Consequences: Part 2

Part 1

Pairing: Credence x Reader

Wordcount: 5000+

Description: The next day, you and Credence take a trip to Central Park and the day doesnt quite end up as you expeted.

a/n: Here it is! This chapter ended up so much longer than I expected but once I got started I just couldn’t stop.


Your mind was fuzzy as you began to wake up, the events of the day before trapped behind the sleepy haze. The first thing you realised was that you were sat up. Why would you sleep sat up? With your eyes still closed, you twisted your neck from side to side, trying to stretch out the ache that had formed thanks to your odd sleeping position, groaning ever so slightly.

The next thing your mind focused on was the weight in your lap. Opening your eyes and looking down, what had happened yesterday came flooding back to the front of your mind. Working for Ms Barebone. Losing your keys. The boy who needed help. You remembered pulling Credence down to lay on you so that you could comfort him, and realised you both must have fallen asleep.

Credence, who last night was facing away from you, was now lying with his face close to your stomach, his hand in front of his face. What shocked you was that your own hand was enclosed in his, the bandaged hands wrapping gently around it, holding you close. Your other hand was still burrowed in his hair, and you subconsciously began to stroke it again.

This was the first time you had seen Credence look peaceful. Not just relaxed, genuinely peaceful. When he was asleep, he didn’t have to deal with the cruel world he was living in. He didn’t have to think about his mother and constantly worry about the next time he’d be beaten, didn’t have to worry about making mistakes and didn’t have to think about all the times people who didn’t even know him had called him a freak. You were sure that if he opened his eyes right now, all the pain you usually saw in them would be nonexistent.

You noticed how his lips were parted ever so slightly, but before you had the chance to have any other thoughts, he took a sharp breath in, shifting in your lap a little. The feeling of you stroking his hair made him lean into you again, letting out a soft sigh of contentment. You watched as he drowsily opened his eyes, and could tell he was trying to figure out where he was. Looking to the hand in front of his face, closed around yours, he realised what he had done and suddenly sat up, a look of panic in his eyes.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he starred to stutter out a quiet and completely unnecessary apology.
“Credence, it’s okay.” You placed a hand over his, giving him a small smile, and his breathing steadied. It saddened you that the years of abuse had led to him being so scared of every small thing he did without having full control. He saw every small action as a mistake that he would be punished for, and you desperately wanted to get him out of that mindset, even if it took a very long time. You needed to be positive, so you cast the negative thoughts to the back of your mind.

The image of Credence, sat there with a blanket around his waist, hair mussed up from sleeping on his side, made your heart warm and you couldn’t help but grin. His usually perfectly preened demeanour was replaced by a cute boy who had sleep in the corner of his eyes. You wanted to tell him how happy it made you to see him like this, but you couldn’t; he needed taking care of. For someone so unused to kind words and actions, the last thing you wanted to do was push it too far too soon.

“How about some breakfast?” You asked him, but he cast his eyes down immediately.
“Um, are you sure?” He looked nervous and unsure of himself again. What you didn’t know was that he was often not allowed breakfast at home. If he had disappointed his mother or if she was just in a bad mood that day, he would have to wait until dinner time to eat what was left in the serving pot. This made any offers of food questionable, because he was always scared to get his hopes up in the fear he would only be disappointed.

“Of course I am. How about some toast?” You wanted him to have something nice to eat so badly. He was so thin. You could tell he didn’t usually eat properly but weren’t sure whether that was his choice or someone else’s. If you were made to choose, you would definitely be leaning towards it being Mary Lou’s decision.

He was silent for few seconds before speaking.
“Okay.” You grinned at him again.
“Great! Let’s get going then.” You got up, stretched your arms and rubbed the back of your neck, trying to ignore the ache but grimacing slightly anyway. Picking up the cups of now cold tea, you walked into your kitchen with Credence trailing behind you.

You reached for the bread, slotting two slices into the toaster and got the butter from the fridge. You set up the table for the both of you, ushering Credence to sit down which he did, but with hesitation. When the toast popped up, you put one on each plate. As you were about to butter them, you remembered the raspberry jam you’d bought a couple of days ago.

