explain to me why i love you so much

the karamel fandom needs to chill tf out. i love y’all and i’m very much on your side but y’all are causing more drama.. if someone has made up their mind about this ship, there’s no changing it. so why waste your time trying to explain why you like kara and mon-el? just chill. why do their opinions matter so much to you? you dont know them and they dont know you. so unless they’re bullying you and/or sending you anonymous messages that is out of line, then don’t waste your time with them. if you see hate posts on the karamel tag or on the mon-el tag, the block button is your friend. spend your day doing something that is worth your time and don’t stress yourself out for this shit because its not worth it. don’t make posts about the anti’s because really you’re just fuelling the hate more. 

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Why is Delena so overrated?!?!? Like I really don't understand why people love them so much. Can you please explain this to me?

So I think it’s a few things.

1. I think they think Ian is, like, unbelievably, super awesomely, totally, utterly hot.

2. I think they like the idea of a bad boy reforming for a girl and a girl alone.

3. I think they like the idea of a girl being a guy’s entire world. When I speak to the anons who come at me in my inbox, it reminds me of my mentality when I was like 14 where I really wanted codependency because codependency sounded like the best kind of love ever, like a boy whose whole life is trying to get me??? a boy who thinks he doesn’t deserve me and tells me that all the time?? a boy who wants me so much he just HAS to kiss me even if I tell him no but he’s SO overcome with passion for me he has to ignore my wishes????

4. I think they like the idea of love being so strong that you can’t help yourself even if he’s bad for you, even if he’s done terrible things, that wild passion and intense affection wins out and you just have to be together, US AGAINST THE WORLD.

What they fail to realize is DE isn’t Us Against The World, that was Stelena, being in a codependent toxic relationship is not cute and Damon did not reform.

I love my dad so much.

He was already so upset because he is a huge Lin Manuel fan and he didn’t win best song, so when he saw that La La Land won best picture he changed channels.

And then he calls me so angry on the phone, and starts complaining about how Moonlight should have won and everything it’s bullshit and all that, and I’m like dad… dad… you didn’t see what happened did you? And I explain it to him and now he is so happy and excited but also upset because he changed channels and he didn’t see Moonlight wining…

It’s so bizarre to try and explain your love for a celebrity and why something horrendous happening to them (like losing a parent) affects you so much. But like, this person, without question /is part of my life/. They’re in my car with me when I drive to work, they’re in my living room when I’m watching an interview. A piece of them that they spent time and effort to create is with me, it’s making me react, it’s making me feel things. When they talk about the song I drive to work to, I relate to it, I understand it, it connects me to them. When they joke in an interview it makes me laugh, when they tweet about about a feeling I /get/ it.

This love you might have for a celebrity, it’s hard to describe. It’s not the kind of love you’ll have for your family, it’s not the kind of love you’ll have for your best friend. It’s not the kind of love someone in /their/ family or friend circle will feel for them. It’s very different, but it’s still love. It’s there, I can feel it, I know what it is. Love is abstract, you can’t stick a thermometer in my heart and go “nope it’s not love”. It just is. 

In a way, all these little pieces that they’re sharing with the world become part of your life, they’re things you know and feel familiarity towards. Sometimes, when you’re having a bad day this person, without even knowing, might be the only reason you smile. When you’re so anxious the thought of just seeing another person makes your throat close up, they might be the reason you laugh. It’s bizarre because they aren’t consciously aware of it, they don’t know how these things they share are affecting other people. 

So it’s like, Louis, I don’t know you, we’ve never spoken, you wouldn’t recognize me in the street. There’s a whole, huge part of your life I don’t have a clue about, But you’ve been apart of my life for 4 years, you’ve been with me through moments I didn’t want anyone else around. There’s a warmth in my chest because of songs you’ve created and words you’ve said, things you’ve done and faces you’ve made. There’s familiarity, there’s happiness, there’s laughter and /emotion/ in my life because of you. 

 And because of the way you’re a part of my life, in a rather unconventional way, you’re a friend. There’s a relationship that can’t be explained because you have to experience it to understand it, but it’s there, it’s real. And in the same way you make me happy when you laugh or when you sing, I feel sad when you’re sad, my heart aches when you’re hurting. And part of that might just be a symptom of humanity, a reaction we all might have when we hear bad news.

Most of it though, most of it is that because of the person you are, the way you’ve chosen to be, I felt something that drew me to you. That feeling has expanded beyond just a love of what you create, but it’s grown into a love for who you are as a person. most people can’t grasp that, and it’s very challenging to articulate, but it’s there. And so, I want the world for you, I wish I could lessen your pain because without even knowing, you’ve done it for me.

You’ve made me doubt love. You’ve made me doubt everything. Your lies spin in my head all day, ‘How did you not see it coming,’ 'Why didn’t you see the signs,’ I blame myself for your mess. Your lies I trusted with my dying breath. You never said you were sorry. You never tried to explain. You just left when you got busted with not so much as a goodbye. Just suddenly, you were no longer a part of my life.
—  Maybe you were a catalyst for my growth, or maybe you were nothing but lies and pain from the start. ( @humanhealing )

So, explain this to me. Why is he so un-athletic in 12x04 and very much athletic in 12x12?

What changed? Is it the pants? Is it the fact that he is running to save Cas? Is it the adrenaline rush? I need answers dammit!

“Sounds like a nightmare"you said sarcastically.

"Oh c'mon y/n don’t upset me like that"Damon pouted as he sat next to you on the sofa.

"You don’t care when you upset me"you pointed out.

"Believe it or not y/n you are one of the only things I care about. That’s why it hurt so much seeing you fall for Stefan"Damon explained as he ran his fingers through your hair.

You stopped scrolling through your phone and turnt around to face him.
"Damon? I don’t know what your talking about I never loved Stefan he’s like a brother to me. That’s just weird"you laughed.

"Really?"he raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah, you must be really oblivious"you said.

