allura: so hunk…a little mouse told me you were going through keith’s diary?

hunk, nervously: princess i can expla-

allura, leaning across the table with her chin in the palms of her hands: tell me, does he write about you and the blue paladin as much as i assume he does?


hunk: he thinks my smile is brighter than the balmera crystals?? i need to show you page thirty seven, paragraph five, line twenty; it’s my favorite part, i have it photocopied

Will and Tessa.
  • Will: Why do you love me Tess? Is it because of my beautiful face?
  • Tessa: Words bind us into this relationship that even i can't expla..
  • Will: But it's mainly because of my beautiful face, right?
  • Tessa: You make it so hard for me to remember why I love you.

reioka  asked:

Tony working on something when he hears someone say "math tutor" and he whips around, stars in his eyes. "Did someone say MATH?!" "It's just pre-algebra," his nephew says awkwardly. "I think you mean the BEST ALGEBRA!" By the time Tony's finished helping him figure out pre-algebra, his nephew actually understands math and is excited to go to class. Tony has this way about him to make learning fun even when you're confused. (Honestly a guy that blows himself up that often needs that.)

To Tony everything is the best math so he might not be very representative, but yes.

His nephew is so incredibly ashamed that he doesn’t understand something Tony is a genius about and he is aboslutely not comfortable with asking him for help.

But now Tony heard about his problems and he is already right there, obviously excited about this whole thing, but not mean about it in any way.

Tony is just so enthusiastic about it that it’s really hard to hate math, and to everyone’s surprise he is also very good at explaining stuff.

He uses a very visual way of explaing, using lots of examples, and making it so very easy to get it.

Word about this makes the round with all of the kids (all his nieces and nephews and probably also on the day care floor) and soon he is holding whole classes.

Tony enjoyes it, the kids enjoy it and actually learn and like to learn, in math and physics and chemistery. Tony brushed up on that just for these classes.

Whenever the kids get good grades he is more excited about this than the parents themselves, and when they get bad grades, he doesn’t get all disappointed, he just tries to figure out where the problem is and how he can help.

A lot of the kids discover their love for science like this and decide to pursuit a degree in math or engineering or something like this.

And then imagine, because reioka and I talked about this already, one day one of the kids Tony teached all about math comes back to him to show him their degree in art or philosophy or something.

They are terribly nervous, because they fear that Tony might be disappointed or something. But Tony is so incredibly proud and he makes a copy of the degree just to keep it forever, and let’s go with the art thing here, because Tony so definitely decides that all art must go into the tower.

He buys it off the kid, and keeps some on his personal floors but he also displays a lot of the pieces on the work floors where everyone can see them.

He most likely hooks the kid up with some connections, not buying them in but just gently pointing the right people into the kid’s direction, and when they have their first exhibition Tony is all over everyone, telling them all that he was the first to hang up their art, and he tutored that kid, did you see how amazing their work is, Tony is sure there has never been anything better.

Tony is proud of all of his kids, no matter what career they choose and he always remembers what any of them are doing career wise. He feels like the proudest dad ever.

Accuracy - Pt 1 (M)

Genre; Hints of smut towards the end~

Length; 1,400+ words

Originally posted by markyieuns

By the grace of god, your mom somehow was able to gift you tickets for Got7′s upcoming fanmeet. 
The instant she handed them to, flashing you a proud smile, “Happy birthday, sweetie.” She lovingly cooed as you nearly broke down. Words couldn’t just simply express how happy you were. 
You remember just being utterly astonished about how good the seat she was able to get was; second row from the stage. 

“Mom are you serious?” You breathlessly replied, choking up as you staring down at the ticket. “I can’t take it, this must’ve costed a fortune.” 

Your mom just stared at you, her huge grin staying on her face as she cherished the look on your face.
“Baby, please don’t worry about the price-” She calmly began, pulling you into one of her warm embraces; rubbing up and down your back as you threw your arms around her, “-I know you haven’t really ever gotten gifts on your birthday, so I just really wanted to get you something I knew you’d remember for the rest of your life.” 

