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Let Check Please Characters Have Different Professions 2k17

some suggestions for fields/professions/specific jobs just so we can mix things up:


  • a food critic
  • a sommelier (wine expert - he got the palate for it)
  • marketing
  • editor
  • cookbook author
  • nutritionist 
  • i know he doesn’t like to study but imagine him as a college prof please it’s so cute guys
  • literally anything other than a baker/working in a bakery/owning a bakery like i know it makes sense but let him do other things pls


  • gm for a hockey team
  • author
  • physical therapist
  • model
  • any kind of coach
  • athletic director for a university
  • the guy who comes up with those ridiculously specific stats for (ex: at one point the Blue Jackets won their last five games on dates with repeating numbers. (ex: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, etc.)
  • shout out to all the historian!jack fics out there


  • museum curator
  • literally any management position
  • gallery owner
  • industrial designer
  • graphic designer
  • jewelry designer idk
    • there’s a post somewhere about her designing nhl goalie masks and i love that idea so much but i cannot find the post
  • don’t just say she’s an artist, give her something specific to do


  • writer for How to Get Away with Murder specifically
  • law school prof
  • journalist
  • community activist/organizer
  • politician
  • lobbyist
  • there are so many subsets of law! don’t just make him a lawyer - have him do family law or immigration or environmental or contract or real estate or hell, just state if he’s in prosecution or defense 


  • nhl referee
  • sports analyst
  • hedge fund manager
  • radio personality
  • voice actor
  • auctioneer 
  • screenwriter 
  • stay at home dad


  • biomedical engineer
  • nutritionist 
  • zoologist
  • college prof (courtesy of @nicepasses )
  • something in sports medicine/orthopedics 
  • and if you do make him a doctor there are so many interesting specializations! also, remember that med school and residency take a long time - he’s not going to be an established doc until late 20′s at the earliest 
    • A L S O - Ransom is Canadian and I feel like the healthcare differences between the US and Canada will probably affect his schooling/job?? does anyone have more information about this?


  • playwright
  • journalist
  • copywriter
  • freelance writer
  • editor of either books or online publications
  • teacher or professor (he could create the Woke Poets Society)
  • defenseman in the nhl (where are the NHL!nursey fics??)


  • CIA analyst (idk where this one came from but it sounds interesting)
  • app developer
  • tech expert/the guy who reviews the newest products and tears them apart like can you imagine him grumpily telling the internet why macs are too expensive?? perf
  • handyman or mechanic 
  • nanny (does he actually have a thousand siblings or is that fandom lore?)
  • the angriest google employee


  • the new sun when ours inevitably burns out
  • honestly i’m 100000000% here for NHL chowder 
  • game developer
  • goalie coach
  • video coach for an nhl team
  • there are literally so many jobs in tech that i do not know about so I will just but the ubiquitous ‘Coder’ whatever that means
  • consultant
  • engineer

I’d like to think I know what makes a good TV show…so I have one question..why is no one talking about People of Earth?

It’s got solid reception by TV critics and the audience, and it’s even been renewed for a second season. The writing is clever, the premise is unique, the characters have quirks and none of them are perfect- they feel very human (even the alien characters, lol). It’s funny, but also suspenseful and kind of creepy, which surprised me considering it was made by the same creators of the Office and Parks & Rec. I can’t wait to see the questions brought up in the finale finally be answered. 

It’s genuinely entertaining and I hate to see a show that has such advantages basically pass under the radar. I can certainly say that I’ve not seen anything like it, and that means a lot. It also does things that a lot of TV shows don’t do and I think that they should. Here are some things it did that I liked.

