Watch eyewitness on TV.

Okay guys so if you are one of the people who watches eyewitness on YouTube (like i used too) you should stop doing that and start watching on TV. If you need to catch up on the show then you can go on the USA website and their should be a link where you watch them for free and download the episodes. The reason why you should stop watching it on YouTube is because those views (which is a big number) don’t count as TV views and the show has a good chance of getting canceled if the ratings don’t go up. Every view counts. Eyewitness is on the USA network and you can record it if the time is too early or late for you. The shows airs every Sunday (if you live in the Nevada area it airs at 10 pm i don’t know about other areas). If you do not watch eyewitness i strongly suggest watching it because it has accurate and realistic LGBT representation in the main characters of the show. And it also has a murder mystery plot so the show isn’t all about the fact that the two main characters are gay. If you live out of the states i will try to reblog some things that show you how you can watch the show in a way that helps the ratings. I’m sorry I explained this so badly. If you want more information you can look through the hashtags and there will probably be posts explaining this better.

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To all the bisexual people in the fandom today impacted by soaplife’s bigotry, I just want to say that I love you and support you. You are important, and valuable, and your reactions are valid and just. Your sexuality is none of the things that man said, and his words cannot take away from Robert coming out as bisexual on television, explaining what that meant, and dispelling some popular bi stereotypes. You are strong, you were made to survive, and if you need to rant, some support and encouragement, or just a kind word today feel free to message me/send me an ask.

Of Angels and Christmas Lights

Cas can barely finish reading the last sentence before Maya turns the page, eager to find out how the story will end. She doesn’t let him continue, though. She leans forward to point to the winged and haloed figure hovering in the corner on the page.

“Do all angels have white dresses, papa?” she asks, turning her head to him.

“Uh—” Cas bites his lower lip, struggling to come up with a proper answer under her expectant stare. “No,” he decides, finally. “No, not all of them. Only those that like white dresses.”

Maya raises her hands. “But they aaaaaalways do!” she says, frustrated.

Cas narrows eyes at her, trying to figure out what the “always” refers to. As she shifts on top of his knees, he shuts the book around his index finger to– Oh, of course.

“Do you mean angels in your books?”

“Yes! And in television!” she explains. “And—and on a Christmas tree!”

“Christmas tree?” Cas repeats. “On television?”

“In Veronica’s house,” she corrects. “It’s so big—” she throws her hands up above her head, nearly punching Cas’s nose in the process—”up to the ceiling! And there’s a star on the top—a gold star and angels in white dresses and little lights. It’s sooo pretty!”

“I’m sure it is,” Cas says, using the occasion to change the topic. Explaining angels, and other creatures that to children and most people are fairy tales, without outright lying, is a balancing act that Cas is not very skilled at. “What color are the lights?”

“All colors,” Maya says, jumping off her papa’s knees. “Blue and red and yellow and they twinkle like this—” she opens and closes her palms and eyelids for the most accurate portrayal of twinkling Christmas lights—”and then faster!”

She involves her skipping feet and her head bobbing up and down in her presentation. Losing her balance, she sways to the side. Cas’s arms shoot forward and lock around her to ensure she doesn’t fall. As if encouraged, Maya starts jumping around, swinging to the sides, until Cas scoops her off her feet. He pulls her in, buries her face in her neck and leaves tickling kisses, drawing a salve of squeaky laughter from her mouth.

It takes her a moment to calm down and sit straight in Cas’s lap, but when she does, she doesn’t call for the book Cas abandoned beside him on the couch. Instead, she turns to him, head cocked to the side.

“Can we have a Christmas tree too?” she pleads with a sweet grin.

Cas sucks in a breath, but before he can say anything, the front door swings open and rattles shut.

“Dean!” Cas raises his voice, only slightly. He doesn’t have a heart to scold Dean for slamming the door when it’s the door that saved him from making up another awkward answer.

“Sorry!” comes a rasp from the entrance and Dean storms into the living room, snow falling off his shoulders and to the carpet.

His movements are sharp, steps rushed but firm on the floor. He’s anxious or angry, either way, it’s more than enough to alert Cas; his body tenses, hold tightens around Maya’s small form.

“What’s going on?”

Dean stops in his tracks, turns to them, hands thrown to the sides.

“Oh, I’m gonna tell you what’s going on,” he starts, tipping his chin.

All of the tension escapes Cas at once. Dean’s angry, yes, pissed, even. But Cas knows this tone too well and he knows what’s coming next.

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The Signs as Scream Name Misspellings

Aries- Nova Froster 

Taurus- Kermit Wilcock

Gemini- Elmer Dull-val

Cancer- Saga the pomegranate 

Leo- Jock Fitzgerm

Virgo- eel Hoodie 

Libra- Magnet Duvet

Scorpio- Scavo Acorn 

Sagittarius- Halsey Mayo 

Capricorn- Zoo van gogh 

Aquarius-  Broke Madonna 

Pisces-  Audit Jeansin

Have I told you the story of the time I went to a Thanksgiving party in Ireland because you need to hear this story

When I was in college I did a semester abroad, and at my university they had the most amazing club called the Hot Beverages Appreciation Society (Hot Bevs for short), which was basically a club for people who didn’t want to get wasted every night, and we’d sit around the student union drinking tea, playing board games and knitting.

Anyway, because there was a local shop with lots of crazy flavored teas nearby, they got really into theme nights when I was there, and someone decided that because it was a Thursday night thing it was a good idea to make one of them Thanksgiving themed. As far as I know, no Americans were consulted on this.

When I got there that night, Pocahontas was playing on the tv. They explained that they couldn’t find any Thanksgiving movies and they figured that was close enough. There was pumpkin spice tea in the pot, and the other main attraction was that someone had found some instructions online how to make construction paper Pilgrim hats like we used to do in elementary school. The table in the middle of the room was covered with paper, glue sticks, glitter, and feathers. Unfortunately, because the instructions were probably from an elementary school, the templates they used were far too small and almost no one could make a hat that fit. 

This soon descended into complete hat-making chaos. The one person who managed to make one that fit made then make a second, tiny Pilgrim hat and wore it on his finger the whole night, talking to everyone in a tiny finger-puppet voice. Most others just went for the naively racist Indian headband-and-feather thing because they’d seen pictures of American children doing that. Then a few really creative people started churning out pirate hats, and the whole thing came to a climax when one guy managed to make a construction paper top hat and beard and announced that if this was an American party, then he was going to be Abraham Lincoln. 

To this day my absolute favorite Thanksgiving memory is a large Irish boy coming up to me with a construction paper hat on his head and a construction paper beard taped to his face and saying “Hi! I’m Abe Lincoln and I cannot tell a lie! Happy Thanksgiving!!” 

anyway it’s 3 am and i haven’t talked about thororo in Quite Some Time but since ororo can canonically wield mjolnir i can only imagine that anyone daring to fight two thors (thor number 1 and goddess thor) in the sky, aka their turf, would receive the ass whooping of a century
also, matching outfits!!! and the fact that thororo could make you combust just by making eye contact with you because they’re so hot
*anthony mackie voice* walk outside, people go blind
ALSO sky sex, which i know thor is no stranger to… that would be like… possibly a small hurricane. try explaining that shit, television meteorologists