expired in 2012

Little Unnoticed Danger Days Things

1. The album was produced by two different record companies, one being Better Living Industries Music (BMI). You can actually see the smiley face logo on the side of the CD case.

2. Frank did the cover art for the album (but I’m not sure if that means he designed the spider or took the photo of the desert).

3. Bob helped to write the songs “Na Na Na,” “Bulletproof Heart,” “The Only Hope For Me Is You,” “Party Poison,” and “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back.”

4. Steve Righ?’s actual name is Steve Montano.

5. Even if you buy the CD today, there will still be a little paper inside that gives you a special code for 10% off all Danger Days shirts and bracelets (offer expired 11/22/2012). If you flip it over, you will find Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Life On The Murder Scene, The Black Parade, and The Black Parade Is Dead! are still available.

6. Burns caused by radiation is known as Flash Rash.

7. If you look on BLI’s file for Girl in Chapter 4 of the comics, there are pictures of Jet-Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. They all have their masks on, with red X marks over their pictures. Next to Ghoul is a picture of Dr. D, also with a red X. Beside that is an enlarged picture of Cherri Cola, with a red question mark over his face. There is no picture of Party Poison.

8. Party didn’t die immediately when Korse shot him. He had enough time to tell Girl to run.

9. Concerts in the Zones happen in a place called The Pit.

10. Other killjoy bands are: AKA Loretta and Richard Ai Yai Yai.

11. The Director is apparently BDSM.

12. Recently deceased bodies can be turned into Dracs if they didn’t suffer too much physical damage.

13. The killjoys were exterminated in 2027.

14. The Analog Wars occurred from 2014-2019, during which time Better Living Industries believed Girl’s mother had been killed. Instead, she was turned into a Drac.

15. No one knows who Girl’s father is.

16. Plus is only allowed because it’s administered to non-human androids and BLI gets a great profit margin off of it.

17. BLI refers to brainwashing a person so completely that they have no personality as “Bleaching.”

18. Girl’s cat had tracking/surveillance tech implanted into it in 2028, which suggests that she had the cat prior to the Fab Four’s deaths. It’s possible BLI caught the cat while it was roaming long enough for them to modify it.

19. A year has gone by since the death of the Fab Four in the comics, which means it is 2028.

20. Contrary to popular belief, the female killjoy seen driving the van in “SING” is not Cherri Cola, but a woman named DJ Hot Chimp.

21. The Drac whose face is revealed in “SING” by Party was played by the lead singer of Mindless Self Indulgence, Jimmy Urine.

22. The Director has an aesthetic for drinking bleach.

Not A College Gothic

•The house is bitter cold, even in the late spring, and though you’ve never quite adjusted to it, the frigid air feels more welcoming than the suffocating humidity that most low-grade apartment space heaters provide. It keeps you alert, and awake, and appreciative of your charcoal knit sweaters.

•The dorm kitchen is not a place where most chefs would feel at home, or even mildly comfortable.

•There are no appliances other than a rusted stovetop nestled under a thick layer of dust, and your tea kettle, which is often the only reason you enter the kitchen.

•Beside the kettle sits a plastic skeleton bottle holder; a gift from your mother. The skeleton is in a sort of seductive repose, holding the same bottle of red that it was when it was given to you. You’re not a drinker. You stumble enough when you’re sober.

•The only plant in sight is a dead fern; a gift from a high school friend who you hadn’t thought of since graduation and will likely never think about again. It droops melancholily in its flowerpot and will soon be no more than a sad pile of compost; clearly you don’t think much of the plant either.

•The cupboards are barren, save for a few biscuits and earl grey teabags scattered haphazardly around the empty shelves.

•The fridge is in a similar state; There is a glass bottle of ketchup at the far inner corner that expired in 2012. The bottom drawer is occupied by a head of wilted lettuce and three rotting tomatoes; or perhaps it was four. It’s hard to tell now.

•There is no source of protein to be found, save for a sizeable colony of silverfish living between the cracks in the walls.

•You don’t entertain much, but perhaps that was obvious.


Flashback or not?

