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Also, the best Spike Witwicky I’ve ever drawn. My handsome son, about to go take a 10.5 Wood golf club to a vehicon’s primary optic.

[W]e should be on our guard not to overestimate science and scientific methods when it is a question of human problems; and we should not assume that experts are the only ones who have a right to express themselves on questions affecting the organization of society.
—  literally the guy whose name became shorthand for “Very Good Scientist”
Meditation/Energy Work

This is a post I’ve been thinking about for a long time, about meditation and energy work, and the intersection of the two. Not all meditation is for the purposes of raising or using the energy of the world around us, and not all energy work requires meditation…but…they have a lot of intersectionality, and being good at once can help with being good at the other. The below is strictly my own thoughts, and my own practice. I am in no way an expert, and this is only what I’ve finally found has worked for me.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to learn to meditate for probably 2/3rds of my life now. I’ve read books. I’ve done yoga classes. I’ve practiced. I’ve read more books. And I just….never ever managed. I couldn’t do it. If I tried with my eyes closed, I would fall asleep. If I was sitting, my back issues would inevitably rear their ugly head and I’d just end up in pain. Trying to clear my mind entirely would result in frustration and tense muscles, no matter how firmly I stared at the flickering candle. 

I finally had an epiphany though. Which basically boiled down to…that’s all bullshit, and may work for some people but it wasn’t how it worked for me, and I should quit trying to cram my brain into a box. 

Meditation doesn’t have to be about sitting quietly while staring into a candle flame and counting your breaths. It can be so many things. It can be a quick run in the fading evening light, gardening on a warm spring day, or even (and this is mine) your morning drive to work. 

You don’t have to keep your mind clear of all thoughts. Having a thought doesn’t mean you fail at meditation. Let the thoughts flow through your head naturally. Trying to dam the flow is both frustrating and impossible for some of us. But that’s ok! The point isn’t to stop thinking. The point is to let the thoughts flow away. To stop dwelling on one, and let it go. If it is replaced by another, that is fine, but let that one flow away naturally as well. Be present, be mindful, and do not dwell.

Music helps (me). Not just soft new-agey shit (as much as I love soft new-age shit sometimes), but loud rock with lyrics I know by heart and can sing at the top of my lungs, beat-heavy dance music that gets my blood pumping, and power-balads that make the power sing through my veins. The power in the music adds to my own power, and helps me maintain the calm mind I’m aiming for. 

Anyway. Experiment with different ways of clearing your mind, raising energy, and meditating. Don’t get focused on one way that doesn’t work for you, find a way that does, even if it’s not how anyone else does it.

Which is true of really any aspect of witchcraft. Find what works for you, and run with it my witchlings.
The 100 best footballers in the world 2016 – The Guardian - No. 1 Cristiano Ronaldo
By Guardian sport

Led by Hernán Crespo, Faustino Asprilla and Javier Zanetti, a panel of 124 experts from 45 nations compiled a countdown of the greatest male players on the planet

Cristiano was voted No.1 by 63 experts, Messi only by 30.
(full list)

It is a measure of Cristiano Ronaldo’s astonishingly consistent excellence that a year in which he won the Champions League with Real Madrid before captaining Portugal to victory at Euro 2016 is widely considered to have been a quiet one by his own preposterously high standards.

While his apparently insatiable desire to make everything from the most informal dressing-room team photo to the highlight reels of the biggest football spectacles all about him may grate more often than amuse, it is difficult to ignore the reality that football’s most preening showman is rarely found wanting … even on the rare occasions he is found wanting.

Having failed to score in the Champions League final, he stepped up to fire home the decisive spot-kick in the shootout.

After limping off in the first half of Portugal’s win over France in the Euro 2016 decider, he appointed himself de facto coach to roar, gesticulate and will his less talented team-mates to victory against the hosts.

The No1 choice of just over half of our 122 judges, this was not one of Ronaldo’s better years and he has still managed to end it with his fourth Ballon d'Or award, almost a decade after being presented with his first.

- Barry Glendenning

👏 Another day, another award. Congratulations, Cristiano! 👏

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I just read a quote from Ghostcrawler, another game designer, and I'm wondering if you feel the same way about this!: "I’m a believer in the idea that the only experts are those people who have already finished making all of the mistakes there are to be made."

I feel I am expert on Magic design and have plenty of mistakes left in my future, so no.


