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'i raise you' is like a poker reference--in the original context it would be like 'i see your five [dollars] and i raise you ten' which would mean they matched your bet of five and then bet an extra five, bringing the bet to ten--but the whole 'i see your __ and i raise you__' thing is just kinda something people say now i guess


  • *McCree walks into kitchen*
  • McCree: Where did ya get that donut?
  • Genji: I simply found it in the fridge. Why?
  • McCree: Oh lord, did you not see the name of the box?
  • Genji: … Uhhh?
  • *Hanzo walks into kitchen*
  • McCree & Genji: …….
  • Hanzo: …. Who took my donut?
  • McCree: See ya kid, I gotta split.
  • Hanzo: You did not only disgrace my honor, but my stomach’s honor.
  • Genji: Brother, I can expla…
  • Hanzo: Ryuu-ga Wa-ga-TE-KI-WO, KU-RA-U!!!!
  • Genji: OH SHIT!
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dirkjohn meet cute(?): johns one of those fucking kids that look over your shoulder to see your sketchbook and upon seeing it asks, unfailingly, “is that anime?” dirks tried explaining, no, its not anime (this is a completely different style you ignorant shit) but the nth time john asks he just fucking decks him

Angry Dad
  • Gabe and jack: *returning home after a date night out*
  • Jack: i had a teally good time to night
  • Gabe: me too *opens the house door and stops* some thing dosen't feel right here
  • In Jesses room
  • Jesse: *lying in his bed naked with Hanzo next to him and a cigar in his mouth*
  • Gabe : * kicks Jesses room door in* JESSE MCCREE REYES!!!
  • Jesse: shit papa i can explaing. You see me and Hanzo we where jus-
  • Hanzo: i don't think he noticed
An Expla-gay-tion of Supergirl 2x12

-Alex comes out to the Superfriends and her space dad and introduces them to her girlfriend, Maggie
-Kara continues to believe in Lena when literally no one else does
-Kara and Lena’s late night meeting
-Lena sends Kara enough flowers to fill her entire office
-The Hug TM
-Lena calling Kara family
-“Supergirl may have saved me but you, Kara Danvers, are my hero”

  • What we got from the 4th season : main character death, family problems, unsatisfing scenes and dissapointing ending.
  • What I wanted : Moriarty coming back.
  • Moriarty introducing Sebastian Moran.
  • Moriarty explaing Sherlock how he drugged him in T6T, and maybe in TRF.
  • Moriarty explaing how he survived.
  • thankfully we had Moriarty dancing and flirting

over 51 million voted trump, I wonder how hitler happened but I’m seeing history repeat itself right now… The amount of racism shown on this map is Insane, I will never understand how people could be so Cruel to other people and vote for someone who stands for discriminating against so many… The things trump stands for are repulsive, to name one is he supports conversion therapy! A vote for him is a racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, transphobic vote. The fact people support it is terrifying ! To anyone from America following me, if you voted trump go unfollow me and have fun explaing to anyone you know that’s gay, trans, female, black, Latina/Latino, or Muslim about why you did what you did and I’m just going to put it out there- you’re not going to be forgiven, you don’t deserve forgiveness. You voted for a death wish for anyone that’s female, black, latina/latino, muslim and or LGBT+. I’m beyond proud to admire people who stand for what’s right, who stand for what they believe in - like hannah hart, grace helbig, mamrie hart, Tyler Oakley, etc. I don’t only support them because they’re talented and they all have amazing personalities but I also support them because I agree with alot of the things they stands for. Whether its spreading love and kindness, LGBT+ rights, human rights, Ending gun violence, etc the list goes on. We need to Love one another, support one another, give peace a chance and stop spreading hatred..

Panic Cord (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 4

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry this took eighty years to write, but it’s finally here! I kinda had to re-read the previous parts because i was completely lost at this point haha! But i hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

“Y/N, please let me expla-“

You cut off his pleas with a simple close of your window. To say you were surprised to see him was a giant understatement. You expected him to be on the other side of New York right now, but here he was. Regardless of the fluttering of your heart, you were still upset. Bucky abandoned you and Alfie, it would take more than a simple apology and bouquet of roses to make up for that.

