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basic things you should know about your main characters
  • how is their relationship with their family
  • what are their beliefs, if they have any
  • what is their motivation (preferably something unrelated to their love interest/romantic feelings, bc people care about other things, too, kthx)
  • who were they raised to be vs. who they became/are becoming
  • what are their plans for the future, if they have any
  • how do they feel about themselves and how it affects their behaviour (i mean. you can’t tell me a character is shy then have them do things shy people wouldn’t do, like?????)
  • how do they feel about things they cannot control? 
  • and last but not least: 
The Art of Studying

Use these expert tips to maximize your productivity in school!

1. Create a calming, peaceful, clean space for yourself to study. This space can be in your room, in the kitchen, at a library, at school, at a park, at a café – anywhere you feel comfortable and safe.

2. Keep your books, notes, and homework organized. Organization is crucial to academic success. 

3. Set feasible, short-term goals for every study session to boost confidence and efficiency.

4. Annotate all of your reading materials. Underline, highlight, and circle to increase retention. 

5. Always check your work and read out loud to minimize typos, grammatical errors, and bad syntax. 

6. Make color-coded flash cards for every unit in your class. 

7. Minimize distractions: time yourself for forty minute chunks during which your phone is off and your computer is away.

8. Take a break for ten minutes after every forty minutes of studying to walk, stretch, and take your eyes off your study materials. 

9. Start studying by talking out your answers to the topics. This boosts your confidence and retention.

10. Draw concept maps to see how different topics are interconnected.

11. Read out loud to yourself from course materials before going to bed to increase retention.

12. When you’re revising your writing, save every draft so you don’t lose any ideas.

13. Listen to quiet instrumental music to regulate blood pressure and reduce stress. 

Three Reasons You Need To Say 'No' More Often

Here are some thoughts to consider:

1. You’re responsible for creating your boundaries.

2. You’re not responsible for anyone else’s reaction.

3. Successful people know how to say “no.”

So here’s what you should do the next time you feel caught between wanting to make someone else happy and wanting to make yourself happy.

The occasional Friday nights when Mike and El babysit are Holly’s most favorite thing in the entire world. El patiently helps with homework and gives her expert tips for those tricky math problems. Mike insists that he’s making nothing but broccoli and all her least favorite vegetables for dinner, while he’s really ordering pizza from their favorite restaurant (half extra cheese for Holly, half pineapple for El). El braids Holly’s long auburn hair in new styles and teases Mike’s short dark hair up with butterfly clips and scrunchies. The three of them squeeze together on the couch, pizza in hand, to watch a marathon of Disney movies, in which Mike quotes his favorite lines with frighteningly accurate impressions and El badgers him into singing the duets with her because they both know he knows them by heart (when Holly’s little, she doubles over in giggles at this, but when she’s a bit older, she rolls her eyes at their silliness). Holly always protests when it’s time for bed, even if she knows it’s futile, just so Mike will instigate a tickle fight and El catches her off guard so they can carry her to bed. They have a cutthroat competition in the bathroom over who can brush their teeth the longest (somehow the two teens always seem to give up right around the two minute mark, leaving Holly as the winner). El kisses each of the stuffed animals goodnight, and Mike checks the closet routinely for monsters. Even when she’s a little older, Holly can’t shake the strange chill going down her back whenever the nightlight flickers, almost as if she’s seen something like it before, something much more sinister….But those nights with Mikey and Ellie in the house, just downstairs snuggling in their matching flannel dinosaur pajamas reading books or watching Star Wars, Holly knows deep in her heart that the monster can’t get her, and all is right in the world 

For the people writing latinx characters

I know y’al like chancla and abuelita jokes, but please consider:

  • Not all latinos are from Mexico,  Dominican Republic or other countries closer to the USA. Just because immigrants from these countries are more common on the United States doesn’t mean that they’re the only latinos that exist.
  • Not all of us speak Spanish. Latino and Hispanic are not synonyms. Brazilians are latinos too.
  • Despite what you might think, a lot of us are not familiar with the things you typically associate Latinos with. I can assure you a Chilean would have no idea of what la chancla is if it wasn’t for the memes.
  • On the same note, not all of us are from tropical, hot countries and have dark skin. A lot of us are from cold, arid places; desertic or mountain areas, or the pampa. 
  • There are more Latino stereotypes that the ones you always see. Think mountains, wearing ponchos, and llamas.
  • Not all of us celebrate Día de los Muertos.

So yeah, maybe try to write something else other than the two or three Latino stereotypes that exist in media.

anonymous asked:

I published with createspace/kindle direct publishing, but I have no idea how to market my book or get reviews. What did you do to help sell/review your book?

1.) With KDP Select you can do free ebook or countdown promotions. I recommend trying it out and letting people know on social media! Getting people to download your ebook for free and asking for reviews will increase sales.

2.) Use social media and don’t be afraid to self-promote! For example, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter as shelbysleigh. (see? ^.^) Don’t make every post about your book but definitely throw some in there so people know about it.

3.) If your book is on Goodreads, (yep, I did it again) and you’re registered as an author there, you can do a Goodreads Giveaway to promote your book!

I’m not an expert, but these tips have worked for me. Best of luck with your book sales and happy writing!

Shelby Leigh

Taking Neuroanatomy Notes

As an undergraduate neuroscience major, I have some tips for studying neuroanatomy. I’m certainly no expert, so take my tips with a grain of salt. As always, this is just how I study; these methods may or may not work for you.

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More Skype shenanigans with renrink that ended up becoming character sketches for the Underboss mafia au. She held me up at gunpoint and said i had to post these, so under great duress, here they are.

In retrospect, I guess i’ve made Muffet too old, but i couldn’t get the image of her as a rival boss monstress out of my head. She dabbles in a little bit of everything from bakeries, to textiles, to information broking, tea exports and poisons, she’s spun quite a little empire for herself in the wake of the turmoil that’s shaken the monster community. 

Aaaaaand have a happy Pap with his little smiley badge. The badge didn’t originally have a smiley face on it, but he improved it. Expert Tip: all flowers can be improved this way.


I’m still using the fuck out of this one don’t get me wrong but now I don’t have to cram all my aesthetics in one place

PS. Expert tip: post a selfie, or have one as your icon. The way they gave me access back (after someone got my password and changed the email associated with the account so I couldnt reset it) was by asking me for a permalink to a picture of me on that blog (or for my icon, but mine wasn’t me obvs) vs sending them a verification picture of me to show that they’re the same person. So if you’re worried about that shit and not worried about showing your face, you may wanna do that.

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