  • There are women of all different body types and ages on the show and all of them are acknowledged as being attractive, but the main focus is placed on their personality and their experiences. It’s nice to see so many body types represented well on the screen. 
  • The alien characters are surprisingly fresh and they don’t speak like typical “Aliens”, they speak like us, which feels more believable. I mean, if aliens really were trying to invade for centuries, don’t you think they would have learned how to blend in on Earth at this point? 
  • One of the characters is revealed partway through the show as being gay. I think the show creators wanted it to seem surprising, since he’s a very masculine guy and he seems very rural and more small-town in terms of his values. But that shouldn’t be surprising at all. What I like is that “being gay” isn’t treated like his whole character identity. It’s relevant to the scene where it’s revealed, but “being gay” isn’t solely what his character is based on. He is gay. He is also kind. And supportive. And hard-working. And honest, even though he might say things that make other people feel uncomfortable. He’s a complete character, who is also gay. I’m so sick of seeing a caricature of gay people on TV, where the only information we know about them is their sexuality, or where their sexuality is treated as some sort of “character quirk”. When his son asks him to pick a “story” between being gay or being abducted by aliens, he says “Neither of those things are a choice.” I wish he had gotten more screen time, since he was a really intriguing character, but what can you do. 
  • The show features a Hispanic priest who was in a funk jazz band, an African American journalist who excels at his job and writes ground-breaking journalism, and a curvy African-American post-office lady who can set up freaking booby traps like, damn, that’s impressive. I want to know how to set up booby traps.  
  • One of the aliens (who is referred to with “he/him” pronouns, so I think he’s a guy) is PROBABLY IN LOVE WITH THE OTHER MALE ALIEN AND THEY SHOULD HAVE HUGGED OR SOMETHING WHILE THEY HAD THE CHANCE
  • The show’s atmosphere is very unsettling. Not exactly creepy, not even to the level of Stranger Things, but you constantly have the feeling that something more devilish is at work behind the scenes, and there is an impending doom approaching that the characters are only just beginning to grasp. Something unexpected, surprising. 
  • There is a very attractive Nordic-looking alien whose main purpose is to nurture others and give them whatever emotional/physical support they need and just be accommodating. And they could have given a woman this role but they gave it to a man, like kudos. He’s the antithesis of toxic masculinity. He’s shy and just wants the person he likes to be happy, even if he can’t make her happy. He apologizes for things that aren’t even his fault. He’s quiet and openly emotional. He’s not assertive, he’s not concerned with dominance, and he is motivated by the desire to care for others. He learns how to stand up for himself more near the end of the series but he’s still such a sweetie.
  • I never knew for sure what was going to happen next. I could sense all of the romantic implications, but that’s because my shipping sensors are so fine-tuned. But as far as the rest of the plot goes, it was a wild ride. I like being able to guess and come up with theories, instead of saying “This is going to happen, I already know.” 
  • This is a minor thing, but the colors were really fresh and bright. They seemed to pop off the screen. 
  • There was a lot of emotional moments, but nothing felt overplayed or downplayed. It was just right. The characters felt a lot of emotion, but they would only explode under the right circumstances, where it made sense with their character and the level of stress they were placed under. It felt real. And that’s saying a lot for a show about alien abductions and conspiracies. 

People of Earth fandom, take me to your leader. 

Dear artists. Weather you do Fan art, AMVs, Original work, Write fanfiction or original stuff, do fan songs, covers, fan animations or original animations, or even memes. No metter what technique you use, call it traditional or digital. No matter your skill level. What you draw

Never EVER, stop working. You are free to do what you want.
Let people know who you are, ask them reviews, feedback, signal boost your worj so others can know about you. Never let anyone tell you the oppositive to that or that you can’t do it.

If you draw anime, draw anime
If you draw cartoons, draw cartoons
If you like to do mashups, amvs, covers or fan songs, do it
If you do original work, do it
If you do fan work, do it

Stop worring of how the poeple wilk react to your work. Be your own artist, your own critique.
Song of the Summer Contenders Reviewed by Experts: Katy Perry 'Misses the Mark,' Bruno Mars 'Can Do No Wrong'
Bebe Rexha, Khalid and Perfume Genius discuss this year’s lineup of tracks

Reviewing Slide, Khalid says:

It’s a smash. What Calvin’s doing right now is amazing: all these groovy, melodic tracks. Even though it’s so funk-driven, you can hear the artist’s vibe. When we got together for [Harris’ “Rollin,” also featuring Future] he was like, “I’m not here to tell you what to do, do what you love, do what you feel you do best.” He’s super nice.