You turned your back to him and crossed your arms over your chest.

So now he was sorry? After what he did? Didn’t he know how dangerous New York was after dark? You were extremely lucky that you didn’t have a repeat of what happened last week. Someone could’ve hurt you or worse, hurt Alfie!

“Y/N,” Bucky pleaded once more. He tapped on the glass lightly. “I know you’re probably infuriated with me right now, but at least give me a chance to properly apologize to you.”

You scoffed. Properly apologize? Did he really think you’d let him off the hook after that? And you were beyond infuriated, you were livid! He had the audacity to come back to you after what he did!

Turning around, you unlocked the window. He slid his hand underneath the glass and gently pushed it up, allowing himself to crawl inside your apartment. Why couldn’t he just use the door? Did he think that little of you?

You could hear him straightening himself up, adjusting his jacket. He was nervous and he should be. You might be blind, but you had a pistol for a mouth and you could use it when you needed to. You weren’t by any means an angry person, but this man was pushing your buttons tonight.

“What do you want, Barnes?” Your eyes were narrowed at what you hoped was him. People always told you it creeped them out when you made eye contact the rare couple of times you did.

You could hear Bucky step closer to you. You took a step back.

“I am really, really sorry for leaving you, Y/N.” he said. “I just…when you pulled away from my arm I thought I hurt you.”  

Your glare softened. He thought he hurt you.

“But you did hurt me,” you whispered. “Not physically, but emotionally. You just left me there. I had no idea how to get home.”

You heard him swallow loudly.

“I didn’t exactly leave you,” he confessed. “I made sure you got home safely. Although, some people might’ve thought I was stalking you.”

“So you watched me struggle for five hours and didn’t offer to help?”

His breathing halted for a second and you could practically feel the anxiety reeking from him.

“I just…didn’t want you to get hurt, Y/N,“ he whispered. "I’m not exactly boyfriend material. Hell, I’m not even friend material I’m just…bad.”

Your glare had long subsided. You didn’t like many things in life, but to hear Bucky talk about himself the way he did really caused your insides to twist.

You were angry with him, there was no doubt about that. But you tried to picture being in his shoes. He was probably just as on edge as you were, if not more. But that still didn’t excuse what he did.

With a sigh, you crossed your arms.

“I guess I’ll forgive you,” you admitted. You could hear Bucky let out a sigh of relief and step towards you. You felt his hand gently brushing the flesh of your cheek, but you immediately pulled away from it.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let this slide, Barnes.” you added.  “You still have to prove yourself; especially to Alfie.”

You meant it to come out fiercely and with a strong meaning, but as soon as you finished that sentence, the sounds of Alfie’s gentle snores filled the room.

That little booger.

You felt the coldness of a metal hand gently grasping your flushed cheek. How could he make you feel like a blushing schoolgirl with just one simple touch? You had such a love/hate relationship with it at the moment.

With a small sigh, you placed your hand on the back of his and gently pulled it away from your cheek once again that night. 

“I promise,” he began, his voice laced with guilt. “I’ll do whatever it takes to make up for this night. I’ll do anything, Y/N.”

You clicked your tongue, cocking your head to the side.

“Anything?” You ask, squinting your eyes.

“Anything.” He assured.

You knew it was really early for this, but you wouldn’t be able to sleep on your own tonight. You were too paranoid that someone had followed you home. Maybe someone did, and somehow they didn’t notice the six foot super soldier following you. Hell, if Bucky could climb onto the fire escape like that, anyone could.

“Stay with me?” You whisper.

He didn’t say anything, and that worried you. Had you gone too far this time? You knew Bucky was an old fashioned kind of man, but surely it wouldn’t be a big deal.

You jumped slightly when you felt the warmth of his flesh hand collide with yours, pacing your fingers together. He guided you across the room until your knees had come in contact with the bed.

You felt him unzip your hoodie and gently slide off the wrinkled material before tossing it to the side. As he discarded your shoes, you felt yourself wondering if he did this to the other women he was with or was this simply for you?

Once you were left in just your shirt and underwear, you heard the rustling of sheets, along with Alfie’s snores growing louder.

