allura: so hunk…a little mouse told me you were going through keith’s diary?

hunk, nervously: princess i can expla-

allura, leaning across the table with her chin in the palms of her hands: tell me, does he write about you and the blue paladin as much as i assume he does?


hunk: he thinks my smile is brighter than the balmera crystals?? i need to show you page thirty seven, paragraph five, line twenty; it’s my favorite part, i have it photocopied

Will and Tessa.
  • Will: Why do you love me Tess? Is it because of my beautiful face?
  • Tessa: Words bind us into this relationship that even i can't expla..
  • Will: But it's mainly because of my beautiful face, right?
  • Tessa: You make it so hard for me to remember why I love you.
Oblivious || Part 4

being oblivious had its perks… but not so much this time. 

(part one)

(part two)

(part three) 


“I am not in the mood to deal with you right now.” By the time you finally convinced yourself to go and open the door, the next thing you wanted to do was slam it shut once again. Because, lo and behold, Harry frickin’ Styles was standing at your front door. “I- you gotta get out of here, Harry. I’m seriously not- I don’t wanna talk to you.” 

To say that you were upset was an understatement. You were fuming, you were heartbroken, you were all the negative emotions mixed into one! Just seeing Harry standing in front of you with his perfect face made you want to give him a good, hard punch across his stupid face. (But you knew that if you did that, you’d probably end up hurting yourself.) 

“Y/N, yeh have to let me expla-” Harry jumped when you moved to shut the door on him, making him stick his foot out to stop it from closing. You huffed and whipped around, storming your way over to the couch and plopping yourself down. “Y/N, please.” 

“You’re a shitty fucking person, Harry. You know that?” You cursed inwardly when you felt your eyes watering almost immediately with angry tears. “God, you piss me off.” 

“Y/N, if you’d jus’ give me a chance to-”

“No, you’re going to listen to me, you prick.” You snapped, Harry’s eyes widening at how aggressive you were being. “You’re going to sit down and shut up, and you’re going to listen to what I have to say.” Harry immediately complied, sitting himself down before sliding his sunglasses on top of his head. You didn’t like being so mean to Harry, but… Well, he kind of deserved it. 

“I do everything- and I mean everything for you!” You got up from your place on the couch, beginning to pace back and forth. “I-I buy all your things for you, I manage your accounts, I set up interviews, I run your errands, I- I put my life on hold for you! I’m supposed to be studying literature, a-and psychology, and I’m supposed to be living this fantastic, stereotypical college student life, but instead, I follow you around 24/7 like a pathetic, lost puppy and what do I get in return? Nothing! Harry, I told you from the start I’m not in this job for the money. I took this job because I’m your friend, and I want to support you in every way possible, but it’s so bloody hard to do that when you treat me as if I was nothing!” Your voice wavered slightly, and you tried your hardest not to burst into tears. You never thought you’d be in a situation where you’d be yelling at Harry like this, but there was just so much pent-up frustration inside of you and all of it was just flooding out in this moment. 

“The sad part is that you know I’d drop everything for you at the call of my name. You know I’ll come running because I am just so whipped for you. You know I’m 100% in love with you and it breaks my heart that you’ll never feel the same way about me, but it kills me every single time you talk to me about someone you’re crushing on because, in the back of my mind, I know you’ll never talk that way about me. I’m going to have to get over it, and I will over time, but the least you can do is be a better friend. Because friends don’t abandon their friends outside of a club to go off with a Victoria’s Secret model and then not even have the decency to call me or text me the next morning to tell me where you were or even to check on me! I was the one who stayed out in the cold all night long, but the only thing I could think about when I woke up was where you were and if you were okay or not.”

“I’m tired, Harry. I’m so tired.” There was a moment of silence in which you tried you control your emotions once again, but the next thing you knew, you had burst into tears and crumpled to the floor. 

“Y/N, no…” Harry’s eyes softened as he quickly joined you on the floor, immediately pulling you into a tight squeeze and letting you cry into his chest. 

