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I think the sentiment of this song is really sweet, that Chibs and the Quartet have been seeking each other, even if they don’t know why or what or who they’re looking for. SELFISHLY ONCE AGAIN, it fits really well with my personal headcanon fix for the whole Quartet situation, and it’s just generally kind of cute.

I have to say though, I don’t think any of this belongs in this musical. It’s barely a C-plot at this point. A C-plot TO AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT STORY. It doesn’t mesh with anything happening around it, and much as I enjoy them when they’re there, nothing else suffers from their absence, and their presence is consistently jarring to whatever scene they turn up in.

I don’t know if this was the only musical to feature them, but if so, it’s a pity. I think there are some great things that could be done with the Quartet as a focus, rather than a child-friendly last minute insertion to the story you REALLY want to tell.

Whatever the fuck that story is, I still don’t entirely know. But I know it’s not about the Quartet, and it’s not like this musical would suffer with a few less plot lines a handful less characters.

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We know that the curse of Ymir kills shifters 13 years after inheriting the power. That number matches with the 1700 years and the 145 kings.

For almost 2 millennia the 13 year rule stood unchallenged. I dare say during all those years there must have been occasions in which the shifters didn’t rely on the info passed down onto them, I mean there must have been times where shifters tried to outlive 13 years but realized they were dying. Point: the 13 year rule is proven and not just a hypothesis.

Despite that fact, Grisha Jaeger arrived in shiganshina 20 years before 850 according to shadies. Aka he lived for 15 years before giving his power to Eren for yet unconfirmed reasons. Grisha broke a rule that has lasted for almost two millennia. How is that possible? The only thing I can think of is that the Jaeger bloodline is somehow special after all.

And there is one thing definitely special about it: all their titans have the pointy ears, a trademark never seen with any other titan except Ymir, who, though she claims she’s a nobody, is unaware of her bloodline. If all Jaegers share that trait it’s likely that she is of the same bloodline, and maybe there truly was a reason she was worshipped. We only saw her perspective.

Lastly, there is a theory going around that, when combining the years of the Eldian empire, the walled world until now and erens remaining livespan, the time between the death of Ymir fritz and erens expiration rate equals 2000 years. If this is indeed what “to you, 2000 years later” refers to, what will happen if Eren jaeger, whose father outlived his expiration date, mets his own?


The Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility (TCCF) is a private maximum security prison and county jail for men, located near Tutwiler in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi. The prison is operated by CoreCivic, a private prison conglomerate that operates over 65 correctional and immigration detention centers throughout the U.S. In August of 2016, the Justice Department and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) announced that they were ending their contracts with private prison operators because  “the facilities are both less safe and less effective at providing correctional services”, but the facility is still currently operated by CoreCivic, and it’s unclear when the contracts will actually expire.

TCCF opened in 2000 with an initial capacity for 352 inmates, which was expanded to house 2,672, although the facility does not disclose their actual inmate headcount. Legally, their maximum capacity is 2,800. Prior to construction of the prison, Tallahatchie County suffered from a higher than average unemployment rate and extreme poverty, so when CoreCivic (then known as Corrections Corporation of America) proposed the construction of the prison, county officials approved it in the hopes that it would provide jobs and revenue. Hundreds of Tutwiler residents began working at the facility, providing almost half a million dollars in payroll revenue every month. The facility was touted as the “salvation” of Tutwiler. However, in 2016, a study showed that TCCF has not invested as much of its revenue into the local economy as it initially promised to.

In addition to housing inmates who were convicted in Mississippi, TCCF also houses inmates from Wisconsin, Colorado, Alabama, Hawaii, California and Louisiana. The largest influx of California inmates occurred around 2011, when overcrowding in CDCR facilities was so severe that it violated constitutional law against cruel and unusual punishment. In addition to reviewing sentencing and parole practices, the state transferred thousands of inmates to private prisons out of state in order to reduce their inmate population. TCCF currently houses over 1000 California inmates. Tensions between rival gangs (Specifically Sureños and Norteños) have erupted into full blown riots many times, and overall the rate of violent attacks at TCCF is much higher than the national average. The facility is frequently on lockdown.

Family members of inmates at TCCF have reported encountering difficulties in getting information about their loved ones over the phone. CoreCivic has different contracts with each state it houses inmates for, and must abide by state laws regarding what information is released and to whom, but many family members are simply told that no information, including the inmate’s welfare or housing unit will be given out over the phone, period. Additionally, Tutwiler does not have a single hotel, so visitors that travel to the area must find lodging in surrounding counties. It is unclear for how much longer TCCF will be operated by CoreCivic, if it will be taken over by Mississippi DOC when the contract expires, what will happen to the inmates, or where they might go next.

(I wish I had better things to say about this prison, anon.)


This natural look is SOOOOO sexy on him. Only Prince could take a simple, oversized sweater and turn it into a damn fashion statement. And that hair, the stubble…whew, don’t even get me started 😥😍

- May 16, 2000 in NYC
Prince held a press conference to announce that he officially changed his name from the Artist (TAFKAP), back to Prince