“Would you like some jam?” You asked Credence politely. Before you spoke to him, he was transfixed on tiny dents in your small wooden table, tracing his fingers over it lightly. Looking up, he nodded and muttered a “yes please”, so you turned back around and spread a generous layer of the jam over each slice of toast, humming slightly while you did so. You put the plates down on the table, one in front of each of you and sat down to eat. Credence just looked at his, so you gave him an encouraging nod to let him know it was okay.

You sat in comfortable silence for a while whilst you ate, until you noticed Credence tracing over the dents again.
“Do you want to know how that happened?” The story was one that embarrassed you greatly, so you usually kept it to yourself, but you were willing to do anything to try and make this sad boy a little happier. When he nodded, eyes not leaving the small marks in the wood, you took a deep breath.

“Well, one day I was just sitting in my living room reading when I thought ‘maybe I should listen to some music while I read’. So I put my favourite album on the record player, turned the volume up, and completely forgot about my book. I got so into it, I was dancing around the house. I would have been mortified if anyone had seen me but I was having so much fun. I danced into the kitchen, and that’s when I slipped on some water I’d spilt earlier in the day and landed teeth-first into the table.”

You covered your face with your hands in embarrassment, half laughing, half trying not to die of shame. When you took your hands away and looked at Credence, he was smiling. You had only seen him smile once, and it had been a ghost of a smile, it was there and it wasn’t at the same time. But this was a proper smile. An ear-to-ear smile, and it looked like he was even trying not to laugh. Telling him had been worth it.

“You can’t tell anyone, it’s so embarrassing.” He kept his eyes on the now obviously teeth-shaped dents, still smiling.
“I won’t.” He then looked at you properly for the first time. “I promise.” You didn’t know if he’d make any other promises to you in the future, but that was the best one he could have possibly started with.

“I think I’m going to go for a shower, I won’t be long. Just make yourself at home, look around if you want to.” You’d realised you were still wearing the same clothes as you had the day before, so were feeling a bit disgusting.
“Okay” was his short but sweet reply. You washed up the plates and went upstairs to your bathroom. Switching on the water, you started to think about everything that had happened. You were bewildered by how much your life had changed in such a short amount of time. You didn’t know how long Credence would stay, but you hoped it would at least be for a little longer so you could get to know him and help him overcome his fears.

No-one deserved to be treated the way Credence had been, it wasn’t fair. You wanted to find out so much more about his life and why it had ended up so cruel. He was the single most interesting and captivating person you had ever met, and you wished you’d had the chance to speak to him sooner, to help him sooner.

You let the water wash over you, the grime from the day before disappearing down the drain with it.  After washing your hair and body, you turned off the shower and got dry, before heading into your room to put on fresh clothes. You had an en-suite bathroom, which made life much easier in the winter when the race from the bathroom to the bedroom would have been a freezing half-run through the cool hall, your body being bitten by the cold.

When you finally made your way back downstairs, you entered the living room to find Credence sat on the couch reading a book. He didn’t even seem to notice you come in, so when you sat down next to him he seemed startled, snapping the book shut and instantly apologising.

“I-I’m sorry, I was just looking, I can put it back.” His words came out like bullets, almost fast enough to make them trip over each other. As he was about to get up to put the book back, you stopped him.
“Credence, I don’t mind. I said you could look around.” He relaxed a little, his muscled unclenching from beginning to stand up, and his fingers started to stroke the front of the book absently.
“Which one is it?” Instead of telling you, he handed you the battered old book without looking up. You recognised it immediately.

You had found this book one day while you were searching through the biggest second-hand bookstore in New York. You’d travelled especially to get there, and you couldn’t wait to see what you could find. You spent at least three hours scouring the shelves trying to find something different to what you were used to. Eventually, when you reached the very depths of the store and were starting to give up hope, you found this tiny, beautiful book stuffed behind the ones lines up on the shelves.

When you took it home, you read the whole thing in one sitting. It was so different, so imaginative and so perfect. You had treasured it since. If someone had upset you, if you were ill, or just if you’d just had a bad day, you would always turn to 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard’. You smiled fondly at the memories of those times.