"To what exactly?"he asked.

"The fact that I am so in love with you"you confessed.

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That's why I didn't understand your logic. While you admitted that ichigo was teased with orihime also(heavily by yoruichi in ch.589),you once said that from narrative perspective it was one sided. I admit that rukia was heavily teased with ichigo but from a certain point(from chapter 520 or so), it vanished and kubo started teasing RR and IH together.

Alrighty, let’s talk about a lil’ something in fiction called:

Show, don’t tell.

This is basically the #1 piece of advice given to writers the world over, and I’m going to explain what it is and why it’s so very, very important.  

Let’s say our hypothetical story is about this young boy called Jack.  Jack is in love with his classmate Sarah and is struggling with his newfound feelings.  Consider the two following passages taking place during class and tell me which one you prefer:

Passage #1

As his teacher droned on, Jack began to think about Sarah.  He liked her very much.  In fact, he was beginning to suspect he was in love with her.  The sudden realization brought a blush to his cheeks and he willed himself to try and stop thinking about her.

Passage #2

As his teacher droned on, Jack’s mind began to go blissfully blank, cheek resting on his balled fist.  Two rows ahead, Sarah was yet again displaying her uncanny knack for filtering out the yawn-inducing waffle and focusing on the essence.  Her pen was flying over the pages of her notebook, a look of intense concentration in her eyes.

Her trademark hairband was missing today.  Every time she leaned too low over her desk, a curtain of glossy black hair would fall before her eyes and she would stop writing with a huff, hurrying to tuck it behind her ears and resume taking notes.  He was beginning to wish she would never wear that stupid headband ever again; there was something magnetic about the way her slim fingers would sweep past her cheek, about the little wrinkle in her brow, the purse of her plump, pink lips–

As though suddenly struck by electricity, Jack jolted upright in his seat and willed himself to shift his attention back to the lesson, feeling his ears burn. Fifth time this week, he chastised himself.  And he suspected it was only bound to get worse from now on.  Sarah’s very existence seemed to have become a detriment to his education as of late.

Crappy, hurried prose notwithstanding, I think the difference here is pretty glaring, don’t you?  And it’s not just about the word count. In the first example, I’m telling you Jack likes Sarah, and the passage is not only dry and lifeless, it’s insulting to you as a reader.  You don’t need to be coddled and have things explained to you like you’re five years old.  My job as a writer is to present the world and events of this story and allow you to draw your own conclusions.  By the time Jack admits to himself that he’s in love with Sarah, you, the reader, should be rolling your eyes at him and dryly going: “Oh really? We hadn’t noticed.”

In the second example, I’m showing you that Jack can’t stop thinking about her.  He’s not paying attention in class and he openly stares at Sarah, fixating on little things about her, using flattering words to describe her, noticing her behavior in class.  This implies that he’s been watching her closely for a while now, and this shows you that he’s interested in her.  I don’t have to actually spell it out for you and use the literal words ‘he likes her’: the story itself is already screaming that loud and clear.

You see where I’m going with this?


Don’t tell

It’s perfectly true that both pairs were teased a lot.  But when it came to people teasing Ichigo about Rukia, it was backed up by mutual past signs of attraction and affection, whereas in Orihime’s case, there’s just people screaming at Ichigo to notice the sweet, beautiful girl who’s pining after him.  And both those things are true, Orihime is a lovely girl, but Ichigo shouldn’t have to be pestered by third parties to pay attention to her, he should be doing it on his own.

THIS is why people are frustrated and confused.  Because we were SHOWN, over and OVER again that there was something between Ichigo and Rukia, and then right at the end, we were TOLD that nope, there was actually something between Ichigo and Orihime.  

You said it yourself, didn’t you, anon?

I admit that rukia was heavily teased with ichigo but from a certain point (from chapter 520 or so) it vanished

Your word choice is on point: it vanished.  It wasn’t phased out, it wasn’t explained, it simply evaporated into thin air, got swept under a rug, and people were expected to pretend like it never existed in the first place.  After FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY chapters, going by your count.  That’s more than 75% of the story

And you wonder why people were upset and still believed the endgame would play out differently?  

You don’t have to like IchiRuki, or any pairing for that matter.  Shipping is, by and large, a matter of personal preference.  But IchiRuki was right there, in the manga, whether Kubo intended it or not.  Hell, it’s actually even worse if he never intended it.  Because this most definitely is a Thing that Happens: stories and characters that have been around long enough evolve.  They grow a life and mind of their own and they start to get away from you (you, as in the writer).  The question is whether you will go with the flow or stick to an old plan that may or may not have a foot to stand on anymore.  

This is why I said that Kubo’s biggest problem was the chemistry between Ichigo and Rukia.  Even if he intended for Ichigo to end up with Orihime from the very first chapter (which, like I’ve repeatedly said, I don’t find hard to believe), he didn’t put in the time to show Ichigo’s side, not until the very end, and even then, it was far too lackluster for my taste.  It’s the same with Renji and Rukia.  I never once doubted Renji loved Rukia, just like I never once doubted Orihime loved Ichigo.  But Kubo only ever developed one side of those pairings, while he went to great pains to highlight a mutual bond between Ichigo and Rukia.  And when he saw the end looming on the horizon, he pulled the plug abruptly.

See, it doesn’t matter if he intended for their bond to be purely platonic or not.  The fact that he felt he had to physically separate them and dial their interaction down to zero proves that he was well aware their relationship was becoming a problem for what he had in store for the end.  

And right at the finish line, he TOLD us what his final plan was, when his own story had been SHOWING something else entirely for years.