@ringabellamy: I thought I was the only one who didn’t like it :/

I tuned out after third or fourth episode, so it’s safe to say I didn’t care much for it. It felt like a 13 part PSA rather than an actual human drama where I was supposed to care about the characters - there was just nothing about it that really worked for me at all.

(Actually, I take that back - I did like Tony, whatever his deal was. Should have just made the show about his mysterious shenanigans).

My flatmate started off liking it a lot more than I did - she marathoned the entire show in one day. But when I asked her later on what she thought of it, she admitted that she’d ended up also kind of hating it because she realised about halfway through that the show was doing a pretty fucked up job of talking about the subject matter. 

And then there’s That Scene that happens in the last episode - I didn’t see it, but it made her legit angry - so yeah. You are definitely not alone in not liking 13 Reasons Why.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Do you have any tips on how to write a book review?” and honestly I’m flattered because I feel like my reviews are awful but then again I guess all writers feel that way.  In this post I’m going to share a few tips that have helped me over the past few years. I am also going to include some things you may want to incorporate into a review. Now I’m not an expert reviewer so please don’t feel like you have to conform to my style or do everything that I do. You do you.  Anyway, here are some pointers!

  • Develop a rating scale. Do you want to use stars? Letter grades? Whatever method of rating you decide on you have to take into consideration what it means to you. What makes a five star book? What makes a one star book? Once you’ve thought over this you should make a note of it and put it somewhere on your blog so your readers know what type of rating you’re using.
  • The review post itself should include the following: Cover, Title, Author, Number of Pages, the Publisher (this part is up to you but it is helpful), the Synopsis, and a Rating. Some people also like to include the dates that they read the book as well where readers can purchase the book.
  • If this book is an arc (Advanced Readers Copy) or from the author don’t forget to thank them for the book in your review!
  • Now comes the hard part. What on Earth are you going to talk about?
  1. First of all, you want to hook your reader with an opening line (sometimes I use a gif, sometimes a quote from the book) that will get them interested.
  2. You may want to talk about how you came across the book. Maybe a friend let you borrow it. Maybe the cover enticed you. Sharing what attracted you to a certain book can be helpful to whoever is reading your review.
  3. Since you’ve already given a synopsis of the book it would be repetitive to rehash what the book is about. Granted if you do decide to summarize the book again, keep it brief.
  4. Talk about what you liked and what you didn’t like. You can create a list of pros and cons if it is easiest for you. Sometimes I like to do a pro, a con, and then a pro again because I hate ending a review on a bad note. That’s just me though.
  5. You may want to discuss the following things in your review: characters, character development, world building, plots, and the writing.
  6. Conclude your review. Wrap up your review by stating if you enjoyed the book or not. What did you give it the rating that you did? You may want to include if you’d recommend it to a friend (who would enjoy this type of book?) or read the next book if it’s a part of a series.
  7. At the end of a review some people include links to the book on goodreads or where to purchase it. This is just an option.
  • Sometimes it helps to take notes while reading or highlight key things that you want to include in your review.
  • Let’s talk about the tone or your voice while writing your review. Do you want your review to be professional and business like? Or maybe you want your review to have a relaxed vibe like you’re talking to a friend. Whatever you decide on be consistent.
  • Be courteous to the author and others. Sometimes it’s hard. You read a book and it’s so awful and you want to rip it to shreds and point out all the awful flaws. You can still do that without being rude or nasty. Also NEVER, EVER, EVER berate an author. You are here to critic their book, not them. I can’t stress that enough.
  • Be honest. If you’re not going to be honest with your review it’s not fair to those reading your review.
  • Have fun and write for you! Unless you’re getting paid to write reviews, don’t take it too seriously.

So there you go! That’s how you write a book review. Hopefully some of these tips will be useful to you when you are writing your on review!  Good luck and happy blogging!!

XOXO Jessica

anonymous asked:

Why do you worship someone who isn't even a half decent vocalist

Clearly I do not agree with you about the “isn’t even a half decent vocalist” part which is why I’m a fan. And clearly that is your opinion, hence you’re not a fan. 

