Director of 'Selma' to Direct Marvel's 'Black Panther' Movie

Director of ‘Selma’ to Direct Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Movie

Marvel is in talks with Ava Duvernay, the director of ‘Selma’ to direct a new Superhero movie.

According to reports, the director of ‘Selma’ is being eyed to join the Marvel Universe but, will she direct ‘Black Panther’ or ‘Captain Marvel’.

According to TheWrap, Ava Duvernay is expected to direct ‘Black Panther’ which is expeted to hit theaters on July 2018.

“Black Panther” is set to star…

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anonymous asked:

Is it true cancers will never make a first move ? :((( are there any expetions? Like i was flirting with one and since i know their fear of rejection is why they never make the first move; do you think he'd feel more confident? Thank you in advance!

they will, but only if they know how the other feels. they want to be safe

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Italiano Mario Balotelli de novo ‘a braços’ com a Justiça

O avançado do Liverpool foi apanhado a conduzir o seu ferrari a mais de 175 km/h e, como seria expetável, foi multado. O internacional italiano continua a dar nas vistas, pelos piores motivos, dá conta o Mirror.

Mario Balotelli é novamente figura central em Inglaterra, mas porque voltou a fazer das suas. O italiano foi ‘apanhado’ pela polícia britânica a conduzir a alta velocidade e ficará sem carta durante 28 dias.

O incidente, porém, apesar de ter sido julgado apenas agora, remonta a dezembro passado, quando, pouco depois da meia-noite, o italiano foi mandado parar pelas autoridades depois de ter sido apanhado a quase 200 km/h.

Além da apreensão da carta o internacional do Liverpool terá de pagar uma multa superior a mil euros.

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Kingsman Fandom !

I’m bored. Send me some of your Kingsman Headcanon! Could be Hartwin, HartLin (Harry/Merlin, my new guilty pleasure) ore anything else that does involve any shipping like expetation for the sequel ~ It’s up to you ! FLOOD THAT ASK BOOOOX ♥

I hate her, i hate her so mcuh becuase she gave me a fake expectative
of something that was just absolutely important to me

she gave me the expectative of have a friend
of finally have a friend, a expetative of have someone with who laugh, someone with who share things

she hurted me and now shes like nothing happend, nothing happen for her, the fact of we stop being friends did not change anything for her

the fact that someone hurted me in that horrible way
i just
cant forgive

i cant forgive someone who hurted me
i literally did not do anything wrong, but she leaved me and played with my feelings. just bc she already have so mcuh friends, maybe she did it bc she was bored, i dont know

all i know is that she hurted me. i feel betrayed, i feel even more empty
she did that to me just when i tell her i feel suicidal. After i told her i have never talk to that with no one.

dont you think thats horribly cruel and rude
shes a bad person, and im disgusted
i cant undertand why the life only keep giving me bad and bad things, only keep hurting me and hurting me

tho when ppl said smooze was in this ep i expeted it to be more of a call back to the first gen mlp smooze, im fine with this turnout too tho haha

You came into me when i least expeted you. From perfect stranger you soon became so important to me. How is that possible? When you thought you had nothing then it all makes sense to you just because of that one person who like you for being true and who you are!
It’s wonderful how life is unpredictable.