How I found this place...

just going to repost my long post to you…

Hi Jess (jamesandclairefraser), I just wanted to write you some lines. I finally managed to get my own tumblr account (Iwillloveyouforeverandaday —> I just couldn´t come up with something else *lol* I was thinking quite a while how I´m gonna name my blog something that relates to S/C and their love.) Anyways I´m the anon that told you the other day that I promised myself to get a tumblr account IF you ever come back here (german83 anon). Well here I am. :-)

I´m also the anon with the “4th of Jan. theory” the other day…there is actually so much more to my theory but since the “ask” frame only allows limited words I couldn´t write a novel then…well let me explain some more why I think Sam was in LA….first of all Cait had this specific interview, was it Jan. 5 (Thursday)? Sometime around that day when she was asked, if Sam is coming to the GG and she answered “Maybe….I don´t know….” and she laughs it off….so why would she even say something LIKE THAT if she knew exactly that he is NOT in the STATES and definitely NOT attending??? Because he was THERE in LA! There´s no other logical reason to it IMO! Also the anon sighting saying Cait was with a ginger…..and also Cait saying in one interview “we were…” and then cuts off…..So they probably thought about them both attending and maybe outing them right there. Sometime around that time they must have met with their bosses or someone “in charge” and discuss something regarding their relationship and putting a stop to let me call it “faking a sh** show”. I also think their “bosses” or whoever agreed and let them “free” to live their lives on their terms. I also think they thought it through that attending the GG together what cause too much attention so they agreed on a slow reveal and he flies back on Friday or something when he twittered he wants a snack #peanuts  and to be honest, that is something you usually get on a plane. I would bet money on it, he actually was a HAPPY af guy to fly back knowing from now on they are free…a day later we got the twitter fest and him staying up all night for his love of his life. I mean be honest. Would you stay up all night for just a co-worker going all crazy and loved up on your twitter after you just came back from a 14 hours flight??? Usually the answer should be no, unless you LOVE them more than anything!  They wanted to be free and live their lives without hiding and I truly believe that if you hide a relationship for years and can´t be real, it can also break you cos you have to be careful what to say, what to do and that is just not fun at all. It puts too much pressure on people faking to be someone they are not. Just look at the BAFTA´s, that just tells you everything you need to know, I´m still asking myself WHY? Why would someone be so cruel and put strings on such lovely people like Sam and Cait are. I just don´t understand it. If there was some kind of punishment for something, then that person putting strings on them, belongs behind bars. One thing I def. believe that they were forced into this. Cos between their christmas video 2015 and Jan. 2016 there was a 180° change . That would also explain why Sam became so shy and reserved at interviews from last year….he was not allowed to tell the truth and probably he is also not so good in lying or faking something. That´s when a person usually becomes quiet and let other people talk. It would also answer why he answered the question “what is the best thing that happened to you in 2016?” in Leanne Aguilera´s interview from beginning of December in the way he did. Cait answered that she went on a long vacation, you could hear him thinking “oh shit what am I gonna say? I loved that vacation as well…can´t give the same answer….people think we´re only friends…..hmm….shit….what am I gonna say now….arrrghhhhh….????” and there it goes….Sam what was your best thing in 2016? and when it was his turn he´s mumbling something about work and looks at Cait telling her with his eyes….“Babe what am I suppose to say? Can´t give the same answer” I think that´s why she makes fun of his answer, her best thing was away from work and his at work…..lol…..I get why Cait said this to him….probably because she´s sneaky thinking “Babe we had so much fun on our vacation and you answer work?! ö_Ö ??? But don´t worry honey, I know you can´t answer this ;-) ”

So that for now on this “topic”

So let me tell you in a shortcut something about me, I´m Sim (33) from Germany (Eastern Part of Germany) the part that tore down walls 27 years ago because they were sick of feeling imprisoned and spied on and wanted to be free.

Anyways I found Outlander in May 2015 that was the first time they advertised Outlander on VOX being aired in June. From the first time I saw the little trailer I was hooked and so fascinated. So after watching season 1 I was in AWWWW and couldn´t wait for the DVD´s to get out, so after these came out I binged watched the whole season again in 2 days…Since I knew it would still be a long time until season 2 comes out I watched probably every single video of Sam and Cait on youtube. Then season 2 came out in April which I watched online the day it aired in the US, from that day on I started reading the books. Read book 1-4, must say I never read such a thick book of 1.200 pages ever before not even to speak of 4 books….well I read book 3 in 2 weeks, which is a miracle speed in my words, reading pretty much day and night….I loved it so much, I probably read the printshop scene 10 times or more….I just loved it so much. So between Jamie/Claire and googling Sam/Cait I was going back and forth….I was just so amazed by their love that they have for each other it´s hard to miss it. I still can´t believe how people can miss it…..THAT is what you call LOVE, their glances at each other, touches, smiles, their locked eyes. Very rare to find in this world and you are lucky if you find someone who looks at you like that and you feel the same way about them. Like Cait used to say “sometimes the stars align”.

So end of last summer I found  your blog and some others (yellowfeather84, queencaitriona, balfeheughlywed, sablelab, mamatumblz, sassynach, wanderingsummerbreeze, cb4tb, samcait4ever, nopromissessassenach, trixen, etc.) which I LOVE reading and enjoy so much….

There is so much positivity here and I love how I found a good place to be informed about my two favorite people Sam & Cait. I´m also amazed how many good people are on here and celebrate the love between these two. Still can´t think of reasons why some higher powers try to take this part of the fandom apart. Just doesn´t get into my head. For me it´s like we are celebrating their love and support them in everything they do, that´s all we do and I find nothing bad about it! When you deleted your blog last November, I was pretty down and mad coz to me you did nothing wrong. You didn´t harass anyone or put shit out there, all you did was trying to put out positivity and love. That´s why I loved reading your blog otherwise I wouldn´t be here coz I hate reading negativity and hatred. That always makes me sick to my stomach and my heart sink. I just remember Ellen Degeneres once said “if you have nothing nice to say, don´t say anything at all and be quiet”. It´s been years she said it on her show and it sticks with me since then…

well another thing that weirdly connects me to Cait and Outlander is that I have been to Scotland once and the day I put my foot on Scottish ground was September 11, 2013 at Glasgow airport. It gives me kinda chills that I found out that this day is her castaversary. I have no idea if she landed in Glasgow on that day as well or just got the job on that day but for me it will be always special that I was there on THAT particular day which started the journey that I´m all into now. I did a 6 day round trip through Scotland and the highlands with my best friend cause I loved Scotland so much and always wanted to go. At that time I didn´t know about Diana Gabaldon´s books and all that. And for the last two years all the pieces fall into place and start making sense and my love of Scotland just grews bigger and bigger.