It has been suggested that the scene of Luci and Amenadiel in the Corvette takes place after Luci returns to LA in S3 and the fact that the vanity plate isn’t there is because the car was towed away and sold to the highest bidder and that the buyer had to get new plates. As the devil is in the details, let’s take a closer look at a couple of them, registration tag stickers and dates.

Most countries have a way to make sure you’ve paid taxes and insurance on your car. To make it easier for the police to see if you have or not, many issue a sticker that you need to attach to your car. In California, these tag stickers have different colors depending on which year they expire and the colors come back every 5 years. The colors are as follows: 

  • red 2011, 2016
  • green 2012, 2017   
  • orange 2013, 2018
  • blue 2014, 2019
  • yellow 2015, 2020

We know Luci came to earth in 2011 and that it is 2016 when the show starts. We get to see the Corvette and its vanity plates in the opening scene of the pilot, but also in episode 202. The first tag is yellow and expired so perhaps the actual reason Luci was stopped by the police and not speeding? The second one looks orange to me but is probably red. But the one we see on the Corvette in the Sizzle Reel is actually green. So that tag would expire either in 2012, 2017 or 2022. 2012 makes perfect sense to me as that would be what a tag on a car bought in 2011 would say. So could it be a sticker for 2017?

To answer that, we need to take a look at dates. Even if Halloween is the only date actually mentioned in the show, there are other ways of showing when things take place, like the date on the top of a newspaper, a visitor’s tag, or even God Johnson’s admission papers. These give us a rough timeline and puts the events with God Johnson in May of 2017. That means that the car would have been sold in 2017 with new plates and that the new owner would have paid taxes until 2018, getting an orange sticker. 

So either the Corvette scene is a flashback, or Luci has been gone for at least 4 years, making it 2021-2022. I know what I would put my money on.


Attractions of Yesterworld, Where do I even begin with Snow White’s Adventures/Scary Adventures. Well I guess lets start at the beginning shall we? The year is 1971 and the Magic Kingdom has freshly just opened, plus with an attraction based off of Snow White in the Fantasyland area how sweet. The entrance looks comforting and inviting and we hear Snow White’s beautiful singing all along the entrance, must be a fun ride for the kiddie’s. Wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong god so wrong.

For many of us Snow White’s Adventure’s (As it used to be named) was the first time many of us as children experienced real fear. Some parents unknowingly took their child upon this journey. While other parents (My father) knew very well what lied ahead and wanted to pass the tradition down of being scared out of your wits by a witch while you were still a child to his sons. Thanks dad. In case you all didn’t know this attraction had about 2 incarnations, the original one which ran from about 1971-1994, to the final one which ran from 1994-2012. While many on here experienced the later version (I experienced both but only remember the later version) it’s important to note that the first version of this ride was far more fearsome. 

There was no happy ending, there was no snow white, and every sharp corner you took sure enough there was an old hag waiting to make sure you knew the meaning of fear. For those curious of the original ride layout look above as its the first picture in this post. The difference’s between the old version and the new one were numerous. For example many noted that for an attraction based on “Snow White” she was nowhere to be found. This was intentional as the Imagineers wanted the ride to be from the perspective of Snow White, meaning the rider was in fact snow herself.

But many didn’t get this and complained and yearned to see her in the attraction. Another notable difference was the lack of a happy ending, instead this ride ended with something a bit more gruesome, the Witch killing you by pushing a Diamond to fall over your head. As if that wasn’t enough all the affects in the ride were way more intense. For example the forest scene featured trees much like the one pictured above, that would fall towards the ride vehicle’s. Fall. Towards the ride vehicle. Just take that in. Also consider how close you are to the physical sets in this ride due to the proximity and boom fear factor status. None of the happy tunes of the film were found anywhere on this attraction either, instead you heard shrieks of ghouls, and the far off distance cackle of the Evil Queen.

Even after the Dark Forest when you think you are safe by seeing the first sight of something happy the Dwarfs cottage, you are all too soon let down. Inside you see nothing but emptiness and creepy furniture pieces which seem to glare at you in fear. As you escaped that you would see vultures glaring at you as you headed for your untimely end. Side note those vultures were salvaged and shall be used in the new Mine Train ride to see that follow this link (x). 