Tears trickled down your cheeks, puddling on her shoulder as you shook your head in disbelief, “Thank you so much, I love you mom-” You shakily replied, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

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Requested by: @jojizzzz
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Steve
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Fluff


“Y/N, I need everything ready to go for tomorrow’s mission by tonight,” Steve instructs you, using his bossy voice,

“Yes sir!” you shout, jumping to attention and saluting him. Steve scowls at you for a second before he softens,

“Sorry babe, I was in full ‘Captain’ mode,” he apologises. He quickly looks around, scanning for any one near by before closing the gap between the two of you,

“S’Okay,” you whisper, your breath fanning across his collarbones, “I like it when you’re in Captain mode,”

Steve’s eyes wash over with lust as your words hit him. He takes another second to quickly check again before leaning down to passionately kiss you. It had been a while since the two of you had been alone. To avoid suspicion, you had both agreed that going on separate missions was the best idea whenever possible. It kept the team’s attention away from the secret relationship you’d been having with Steve for almost three months now, but it also meant that alone time was far and few between.

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Eric headcanon: In the bedroom

(A/N) I live! Ahm…so…sorry? I haven’t updated my Eric Fanfiction in a while.. But I soon will! I promise! I will post an explanation later if anyone is interested.
Anyway, this is for @sterek-foreverandever. Thank you for requesting and I hope you like it! :)

I’m just gonna tag the rest too…



  • So, I think this is obvious, but he is very dominant in the bedroom
  • He loves to leave love bites and things like that, but don’t even think about covering them up. He uses them to mark you as his, you should feel honoured

  • If he is in the mood, he will prepare his partner and take his time, but if he had a bad day or anything like that, oh boy, prepare for a rough quickie (or six quickies for that matter)

  • You’ll probably be sore in the morning (hot baths help)

  • Since he likes to be rough, he loves it when you pull his hair while he goes down on you

  • He’ll have nothing against a few scratch marks here and there

  • If his partner is a girl, he would love to eat her out but don’t get too excited. He is a tease, he’ll probably won’t let you cum without a lot of begging

  • Semi-public sex is probably no problem for him

  • And don’t wear your favourite clothes or lingerie, he’ll rip them off if he is in a bad mood, and with Eric you will never know…

  • On special occasions (birthday,…) he can be romantic and will also make the sex special

  • Despite what many think of him, he always looks after his partners needs, he won’t cum before his partner

  • And despite his hard looks, he loves to cuddle after sex, but don’t you dare tell anyone!

  • Basically, he is an animal in bed (*wink wink*)

  • Oh! And he will get turned on in the most random and awkward situations, be prepared to help him out
Astral Wish

Word Count: ~800

Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader

Notes: demon/royalty! au or something like that

“the world has changed, the night sky is filled with silver stars.”

“Are you serious? You too?” A booming voice echoes through the great hall, making everyone cower.

“I-I’m sorry my Lord,” a small figure kneels below the steps that lead up to the magnificent throne. Chanyeol looks down from the seat, his ruby orbs grows even more intense.

“This is the fifth time it’s failed. Are you all just here for decoration?” He directs these words even at his highest commanding officers, who all have their heads down in embarrassment.

Chanyeol lets out a frustrated sigh and runs his hands through his jet-black hair a few times. “Get out. All of you.”

“My Lord, I-I can expla-” the man chokes mid sentence, the air around him thins, and his whole body paralyzes.

“Did I fucking stutter?” Chanyeol’s eyes are glowing, and a dark aura surrounds him. Immediately, the hall clears out, and the small man scuttles away, drenched with sweat.

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  • *McCree walks into kitchen*
  • McCree: Where did ya get that donut?
  • Genji: I simply found it in the fridge. Why?
  • McCree: Oh lord, did you not see the name of the box?
  • Genji: … Uhhh?
  • *Hanzo walks into kitchen*
  • McCree & Genji: …….
  • Hanzo: …. Who took my donut?
  • McCree: See ya kid, I gotta split.
  • Hanzo: You did not only disgrace my honor, but my stomach’s honor.
  • Genji: Brother, I can expla…
  • Hanzo: Ryuu-ga Wa-ga-TE-KI-WO, KU-RA-U!!!!
  • Genji: OH SHIT!
  • Submitted by charleswtjr
An Expla-gay-tion of Supergirl 2x12

-Alex comes out to the Superfriends and her space dad and introduces them to her girlfriend, Maggie
-Kara continues to believe in Lena when literally no one else does
-Kara and Lena’s late night meeting
-Lena sends Kara enough flowers to fill her entire office
-The Hug TM
-Lena calling Kara family
-“Supergirl may have saved me but you, Kara Danvers, are my hero”

Misunderstanding? 6/?