so that for now. :-) Just want to tell you, you are a great person, it truly shines through, don´t let anyone tell you something else. Sending you lots of love! ´til later!  💖

Dear x,

Dad let you come outside with me and Roll today. We couldn’t wander very far, but you really enjoyed seeing the outside world after being confined in the walls of the lab for so long. I remember how much your face lit up when the sunshine hit you for the first time. Roll found lots of flowers and you and her picked some. She gathered your favourite ones and put them in a clay pot in your room so you can see them even when you’re inside your capsule. We sat outside for a long time. You asked why the sun continuously got lower and lower, and once I explained the sunset you refused to go inside until you could experience it for yourself. But it was okay, me and Roll loved being there with you for the last time. Eventually we had to go back inside. We knew what was coming. I miss you so much already…I wish we had more time together. Dad had to seal you in the capsule after we came back inside. You kept crying…It all happened so fast. Dad programmed me with the ability to feel, and every emotion overwhelmed me all at once. I know he made a extremely significant upgrades to your ability to think and feel too, completely outmatching my own. I can’t even fathom what it was like for you…I hope that once your testing is complete, we can see the sunrise too.

Dear x,

Blues came to visit us today. He doesn’t come by much with his malfunctioning core and all. He still refuses to get help, I feel so far away from him. I think I’m making progress though, but he’s really hard to read. Wily’s plan for world dominations slowly get stupider and less severe the older he gets. Bass mentioned that he’s building a super robot like you. I’m very scared…even Bass was worried for what he could do. I hope that he doesn’t hurt you. Bass also told me that he could have free will on the same degree as you, so maybe he would rather be your friend than follow the path set for him by Wily? I’m worried. Apparently he isn’t done yet. I just hope that if he is bad, that he doesn’t outmatch you.

Speaking of Bass, he doesn’t really follow Wily anymore. He just kinda…does whatever he wants. He still constantly wants to battle me to prove he’s stronger though. I still win every time, but its become more of a aggressive competition than a matter of life or death. I’m really happy about that. It’s been about a year since you were sealed. 29 more to go…see you soon.

Dear x,

Today is mine and Roll’s birthday. Dad said we were turned on for the first time 16 years ago. Blues came too. He also told us that he started developing you 11 years ago. He’s getting really old…me and Roll are afraid of what will happen when he passes on. Blues’s core won’t last much longer, and dad gets sicker every day. Everything is falling apart. At least I’ll have Roll. Bass too, I guess.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to us. I’m afraid that we’ll have to be scrapped or something. The government has very harsh and strict rules against robots, and they can’t live forever. Do we have a set date to die? I really want to see you again…

Dear x,

Dad can’t do much lately. He’s really out of it. Me and Roll have been taking care of him. Wily hasn’t done anything in a few years, so we haven’t had much to do. Bass stops by sometimes to fight me. At first we did, but now he just stops by to see how we’re doing. Blues comes by too. I like it when we’re all together. Bass told me that Wily stays up all night working on his prized robot. Seems like he’s putting all of his focus onto him and has given up on taking over the world for now. He’s around the same age as dad, so he won’t last much longer.

Dear x,

Blues’s core is finally being replaced today! I’ve convinced him to let me and Roll fix him. I’m so happy…I was very worried for what would happen in the future. I can’t remember whether you met him or not. I think you did, but if you didn’t, I know you’ll like him. It’s been about 4 years since you’ve been sealed. 26 more to go.

Dear x,

Dad died today. He really wanted to live long enough to see you. We all knew it would never happen. I wish I wasn’t programmed with emotions.

Dear x,

It has been really quiet since Dad passed. It’s a little bit better now. Roll has been very depressed. I’ve been helping her keep the house tidy. It’s been fine, but going into your room is…emotional. Roll hates going in there. She tries avoiding your capsule. But she always just sits there for a long time. It’s so lonely. If me and Roll get separated, I don’t know what I would do.

Dear x,

It’s been so long…Bass and Blues come by to keep me and Roll company. Wily passed on a long time ago. He sealed that robot away to emerge some time later in the future. I miss you so much. I don’t know how much longer I can live. Without dad here, I can’t be repaired. Blues taught me how to self-repair myself, but I’m not sure how much longer it will last. Me and Roll will break down eventually. I hope we can last long enough to see you again. I’ve been counting down the days until I can see you once more. 7,000 more days…20 years is a long time.

Where does love go when it goes?
Explain it to me… because I don’t understand.
How can I be the same person I’ve always been – the same person you fell in love with… but suddenly there’s no love there anymore?
If I didn’t do anything wrong, if there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with me then why did you stop loving me?
There’s never an answer for it… there’s no explanation… no reasoning… just ‘everything’ one day and ‘nothing’ the next.
Don’t you know that’s what hurts so much…. to be someone’s everything and suddenly mean nothing to them… To feel like you have everything one moment; love, happiness, purpose… and then have nothing left in what feels like the blink of an eye.
Where did your love go? If something exists it can’t just disappear – so where did it go? Where can I find it?
…And how can I get it back?