Jeongmin’s another talent is being able tell if girls can give birth easily by their beauty

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Wow! Omg thats really really cool! How did you make your drawings change like that? (I cried a bit when i saw hamu thats just beautiful holy shit)

super basic concepts:

  • apparently like colours are invisible next to / on top of each other
    • a white / off-white mark is “invisible” on a white bg
    • a dark mark, such as black, set to a low opacity will appear invisible next to or underneath ( ** important! it will be darker above) a solid gray matching its apparent colour
  • when placed over a differently coloured bg, colours similar to the bg dissapear
    • ie. black text disappears and white text appears on a black bg
    • on tumblr this is a translucent grey on click or blue for dragging (unless someone has a theme changing the lightbox / dashboard) and on twitter this is a solid black. personally, the solid black is the better of the two to work with

making things a little more complicated:

  • grays that are actually black set to a low opacity will show on white but not on black
  • so by setting solid line art to the colour the grays appear on the white bg, line art can be hidden in dark parts of the art that are only visible on the black bg
    • you can even add hidden shading/highlights by using different shades of gray set to different opacities that look the same shade as the other grays on the white bg, but appear different shades on black
  • likewise, whites and light grays set to low opacities will be invisible on a white bg but appear as different shades of gray on black
  • ^ this is basically how i got the tarot card to flip upside down, though bc the cards were low opacity blue+red it was a little more complicated
  • colours set to opacities other than 100% are harder to apply this to since they change colour, but clipping layers help with this

colour changes:

  • essentially guess and check all the way through
  • need to be set at an opacity lower than 100%, greater than 0%, ideally somewhere in the middle for stronger colours
  • colours can only change from lighter to darker and the the saturation will decrease
  • however they may appear to be bolder in colour than their paler counterpart
  • getting a mid-colour to go black (for example for hidden line art) is pretty much impossible unless the original colour is very light and unsaturated (ie if grays can go unnoticed in the surrounding matching solid colours) you can get close though if you’re okay with very muddy colours. dont worry so much if the hidden dark line art doesnt match up exactly with the nearby colours on the white bg
  • the same applies for trying to get a colour to appear a light gray (ie. from yellow to “gray” you’ll get a brownish colour instead)
  • you’re not going to be able to get a very strong say, blue, to become a strong red because the colours are too different
    • the best way to approach more drastic colour changes is to find a midpoint and use a gradient, and have the first colour be the lightest of the two (the larger the difference in lightness the better)
    • the colour should be more saturated that what you want, darker than the first but lighter than the second
  • the darker you want a lighter colour to become, the lower the opacity needs to be, however the colour on the white bg will become even paler

other things:

  • have a black (or whichever bg colour) set as a layer you can toggle on and off to see how things change, and lower the opacity of this layer to somewhere near 50% to see both drawings overlayed
  • having a bg that is neither white nor black (ex: blue) and set to a low opacity so that the bg changes is possible too, and follows similarly to having hidden lineart
  • draw your sketches first and see where they may overlap
  • use [protect alpha] layer setting to colour hidden line art with the nearby colours if you have lots of different layers for the colours that make up the nearby areas, or use clipping layers
  • stay away from blending modes

I hope this helps!

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Potentially, later on in life, I think I'd like to own a sheltie. However, based on some online research it seems like they require a lot of exercise? I was just wondering what you typically do for exercise with your doggos/your opinion on this? Also, is prey drive a legit concern? Or any dog aggression? Love your photography and your dogs btw

This is always a difficult question, because there’s no straight answer and it depends on what you consider “a lot,” as well as the individual dog. What I can say is that, while they’re perfectly fine taking a couple of couch days every once in a while, shelties are a breed where daily activity is not negotiable. Good news are that they are pretty adaptable, and mental stimulation is just as important as physical (if not more), so how that exercise comes about is mostly up to you! I usually say they require at least a dedicated hour of something every day, and they’ll thrive on more.

I rely mostly on off-leash walking and hiking, because that’s what I like to do. Sometimes we just walk around woods and fields for an hour, sometimes we head up the mountain and are gone for three, sometimes we run away for a couple of days and just hang out up there. She gets two break days a week (so she’ll be used to it when I get sick or swamped with work) in which we don’t leave the farm/yard and she’s entertained with chews or bones or mind games when the evening restlessness sets in. She maintains a fit body and gets to use her senses, that’s what’s important to me.

Prey drive - maybe if it’s small enough, but they generally won’t try to eat your cat. They might try to herd it, though. Dog aggression and same sex aggression are generally non-issues, but they can be reactive if nervy or poorly socialized. They’re known to do well in households with cats and other dogs.

If activity level is what you’re most worried about, you may be interested in an adult dog? Most calm down quite a bit after turning two, or at least they tend to get their indoor snooze-buttons installed around that time.