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Genre: Angst/Fluff?
Pairing: ReaderxYoongi
Part 6/?

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

‘Y/N… Let’s talk in the kitchen?’  I hear Yoongi say and just nod.

We walk to the kitchen and he asks me if I want to drink something. How can he be this calm? I look up at the clock: 5AM. Nice. I will look terrible tomorrow. My gaze wanders to the cup in front if me, which I left here earlier, and then continues to Yoongi who is looking at me as well.

'So? Do you want something? Maybe Ice Tea, we-’
'I still have some, thanks.’ I say and take a sip from it.
'Ah, I see..Uhm’

He ruffles through his hair. He always does that when he is unsure or nervous.

'Y/N..’ he says, obviously struggling. 'I don’t know where to start. I-’
'How about this: Who is this girl? Why was she in your room -no- in your bed?’

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I was mad, sad, just done with this.

'Why were you embracing her like that? Why were you with her and not with me?’
'WHY..Why did you lie to me… Work? Do you call this work?’

'Y/N, let me expla-’

'Did you work on your physical condition or what kind of work is this Yoongi??? Maybe you can start ex-’


I stopped and looked at him. Tears, which cannot be stopped anymore, are rolling down my cheeks. He looks desperate. How terrible do I look, I wonder?

'Y/N… please listen. Let me explain. It was really a misunderstanding. Nothing happened. Do you hear me? Nothing!’

I calm down a little and look at him, still crying.

'Ugh..Ok. Ok, listen. Do you know how I told you about that classmate meeting a couple of weeks ago?’

I remember something. He continues talking.

'That was yesterday evening. I went there thinking our midnight date is tomorrow, well today. I got the dates mixed up so I went there to meet old friends. That woman in my bed? She is an old classmate of mine. We were all out together drinking and talking and she got like super drunk. Everyone left one by one and then we were only like 4 people left, I don’t really remember, but the point is that no one knew where she lives. Everyone else was also super drunk and they all have a wife at home so they can’t take her in.’

'So you just brought her here? A dorm with 7 guys?’

'Well, I had no other choice, it was getting late and I was so tired so I just brought her here’

'And to sleep with her in the same bed? Good move, very smooth’ I laughed at him. This is ridicilous.

'It wasn’t like that! Just listen for a second please, god. So, like I said before I brought her here yes, but I left her in the living room on the couch to sleep. She was wearing your slippers because that was the first thing she grabbed… I tried to take them away but it didn’t work, I am really sorry for all of that.’

'But how the hell did she end up in your bed Yoongi? Mind to explain that?’

'To be honest I am not to sure either. I went to the kitchen, drank some water, brought her everything she needed to sleep and went to sleep myself. I was so tired I fell asleep right away and since you didn’t answer I thought it would be fine. I never thought that you would come. I woke up and realised that she was sleeping in my bed and I woke her up right away and send her home. Then I saw all your things on the floor and guessed what happened… I swear to god Y/N, nothing, absolutely NOTHING happened, please believe me.. How could I ever cheat on you? You’re an angel, I love you, please don’t leave me’

He looked at me with sad and desperate eyes. Is this all true?
Hell, how stupid I feel right now. But there’s still something bothering me.

'Why did you lie to me that you were working?’

'I was afraid that you would get all of this wrong… and you would still come if I said I forgot about it so I thought working would be the best choice because you know how sensitive I am when it comes to my work…’

I am so stupid. He knows me better than I do know myself. So in the end it was all an misunderstanding? Was I really so stupid to just assume that he cheated on me without him explaining anything? Yoongi? Actual angel on earth? I feel so dumb right now.

'Yoongi… Is this all the truth though?’

'Of course! You can call all of them, please, do it if you need to! I will give you all the numbers but please believe me. Don’t leave me, I don’t know what I would do. I was so worried when you didn’t answer and I wanted to run out right away but Hoseok stopped me, please Y/N I am sorry for hurting you like this, making you feel like this. I am not worth it but please just-’


He looked at me with tears in his eyes. Holy shit.