“C’mon, doll.” He says softly, placing his hand on your lower back and guiding you into the comfort of your bed.

You felt the sheets engulf your body as you crawled into your bed. You could hear Alfie maneuvering around your feet until he found a comfortable position in the bed. With a small huff, he plopped down into the comforter and drifted off into dreamland. 

You could hear the small sounds of Bucky getting undressed and it was at this moment did you desperately wish to be able to see him. You followed the sounds of clothes being discarded and dropping onto the carpet until you felt the bed dip beside you. 

You shivered, not liking the cold temperature of the room. It was the last day of September, meaning the temperatures were dropping more and more each day. 

“Y/N,” you heard Bucky whisper from the other side of the bed. 

Your eyes opened, peering in the direction of his voice. 

“Yes, Bucky?” 

He was silent for quite a while and you began to wonder if he fell asleep again or maybe just decided to stop mid question. 

“If you want…you can sleep near me if you’re cold.” 

You felt your cheeks heating up as you processed his words. You liked Bucky, really you did, but you were always very distant with people. After what happened when you were little…

With a small smile, you scooted closer to Bucky. You gently rested your head on his chest, letting out a small whimper as you were engulfed in his warmness. The man was like a human heating system and you craved it. 

“Bucky?” you asked, feeling your eyes drooping. The lack of sleep was finally starting to hit you now. 

“Yeah?” he whispered. You nuzzled your face into his neck, inhaling deeply. 

“Thank you.” 


Next part is gonna get a bit smutty ;)

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When Simon meets Jace at a kitten daycare, it’s love at first sight. But with his horrible track record of dealing with crushes, plus the fact that he can’t seem to formulate a proper sentence every time he’s face to face with Jace, will they ever be more than just friends? Oh, and then there’s the vampire thing. How on earth is he going to explain that to Jace?