Rich || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1980

Warning: suggestive but so much FLUFF OMG

note: this is it. the last chapter of rich. i’m may be crying inside because i will miss writing this lovely series. i’d like to thank everyone for giving this series so much love, i cannot explain how grateful i am! i love you all very much and i hope you will anticipate for mayday next! happy reading and take care :) -admin

one year later

I ran down the long hallways of the Paris airport, dragging my small suitcase along with me. The flight to Paris was delayed due to weather conditions hence why I was late for my very own fashion show. Security guards running alongside with me, pointing me to the direction of the exit. With Rose running behind me, I could feel the pressure weigh on my shoulders as we found the exit into the wide open area of the Paris airport. Cameras everywhere, flashing at my face while I tried to pinpoint a way to get out of this place. As fast as I could, I walked alongside security guards as they led me into my car and closed the door, shutting out the paparazzi.

“Drive to the hotel and straight to the venue, please.” Rose demanded the driver once we both settled inside the car.

“No, just the venue.” I stated, waving off Rose’s request.

“We need to get you changed and ready for the show. We don’t have time to stop by the venue.” Rose argued.

“Tell them to meet me at the venue and I’ll get ready with the models. I just need to if everything is planned out perfectly.” I argued back. I heard Rose sigh beside me, knowing that she can’t win against my decision. After all, I am the boss here.

Rose pulled out her phone and started to make last minute phone calls, telling my stylists to meet me at the venue. I pulled out my phone and pressed the home button to face myself with my lock screen background. It was a picture of Jaebum and I with his hand around my waist and his wide smile, dressed up fancy from when his parents threw a party for winning in court against Mr. Park.

With that my mind wandered to Jinyoung. After moving back to Korea, we finally settle my problem with my father’s debt in court. I provided the lawyers with enough evidence to defend my position with Jaebum helping me by my side. In court, I met up again with the Park family and thing time, Jinyoung was there alone and no one else. As usually, he looked strikingly handsome in a suit with his hair swept to the side. I forgave him a long time ago, realizing his actions were to protect me from getting hurt. When Jaebum told me that he got married with the same girl that ruined our relationship, the news kind of tugged my heart. I couldn’t help but think that could’ve been us if we weren’t in this situation. But then I told myself I had a great boyfriend who treated me like a princess.

I let out a breathy sigh as I felt my phone buzz in my hand, interrupting my thoughts. Looking down, I saw three new messages pop up from Jaebum himself.

Jaebum: Good luck today, baby girl. You’ll do great like always. I love you and don’t stress too much.

I smiled to myself, suddenly feeling fuzzy inside. When I started dating Jaebum a year ago, I realized that he never had a proper girlfriend that treated him right in awhile. So going on dates or doing coupley things was something Jaebum wasn’t used to. He told me specifically, on our first date, that he wasn’t use to holding hands with a girl in public because most of his girls were there for enjoyment, not for relationship. Of course, he told me he was willing to change his habits just to have a stable relationship instead of a steamy relationship. But I wasn’t complaining about the steamy part.

“We’re here at the venue ma’am.” The driver spoke up, interrupting my thoughts. 

“(Y/N), we don’t have time to check out the venue. The show starts in three hours!” Rose started to panic.

I waved her off and smiled at her, “Relax, Rose. We’re here and that’s all that matters.”

“I swear, you boyfriend is having an influence on you. A year ago you would be panicking in this situation. Now, you’re all laid back.” Rose scoffed, hopping off the car as I following closely after her.

“Don’t blame this on him.” I laughed at my best friend’s comment. “Jaebum has no influence on me whatsoever.”

“Sure.” Rose rolled her eyes as we entered the venue. “You’ve become more dominant, if you know what I mean.”

I smacked my best friend on the back and gasped, “You’re unbelievable.”

“Ah, Jaebum. Oh my god, right there. Ye-” Rose teased quite loudly, making the people hanging in the long hallways turn their heads to look at us.

“Shut up otherwise I’m firing you.” I snapped at Rose, feeling my cheeks rise up in color.

“Next time, if we’re staying in the same hotel, I’ll have to request a room far away from you two.” Rose stated. I gave Rose a mean look before entering onto the runway. I stood there, looking at the sight in front of me and smiled to myself. After coming this far in life, I could say I was pretty proud at myself. I worked hard, didn’t take any money from any man, and ended up with a nice life. Not mention a hot boyfriend.

Rose and I stayed on the runway, fixing a few problems and making slight adjustments for about an hour. It was until then I heard screams coming from outside the venue, indicating that my models have arrived. I looked at Rose as she flashed a terrified look on her face. Grabbing my arm, she rushed me out of the stage area and into a private change room where my stylists were ready to do my makeup. Rose forcefully pushed me down onto the chair as the girls did their work as quickly as they can on my hair and face.

“About an hour and thirty minutes until show time!” Someone yelled into the change room. I sat up from my chair and took a good look at my beautiful curly hair and simple makeup on my face. Thanking the stylists, I ran to get fitted into a dress Jaebum bought for me a while ago but I never got the chance to wear it. A black ruffled mock-neck cold-shoulder dress fitted with a gold belt and heels was very expensive to get since it was a limited edition. But knowing Jaebum, he got whatever he wanted right under his fingertips.

“Hey, I’m just going to meet with the models and organize a few things.” Rose said, popping her head into the fitting room. “You look great by the way, (Y/N). Jaebum would’ve been happy to see you in that dress.”

“Thanks, Rose. You look good too.” I smiled at her through the mirror. Rose returned a sweet smile before running off to handle the show. Looking down at the ground, I noticed a silver necklace that must’ve fell from my neck while I was quickly changing into my dress. Bending down, I grabbed the necklace and stood up just to suddenly fell arms wrapping around my waist, startling me slightly.

“What the f-” I cursed out loud, my heart racing from the sudden actions until I looked at the person who stood behind me in the mirror.

“Surprise.” Jaebum chuckled, his face resting on top my exposed shoulders. The famous signature smirk plastered on his face as I took a good look at him in the mirror. A classic suit and tie look with his hair swept back made my heart melt. I could never get tired at looking at this handsome man. The sight I fell in love with years ago.