'I feel so dumb right now. Oh my god, I am so stupid. Can you slap me please?’

His eyes got wider. 'What..Y/N? What are you saying?’

'Can you just?? Like? I don’t deserve anything less. Oh my god I still can’t believe it’

I look at his face, now in shock. How stupid of me. I hurt him so much with my assumtions. Tears start rolling down my cheeks again making me look down. Got he made me so soft, I feel so sorry.

'Y/N, why are you crying? Please don’t cry? Do you not believe me? Are you hurt somewhere? Please talk to me I-’

'I am so sorry, Yoongi.’ I say, now looking him in the face again. 'I am SO SORRY’
'I must have make you feel like shit, assuming that you cheated on me without any real evidence.. and also not letting you explain before I thought of the worst. God I am so stupid..’

Silence surrounded us once again. The tension is gone. Yoongi looks at me with eyes wide open.

'Y/N,no. No, no, no! You have the right to think that way to feel that way.. I was the one being thoughtless. I am so sorry. I will never do something so naiv and stupid, so please… Don’t leave me like this EVER again..’

How come anything he says makes me want to hug him and never let him go again?

'I will not… I am so sorry, Yoongs.’ I said smiling, still with tears in my eyes.
Yoongi looks at me and stands up going around the table we were sitting at. He stops right in front of me and hugs me.

'Thank you, Y/N. Thank you so much’ he whispers in my ear.

I hug him back. How come I have someone so pure and angel like as my boyfriend?

'I am so sorry, Yoongi. Can you forgive me?’

'Oh my god- YES! Please stop apologising, I feel so stupid..’

'I am the stupid one… I love you, Yoongi.’

He stops hugging me to look me in the eyes. He scans my whole face, every inch of it.

'I love you even more, Y/N, my world, my everything.’ he says and kisses my forhead.

I can’t help but smile. He is still a romantic guy deep down. But I can’t hold myself back. It has do be done.

'Ew, getting cheesy here.Better stop it or we will slip’

'Even now… you’ve learned well. But it’s ok, I will catch you if you fall.’

'Well I had the best teacher’ I winked at him 'but… seriously, who thought you to be so smooth and cheesy?’

'That was probably me!’ I hear a voice saying from the back.

'Ah, Hoseok.’

'Are you guys done? Everything’s setteled?’
We both look at each other and then nod.
'GOOD! Can we like eat sth now? I am super hungry, I couln’t eat anything when I came home..because of a CERTAIN person-’

Gosh, he knows how to make you feel bad.

'I am… sorry? Ok, wait right here I’ll just order something? What do you want to eat?’

'Chicken please. You bag is in the living room, go get it if you need it’ he said while walking up to Yoongi.

I stand up and make my way out of the kitchen not without turning around once again to see Hoseok and Yoongi talking.

Not long after Yoongi joins me in the living room, looking relieved. 

'What did Hoseok tell you’ I asked what caused him to laugh out loud.

'He said: If you ever hurt her like this again or really cheat on her consider yourself a dead man.’
'Holy shit. What did you do to him? Where is he? Is he still alive??’

'I just smacked his head very lightly? He was not wrong after all. I guess he went to his room. He said he will be back after changing’

'I see. Poor baby, he’s probably crying right now’ We both laughed.
'But honestly. Don’t ever do this again, or I’ll smack you tiny perfect ass.’

'I love you too, Y/N.’

20 minutes passed and Hoseok is still not back. What is him taking so long?

'I’ll go look for Hope, he takes way too long. Our food will arrive soon’ Yoongi says. It feels like he can read my mind, what a connection we have.

'Don’t worry, we can finish it without him’ I answer. He stares at me.

'Well, you’re not wrong. Still gotta go look for him. Be right back’ he says and leaves.

I lean my head over the edge of the couch. So it really was a misunderstanding. It seems like even shit days like those have a happy ending right? 

Part 6 of ‘Misunderstanding?’ !
I hope you guys like it ♥
Idk if I’ll finish it here or continue, that’s why there’s still a question mark haha

I would be happy about feedback and comments ^-^

Fight (Grayson) (PART 2!)


