anyway what I was gonna say is, Caitlyn Jenner is transitioning at age 65 and she looks great and seems very happy with herself in interviews so there’s more evidence that there’s no expiry date for being transgender, and it’s never too late to begin transitioning

Gravity Falls themed questions
  • Dipper Pines:What's the biggest adventure you've gone on?
  • Mabel Pines:Do you have any pets?
  • Stan Pines:What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
  • Bill Cipher:Do you believe in the supernarural and what's your favorite mythological creature?
  • Wendy Corduroy:What's the creepiest thing someone's done to you?
  • Soos Ramirez:What's your love life like?
  • Lil Gideon:Have you ever been to a psychic before and if you did what was your expirience life.
  • Lazy-Eye Suzan:What carreer would you like in the future?
  • Robbie Valentino:What's your favorite band and your favorite song by that band?
  • Pacifica Northwest:Do you have to put up with stupidity alot?
  • Waddles:What's your favorite food?
  • Old man McGucket:Have you ever felt like you're going crazy?
  • Tambry:What social media do you have?
  • Lee:What's been the most exciting moment of you're life?
  • Nate:What's your favorite thing to do during the summer?
  • Thompson:What's your thought on love?
  • Ma and Pa Duskerton:Do you ever plan on having children?

I want everyone who believes in [insert very popular tumblr social issue] to reblog this!!!

I am going to take time out of my lazy life to actually write down thousands of usernames that are completely irrelevant to [insert popular tumblr cause] into a notebook

I’m trying to prove a point to [insert random name or family member you are fakely accusing of being against said social issue]

I totally care about [repeat issue] and I’m not at all just trying to get a bunch of notes and followers