“H-how?” I stuttered, slightly shocked by his appearance. “You texted me three hours ago and there’s no way you could’ve gotten here. The flight I took was the only flight to Paris.”

“I sat at the very back of the plane, same flight as you. It was a rough flight here since children and babies were crying their head off, interrupting my sleep. But I couldn’t sit in first class because you were there.” Jaebum smiled, kissing my exposed shoulder before he took the necklace out of my hands and helped put it around my neck. My heart started to warm up as I gave Jaebum finished putting on the necklace and sent a charming smile through the mirror.

“My poor baby,” I cooed as I turned around, grabbing Jaebum by the face, “The things you do for me.”

“The things you make me do, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked, pulling me closer to him so that our lips were inches away from each other. “Can’t believe I do all these things for you.”

And with that, Jaebum pushed me against the wall of the fitting room and connected his lips with mine. My arms wrapped around his neck as his lips perfectly molded against mine, leaving me breathless. Jaebum broke the hot kiss as his hands pulled down the fabric on my neck. He moved his lips to the sweet spot on my neck and sucked on it slightly, earning a soft moan coming out of my lips. Jaebum brought his lips up again to my mouth with full desire, his hands wandering up and down my waist.

Pulling away, Jaebum gave me another peck on the lips and smiled, “You’re not going to walk the red carpet?”

“No,” I sighed as I fixed my hair in the mirror, “How can I when I’m already inside the venue?”

“You sneak out the back, get a driver to drive you to the front, and then walk.” Jaebum stated, leaning his body against the wall.

“I don’t have a driver.” I pouted at him through the mirror.

Jaebum chuckled under his breath as he got off the wall and stood beside me, “Already taken care of.”

“You planned this out, didn’t you?” I laughed at him as I turned my head to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes, and I planned something special for tonight too.” Jaebum smirked before grabbing my hand and leading me outside the fitting room.

“Oh an what’s that?” I raised an eyebrow at him, knowing full well what he had in mind tonight.

“That’s a surprise for later.” Jaebum winked at me.

I laughed out loud, leaning onto his arm as we walked down the hallways and out the exit in the back. A black car parked on the side, waited for us both as I felt a cold air rush through my body. Jaebum, being a gentleman, opened the door and made way for me to enter the car. It was a short ride to the red carpet as we both prepared ourselves for the cameras.

Jaebum stuck out his arm once we exited the car and I took it as we walked down the red carpet, smiling brightly at the cameras. Stopping in front on the backdrop, Jaebum’s arms snaked around my waist, pulling me to his side as we smiled for the camera. I was too focused on the bright lights to notice that Jaebum’s hand made its way down to my ass, giving it a good squeeze.

“Jaebum, no.” I hissed under my breath, still keeping my sweet smile on my face.

“Can’t help it if your ass looks good from behind.” Jaebum said under his breath, remaining calm in front of the camera.  

“Fuck you, Jaebum.” I hissed, turning my body towards him and looking up at his handsome face.

Jaebum looked down at me and flashed me his famous smirk, his eyes shining in the bright light. His fingers brushed a few stands of my hair to the side, since it covered my face and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

“Fuck me anytime, babe.” Jaebum smirked, pulling away from my forehead. “My rich ass can take you anytime.”

Why’s There A Stocking On the Door?

@lynnialljohnson asked: Can we please have J/C on the ridge being constantly interrupted durring steamy make out sessions until they finally just lock everyone out of the house for a bit? Maybe Ian explains to an embarrassed Bree why they’re locked out? At Christmas?

I don’t have the words for how much I love this!!! Also when I finished writing it, I realized I forgot about the Christmas aspect of the act. So, I’ll do another one, because I have a really really fun modern plan for it. Hope you like that one too!


I whirled around, alarmed by the tone of Jamie’s voice.

“What is it? Who’s bleeding?”

“No one!”

I frowned up at him.

“Then why are you yelling for me?”

His eyes glittered.

“The house is empty.”


“So our house has been overrun wi’ people for two bloody weeks and I havena had ye properly in all that time.”

“So your daughter and her children are ‘overrunning’ our house?”

“Aye. When she and her husband and bairns sleep so close to our room, I canna take ye the way I want.”

“And how do you want to take me?”

Those full lips pulled into a mischievous smile.


Gathering me into his arms, he sat me on the table in my surgery and kissed me hard. I heard a rustling of fabric as he fumbled with my skirts.

“The first time in two weeks and you want to make me scream, so you decide make love to me on the table in my surgery?”

He shrugged and nipped at my ear.

“Weel, if ye’d been in the kitchen, I’d take ye in the kitchen. Ye just happened to be here.”

I moaned softly as his teeth moved to the side of my neck. His hand snaked between my legs, making me gasp.


Jamie puled back and glared down at me, silently commanding me to keep my mouth shut.

“I have to,” I whispered.

“It canna be life or death,” he muttered, gently probing my hot flesh.

“I’m the doctor here, Jamie. There isn’t another healer about for miles.”

“Aye, I ken that.”

We heard the boards creak as Ian came closer to the surgery. Jamie muttered a few choice curses in Gaelic and stepped away from me. I’d just gotten off the table and righted my skirts when Ian came in.

“There ye are, Auntie.”

“What can I do for you, Ian?”

“I was wondering if ye had some o’ that tea to help wi’ a woman’s monthly? Poor Rachel canna hardly stand.”

“Of course.”

Jamie was glaring darkly at his nephew as I pulled bottles and jars from various cupboards.

“Brew as much of it as you can, you can always warm it later.”

“Thanks, Auntie. Sorry for, ah… Interrupting.”

Jamie’s ears burned pink. 

“It’s alright.”

Ian’s request for tea reminded me that I had something of my own brewing in the kitchen.

“Where are ye going!?” Jamie demanded as I followed Ian out.

“I have to check on my pot in the kitchen.”

“Damn it Claire!”