“Why can’t you take care of me for once? Why can’t I be the one who gets wasted and can barely walk in a straight line? Why can’t you be the one who takes me home and tucks me in instead of it being me all the time? We’re supposed to be friends but you treat me like a stranger now. I…I don’t even know who you are anymore and I-I just want my Harry back.” You sobbed, your words muffled by Harry’s chest. “I want him back, I want us to be like the way we used to be…” 

“It’s a’right, I’m here, I promise.” Harry whispered, stroking your hair lightly and placing a kiss atop of your head. “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry… I’ve been a proper dick and I- God, Y/N, I don’t deserve yeh. I really don’t. You’ve always been there for me and sometimes I jus’… I jus’ forget about how much you mean to me and how terrible my life would be without yeh.” You pulled away from his chest and wiped at your puffy eyes, Harry reaching up to cup your face gently. “Don’ cry, angel. Makes my eyes water when you’re sad.” He murmured softly, his thumb wiping away a tear as it rolled down your cheek. “I hate to bring this up, but… I can’t date you. I can’t date you because you’re my Y/N, and I’m your Harry, and we’ve always been jus’ that. I love you so bloody much that it hurts sometimes, and it kills me knowing that I broke your heart… But I really do think it’d be for the best if we, y’know, maybe didn’t take the romantic approach with our relationship.” 

“As long as I get the old Harry back, I think I can survive.” You sniffled, dabbing underneath your eyes and letting Harry’s words really sink into you. Not everything could have a happy ending, and you couldn’t always get what you wanted. And that was okay. That was just a part of life, and you had to accept it and move on. The world would continue spinning, regardless of Harry liking you or not, and sure, it would take a little time for your wounds to heal, but you knew you’d be alright. 

“For the record, you’re a much better cuddler, and chef, and everything else than those other girls. No one could ever replace you. Camille’s pancakes weren’t even tha’ good.”

Take that, Camille. 


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Accuracy - Pt 1 (M)

Genre; Hints of smut towards the end~

Length; 1,400+ words

Originally posted by markyieuns

By the grace of god, your mom somehow was able to gift you tickets for Got7′s upcoming fanmeet. 
The instant she handed them to, flashing you a proud smile, “Happy birthday, sweetie.” She lovingly cooed as you nearly broke down. Words couldn’t just simply express how happy you were. 
You remember just being utterly astonished about how good the seat she was able to get was; second row from the stage. 

“Mom are you serious?” You breathlessly replied, choking up as you staring down at the ticket. “I can’t take it, this must’ve costed a fortune.” 

Your mom just stared at you, her huge grin staying on her face as she cherished the look on your face.
“Baby, please don’t worry about the price-” She calmly began, pulling you into one of her warm embraces; rubbing up and down your back as you threw your arms around her, “-I know you haven’t really ever gotten gifts on your birthday, so I just really wanted to get you something I knew you’d remember for the rest of your life.” 

Tears trickled down your cheeks, puddling on her shoulder as you shook your head in disbelief, “Thank you so much, I love you mom-” You shakily replied, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

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  • what people think otabek is: very cool, has his shit together, a self-sufficient loner, mysterious and aloof
  • what otabek really is: shows up to a skype call with yuri with his thumb and index finger superglued together, " umm ,, i can expla i n,,"

reioka  asked:

Tony working on something when he hears someone say "math tutor" and he whips around, stars in his eyes. "Did someone say MATH?!" "It's just pre-algebra," his nephew says awkwardly. "I think you mean the BEST ALGEBRA!" By the time Tony's finished helping him figure out pre-algebra, his nephew actually understands math and is excited to go to class. Tony has this way about him to make learning fun even when you're confused. (Honestly a guy that blows himself up that often needs that.)

To Tony everything is the best math so he might not be very representative, but yes.

His nephew is so incredibly ashamed that he doesn’t understand something Tony is a genius about and he is aboslutely not comfortable with asking him for help.

But now Tony heard about his problems and he is already right there, obviously excited about this whole thing, but not mean about it in any way.

Tony is just so enthusiastic about it that it’s really hard to hate math, and to everyone’s surprise he is also very good at explaining stuff.

He uses a very visual way of explaing, using lots of examples, and making it so very easy to get it.

Word about this makes the round with all of the kids (all his nieces and nephews and probably also on the day care floor) and soon he is holding whole classes.

Tony enjoyes it, the kids enjoy it and actually learn and like to learn, in math and physics and chemistery. Tony brushed up on that just for these classes.

Whenever the kids get good grades he is more excited about this than the parents themselves, and when they get bad grades, he doesn’t get all disappointed, he just tries to figure out where the problem is and how he can help.

A lot of the kids discover their love for science like this and decide to pursuit a degree in math or engineering or something like this.

And then imagine, because reioka and I talked about this already, one day one of the kids Tony teached all about math comes back to him to show him their degree in art or philosophy or something.

They are terribly nervous, because they fear that Tony might be disappointed or something. But Tony is so incredibly proud and he makes a copy of the degree just to keep it forever, and let’s go with the art thing here, because Tony so definitely decides that all art must go into the tower.

He buys it off the kid, and keeps some on his personal floors but he also displays a lot of the pieces on the work floors where everyone can see them.