“I love this book” you told him, and you really did.
“Me too” was not a reply you were expecting. No one else you had ever met had heard of it before, let alone read it.
“You’ve read it before?” You handed the book back to him, and he held it so carefully it was as if he thought it might turn to dust in his hands.
“My mother, uh, my real mother - had a copy. She used to read it to me.” Your heart broke again. He hadn’t taken his eyes off the book once, and you could tell how much it must have meant to him. You had known that Mary Lou’s children were adopted, but you didn’t realise it had been when Credence had already grown up.
“Well, she clearly had good taste.” A smile pulled lightly at the corners of his mouth. You wanted to keep the atmosphere lighthearted, and not let him fall into a chasm of sadness and forgotten memories that would only cause him more pain.

You couldn’t imagine how difficult it must have been for him to lose a mother and have her be replaced with a cruel, violent adoptive parent. Why would someone take a child in only to subject them to the life Credence had been through? Mary Lou, from what you had seen, treated Credence the worst of all. Something about him must have made Ms Barebone turn against him, or maybe she just didn’t like the person he was.

“Maybe we should go out today? We could just have a walk and see what we find?” You asked Credence. You didn’t want him to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with, but you thought getting out of the house for a while would be a good idea.
“Okay.” Knowing that was as close to 'yes’ as you were going to get, you smiled at him.
“Great! Do you want to have a shower? Before you ask if I’m sure, I’m very sure, and then I can change your bandages too.”
“Thank you” was his reply. He didn’t tell you, but he appreciated greatly the way you gave him the extra assurance he needed without him having to ask. It was as if a weight was lifted off his shoulders, and although he was still a little unsure and nervous, it made it a lot easier. You showed him to the bathroom, gave him a towel and a new toothbrush, and left him to it.

While you waited downstairs, you got out the medical kit and set it out on the kitchen table, quietly angry that it was even necessary. Realising Credence would need something to wear out in the cold again, you went up to your bedroom and pulled out an old, slightly worn-out coat that hadn’t been worn for quite some time. It shouldn’t fit him, but it would, his body malnourished and slightly emaciated. Leaving your room, you decided to sit at the table and wait for Credence, trying to ignore the dents.

Credence came back down about 20 minutes later. When he sat in the chair opposite you, you noticed that his hair was still damp, causing a few strands to stick to his forehead. His cheeks were pink because of the hot water, and he looked so much better. You didn’t want him to think you were staring, so you stopped looking and picked up the antiseptic liquid again. He put his now un-bandaged hands in front of you without you asking.

“I’m sorry if this hurts.” He didn’t reply, so you started tending to his wounds again. Compared to the day before, they had healed an incredible amount. You knew you could never get rid of the scars underneath the fresh injuries, but you could make the current ones disappear as if they never happened. Starting fresh. You ran the cloth over a particularly deep laceration, making Credence wince. You muttered an apology before finishing and bandaging his hands again gently.

“I found this coat for you. It’s my old one but it’s not girly and I think it’ll fit.” After you had put everything away, you handed him the coat. Like the last time you’d offered him your coat, it took three lots of reassuring him that it was okay before he finally put it on.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome” you told him, and he truly was. You wanted him to have anything he wanted or needed.

Once you’d left your house, you started walking with no real destination in mind. Christmas was coming up, it was only a couple of weeks away now and you’d already bought Christmas presents for your family. You always loved buying presents; getting a gift just right, and seeing the reaction of whoever you were giving it to was what Christmas was all about to you. Being close with your family, they were always there for you when you needed them and supported you no matter what. If you hadn’t known how lucky you were already, Credence’s experiences had amplified just how lucky you felt to have them.

“How about we go to Central Park?” You wondered whether Credence had ever been allowed to go before. It was one of your favourite places, somewhere you could escape from the claustrophobic environment of the city. His response was a nod, so you changed your trajectory.

