expired 2009


自我放逐#40 bởi Tai
Bỗng một ngày muốn bỏ đi thật xa

Xài hết tuổi trẻ đã dành ra

Mắc hết mọi sai lầm

Yêu hết cả tình yêu

Rồi về nhà,bình yên.

This sweetness–where did it come from?!  Awww, thank you so much for taking the time to drop this in my askbox!  <333 I’ll give you all the platonic love you could ever desire, my sweet anon!  =D  I hope your week is going wonderfully!

Whisper, I love you.  <3  You’re a WOWIE away from being Papyrus.  Well, I mean… you’re practically like Paps in a cute little body that wants to climb Edge like a tree.  
Cuddle me platonically bby.

Mmmmm, Rus going commando in a hot tub.  And then he stands up.
-fans self-

Your sinning makes me so proud.  
Is it weird that I’m just envisioning you wearing a bunch of golden glowsticks around your neck and doing fingerguns toward G? xD

xD  You didn’t know of the GREAT CROOKS?  
He’s Papyrus, but a little crazier… and a good cook!  

I came for the tree docking and stayed for the photographic composition.

Funny story.  I actually found that blog years ago when my friend’s grandmother died, and I needed something quick to cheer her up.  I don’t even know why “tree docking” was the first thing that came to mind, but yeah… it was.  

(*oh god kids please don’t look up tree docking.  leave that to edge. )

I love you.  You’re fantastic.  This is the best idea ever.
If that mac a weenie and cheese hadn’t expired in 2009, I’d be all over that.  

Aww, you’re gonna make me tear up now!  I know exactly what you mean with the price on kindness thing, and I never understood why people are like that.  I just like to keep everything positive; I don’t want people to ever be afraid to talk to me.  It makes me really glad that you think I’m kind–I mean, you’re an absolute sweetheart yourself, and I love getting messages from you.  
(And I also haven’t forgotten that you gave me the delightful opportunity to write up that Stretch x-ray one-shot. <3 )

Some of the tropes are from tumblr, some are from anime/manga/books, and some are just wish-fulfillment!  x]  
And man, we’re going to find out how many because the tropes aren’t stopping any time soon!
But, for a serious answer, I think as long as you put your own spin on the tropes and try to break them up a little, you can put an insane amount of tropes in without being cliche.  

Hooo boy, a Reader x Grillby fic?!  Hell yeah, I’m all over that!  I’m going to check it out; thanks for the suggestion!

If anyone’s curious,  the fic can be found here.  

Blueberry’s going to be just as hype as Papyrus about the sparklers/fireworks!  It’s been too long since he’s gotten a moment alone with the Lady.


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zenit 12cd / kodak gold expired 2009


Leica Mini II_exp Kodak 07-2009_Vilnius 2015-10-30_013 by nefoto…
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when you meet the friends … in the bar ;)

I liked this post, so I wrote this…


Scott and Stiles are heading off to college–the same one, thank goodness–and it’s one week before freshman orientation. Stiles waits to the very last minute to start packing, so he enlists Scott’s help. They’re both in Stiles’s room going through his stuff and talking about how unfair it is that they’re assigned to the same dorm but won’t be each other’s roommates, despite listing each other as first choices. Scott’s roommate has already emailed him 5 times.

“You keep responding to him, that’s the problem,” Stiles says sagaciously while tossing out mismatched socks and organizing the complete pairs on his bed. “Just ignore him till move-in day. That’s what I’m doing with Brandon. He called yesterday on the landline. Thank God for caller ID.”

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