I had to admit I was having a little fun teasing him like this. His angry footsteps stomped along behind me, though he didn’t try to stop whatever I was doing. He knew better.

After checking that my latest experiment was progressing well, I turned to him.

“You said you’d take me in the kitchen?”

He didn’t answer, just pushed me onto the heavy wooden table he’d built me. His mouth found mine, eager and demanding and tasting faintly of whiskey.

“Christ ye taste good, Sassenach.”

“I was just thinking the same of you.”

While he kissed me again, I felt him tugging at the ties of my bodice.


Jamie let out an audible growl.

“What do ye want, Jeremiah?”

Jem stopped short and stared at the two of us, eyes wide.

“Mam sent me to ask if ye-”

“I dinna care what yer mam asked. I’m having a conversation wi’ your granny just now. Come back in an hour.”

“But mam said she needed Granny to look at Mandy’s rash. Da thinks it’s no’ a bad one, but-”

Jamie’s mood was getting worse.

“Jemmy, darling,” I said before Jamie did something Bree would scold him for later. “If Mandy hasn’t got a fever, she’ll be alright. I’ll be down in an hour when I’ve finished with your grandda, alright?”

“Mam’s no’ gonna be happy about that.”

“I dinna care a bloody bit if she’s no’ happy,” Jamie grumbled in my ear.

“Tell her you tried, but your grandfather is a very stubborn Scot. I’ll be by as soon as I can.”

“Aye, Granny.”

Jemmy scampered away and Jamie got up, slamming the door closed behind him.

“Come wi’ me. Now.”

“I thought you were fine taking me anywhere?”

“Aye, I am. But I dinna want to wake up in an hour on the ground. My back canna handle that, aye?”

“So are we going to our room, then?”

“Aye. And bolting the bloody door. I’ll no’ be interrupted again.”

I followed him up the stairs to our room but paused at the door. I kicked my shoes off and pulled one stocking down.

“What the devil are ye doing, woman?”

“Making sure Bree doesn’t come barging in on us in the middle of our love-making.”

Jamie barked a laugh, puling at the ties of his shirt.

“She wouldna!”

“Oh if she’s angry enough, she might…”

“So why do ye put the stocking on the door?”

I smiled.

“It’s something Bree learned when she went to university. It’s just a signal. Never you mind.”

I closed the door and bolted it shut. That made Jamie smile even more.

“Come here,” he said, hooking his finger at me.

Walking slowly, I pulled loose the laces of my bodice, sighing in relief when it came free.


I froze, hands on the back of my skirts ready to let them go. He was glaring at me.


“That’s my job, Sassenach!”

“Undressing me?”

“Aye! Like unwrappin’ a present.”

Hands on my hips, I grinned at him.

“I didn’t know you were quite so fond of that. But you know that means you can’t take off your kilt. That is strictly my job.”

“Aye, and so it is, my own.”

His arms slid around my waist while he lowered his mouth to mine. Hands moved down and gripped my buttocks hard. I waited for the exclamation that would come as it always did.

“Christ, ye’ve the fattest arse.”

“Like clockwork,” I muttered, tangling my fingers in his hair.

He had me out of my gown and standing in only my shift in rather short order. While he might enjoy unwrapping the gift that was me, but he was clearly not ready to wait longer than he had to. I felt him begin to pull the hem of my shift up, but I stepped back.

“My turn,” I panted.

He muttered darkly and stood waiting, hands balled into fists.

I walked around him, much like I had on our wedding night all those years ago. When I was back in front of him, I pulled at the belt holding his kilt on.

“I know how much you love my fat ass,” I said slowly. “But I adore your kilt.”

“Oh aye. Easy access. Dinna have to fiddle wi’ laces and whatnot.”

“That’s part of it. But I get to see your legs more. And sometimes I can catch a peek beneath it.”

“Ye naughty thing!” he said sharply. “Trying to see beneath a man’s kilt. And a marriet man, no less.”

“A married man with a very nice bottom.”

He pulled off his shirt and grinned at me.

“A nice bottom and a verra stiff cock,” he said.

“How would you like me, darling?”

His eyes moved up and down my body, assessing.

“The bed. Wi’ yer arse in the air.”


“Leave it.”

Grinning, I crawled onto our bed and tucked my knees beneath myself, sitting up like a stinkbug.

“Holy God…”

I felt two large hands squeeze my taught backside before the bed creaked as he knelt behind me.

“I dinna like servicing ye so quiet. I like to hear ye scream.”

“So you’ve said. Think you’re up for the task?”

He grabbed my hand and pulled it behind me. I snorted when he pressed it against himself.

“What say ye?”

“Definitely up for the task.”

“Oh aye. But are you?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

He teased me for a moment, making me grip the quilts with white knuckles. Then he pushed slowly home, my body trembling as he did.

“Oh God…”

“Oh Jamie.”

“I mean to hear ye screaming for me, Claire.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Apparently he was waiting for my permission. As soon as I gave it, he let loose. My whole body jerked when he slammed against me. I was screaming like mad, giving myself fully over to the sensation he awoke within me. I felt bruises forming beneath his fingers where he gripped my hips.

We fell over the precipice together, crying out for each other. Jamie caught himself just before he collapsed on top of me. He lay down on his back, broad chest heaving. I scooted over to him and rested my head where I always fit.

“Ye ken I’ve only ever loved you, right?”

“Yes, I know. And you know that you’re the true love of my life?”

“Aye, Sassenach. I ken it verra well.”


Ian saw a flash of red hair and kent it wasna his uncle.

“Bree! Ye canna go in the house!”

“And why not?! I sent Jem to get Mama and she said she’d come when she could?!”

“Ah… The shutters are closed in the surgery.”

Bree fixed him with a glare that rivaled both her mam and her da.


“And I reckon the door to the kitchen’s bolted too.”


“So I think they forgot to bolt the main door. Ye dinna want to go in there just now.”