In the run up to Christmas, it wasn’t unusual for there to be little stalls in Central Park, people selling all sorts of things like mulled wine and gifts. However, you spotted the one you were hoping for. Instead of asking Credence and going through the routine of having to convince him it was okay, you walked straight up to the tiny temporary hut and ordered two hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows.

You carried them to a bench and sat down, Credence doing the same. When you handed him one of the cups, he thankfully took it without protest.
“Thank you.” He spoke quietly as usual, still uncomfortable with making himself too noticeable as if he would be punished for it. He waited until you took a sip before he took one himself, a whipped cream moustache left behind on his face without him noticing. When you looked at him, you couldn’t help but let out a giggle, making Credence shoot you a very confused glance, knitting his eyebrows together.

“You’ve got a little something…” you gestured to your own top lip, and his hand shot to his new moustache, realising what had happened. You were still giggling, and his face had turned an adorable shade of pink while he scrubbed at his top lip with the back of his hand. Trying to ignore the fact you’d described him as adorable in your head, you turned your head forwards again and carried on drinking your hot chocolate.

“My mother taught me to ride a bike here. It took so many tries but, eventually, I did it.” You smiled to yourself at the memory; it really had taken a long time, but she had never given up on you.
“I’ve never learned”, Credence replied, and you weren’t surprised.
“Well maybe I can teach you one day.” You imagined him wobbling along on a bike with you holding on to make sure he didn’t topple over.
“I’d like that.” The whisper of a smile crossed his lips again as he took another sip, and that word crossed your mind again, but this time with others. You shook it off.

You both finished your drinks and started to walk back towards your house. It was too cold to stay out for too long and you didn’t want either of you catching a cold. You were so lost in your thoughts, the grip on your wrist came to you as a surprise and you nearly turned around and punched the person you thought was attacking you. But it was too gentle to be an attacker, and you remembered who had been walking at your side.

“Credence?” His face had turned pale and the fear had returned to his eyes. It was as if he was cemented to the spot, his eyes glued to somewhere in the distance. You turned around and followed his gaze. Mary Lou Barebone was walking in the opposite direction on the other side of the street. But she hadn’t noticed the two of you yet. You should have been more careful, you mentally scolded yourself for not thinking about which way you were walking. Quickly and without hesitation, you pulled Credence into the closest alleyway where you couldn’t be seen, making sure Ms Barebone had passed.

“It’s okay, we’re safe” you told him, but the shock of seeing her had taken over his mind, making him unable to process what you were saying. You approached him slowly, standing in front of him as he cast his eyes to the ground.
“Credence.” You took his face gently in your hands like you’d done the night before, making him look up at you. “We’re safe.”

You stroked his cheeks with your thumbs comfortingly when you noticed his eyes welling up with tears, and pulled him into a hug. One of your hands was wrapped around the back of his head, gently stroking his hair, while the other was around his shoulders. He cried softly into the crook of your neck, with you whispering comforting words to him to try and calm him down.

“Shh, Credence. It’s okay. You’re safe. I’ve got you.”

At first, Credence kept his hands at his sides, but after about 30 seconds, when the crying became more harsh and he became more desperate for comfort, he cautiously brought one arm up around your waist and gripped your coat tightly in his fist. When you didn’t push him away and only offered him more calming words, he had the courage to wrap his other arm around you, again balling your coat into his fists as he shook quietly, tears seeping through closed eyelids wet on your neck.

You held him for as long as he needed, until the short sharp breaths against your neck turned long and deep, and he was able to whisper a “I’m sorry” with his head still buried. He was ashamed of being so scared all the time, ashamed that the smallest incident reduced him to a shaking, sobbing mess. But, despite it all, you made him feel like it was okay. You made him feel like he didn’t need to be ashamed and scared of letting his emotions be seen. When he was with Mary Lou, there was no comfort, no warmth. Until now, he’d never truly felt cared for by anyone other than someone who was already long gone.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for. Shall we go home?” You felt him nod and the reluctance to let go was obvious from both of you. You squeezed him tighter for a moment before unravelling yourself, keeping one hand on his face to wipe away the tears that were left there. You walked with him to the entrance of the alley and made sure it was safe. When you looked at Credence, you could tell he was still a little worried. Wordlessly, you took his hand in yours. He looked a little surprised, but he held your hand tightly, neither of you letting go until you were at your front door.