  • (anon) Make a part two where they get back together in the Grayson imagine PLEASE
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  • (anon) Hey can you do a part two but longer please 🙏🏼
  • dxnaii-rxse PART TWO TO FIGHT PLZZZZZ!!!!!!! (And do you do tags?)
  • (anon) Part 2 pls to the fight!!!!!
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a/n: hahahah omg wow i’m so glad so many of you liked this imagine! here is the highly anticipated part 2, bit longer for you all. I hope you like ittttt xx

word count: 1460

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

‘If it’s meant to be, he will come after you.’ I chanted this in my head all the way home. I sat down and stared at the wall. What the fuck just happened. It was so easy to blame myself and over think what had happened. Was I a little dramatic? Should this be something I have to put up with? So many questions flooded my brain. No, I said what I wanted to say and I stand by what I think. If this is going to work we both need to be happy and I am not happy. I curled up in bed as it was quite late now and drifted off into a restless sleep. All I could think is ‘is this really the end?’

I laid on my back staring at the celling as the seconds ticked by infuriatingly slowly. I held up my phone to check the time, 5:05AM, a whole two minutes later than when I last checked it. This was driving me crazy, did he fall asleep? Did he leave the apartment in anger? Is he okay? Is he with someone else? Does he want to fix things? Maybe he thinks I’m asleep and that’s why he hasn’t called? No, he knows me well enough to know I could never fall asleep when things are this bad. And I know he wouldn’t either.

But this isn’t up to me to fix. I have said how I feel and told the truth. It is up to him to decide if this is all worth it and if he thinks he can make me happy. I groaned in frustration, I just wanted to hear his voice and get inside his head so I could know what he is thinking. 

I suddenly had a thought to check Twitter, Grayson was often known for tweeting his feelings in the heat of the moment. I opened Twitter and went to his account. 1 recent tweet, 7 hours ago.

“Why do I have to be so bad at communicating my feelings??”

I sighed, stared at the tweet for a solid couple minutes before throwing myself out of bed. I walked over to the mirror and started at the mess before me. Un showered, hair was turning into dreadlocks, yesterdays makeup was smudged everywhere and my eyes were red and puffy from crying so much. Just the state of me almost sent me back to bed to cry some more. But if this really was the end then I had to move on and now was as good a time as ever. 

I jumped in the shower and scrubbed like a maniac until I felt like yesterday never happened. Blow dried and curled my hair, beat my face like a God and put on clean clothes. My appearance had most definitely improved, my mood however, still as low as anything. 

For the remainder of that day I tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING to try and take my mind off things, nothing worked. I wasn’t ready to tell anyone what had happened, I just wanted to deal with it on my own. 

I heard my phone ring in the other room, the time was now 5PM, solid 12 hours of hell. I ran back into my bedroom and picked up my phone praying to see Grayson’s pretty little face on my screen. But again, disappointment filled my heart. It was one of my friends, I answered it reluctantly putting on my best fake happy voice.

“Hey whats up?” I asked her.

“Hey! I was just checking you were still coming to my birthday dinner tonight at my place?” She replied. Shit I had completely forgotten about that, Grayson was supposed to come with me as well. I debated it in my head for a second before deciding it was a good idea to get out of the house and socialize with people who didn’t know anything was wrong.

“Um yes of course I’m still coming, you are going to love your present!” I said in the most excited voice ever, how she didn’t realize it was fake amazes me.

“Aw yay, okay cool I’ll see you there at 7PM! Bye!” She said the last part so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to reply before the call ended. 

7PM rolled around as slowly as ever, I had changed my outfit and put a bit more makeup on. I grabbed my purse and a jacket and left my apartment. Half way to dinner, I drove past Grayson and Ethan’s apartment. I tried to not pay any attention but there was no use. Tears started to well up in my eyes causing my vision to blur. I tried desperately to wipe them away so my makeup didn’t get ruined. I reached to my purse and tried to grab out a tissue. I looked up at the road, noticing a red light directly in front of me. I was already going to fast, headlights and car horns caused me to freeze up. There was nothing I could to except prepare for impact. 

First all I could hear were noises. I couldn’t move or speak or really understand what people were saying. Then I could feel my weight and my eyes started to open. There was blood and glass and a lot of cars and people everywhere. I started to panic, not recognizing anything or anyone. A paramedic started to speak to me.

