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Can we talk about Finn for a minute? I keep reading that Finn gets described as “flat” or “boring” by some in the Star Wars fandom. Obviously everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But I’ll tell you, from my perspective? He’s one of the most unique, charismatic Star Wars characters out there. 

1. Finn humanized stormtroopers. Made us experience panic and terror at the terrible choices they have to make. Stormtroopers, who were practically a joke in the other movies - white plastic statutes that existed just to get shot and clatter into a pile.

2. Finn’s flight with Poe Dameron is an explosion of emotion. That scene blew me away. Both of them had so much fun with it, and you can see Finn feel the real impact of having a name, rather than being a number. 

3. Finn is profoundly empathetic and protective. Hell, I swear he cares about BB8 when he has to describe the plane crash, and Poe’s “death”, to the droid. 

4. Finn shows tremendous range in this movie. Traumatized (stormtrooper battle), jocular (”you got a boyfriend?”), joyous (”that’s one hell of a pilot”), wistful (”Take care of yourself. Please.”), angry (ligthsaber battle), I could go on. I like Luke Skywalker as much as the next fan, but I think Finn shows more range in this one film than Luke did in all three. 

5. Finn’s story arc is powerful, subversive, and inspiring. Going from a number to a name. Finding a family after being taken from his home as a child. Turning his back on the First Order and then realizing he needs to go further, and embrace the cause of the Resistance.

6. Finn’s relationship with Rey. I’m gonna get choked up about this, so I’ll just say John Boyega is an amazing actor, and I loved every scene he had with Daisy Ridley. 

Anyway that’s my fangirling contribution. To me, Finn’s amazing. 

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It’s trans people ― not cis people ― who experience real terror when faced with everyday, ordinary activities. It’s trans students ― not cis students ― who are robbed of the chance to get a good (or even mediocre) education because of the distractions and drama orchestrated by folks who have nothing better to do than work themselves up into small-minded fervors over what genitals belong where. And too often it’s trans people ― not cis people ― who are attacked and murdered because of who they are.
—  There’s An Insidious New Plot To Make Trans Kids’ Lives Hell | Noah Michelson for the Huffington Post Queer Voices
Safety and protection with fae

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I personally love the fae, but I know many people would rather stay far away (and of course it’s very important to know safety guidelines whether you do or not!) so here’s some information I’ve collected.

From many different sources:

  1. Never use your real name when interacting with fae, or they can take control over you
  2. Always be polite and respectful and do your best not to offend. Remember, better safe than sorry
  3. As a general rule, don’t eat food when visiting the fae realm. This will make you a captive, unable to leave, and often the food isn’t as wonderful as it may seem, and only glamoured rocks, mud and sticks. (It’s said faeries will take offense if you don’t accept food they offer to you in our own world though)
  4. Do not think yourself more clever than them or try to swindle them; you will end up in very hot water
  5. You may not want to accept faerie money.. as again, it is often glamoured and will turn back into leaves and acorns soon after
  6. Do not blindly intrude were you are not wanted (fairy rings, sacred faerie places, etc) Always ask first and respect their answer!
  7. Should you find you’ve wandered into a place where you feel strong malevolent energy or evil presence and experience “faerie terror”, back away slowly, don’t run or you might get lost. Send out your good will, and if you can, throw up a bubble/egg ward to protect yourself
  8. Do not to take the fae lightly or seek them half-heartedly. Take care not to act as if they were weak, harmless or lenient. It is very foolish to underestimate them. Faeries are not strictly good or evil (neither are humans), and respect and caution are always best
  9. Salt and iron (tools made from iron, a nail in your pocket) are traditional faerie deterrents
  10. Three leaf clovers can be carried as a protective charm, and four leaf ones can break through faerie magic or allow you to see hidden fae (note some traditions say you should have multiple clovers as each will only work once)
  11. Wearing St. John’s Wort will give you strong protection from faerie magic
  12. As will wearing a daisy
  13. Carrying a rowan twig, or hanging one over your door, that was collected on Betaine may bring protection
  14. Flipping your clothes inside out can prevent faerie mischief by its unexpectedness 
  15. Visualisation wards can be effective
  16. Scatter primrose petals outside your door to keep faeries at bay by creating a barrier
  17. If you hear bluebells chime it is a warning that danger or faerie enchantments are near
  18. Putting a daisy chain on a child is said to protect them from being taken as a changeling
  19. Forget me nots can be used for faerie protection
  20. If you’re friendly with any other faeries, you may ask them for protection against ill-willed fae
  21. Faeries will avoid gardens with tomato plants
  22. Make a bundle of twigs from the trees of the faerie triad, oak ash and thorn, and carry it for protection (it will only work if they’re bound together, if separate, they are an invitation to the fae)
  23. One traditional faerie protection is placing mirrors throughout your home
  24.  Cats may chase away faeries
  25. The sound of heavy iron bells and chimes may drive them away
  26. Leaving out gifts of honey and milk can appease the fae if you wish them to leave you alone

Also: 40 ideas for connecting with faeries

Dating Ravus Headcanons (Ravus x Reader)

This is my second time really diving into Ravus as a character. Hopefully it’s all good. This ended up a bit longer than expected. Help, I’m in deeper than I first believed. 