But perhaps you might wanna also check out all the industry expert reviews of Taeyeon’s voice and vocal performance, including the articles written by reporters who were at her recent concert in Seoul. Based on what they’ve said and written, quite a number of industry experts and reporters will also disagree with your “isn’t even a half decent vocalist” comment.

Not to say that your opinion isn’t valid ^_^

Modern AU : Internet Headcannons

((Got any of your own?? Submit them fool! I tried to take into account the characters personalities and notable traits!))

        1.) Yusuke Urameshi :  Guilty of Chain Emails, Meme Abuse, Twitter Beef and Tumblr Beef | Meme Abuser | Troll Blogger | | Ironic 4Chan User | | Hardcore Online Gamer

        2.)  Kazuma Kuwabara : Guilty of Twitter Beef and Tumblr Beef | Love Advice Blog | Separate Blog for Eikichi | | | | Hardcore Online Gamer

        3.) Kurama : Guilty of Anon Shade at Yusuke and Kuwabara | Shuichi Minamino FB (Updates solely for Shiori but doesn’t particularly like it) | All Fan Pages Bookmarked | Casual Online Gamer | Pics Used by Catfish Constantly

        4.) Hiei : *Calls the internet a “useless waste of time and effort” and a “distraction for the feeble minded masses”* | Still watches stupid you tube videos on Kurama’s computer (Exclusively to remind himself of how much he hates people he swears)

        5.) Genkai : Guilty of Serious Shade and Beef | Hardcore Online Gamer | Critical Consumer Reviewer | WOW Expert

        6.) Rando : Guilty of Art Theft and Reposts | |

        7.) The Four Beasts : Guilty of Tumblr Beef | 4 Mod Anti-Government Blog |

        8.) Rinku : Guilty of Internet Bragging and Beef | Yo-Yo Facebook Fanpage Founder | | RinkuSTAR - Youtube (Mostly Yo-Yo Tricks and Drunk Cooking with Chu)

        9.) Chu : Guilty of Idiocy | Googles EVERYTHING | Drunk Cooking Youtube Show (He doesn’t actually make it he just cooks drunk and talks to himself and Rinku films and uploads this)

        10.) Touya : Guilty of Being Easily Butt hurt / Troll bait | Reluctant Facebook User | Pandora Addiction - Mostly Instrumental Rock and Tribal

        11.) Jin : Guilty of Caps Lock and Emoticon Abuse |  Joins Every Social Media as JinnyBoyWindMaster | Aerial View Youtube Vlogs | Always Reaches Post Limit | FarmVille and Poke Request Spammer

        12.) Shishiwakamaru : Guilty of Too Many Selfies, Beef, and Anon Hate | | Morning/Hair/Face Routine Videos | Religiously Follows FB and Fan Pages/Blogs and Promotes Them | Donate Button | Amazon Wish list |

        13.) Suzuki : Guilty of Offensive Comments | | BeautifulSuzukasFace - You tube (All Make Up Tutorials) | Created Own FB Page

        14.) Toguro Brothers : *Business Listing but that is all*

        15.) Karasu : Guilty of Internet Stalking | Owner of A Kurama FB Page and a Kurama Campaign Twitter

        16.) Sakyo : Guilty of Online Gambling, Catfishing | Illicit Content Internet History | Paypal Fraud

        17.) Shinobu Sensui : Guilty of Shade, Hate, Beef | 7 Mod Anti Humanity Blog | | Demonself Otherkin (Courtesy of Hitoshi Personality/Mod) | Demon-specific SJW

        18.) Itsuki : Guilty of Shinobu Butt Pats

        19.) Kaname Hagiri : Guilty of Online Vigilantism | Casual Online Gamer | | Never Smiling in Tagged Pictures | Posts Pictures of his Kitten

        20.) Kiyoshi Mitarai : Guilty of Self Hate Posts | Follows Only Friends and Inspirational Blogs | Reblogs Inspirational Posts and Pictures of Water | | Always Looks Uncomfortable in Selfies

        21.) Tsukihito Amanuma : Guilty of Game Trolling and Hacks | Hardcore Gamer | WOW Expert | Let’s Player | GameMasterTA - Youtube | Forum Troll