To see a ride through of the original Ride with a light on the camera follow this link, (x) to see one without the light fixture follow this link (x).

Then in 1994 due to massive complaints about no warning that the ride was scary, or that Snow white was anywhere to be found the ride was shut for a refurb. In the refurb many of the show scenes were changed and toned down, the ride even got a new name Snow White’s Scary Adventures. In this version Snow White and the Gang were found in all parts of the ride, and this time The Witch was the one who kicked the bucket, the ride even ended with a happy ending of Snow and her prince riding away. Click on each picture for captions explaining a bit more. 

End of a Classic. With the New Fantasyland Project evolving decisions were made, decisions that still don’t sit well with me. Since Cinderella and Aurora’s meet and greet’s were shelved in favor of the Mine Train TDO still decided there needed to be a place the princesses could meet. Instead of converting a store or building a new area to house the Royals they decided that one Snow White themed ride was enough for the Magic Kingdom. Thus Snow’s Scary Adventures was given an expiration date in May of 2012 to make way for Princess Fairy Tale Hall. So this attraction that we all got to pass on in tradition which had been a staple for the Kingdom since opening day sadly we had to say goodbye to it. 

Many came out in droves to say goodbye to this attraction, but none were as notable as Ben. For those that don’t know Ben is a young man with autism who is a sort of celebrity among the cast members at WDW! Why you ask? Because his favorite ride in the entire world was Snow white’s Scary Adventures, he has ridden the ride itself exactly 3,500 times. So on the last day of Operations of course Ben was there, he even got a surprise visit and got to ride with a very special princess to view that click here (which had never happened before) (x). Cast Members came to say goodbye too, and as the night wore on people realized this ride was really going away. So it was fitting that the last person to ever ride this attraction before it’s closure was Ben, to view that click here (x).  Hopefully Ben will love the Mine Train just as much. 

For any of you who never got to ride it, or for those wanting to remember, make sure to put on some headphones and follow this link for a Binaural Ride through Snow White’s Scary Adventures. (x)

Well I hope you all remember this lovely attraction with the same amount of fear and nostalgia that I do. Hopefully the Mine Train can bring in even more elements from this beloved attraction. 

Until then, “Apple Dearie?" 

External image

This is Doofenshmirtz’s drivers license, which he goes to renew in The Doonkleberry Imperative. It says it expires in 2012, and since this is the only year I think we got in Phineas and Ferb we can assume the show takes place in 2012.

I was cleaning out my mama’s fridge today and found this jar of jam frozen to the back wall. It took me about 20 minutes to get it off. I’m gonna have nightmares about it for years. It expired in 2012, which is strange, because we’ve been living in this flat since 2013, which means she brought the jar with her from her other apartment.

Soon, Our Robot Baristas Will Only Brew Certain Brands

We American coffee-drinkers have known the Era of Starbucks and the Epoch of Sanka.  It seems, however, we currently live in the Age of the K-Cup.

And we’re about to discover everything that means.

Over the past half-decade, single-serve, instant-brew coffee pods—called K-Cups—have taken over more than a quarter of the U.S. ground coffee business. Last summer, the Wall Street Journal judged the K-Cup’s rise “unstoppable” and reported that product category was worth over $150 million. 

K-Cups and Keurig (the best-known brand used to brew them) are both manufactured by Green Mountain Coffee. That company—worth some $16 billion itself—owned the patents for its chalices of disruption, but they expired in 2012, and since then it’s had a problem.

It’s historically operated on a razor blade model: Its Keurig business makes real money not by selling machine brewers but by selling K-Cups. Now cheaper competitors have moved in. They sell inexpensive one-off cups and reusable, extensible cups—threatening the company’s business on both sides.

Read more. [Image: Randy Read / Flickr]

U.S. Soccer Sues Women’s National Team in Federal Court
The lawsuit is a sudden escalation of a labor fight over the team’s collective bargaining agreement with the federation.
By Andrew Das

U.S. Soccer sued the union representing the world champion United States women’s national team in federal court on Wednesday, a sudden escalation of a labor fight over the team’s collective bargaining agreement.

