TAZ 63
  • This is Merle’s story – so will we finally get an explanation for why he was dying so much
  • what is Travis doing lmao
  • Lup tags along Taako again :/
  • “It’s not a taco” WAIT I didn’t realize this is where it was going holy shit
  • okay, false alarm, he didn’t invent it Right Now but I’m glad this storyline isn’t forgotten
  • Merle is the Peacemaker: confirmed (for anyone who still doubted)
  • holy shit talk with the Hunger? I was not expecting that
  • “It’s win-neutral” Oooh! So is this how it’ll happen? Every cycle he tries to reason with the Hunger, and every time it kills him?
  • okay this is not what I expected. I didn’t even hope for a plot twist at this point
  • “The first conversation of many” TOLD YOU
  • “The man who became the Hunger” explaaaain
  • “Only a couple episodes left” nooo
  • Okay, but I hope that after the first two times Merle does this thing at the end of the year? Or at least the middle? He spends time like others do, not throws it away, his existence isn’t just a sequence of parlay-death-rebirth-parlay-death?
  • Wow, the Hunger is surprisingly relatable
  • Oh no I’m kind of rooting for the Hunger now. Was that intended?
  • The cacophony from the summer festival!
  • Ooooh, it’s the voidfish!
  • …No, it’s the Light of Creation. Whaat!

Holy shit, what an episode! I’m blown away. When it started I was like “Yay, an entire episode for Merle – oh wait, only half of episode I guess :/” and then it was the full episode. I hope Taako and Magnus will get no less.

anonymous asked:

wait jason died? or is it something else? explaaaain

Pfffft no, he didn’t die. I was just being funny with that one ask and made a fake memorial out of it. just fun and games! ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ

*$* Commander

lokisvampiregirl  asked:

wait all i heard was a bare butt tom what is this about exPLAIN EXPLAAAAIN

Haha, that’s the kind of news that garners attention!

It’s in reference to a tweet someone made after seeing a screener of Crimson Peak:

The tweet was made well over a month ago, but was recently retweeted by TomHiddyFilms, and that may be why it’s getting attention again. :)

- Mona