He most likely hooks the kid up with some connections, not buying them in but just gently pointing the right people into the kid’s direction, and when they have their first exhibition Tony is all over everyone, telling them all that he was the first to hang up their art, and he tutored that kid, did you see how amazing their work is, Tony is sure there has never been anything better.

Tony is proud of all of his kids, no matter what career they choose and he always remembers what any of them are doing career wise. He feels like the proudest dad ever.

Astral Wish

Word Count: ~800

Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader

Notes: demon/royalty! au or something like that

“the world has changed, the night sky is filled with silver stars.”

“Are you serious? You too?” A booming voice echoes through the great hall, making everyone cower.

“I-I’m sorry my Lord,” a small figure kneels below the steps that lead up to the magnificent throne. Chanyeol looks down from the seat, his ruby orbs grows even more intense.

“This is the fifth time it’s failed. Are you all just here for decoration?” He directs these words even at his highest commanding officers, who all have their heads down in embarrassment.

Chanyeol lets out a frustrated sigh and runs his hands through his jet-black hair a few times. “Get out. All of you.”

“My Lord, I-I can expla-” the man chokes mid sentence, the air around him thins, and his whole body paralyzes.

“Did I fucking stutter?” Chanyeol’s eyes are glowing, and a dark aura surrounds him. Immediately, the hall clears out, and the small man scuttles away, drenched with sweat.

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Intellectual Understanding

Fic Request:
Dark/Anti sequel to ‘Intellectual Jealousy’ 

I know this has been a long time coming. But it’s finally here!! Hope you enjoy

(Part 1

Originally posted by secretlymarkipliersbarry

Dark returned just as the lights in the house fluxed with brightness and then returned to their original brilliance. Growling, Dark moved into the kitchen where he found the new Android standing silently. He seemed to be listening. At Dark’s appearance Google tilted his head and observed the other Ego. 
“Is it normal for the Septic-Ego to take your lover on your scheduled days?” The bot asked and Dark’s fists clenched. He stormed past the Android and burst into the bedroom, finding you and Anti together as the Irish pest lunged down for another deep kiss. 
Dark’s hand clasped around Anti’s ankle and threw him across the room. You both cried out, not having been paying attention to the room until Dark’s splintering shell filled it with negative energy. 
“I told you to watch the Android. Not take advantage of my absence!” Dark hollered in rage. Shadows surged towards the flickering entity and Anti dived to one side, barely avoiding the spear of blackness as it pierced into the wall behind him. His body glitched and he was wearing clothes again. His expression one of great annoyance as he spat a reply. 
“That fucker was getting too close to (y/n), I had to make sure she knew who she belonged too!” 
Dark scoffed and he marched towards Anti, the two grappled. This song and dance all too familiar to you as you slid off the bed and shrugged on pants and a shirt. 
“She doesn’t belong to you, parasite. I’m the only one she needs. You’re just a side salad.” Dark growled as he slammed his fist into Anti’s side.
“Guys, please just stop!” You tried, but they were already too engaged in the battle. Their fists and kicks a blur of black and green. Their bodies a twisted mess of crackling energy and layered blues and red. You sighed and went back to the kitchen to let them dish it out. Grabbing a bathrobe to cover yourself up. Google was still there, his eyes glowing as he peered down the hallway to where the two clashed. 
“Shall I go to intercept their battle?” Google asked and you shook your head. Moving around him to make something to drink. 
“It’s ok, Google. They do this alot. They’ll calm down soon. Sorry for ditching you.” You said with a guilty smile and Google nodded. 
“You warned me on the first day of my arrival, that Darkiplier and Antisepticeye would be possessive of you. I understand.” 
You could never tell what the bot was feeling when his monotone voice shared no hints. The Android didn’t even have any tells like Anti or Dark do when they get upset. He was a fascinating Ego, and you were excited to learn more about him. Just as you were thinking that, Google turned to you and held a certain shift in expression that you were sure wasn’t meant to be there. 
But that was ridiculous. Dark had explained Google wouldn’t feel any emotion. Other than a sliver of anger or determination. But he was an Android. Made to only obey or destroy. Depending on which objective he was following. 
“(Y/N), I worry for what will happen to you in the future events that will occur. You say Darkiplier and Antisepticeye fight alot. What was to happen if you get caught in the middle?” Google asked in that same monotone voice, but the concerned expression was still set. 
You shrugged, trying to give yourself a moment to register that the bot may be experiencing emotions. “Anti and Dark make it a point to leave me out of their fights. Unless I need to speak for myself.” 
“But what if one was to become unstable?” Google asked, moving closer to you. “I can sense their power inside them. They are unstable whenever they are in each others presence. One day one will loose control, and you will be caught in the cross-fire.” 
You went to step back but Google’s hand lashed out and caught your wrist. Hhis grip was like iron, tightening when you tried to move away. 
“Ow, Google you’re hurting me!” You shrieked. Yanking at your arm but the bot held firm. 
“What is it about you that bends those entities to your will? You have no power. You’re a bag of flesh and blood. You will expla-”
Google was cut off from his own cry. Not from pain, but from shock as he lifted his elbow. Wires and metal prongs poked out of the severed arm, spitting sparks as Dark moved you away. Peeling the iron fingers from your wrist. But before the Android could do anything, he felt his body seize and convulse with electricity. His head turned to glare at Anti as his systems burned and popped. Google collapsed, his eyes dimming their glow as Anti lifted his hand from the bot’s shoulder. He gave the bot a hard kick as Anti stepped over it to approach you. 
“Yer alright, (y/n)?” Anti asked and you shook your head, cradling your throbbing wrist against your chest. 
“No. It hurts alot.” You said and Dark eased your hand away from your body so he could inspect it. He held it as gently as someone like him could. Turning it a little but halting as soon as you hissed in pain. 
“He must have injured your wrist.” Dark said in a eerily calm tone. You could feel his energy pulsing beneath his carefully repaired shell. “I’ll get Dr.Iplier over here to check it properly.” 
Anti huffed and gave another kick to Google’s head. “Fuckin’ computer couldn’t leave well enough alone. i told you he was up to something!” 
Dark glared daggers at Anti and spat through a clenched jaw. “If you had just done what I told you to do, (y/n) wouldn’t have been injured.” 
“Don’t blame this on me, Darki-fucker. You’re the one who brought this hunk of metal here!” 
“GUYS ENOUGH!” You shouted, anger and frustration coursing through you. The men looked at you and you moved your wrist out of Dark’s grip. “Just… stop please. I’ve had enough of you two fighting.” 
Dark sighed and nodded, placing a hand on the small of your back as he guided you away from the kitchen. “Ok, Pet. We’ll make peace for now. Come, let’s get you comfortable and I’ll contact Dr.Iplier.” 
Anti nodded and stooped down to grab the broken Android by a handful of hair. “I’ll get rid of this guy. Then get ya some tea, ok love?” 
You nodded. Already relaxing now they had stopped yelling. Something about Google’s words stuck to you. About Dark and Anti loosing control and their energies harming you. It was a possibility. You weren’t stupid, you knew what they were and you knew they were powerful. You didn’t know the full extent of their power, but you were happy not knowing.