“Hey there sweet heart, you have been in a little car accident, nothing to serious you will be fine. Is there someone you would like to call to be with you?” She asked.

Even with all the chaos that surrounded me and nothing making sense, there was one thing that seemed very clear in my mind. 

I need Grayson.

I nodded at the paramedic and she passed me my phone which was in surprisingly good condition. I tapped his name, it rang for a second before being answered. 

“Y/n! Baby, oh my god I’m so sorry. Please come over and let me expla-” I cut him off mid sentence.

“No, Gray I got in a car crash and I need you.” I muttered between sobs. I passed the phone back to the lady and she explained where we were and what happened before informing me he was going to get here as quick as he could. In that time the doctors started to get me out of the car so I could get checked out at the hospital. They got me onto a stretcher and loaded me into the back of the ambulance. I kept asking where Grayson was, they said he was on his way but with the recent events I was so scared he had crashed too. Suddenly he was right beside me, knelt down next to me, sobbing into my chest. I stroked his hair and cried with him. 

“This is so fucked up.” I muttered. 

“I know baby I know but you have to let me make it up to you and explain because I can’t loose you.” He cried. 

“It’s okay, later.” I whispered back to him. He nodded in agreement.

We spent the next 5 hours in the hospital, getting checked over by countless doctors. All I had to show for my crash was a written off car, some bruised ribs and a mild concussion. Ethan came and picked the two of us up once I had been discharged. The ride home was pretty quiet, Ethan took Grayson and I back to my apartment before going home. 

I walked slowly inside and sat down on the couch. It was so hard to believe everything that had happened in the last 2 days. I have never been more exhausted. Grayson sat down next to me.

“I’m sorry for dragging you into this I just didn’t know who else to call.” I said softly, breaking the silence.

“No y/n, I wanted you to call, I was too much of a bitch to do it myself and I’m so sorry for that. I’m so so so sorry y/n, what I did and what I said was not right and not at all what you deserve. I get it if you want to leave, you shouldn’t have to deal with all this and it’s so fucked up what I have put you through. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and as much as I don’t want you to leave me, you deserve someone better.” He spoke so quickly I had to take a few moments to process it.

“I don’t want anyone else, I wan’t you Grayson. But I don’t want just half of you, I don’t want to feel threatened or like I have people to compete with for your love and attention.” I explained, hoping it wasn’t to harsh or mean. I didn’t want to argue again.

“I promise, nothing like this will ever happen again. I love you so much y/n”

“I love you more.” I replied. He lent in and placed a soft kiss on my lips. Just closing my eyes for that kiss made me feel like I was going to fall asleep.

“Want to call it a night?” Grayson asked, he must have noticed how tired I looked. I nodded and he helped me make my way into bed. He snuggled down next to me, asking every 2 seconds ‘does that hurt?’. I giggled and we drifted off into a long awaited proper happy sleep.

Funny Little World (Jughead x Reader)

 Alrighty then. Uhhhh. This is a sideblog, that’s why this is the very first post on it, lmao. Anyway, this whole thing was written in a sleep deprived state that I am still very much in, so any grammatical or spelling errors are 100% on me having been awake for over 24 hours right now. This is my first songfic, as well as my first Jughead fic, so,,,,,,fuck idk don’t take it too seriously? I guess? Enjoy?? 

Warnings: Swearing (lots)

Rating: PG-13

Song: Funny Little World: Alexander Rybak 

Suddenly I’m famous,

And people know my name.

I’ve got a thousand girls just waiting,

Writing for the Blue and Gold was a much needed change of pace for me. This does not mean it was a welcomed change. My teachers, upon seeing what I could do with words when I was writing about something I cared about, seemingly all decided to grade me based on those newfound expectations instead of against the rubrics I had mastered. My grades, of course, dropped because of this, because I can’t bring myself to inject even an ounce of passion into five page papers on the Bill of Rights. There’s neither the interest nor the length necessary for me to put any sort of personal spin on the topic.

Another unexpected-and personally I believe unfair-change was that people knew my name. Not just the people I eat lunch with and the assholes on the football team, not just the Pop’s wait staff, not just the people my dad know south of the tracks. I’m talking about people who saw me every day the entire time I’ve been at Riverdale High, and never bothered to ask my name before my name was in the Blue and Gold under article titles about the Lost Golden Boy of Riverdale High-Jason Blossom.