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Prompt:  “The fact that the ocean exists is proof that God is a sadist.”

A/N: Fun fact, I actually have both these phobias and have almost drowned on more than one occasion. Also this is my first Star Trek story and feed back would be much appreciated. 

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I wanna take more photos of people and friends and shit, like I have so many ideas and stuff but I’m so fucking awkward when I take photos of people like idk how to make them comfortable and how for myself to feel comfortable telling them what to do in the photos like idk im just an awkward piece of sHit and i need mentoring pls give me advice any1 asking for a m8 ://

treyco needs more fahc headcanons so here is a ramble on mute!trevor because hoooooly shit 

(thanks to @jeremydooly + @teamsssn + beth + beth 2.0 for a lot of this !!)

  • so trevor’s new to los santos. he’s known jeremy for most of his life, practically grew up with him. he’s a master infiltrator, pickpocket and an expert in knives. only problem is… he’s mute.
  • he’s over for dinner at geoff’s one time to interview, as best he can, on jeremy’s recommendation. he starts signing to himself out of habit right when he walks in- and ryan catches it. you know ASL? he signs. trevor’s smile lights up the whole room when he nods.
  • ryan becomes trevor’s translator. jeremy knows a bit of ASL, of course, but their language has always been less about words and more about feeling.
  • ryan never explains why he knows sign language. trevor never explains why he’s mute. it’s perfect.
  • trevor gets hired almost immediately. gavin frowns when he first meets him, like, “alright, who’s this pretty boy and why doesn’t he talk?” geoff hits him, trevor explains with his hands, and ryan smiles wryly. “he says he might not speak but he’s not deaf, asshole. uh. well. he didn’t say asshole. i added that one on.”

  • after a while, ryan realises he really likes messing with trevor. like, really likes it. hilarity ensues.
  • “trevor, for fuck’s sake. no. i don’t think we should ban gay marriage because i’m a decent fucking human.” RYAN, WHY WOULD I- WHY WOULD I EVER SAY THAT. “what the hell, man? you homophobic bastard!” ryan, please stop- “geoff, trevor says he’s voting for trump, can we kick him out of the crew now?”
  • after a frustrating day, trevor signs gavin can go fuck himself with an eye-roll. ryan smiles sweetly and calls out, “gavin, trevor said he wants to fuck you! uh. hm. wait, translation issue. might be the other way around.”
  • i agree with jack, trevor signs as they’re arguing over the risks of a certain heist. we really shouldn’t go raid that mansion. “so trevor’s on my side!” ryan says cheerfully. “that’s five-to-four. we’re doing the raid. yep. doing it. ow, trevor, fuck, that hurts-”
  • “what, trevor? you think we should fuck on this couch? again? what does this have to do with the heist?”
  • i think we should go on the middle of the night. “what? trevor, no, that’s stupid, obviously we should go in the middle of the night.” RYAN. okay, okay, so we should pump gas through the vents to knock out the security- “no, that’s even dumber than the last idea. what we should do is pump gas through the vents to knock out security.”
  • geoff is such a shithead, signs trevor. i know, right? dude can’t even do a pushup, ryan signs back. geoff is standing right between them, sipping at a beer, whistling.
  • trevor, for the third time that day, signs i fucking hate gavin. “what was that?” asks ryan. “hey, gavin, treyco wants to go on a date with you- hey, fuck, kid, get off’a me-”
  • and it’s good. it’s so damn good, because jokes aside, trevor finally feels like he’s found a home in this crew. because for the first time, he feels like he has a family.
Headcanon #53

Hanzo accidentally ripped McCree’s serape when he was doing laundry. He hid it from McCree and tried to fix the damn cloth, except he’s not an expert on sowing and only made it worse. He believed that this thing had a lot sentimental value for McCree. Since Genji had told him that he seen McCree wearing it when he first met him. Then he tried hide it by stuffing the the remnants of the serape into McCree’s hat, except when he was shoving it in he punched a hole through it and made his situation even worse. Accepting his fate, Hanzo went up to McCree and showed him the clothes the he destroyed. McCree had an uncaring look an just threw the clothes into a garbage can. He walked to his closet and pulled out an identical serape and hat. Hanzo took a closer look and saw that the cowboy had dozens of the same hat and serape… He immediately reacted by setting McCree’s entire closet on fire. 

on ll theres this person in my friends list and theyre so cursed i always see them in my friend activity thing and theyre level 64 but like the thing is, they havent cleared Any hard or expert songs. and only 4 normal songs. and its just like. How the FUCK . what are you doing