Saw my first shoot today! What an awesome expirience. Seeing how my painting held up taught me so much about what works and what doesn’t.

Everything seemed to hold it together for the most part til the end. It was great and I can’t wait to post my behind the scenes shots!

whsupbro  asked:

Hi! Do you have any tips on starting and keeping a grimoire and/or would you please be so kind to point me in the right direction of witches who are just gr8 at it? Thank you!!!

honestly whatever you feel you’ll need to reference, anything you find interesting. hell it can even be a journal of your expiriances. 

im gonna make a post of stuff to put in grimoires, but it’s so up to you

i honestly love @recumbentibuss‘s grimoire pages they are so beautiful, but also know you dont have to make yours super pretty as long as it is useful to you

im honestly glad that its the common expirience that being told you’re a Brilliant Gifted Prodigy as a child thats going to Change The World With Your Thoughts and Deeds seems to only ever result in fucked up and terrified people who have a lot of gaps in their education and struggle with maintaining the idea that they can and will do very important things while also balancing that with the fact that you can like barely figure out how to read half the time bc at least we aren’t alone i guess

INTJ & INTP Quality Time

INTP curled up on couch when INTJ walks into the room.

INTJ: here put your head back and close your eyes .

INTP: *narrows eyes suspiciously* Why?

INTJ: Oh come on, I want to try something.

INTP: *tentatively complies with requests*

INTJ: *promptly shoves hot pepper up INTP’s nose*

INTP: *jerks away* Ouch! The hell was that for?!

INTJ: I was just conducting an experiment to see if a hot pepper, when inserted into the nose, would burn.
INTJ: Naturally, I couldn’t use myself as a test subject. It might hurt.

INTP: *rubbing nose*well it doesn’t burn, it just hurts!
INTP: If you want it to burn, you must cut the pepper to release it’s oils.
INTP: *Grabs knife* here, let me show you

*INTP chasses INTJ around the house with pepper*

Shall we dance?

Maybe Zevran is not so confident (only because of his lack of expirience) when it come to skating, but he definitely is the best dance partner Reine has had for the last few years.

Protect autistics with special interests that seem “childish” (as if thats a bad thing?) or unusual to the overwhelmingly neurotypical society. Your special interest is important to you, and helps you be extremely happy in a world we constantly have to appeal towards allistics and what they want on a daily basis. They cannot take away your love for something because it doesnt fit under their radar of whats “normal” to them and whats not. You are not hurting anyone simply by loving what you do, and dont deserve backlash for just being yourself. Never let anyone step on what helps you cope and makes you happy. Remember that. As an autistic minor with expirience in being constantly made fun of for having SI’s all my life that have been seen as “abnormal” to be invested in/loved so much by most, especially now that im older, never let it go because of others. Never let anyone convince you something innocent that makes you happy is wrong to love because of your age. Anyone can love toys. Anyone can love childrens cartoons. It is perfectly acceptable to find happiness in these things as long as you are not an adult invading childrens spaces while doing so. you are fine to love the things that youre invested in and make you happy. Keep on being your wonderful autistic self and wake up everyday being proud of who you are, and for how far youve come.



prices are:

  • simple 5$
  • black and white $7
  • colored 12$
  • two characters 17$

i will draw anything except animals, nsfw is allowed but only if you are 18+ and if you take the risk, even knowing i have no expirience with nsfw

if you want to commission me, my contact email is thewintersoldier1996@gmail.com

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Tutti vogliono essere travolti dalla forza di esecuzioni coinvolgenti. Nove volte su dieci si rimane delusi, ma la decima volta si arriva ad avere un'esperienza sublime, che è poi quella che tutti cercano. È questo che muove il mondo, è questa, secondo me, l'arte.
—  Murakami- A sud del confine, a ovest del sole

I’m reading cp again and Damen’s attitude torward slavery in the first book is just so perverted. He is such a problematic character, his arc is absolutely amazing I love it. What’s so great is, being that the story is narrated by Damen, you almost skip over these horrible customs and you kinda go through his arc with him, like when he gets all mastery with Erasmus while he himself is LITERALY chained up and slaved, not making the connection between his suffering and the possiblity that maybe his Palace slaves were'nt having the time of their lives being all submissive. The first time I read it, it didn’t leave such an impression on me because it came so naturally for Damen. The book is teaching us and Damen a lesson together, it’s simply great writing and an awsome reading expirience.


Hi! my name is zack!! and recently i had some issues with my bank and now im short on 50$, so im opening emergency commissions!!!

prices are:

  • simple 5$
  • colored 10$
  • full 10$

i will draw anything except animals, nsfw is allowed but only if you are 18+ and if you take the risk, even knowing i have no expirience with nsfw

if you want to commission me, my contact email is thewintersoldier1996@gmail.com

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