And to be frank, most of the new people paying attention to me were girls. I asked Betty about why it was happening and she mumbled something about ‘girls liking a guy with issues’. So, in a way I supposed I’ve taken the late Blossom’s throne as the eye of every lonely high school girls dreams.

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alright my dudes, listen up because i am tired of answering this and this will be the last time i answer this for the upteenth time because people are not comprehending the post so @space-forests listen close my guy, be sure to read it all and comprehend because you did not get it the first time around and i am not explaing a third. i apologize ahead of time if this sounds belligerent but i am tired tm

I’m gonna use the lady the post was about. this is honey swamp:

Originally posted by robeccasteam

this is a beautiful black girl with an afro

Originally posted by ghettofabulouxx

here’s another lovely lady sporting what’s called Natural Hair. The reason it’s called Natural Hair? Because it’s the hair that grows out of Black people naturally.

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This isn’t a stereotype. Afro Hair is named such because it comes from African People, people native to Africa. Black people. The term Afro denotes native to Africa-  often referring to Black people. This is why we have terms like Afro-Latin@ (Black Latin@).

So how do we know Honey Swamp is black? It’s not because of stereotypes- positive or negative- it’s because she sports what is referred to as Natural Hair, Afro Hair. Which is Black hair. Does this mean all Black people sport Natural Hair or an Afro style specifically? No. And Monster High addresses this by giving us other black characters to relate to:

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All characters we can more obviously tell are black because it’s right their in their melanin or in their origin (Cleo being light skinned and ancient Egyptian).

So, like, racial coding when done right has nothing to do with stereotypes and all about including actual identifiers for POC to see themselves in that character.

Here’s another MH example with Skelita:

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How do we know Skelita is Mexican? 

  • Her name is Skelita Calaveras which was designed to mimic the sound clumps in the Spanish language
  • She states she is native to Hexico (Monster High Mexico)
  • Her style/look is heavily based off Mexican culture - she sports Dia De Los Muertos make up, her original skirt was designed to look like papel picado, she’s had a piñata purse, paper flowers etc.
  • She speaks with an accent that sounds exactly like my cousins’ (they are Mexican, I am Puerto Rican)
  • She has an episode showing her family history and it dates back to an Aztec like culture which is Mexican
  • Her creator is Mexican and created her as a homage to her culture

None of these are stereotypes. They’re all well researched inclusions of cultural items and OUTRIGHT STATEMENTS.

TL;DR: We know Honey is Black because of her hair and because her origins is in New Gorleans which is based of New Orleans which is a hub of Black culture and is predominately Black. These aren’t stereotypes, these are things Black people are identifying with.

I hope that helps

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The Kevin Keller Theory

As far as a reason to kill Jason I have nothing but a few things that lead me to believe he could be guilty

1)Sweet Water River

ºIt was so dark when Kevin tripped over Jason yet not only did he identify the body but he knew the cause of death(and the body was submerged in the water)

ºWhen him and Joaquin talked about going there to hook up he smiled when talking about it why would a place u found a dead body make u smile

ºBetty asked how he was after finding th body he jokingly said it was more traumatizing explaing to his dad what he was doing with Moose at the river(why would u joke about that?)

2)The Murder Board

ºKevin was staring at his dads murder board like hardcore

ºKevin could have destroyed the murder board & anonymously given the stuff to Betty’s dad we never saw who destroyed it(Kevin could have snuck away we dont really know the time line)plus his prints are all over the house so his prints wouldn’t draw suspicion & since his truck was at the drive in thats basically an alibi for him

ºThe Board he helped Betty&Jughead remake is vastly different(like Reggie was added)

3)The shows and movies

ºThe Talented Mr.Ripley is a film about a gay serial killer

ºKevin suggests they rewatch “Making a Murderer”

4)His father is Sheriff

ºEasy gun access

ºThe sheriff is unlikely to even suspect him with out any evidence(and he could try to cover it up if he did)

5)His character

º he is very likeable, funny,a good friend and just seems like nice guy

ºusually the killer is someone we arent supposed to suspect