Time had flown by without you noticing, and by the time you got back, day was already starting to turn into early evening. Once you were in the warm, you both took off your coats and hung them up on your coat hooks. You told Credence that the one next to yours could be exclusively his, and this small gesture meant more to him than you could possibly know.

“What do you want to do now?” You asked Credence, already knowing what his answer would be.
“I don’t mind”, was his expected reply.
“How about I teach you some card games?” He seemed to perk up slightly at the idea. You loved playing cards; it was a family tradition to play together at Christmas and you were taught so many games from a young age.
“I won’t be any good.”
“Well I’m a great teacher”, you smiled at him and walked to the living room, grabbing a pack of cards from a drawer. You sat on the floor on one side of the coffee table, and Credence sat opposite you. Taking the cards from the pack, you shuffled them and started dealing for Whist.

Over the course of the evening, you managed to teach Credence three different games. To start with, he lost a few times and you could tell it was getting to him, but after a while it was as if he didn’t even have to try. The glint in his eye and the smile on his lips when he had the winning hand made your heart swell, and he would always look to you for approval to make sure he was doing the right things.

You played for hours, and you had never seen Credence so happy. He barely stopped smiling. After you taught him how to shuffle the deck, you got up to grab some food for the both of you. When you reached the doorway of the living room, plates of sandwiches in hand, you stopped. Credence was trying to build a house with the cards. The look of concentration on his face was, again, adorable. You gave in to the word this time. It was incredible to see him thinking of nothing other than the exact right way to balance a card, his eyebrows knitted in concentration.

You took the time to properly look at him. His sharp jawline and perfect porcelain skin, framed so beautifully by his dark hair. His hands were also a marvel, it was as though they had been sculpted, and you watched the way they closed around each card so delicately.

Lost in your thoughts, you forgot that you were staring, only to be reminded when Credence’s hands suddenly shot away from the table. You looked at his face and were shocked to see it had turned pink. When you realised what you’d done, yours joined him in utter embarrassment.
“Oh, um, I-I’m sorry, I was just watching-” you trailed off and desperately wished you could cover your face in shame. Walking over to the coffee table, you put the plates down and and apologised again, feeling utterly stupid for not being able to stop yourself.

He did something you would never have expected. Carefully, he placed his hand on top of yours, which made you turn even redder.
“It’s okay, (y/n).” His eyes flicked to yours as he said your name before returning to the coffee table. A gesture like that from Credence was a monumental step for him, and you knew it. He had never initiated contact like that before, so you were aware of the courage it must have taken.

When he didn’t move his hand, you turned yours over, entwining your fingers with his once again and looked at him. He was so different and so unique in the best ways; you just wished he could see it. In this moment, Credence felt so lucky to have met you. To meet someone who, finally, accepted him for the person he was and didn’t constantly push him to change. Someone who seemed to genuinely want to help him.

Before it got awkward, you motioned to the food on the plates and mentioned that you didn’t want him to go hungry, almost painfully taking your hand away from his but not knowing what else to say. Once you’d both finished, you took the plates into the kitchen but left the cards where they were; you couldn’t bring yourself to tear down the half-built, fairly unstable house of cards.

“We should get some sleep. I’ve made up the spare room for you.” After seeing him yawn, you decided sleep might be the best idea. Once you reached the door to the guest room, you turned to Credence.
“I’ve had a really nice day with you, Credence” you told him, almost shyly. Did he always stand that close? You said goodnight and moved to go to your own room, but you were stopped once more by a grip on your wrist. Turning to Credence, you waited for what he wanted to say. He looked nervous again, still not able to look you in the eye.
“Um, thank you. For everything.”

You smiled softly at him, and instead of giving him a reply wth words, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. He responded much quicker this time, wrapping his I arms around your waist and burying his head in your neck again. You don’t know how long you stood that way; it could have been seconds, it could have been minutes. But you were both so contented and happy that it didn’t matter.