  • Me: So how long until the halftime show?
  • Sport persons: Well, the second quarter has to--
  • Me: Like when is Lady GaGa coming on?
  • Sport persons: I'm trying to tell you that after the---
  • Me: Please don't explain the game I just want to hear Bad Romance.
  • Sport persons: The second half of the game isn't ov--
  • Me: Or Perfect Illusion. I don't care, I'm not picky, where is she.
  • Sport persons: They have to end the second--
  • Me: It's been five minutes on their clock for like 10 minutes now dude. All the commercials are online and the Puppy Bowl is over. I have nothing to watch. GaGa. Where is Stefani.
  • Sport persons: If you would let me expla--
  • Me: GAGA.
  • Sport persons: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Sport persons: She's up next.
  • Me: okay :)
  • Me: but when tho.
Married life with Taehyung
  • Tae: Wifey
  • You: Yes bby?
  • Tae: What's your phone background?
  • You: [nervous] W-Why does that matter?
  • Tae: *takes your phone* Because it d-
  • Tae: *sees shirtless picture of Jimin as your background*
  • Tae: *stares at you*
  • You: I can expla-
  • You: Wha-
  • Tae: *holds up his phone and it's the same picture* See!!
  • Tae: We're so alike I'm glad I married you.
  • -Admin Yeonie
NEW (Edited) Ski Lodge Spec Script Part 4 (Reblog if you like it!)
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  • Ski Lodge Spec Script Scene 4:
  • *Set in upstairs bedroom for the boys, Zay and Lucas are already there, with Zay in a corner chair and Lucas pacing around, confused about what just transpired during the Truth or Dare game, Farkle enters in a rush, anxious to explain*
  • Farkle:
  • Hey, Lucas, I can expla-
  • Zay:
  • (Stands up in front of Farkle)
  • I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.
  • Farkle:
  • I just want to talk to him Zay. He’s my best friend. He's not going to hurt me.
  • (Talking over Zay’s shoulder to Lucas)
  • I just want to explain myself and tell him it was-
  • Zay:
  • Nothing, yea, you said that. A LOT.
  • And he’s my best friend.
  • Farkle:
  • No. he’s my best friend!
  • Zay:
  • Well I’ve known him longer!
  • Farkle:
  • Yea and got him kicked out of school! People change people, remember? What us does for them?!
  • (Points at himself grandiosely)
  • That’s me? I’m ‘People’! I’M AN US!”
  • Zay:
  • Well you kissed his girlfriend! I moved all the way from Texas to go to school with him! I’m obviously the better friend!
  • Farkle:
  • Your dad transferred! And I told you it was NOTH-
  • Lucas:
  • GUYS! Really? Right now?
  • Farkle and Zay:
  • (Looking ashamed, both sit down, Zay in chair, Farkle on bed)
  • Sorry.
  • Lucas:
  • (Sitting on opposite bed, pauses then slowly says)
  • Farkle...I gotta ask. What WAS that down there?
  • Farkle:
  • NOTH--
  • Lucas:
  • (Puts hands out to stop/calm him, slightly chuckling)
  • Other than “Nothing”.
  • Farkle:
  • (Looks down, long silence, shaking leg nervously)
  • (Looks up at Lucas seriously, Pauses)
  • I don’t want it to be something.
  • Lucas:
  • Is it?
  • Farkle:
  • I don’t know. I don’t understand feelings. I want too! But I don’t.
  • Zay:
  • I thought you understood everything.
  • (Farkle Stares daggers at Zay)
  • Zay:
  • Sorry, I just never thought I would hear you say that…
  • Farkle:
  • (Exasperated after hearing Riley say the same thing moments before , throws hands up in defeat)
  • Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to explain EVERYTHING TO YOU PEOPLE.
  • Lucas:
  • But feelings can’t always be explained…
  • (Pauses as the connection clicks for him)
  • (Points shaking finger at Farkle, almost excited he figured it out himself)
  • Kind of like how faith can’t be explained either. And that’s the problem- you don’t understand feelings, so you don’t want to admit you have them. That’s it, isn’t it!
  • Farkle:
  • (Grabbing Lucas’ finger to stop it)
  • No.
  • All I know is that I have loved Riley and Maya equally since the first grade and I promised them that would never change. I don’t want it to change.
  • (Looks around at both other boys)
  • I don’t want any of us to change.
  • Zay:
  • Haven’t we already though? Changed? Don’t we kind of have too?
  • Farkle:
  • I hate that you’re smarter than me at this.
  • Zay:
  • (Snarky like, smiling big to himself and kicking up his legs)
  • They call me Zay Babineaux, Love Doctor.
  • Lucas:
  • Literally NO ONE calls you that.
  • (Turns back to Farkle)
  • So you like Riley now?
  • Farkle:
  • (Shrugging)
  • I have always loved Riley. I have always wanted to protect her and I know I have always wanted to see her happy. But I want that for Maya, too.
  • Zay:
  • Plus there’s Smackle…
  • (Farkle stares more daggers at Zay)
  • Zay:
  • Just stating facts, here.
  • Farkle:
  • (Turns back to Lucas)
  • Isadora Smackle is one of the most beautiful and brilliant people to ever walk the earth and I am lucky to know her. I would never want to hurt her.
  • (Looks slightly guilty)
  • I don’t want to hurt any of us.
  • (Lucas nods, long silence)
  • Zay:
  • So…is this like,
  • (Starts counting in his head/on his fingers)
  • ..a pentagon, instead of a triangle now? Because I was just starting to understand this whole triangle thing…
  • (Lucas and Farkle are staying at Zay, incredeously)
  • Zay:
  • Hey, don’t look at me like that you know I’m just here for some polite and if I do say so myself, very humorous commentary.
  • Farkle:
  • (Slapping his legs definitively )
  • Well no! It’s not "a pentagon". Lucas has to figure out his feelings, and I have Isadora to think about. No new geometrical shapes to consider here.
  • Zay:
  • But Lucas decided already.
  • Farkle:
  • (Staring at Lucas with a questionable yet knowing look on his face)
  • Did he? Huh.
  • (Lucas silent, shifty eyes)
  • Zay:
  • Oh, see? He’s all confused again and not saying anything cause he picked Riley and now he thinks your going to be mad.
  • Farkle:
  • (Staring straight at Lucas, doesn’t break gaze)
  • Actually I don’t think he’s confused. I think he knows exactly what he wants.
  • (Lucas still silent, looking pained. Zay looking around confused)
  • Zay:
  • (Breaks silence)
  • Okay see I usually know where things are going but. What's going on here?
  • Farkle:
  • (Still not breaking gaze of Lucas)
  • He wants Maya. His choice is Maya.
  • Zay:
  • What! No, no, no, you said you picked RILEY!
  • (Stops, cocks head to the side and thinks it over, meant to be humorous)
  • Wow, maybe I’m not his best friend.
  • Lucas:
  • (Standing up quickly)
  • I was! I mean, I AM! I mean. I’m scared to move. And it’s not because of Farkle.
  • Zay:
  • Yeah we know, you don’t want this to be “the end of us”.
  • Farkle:
  • No, that’s not it. That’s not why he’s scared.
  • Zay:
  • (Looks over at Lucas)
  • Then…why?
  • Lucas:
  • Don’t ask me! Ask the genius!
  • Farkle:
  • Lucas, all you’ve been able to talk about this last week is Maya. How worried you are about her, how important her happiness is to you. You dragged me all around the Village looking for her the night she painted the park.
  • Zay:
  • Yea, and you did call her the “beautiful flowers that grow from volcanic ash".
  • Farkle:
  • Yeah. Yeah that was deep.
  • Zay:
  • (Look at, nodding and agreeing with Farkle)
  • So. Deep.
  • (To himself, frustrated)
  • How did I not see this coming?!
  • Lucas:
  • (Staring at both of them considering it, then quickly shaking his head and standing to pace again)
  • No none of that matters!
  • (Very matter of fact)
  • What matters is the universe. The universe and nature. And they told me to pick Riley. They told me that when she fell in to my-
  • Zay:
  • (Interjecting)
  • You mean when she was pushed by Maya –
  • Lucas:
  • (Takes a deep breath)
  • Okay…Fine. They told me when she was PUSHED by Maya into my lap on the subway, that it was meant to be. So how could I not pick her? That's how it's supposed to be for-
  • Farkle:
  • (Has an aggressive outburst)
  • Okay stop! Even a genius can’t handle hearing you talk about what makes sense in the universe for even one more second!
  • (Pulls himself together a little)
  • I love Riley. I want to see her happy more than anything else in the world. I want what is best for both of you. But I don’t think she would be happy with just “supposed to".
  • Lucas:
  • Yeah but-
  • Farkle:
  • (Bursting out again)
  • I’m not finished!
  • Lucas:
  • (Lucas holds hands up defenseless)
  • Sorry...
  • (Sits down slowly)
  • Farkle:
  • Because you know what else I know? I know that one of my other best friends is downstairs and she feels broken and alone. She’s lost, Lucas. And she needs to be reminded of how beautiful she is. And I think you are the person that should tell her that. I think you are the person she wants to hear it from.
  • (Lucas pauses, looks at Zay slightly desperately)
  • Zay:
  • You do get really passionate when you talk about Maya.
  • Farkle:
  • It’s your decision Lucas. Just make sure you do what you want to do, not just what you think you are supposed to do. The universe doesn’t get a say here. You do.
  • (Lucas completely freezes, staring at the ground, everyone anxiously paused)
  • (Very long pause)
  • Lucas:
  • I’m going to get Maya.
  • (Farkle and Zay smile/look shocked, crowd cheers as Lucas runs towards the door, out to the open stairwell, where there is view of bottom floor.)
  • (Lucas pauses at top of staircase, looks around and looks towards couch. There, Maya is sitting with Josh. Their conversation cant be heard, but he has her face in his hand)
  • (Lucas is completely frozen in place)
  • (Zay comes up from behind, puts hand on Lucas' shoulder)
  • Zay:
  • Whoa. Dude. I’m sorry…
  • (Farkle comes up on other side, sees the couch)
  • Farkle:
  • Uncle Boing.
  • (Zay shoves him lightly, Farkle stumbles)
  • Farkle:
  • I mean Josh. Uncle Josh. No.
  • Lucas:
  • I guess I’m not the one she wanted to hear it from, after all.
  • (Gestures to couch)
  • He’s already got it covered.
  • (Lucas drops arm and walks back into room, defeated.)
  • (Zay and Farkle look at each other, concerned, pan out from scene)