In the lawsuit, U.S. Soccer is seeking to have a court rule that the terms of the agreement — which expired in 2012 but has remained the guiding document over the relationship between the federation and star players like Hope Solo and Alex Morgan — remains valid.

U.S. Soccer said in the filing that it “reluctantly” brought the action against its players, who won the Women’s World Cup in Canada over the summer, after the lawyer for the players threatened to repudiate the agreement. The lawyer, Richard Nichols, told U.S. Soccer that doing so would allow the players to engage in labor actions to force a new agreement, the federation said.

The federation said it sought relief from the court to prevent those actions from disrupting the coming National Women’s Soccer League season and, potentially, the Americans’ participation in this summer’s Rio Olympics.

U.S. Soccer Lawsuit Disclosed Players’ Personal Information


U.S. Soccer’s decision on Wednesday to sue the union representing the world champion United States women’s national team came as a surprise to some of the players, many of whom were at that moment gathering in Texas for an Olympic qualifying tournament next week.

But the players’ discovery that U.S. Soccer’s court filing included detailed personal information about many of them — including the home addresses of more than two dozen players and the personal email accounts of some of the team’s most prominent players — brought a different reaction: outrage.

“Naturally, we’re upset,” midfielder Megan Rapinoe said on Thursday. “The players are very, very upset. We feel disrespected. We feel that our personal information, our privacy and our safety was handled frivolously and with real negligence. I doubt it was purposeful, but it’s an egregious error, and one that’s unacceptable.

“We’re public figures. There have been issues of privacy and hacking and stalkers — it’s very unsettling. We’re upset. To know that someone could show up at your door? That’s extremely unsettling, and it’s something that you can’t get back.”

In the lawsuit, U.S. Soccer is seeking a judgment that the team’s collective bargaining agreement with the federation, which expired at the end of 2012, remains in effect as part of a memorandum of understanding that U.S. Soccer signed with the players’ representatives in March 2013. The union’s leadership contends that it does not, and that it can repudiate the agreement with 60 days’ notice.

That disagreement reached a crisis point in a meeting between U.S. Soccer and the players association on Tuesday. When the union refused to agree in writing that it would not take any job actions this year, an important one for the Americans, who are favored to win the gold medal at the Rio Olympics, U.S. Soccer filed for relief in United States District Court in Chicago.

But the exhibits accompanying the complaint included, among other documents, a list of 28 national team players and their home addresses. The players included some of the world’s most prominent athletes, including Rapinoe, forwards Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan, midfielder Carli Lloyd and goalkeeper Hope Solo.

U.S. Soccer did not immediately reply to a request for comment on the apparent mistake.

“From a personal standpoint, I think the players all feel the same — it’s disrespectful and unacceptable,” Rapinoe said. “They had every opportunity to redact it. I know U.S. Soccer has outside counsel, but they have to know who the people involved are. They have to.”

Richard Nichols, the executive director and general counsel of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team Players Association, said he had emailed U.S. Soccer on Thursday morning demanding that it address the disclosure of the players’ personal information.

“This morning in an email from me to their general counsel, on behalf of the players, all of whom are very upset about the public disclosure of their private information, we expressed our deep disappointment and outrage that players’ personal email addresses and other private information was not redacted,” Nichols said in a text message. “They subsequently responded with an apology and commitment to immediately retract and redact the exhibits to delete players’ private information.”

The document, which had been posted Wednesday afternoon on the court’s website and was publicly available overnight, was no longer visible online on Thursday morning. But according to Rapinoe, the damage had been done, and the privacy and safety concerns are real.

In an interview with The Huffington Post during the national team’s World Cup victory tour last fall, forward Sydney Leroux described a disturbing incident in which a male fan appeared on the players’ floor in a hotel.

“He pretty much got on an elevator with some of the girls and then came out on our floor, and that’s not — we don’t have anyone else on our floor aside from our team — so they called security and he ended up getting escorted out of the hotel,” she said.

To Rapinoe, the latest breach was worse.

“We understand mistakes happen,” Rapinoe said, “but this is one that can’t happen.”