You pulled away slowly, your cheek brushing his as you did so, foreheads touching. You were still so close to him, your faces only an inch away from each other. As you moved your hand to rest on his jaw, thumb lightly stroking his face, Credence shifted one hand to your side. He gripped your clothes tightly and closed his eyes as if in desperation.

After plucking up the courage, you carefully brought your lips to his. It was chaste and soft and warm, just a peck but it contained more emotion and longing than any kiss you had ever experienced before. You pulled away and whispered “is this okay?” against his lips. Instead of replying, he kissed you. You were almost too shocked to respond, but pressed your lips back against his, eyes fluttering shut. After a few more pecks, you opened your mouth slightly to properly capture his lips with your own. Credence copied you, and you moved together smoothly even though you could tell he was nervous and new to this.

Before it got too much, you pulled away from the bliss again and opened your eyes. You kissed the corner of his mouth gently and ran your thumb across his bottom lip as he opened his eyes and looked at you, a pink tinge to his cheeks.
“That was-” He didn’t finish his sentence.
“I know.” Neither of you had let go of each other yet, the proximity was too intoxicating.

You pressed one last kiss to his cheek and unravelled yourself, Credence releasing your jumper from his tight grip and both took a step back.

“Um, I guess I’ll see you in the morning then” you told him. He started to smile, and nodded.
“Goodnight, Credence.”
“Goodnight, (y/n).”

You fell asleep that night with a warmth in your chest you’d never felt before. A kiss had never affected you so much, and you already couldn’t wait to see Credence the next day.

While he lay in a bed a thousand times comfier than the one he was used to, Credence’s mind was overcome with joy. Someone had kissed him. But not just anyone - you. He had always wondered what falling in love might feel like, and he couldn’t imagine it possibly feeling any better than this.

Ok, so this is something I thought I’d post on January 1 but I failed and idk if that’ll make sense now :/ Still WIP so it’s not like I’m showing you the finished… thing. I’m not sure if I post it, I’ll think about it, it has two versions but if I post it it would be the decent one lol. Nevermind  it’s half past 3 what do you expet I’ll whatever. Good night :)


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I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your fics and the anons that find them "boring" and "unnecessary" can go find someone else if you aren't their cup of tea. Sadly, you can't cater to everybody, and I just wanted to say, you do you, cuz you is great ❤️❤️

Actually, I was expeting that person to explain to me why they think I’ve portrayed Jimin as a whore. I don’t mind constructive criticism, but I believe that was a troll 🙄
Thank you so much for the support, and I hope you stick around ❤

I hate how old this site sometimes makes me feel… Like I KNOW I’m not old and I definitely don’t feel old, but then there’s like tons of these posts basically stating how shitty everything will be when they are like 22 and they have to like adult and shit and boohoo (or in the contrary have these false expetations how they think life of certain age will provide them) and I’m here like… turning 24, still feeling like total kid, not knowing shit about what I’m gonna do with my life and just being basically like… Ok girl…



30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie: day twelve ~ a romantic crack(friend)ship

“Who’s your favorite?” I ask her as the show switches to a series of commercials. “Of all the Calloway sisters and their men?” I expet her to say Ryke Meadows or Loren Hale– the two most popular guys of the bunch. One is overly protective, the other in complete I-would-die-for-you love with his childhood friend.

“Easy.” She eats a scoop of ice cream before saying, “Rose Calloway.

I flinch in surprise. “Rose?” I think I prefer Lily Calloway, the one who’s a bit shy, but in the face of so much publicity, so many warring voices, she’s stood strong in the end. It’s bravery that I think I need.


Fair-Weather: A Paranatural-Steven Universe crossover comic, pages 1-5 (for anyone who keeps up with the pnat gem au blog, this comic fits into the Clean Slate au)

For the record, I’m not saying that Isaac has this power in the canon comic, or even that this situation directly parallels his situation in the comic, because I don’t think it does. but I AM saying that Lapis lifted the entire ocean and i expet nothing less. this comic is mostly to help me better establish this au as well as pander to my craving for emotional closure

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First Impressions - Winter 2016 

I can’t belive I haven’t done first impressions since Winter 2015. Really time has been on tight, but finally I’m back. I have to admit that this season exceeded my expetations as I thought I wouldn’t start many series. But in the end the list got as long as 15 possible series to watch. I cut the number down to 8 because I possibly couldn’t handle as much as 15 new serie when I still have bunch of older ones hanging and waiting for me to complete them. Now let’s start with the list I picked up. 