        22.) Keiko Yukimura : Guilty of Too Many Likes | | Offers Homework Help | Offers Advice | Assumes Any Perverted Anon to Be Yusuke | Bookmarks Home Décor Pinterest Pages | Facebook User | Has Paypal Donate Button for Class Trips (Donates Excess to Charity) | Speaks with Kaito via FB About Recent Science Discoveries

        23.) Koenma : Guilty of Stupid Vine Videos | Has LinkedIn Professional Profile | Has Business Twitter | Secretly Runs Tumblr Blog with Stupid Vines, Colorful Gifs, and Silly Face Selfies |

        24.) Botan : Guilty of “RANDOM LOL” Blog | Reblogs - Silly Gifs, Cat Videos, Colorful Graphics, Friend Stalking, Selfies With Friends | Always Reaches Post Limit | | Shamelessly Updated Twitter | Casual Vlogging

        25.) Atsuko Urameshi : Guilty of Late Night Online Shopping | Several Dating Site Accounts (Doesn’t Remember Any)

        26.) Shizuru Kuwabara : Guilty of Watching Brother Through Social Media | Pretends Not to Notice High School Friend Requests on FB | Answers Surveys for Gift Card Points

        27.) Yukina : Guilty of Falling for Scams | Sews for Etsy (Keiko helps her) | Looks at Kuwabara’s Page to Feel Better When Sad

        29.) Yu Kaito : Guilty of Kurama Based Shade and Rivalry Stalking | Made His Own FB Page | Speaks with Keiko via FB About Recent Science Discoveries

        31.) George : Guilty of Koenma Based Shade | Part of  Ogre Centered WOW Forum (Does Not Realize it is Game Based) | Googles Shrek Frequently

        32.) Koto : Guilty of Mod Power Abuse | Runs (Self Created) Official Dark Tournament Website

        33.) Juri : Guilty of Meme Abuse | Blogs on Official Dark Tournament Website

Dark Tournament - MMORPG

aprettyvagueurl  asked:

[heavy breathing] president's son au

[summary post][teaser one]

Derek paces back and forth in the apartment he’s currently using, phone to his ear, dial tone ringing. There are bits of wire visible from the desk, what looks like some dismantled communication system. A laptop is open; on the screen are two windows, the background window is showing rapidly scrolling code, and in the foreground a grainy video is playing on a loop. A pale young man, bruising just starting to color his cheek, tied roughly to a chair as two armed and masked men stand behind him. The audio is off, but you can see his mouth moving slowly, repeating whatever edict the masked men are forcing him to say, blood trickling slowly from his lip as he blinks at the camera.

Derek takes a breath of relief when the line picks up, and a familiar voice to the American public says in a cautious, shaky tone, “President of the United States speaking." 

"Mr. President– it’s former agent Hale." 

There’s a slight pause on the line, and Derek can hear scuffling of what is probably a dozen agents or more trying to decide what to do. 

"Derek–” John says, and Derek can hear agents in the background probably bringing up his personal file or whatever information they’ve managed to keep on him since he left the Service.

“Sir, I’m sorry to hack into your private line like this, but it’s important– I know the protocol for kidnappings and your team is probably trying to put together a plan to make the exchange, but you absolutely cannot do it." 

"Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do to get my son back,” John says, voice turning cold. 

“Look, I’ve watched the ransom video over and over– they’re not planning on upholding their end of the bargain." 

"How do you know this? I’ve had experts review the video for clues of a location, anything for a possible rescue attempt and there’s none,” John says. 

“You’re forgetting I am also an expert,” Derek says. “And I know Stiles. Look at his eyes. It’s morse code." 

There’s muffled cursing in the background and Derek rolls his eyes, imagining the team frantically trying to translate. 

After a minute, John makes a spluttering noise of disbelief. "I love you, goodbye?” John says, voice shaking a little. “What is this?" 

Derek grips the phone a little tighter. "Stiles is clever. He knows something, must have seen their faces, figured as soon as the kidnappers had the money he’d be useless to them and–”

“They’re going to kill my son,” John says, horrified. 

“Not if I can help it,” Derek says.