Her eyes flashed dangerously. It was a look he’d seen often enough on his own mam that he took a step back.

“I don’t care what she’s doing. I need her!”

She started for the house and he grabbed her arm.

“No, cousin! Ye canna! If the doors are bolted it’s because Auntie’s, er… Busy.”

“With what!”

“Uncle Jamie!”

“What does-”

Bree stopped suddenly before her eyes widened. He watched the red creep up her neck just like it did wi’ Uncle Jamie.

“Oh God! They’re…”


“How do you know they’re…”

Ian’s brows went up and he tried hard not to laugh at her.

“Uncle Jamie loves Auntie Claire a great deal, aye? He canna help himself. And I’ve lived around them a while. I ken how they get.”

“Well, in that case… I suppose I’ll just go wait for Mama to… ah… finish.” 

Bree cringed at her choice of words and left quickly. At least he’d stopped her from seeing, or hearing, too much.

She is thirteen now, she’s big enough to understand what love is but not enough to understand why her classmates are being mean to her.
She cries and begs me to explain her the reason why. Catching a tear with my finger, I reply. “Sometimes I believe you have so much love to give that you don’t have enough space in your heart to receive it back.”
—  giulswrites
Not sure why but..

Link Neal is always handsome and gorgeous and I bless the day his parents conceived him.We know this. but I feel like he is so much hotter when he’s looking slightly off camera at the crew or into the monitor. There’s just something about it that does so many things for me. But thats just my random opinion. Here’s some random pics/gifs that explain what I mean. Thank you for your time. ✌

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Listen To Me DreamWorks: MAKE IT A TV SHOW

DreamWorks sweetie, it’s time that we have a talk about your latest movie “Trolls”. 

I loved it. It was a fun adventure that helped me get back in a better mood from this Election cycle and Broppy is now my latest ship in my armada.Which I thank you so much for. 

Now that being said: I highly recommend that you make a Trolls TV show for Netflix. 

Why? Well let me explain it to you. 

While I have no doubt that you’ll make back the money you spent to make the film and put it out into theaters, I think to just be on the safe side you should continue the story through a Netflix TV show if you can’t produce a sequel. 

Netflix has been your best friend. You’ve given us a gift with the Voltron: Legendary Defender series that is now one of your magnum opuses. And you have a lot of other series on there as well such as DreamWorks Dragons, The Adventures of Puss in Boots, HOME: Adventures with Tip & Oh, All Hail King Julian, and The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show just to name a few. 

There is so much potential in this universe that you’ve created for this franchise and I think that if you want to strike while the iron is hot you should consider expanding the story and characters through Netflix

I’m sure there’ll be a lot of other people who would agree with me on this opinion and suggestion. It’s just a humble plea from a new fan who absolutely loved the movie. 


Let’s have a good round of applause for some other fellow YouTubers! A stoic af Dutchmen and an eternally sugar high American! YouTuber Ned really satisfies me in a way I cannot explain… And yes, their Minecraft skins are their canon clothes!

Also, Nor is suspiciously good at games and no one knows why. 

Valentine’s day is coming up

So I drew this for an article I plan on writing about shipping for my equestria Amino

To be updated later maybe

Here is the article: Since people have asked I am going to explain why I love this ship so much, keep in mind it’s vastly for personal reasons and you may or may not agree with me but I thought this would be a fun little blog to write to show off the picture I drew just for this ;3 In the world of entertainment there are these things called “tropes” not to be confused with “cliches” which means something that’s been over used to death. A trope is an idea that may be old but it’s still good or even beloved in stories and media This trope I will be covering is called “the jock and the nerd” a trope where an athletic character who is otherwise shown as a bit of a muscle head falls in love with a Brainy nerdy character which is usually very quiet and shy and may have anxiety but they are very smart and light up when they talk about things they love These two fit for this perfectly as rainbow dash is an athlete that prides herself in her strength and speed while Twilight is definitely an anxious nerd just doing her best in her world There are many scenarios that are fun to play with story wise that can bring them together in a rom-com setting that is just something very sweet to enjoy in a rainy day To a more serious slice of life story that can have a slow burn sort of development to explore a more healthy and realistic relationship with a base attraction of two opposites completing something the other may not usually consider In my story Twilight is the Princess of Friendship and Rainbow is the captain of the wonderbolts which is similar to the blue angels where they do shows in their off time but are really a military style group that is trained to protect equestria on the front lines incase of some sort of threat They are all considerably older and have very busy lives and rainbow and twilight are probably the busiest and when they are together at first they just don’t have time for each other but after rainbow dates around and twilight thinks on it for a few years they realize they where pretty much perfect for each other the only problem was they needed to make time When things calm down from the first initial years of their new titles they get back together and I try my best to make it as dynamic and realistic as possible their love may not be perfect all the time but they do in fact love each other and that will always shine through in the end And just as twilight showed rainbow that she will love reading she teaches her about all kinds of literature and helps her with her paperwork and any sort of organization she needs for her team While rainbow helps twilight with planning shows, safety, and always keeps everything interesting and is full of romantic surprises I love that shit that’s some good shit Hope you all enjoyed this lengthy article c:

I don’t believe in love, but sometimes if I think there’s a tiny ounce of it that exists - then I don’t believe in forever. I believe that everyone leaves, that nobody stays forever. ‘Love’s created to show you everything you want and has the ability to make you happy, just for it all to disappear at one point.

This should help you understand why I act crazy at times, why I get so frustrated when you make me jealous, maybe why I talk about us like we’re not going to last. I guess this doesn’t really explain why I’m so shit at trying to love you. I guess it’s not much of an excuse as to why I don’t treat you how you deserve to be treated, and give you the love that you want. Although I hope you know how much it took for me to trust you and even let you in in the first place. I hope you know I’m scared. You’re either going to show me that I was right to believe in things that I believe in and my thoughts on love or you’ll prove me wrong, and I don’t know which one scares me more.

—  s.a.m.i