Prince Of Stride: Alternative
Someone wondered where the original one was if this is alternative. Anyway, there’s no good season without some sports anime, and this time it’s stride. This is a unique sport that combines both parkour and running. So far so good, I’d say. I really like the art style and characters - and the bunch of amazing Seiyuu’s they managed to gather for this series.

Norn9: Norn + Nonet
Well to say, there’s only one reason I picked up this series. And that is because of the art style. I’m not still sure where the plot will lead me, but we’ll see once the story starts running for real. There’s a high chance I’ll eventually drop this series, but as far as I’ve watched it, I have to admit I’ve seen much worse. I want to give this series a chance.

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi   
Definitely the blackhorse of this season. I can’t believe such an awesome manga has slipped through my fingers. I only started reading the manga after watching few episodes of the anime first. This is definitely something worth of watching, of course if you’re into things like mystery and such. I have already started pairing the characters up and while I wish the main chara will end up with Kayo (because they’re so adorable together) I somehow feel he has a very very sentimental relationship with that high school student. 

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2
What’s better than a second season of an anime you fell in love with? Most likely only a start of new awesome series. (hahah). I have nothing more to say that I’m so excited about this new season. I really need to start reading this manga! 

Divine Gate 
Believe me, this is one confusing series I got mixed up with. But the puzzles spread before me are something I want to find answer for. And only way to do that is to complete the series. I really like what I’ve seen so far and I hope that this series lives up to what it has given me now. Such a mystery! I really hadn’t expected such series when I saw the summary of this series. 

Nijiiro Days 
Because there has to be even a little romance! I mostly picked up this because I’ve been seeing this manga lately, but never actually bothered to read it. So I hoped I would get at least something from the anime. I have to admit I like what I’ve seen so far and the humor is just in place. I hope that this series continues to be as good! 

Akagami No Shirayukihime 2
Again a second season, an along with AK, this is the only 2 season I’m watching. So in truth, it’s only 6 new series and 2 sequels. This anime will probably be my life this season as it’s the only serious romance series I am watching. I fell in love with Zen already in the manga and now he’s even more adorable. I hope to see adorable scenes with him and Shirayuki. <3 

I have to admit I had my doubts towards this series once I heard it’s actually a 3-D one - compeletely. I had hoped it to be drawn at least a little, because the premie photo looked so cool. Against all the odds, this series turned out to be more well done that I had originally imagined. I think I can survive it even though it’s 3-D. The plot is great and I am excited for the next episode. 

Open Starter

Rajah’s eyes gently blinked open, waking up to the sheer whiteness of her room and wondering if this was what it was like to wake up in a snowy wonderland. It sounded more fun than where she currently was, even though she had never seen the stuff before, simply heard of it. Her eyes readjusted to her surroundings, and she attempted to clear the foggy cloud that shrouded her brain. Painkillers were heavenly, but had a few side affects that just made her feel useless and always sleepy. It wasn’t until she woke a little more that she finally noticed the presence of someone else in the room. She wasn’t exactly expecting visitors and so tilted her head in their direction. One hand reached out for the button that called for a nurse, not yet touching it but holding it for safe measure.

“I think maybe you have the wrong room.” Rajah spoke gently, blinking a few times as she inspected the other lethargically.

“That one kinda looks like your booty” - Watch the speed draw right HERE!
Well here’s my other project that also comes as a present for those two guys I love VERY much who happen to be cobalt-the-fox and lilfoxxie!!! When your fwend has a star/galaxy like fur is easy to find star groups looking like his cute butt isn’t it? >///> Tho’ the results are a little different of what I expeted I still enjoy it quite much, and hope you do too!