Requested by: @jojizzzz
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Steve
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Fluff


“Y/N, I need everything ready to go for tomorrow’s mission by tonight,” Steve instructs you, using his bossy voice,

“Yes sir!” you shout, jumping to attention and saluting him. Steve scowls at you for a second before he softens,

“Sorry babe, I was in full ‘Captain’ mode,” he apologises. He quickly looks around, scanning for any one near by before closing the gap between the two of you,

“S’Okay,” you whisper, your breath fanning across his collarbones, “I like it when you’re in Captain mode,”

Steve’s eyes wash over with lust as your words hit him. He takes another second to quickly check again before leaning down to passionately kiss you. It had been a while since the two of you had been alone. To avoid suspicion, you had both agreed that going on separate missions was the best idea whenever possible. It kept the team’s attention away from the secret relationship you’d been having with Steve for almost three months now, but it also meant that alone time was far and few between.

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  • *McCree walks into kitchen*
  • McCree: Where did ya get that donut?
  • Genji: I simply found it in the fridge. Why?
  • McCree: Oh lord, did you not see the name of the box?
  • Genji: … Uhhh?
  • *Hanzo walks into kitchen*
  • McCree & Genji: …….
  • Hanzo: …. Who took my donut?
  • McCree: See ya kid, I gotta split.
  • Hanzo: You did not only disgrace my honor, but my stomach’s honor.
  • Genji: Brother, I can expla…
  • Hanzo: Ryuu-ga Wa-ga-TE-KI-WO, KU-RA-U!!!!
  • Genji: OH SHIT!
  • Submitted by charleswtjr
An Expla-gay-tion of Supergirl 2x12

-Alex comes out to the Superfriends and her space dad and introduces them to her girlfriend, Maggie
-Kara continues to believe in Lena when literally no one else does
-Kara and Lena’s late night meeting
-Lena sends Kara enough flowers to fill her entire office
-The Hug TM
-Lena calling Kara family
-“Supergirl may have saved me but you, Kara Danvers, are my hero”