My definition of Polyamory.

So, I was texting a friend about my life. It came up that I am in a Poly relationship. They assumed that was similar to Polygamy… In response I said the following;

“ Polygamy is the religious practice of one man who has many wife’s… At least I think it is, without looking it up.

Polyamory is the personal belief that we are not meant to be kept to one person. We are more than capable of having many open and healthy love filled relationships at one time.”

Did I do good?

I’m sure there are many other ways I could have explained it. However, this was my quickest response. =)

- ‘edit’ This actually got 15notes? I didn’t expect it to be shared and suddenly I find it while looking into Polyamory on Tumblr. I feel sorta special now! -
I wish I understood polyamorous relationships better.

Of course I know the basic definition (even though from what understand they differ from relationship to relationship.) but I have a really hard time understanding how a person can give their heart to more than one person. I would never be capable of that. Does it take a different mindset? Do they actually love more than one person, or do they love one person and have sexual relationships with others? For some reason this really fascinates me. But then again, most things I don’t fully understand usually do.

Disclaimer: I’m terrible at wording things. I really don’t mean to offend anyone. If anyone would like to correct me feel free. My attempts at being PC can be pretty bad at times. Sorry.


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