Thank you to @itshaejinju​ and @stephicness​ for their writings and helping me slowly fall for this man. Ravus needs more love. Expect more things with him in the future <3 Let’s get to it. 

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  • It had been several, long years after Tenebrae’s annexation when you first met Ravus Nox Fleuret.
  • You were just a simple citizen of Niflheim who undertook a job as a medic for the Imperial army,  as he was only an Imperial Army Officer at the time.
  • The instant you locked eyes on his heterochromatic eyes, one of blue and one of purple, you knew you were in love.
  • You were never one to believe in the stories of “Love at First Sight” and nor was he, but yet you both approached each other with extreme enthusiasm. I suppose Love at First Sight does exist?
  • You have heard much about him. You learned from several others that his demeanor is nothing more than stoic and unwelcoming…. but you never picked up that vibe from him at all.
  • He stuttered on his words as he tried to spark a conversation with you.
  • Within a number of weeks you and the ex-heir to the Tenebrae Throne began your romantic relationship.

  • Within a year into the relationship, Ravus was made the Niflheim’s Commanding Officer in the army. His duties became more numerous and extraneous.
  • He also began to believe that his position in the army would eventually put you in danger. Not only from enemies of the Empire, but Niflheim itself. 
  • He never disclosed this information to you, but privately asked you to step down from your job as a medic. 
  • At first, you were infuriated by his suggestion, but soon saw his recommendation was more than just that. He was worried about something.
  • Your trust in him being never-ending, you stepped down as ordered. 
  • Ravus is rather protective of you, often leading you and everyone else to believe he is possessive. He has lost many family members unexpectedly and unfairly, therefore he wants you protected at all cost. He wouldn’t know what to do if any harm came to you.
  • He likes to keep his work with the Empire separate from your relationship. You never ask many questions outside of “How was your day?” when he returns to you from work. 
  • This does not mean secrets are kept during your relationship.
  • Ravus really trusts you more than anyone. He only wishes for you to not be involved in the Empire’s Political Affairs and you respect his wishes. 
  • Each and every night you assisted Ravus take care of his Magitek Arm.
  • Ravus is a very cleanly, organized man and likes to make sure his prosthetic is in tip top condition each night. Though it’s certainly a tough job for him to complete once the arm is removed.
  • When you found out he tried to care for the prosthetic with only his remaining human arm, you stepped up to take the duty of caring for his arm. 
  • You have become quite good at spotting issues on the arm. If you spot an issue, you fix it immediately. 
  • You also clean the arm every night while Ravus in the shower.
  • The man likes to take very long, hot showers to windedown after a grueling day. This allows you the opportunity to make sure everything is in order with his arm and uniform.
  • Though you do these things every night, Ravus is always pleasantly surprised by your actions. He is more than appreciative for the things you do for him. 
  • Surprisingly, once the two of you are in bed and ready to dose off, you do not carrying on conversation. Ravus simply crawls closer to you and wraps his remaining  arm around your abdomen and holds you close.
  • He loves to bury his head in your hair from behind. 
  • He loves the smell of you hair and is constantly trying to figure out how you get it to smell so good. You use the same shampoo, what the heck–do you use magic?!
  • Ravus often experiences horrible nightmares. 
  • His night terrors often consist of reliving his mother’s death.
  • Other nightmares consist of losing his beloved sister, Lady Lunafreya.
  • He awakes with a start, shooting up from bed. 
  • You sit up beside him and rest your head on his strong shoulder. You hush him with sweet nothings until he is able to calm down and fall back into a dreamless sleep.
  • He often takes you as his date to Balls and Dinners taking place at Niflheim’s Palace. 
  • He is at your side with a gentle arm around your waist. As much as he loves keeping you and his work separate, he likes to show you off. 
  • You blush as he boasts about you and he gives a sweet peck on your red cheeks stating, “Don’t be embarrassed, my sweet.”
  • You love watching him in his prime:  being around guests of political importance… no matter how much he secretly hates them.
  • You often find yourself making quiet comments about those you know he dislikes, he holds back his urge to laugh and scold you quietly with a loving kiss on the ear.
A (probably not) final note on Sunless Sea

It is with intense satisfaction that I would like to report that after 130 hours of playing this over the course of two years (and seven dead captains, to boot) I have completed the main story of Sunless Sea! By “main story,” I mean the ambition called “Your Father’s Bones,” which you can choose at the start of a game. (This ambition has a narrative hook: you’re looking for the final resting place of your departed father. Whereas the other starting ambitions are essentially opportunities to explore freely while amassing fictional money or items that will eventually allow you to end your game with a win if you choose. So, the Father’s Bones option seems like a “main story” to me.) I confess that playing through this ambition was very much a “journey not the destination” sort of experience. The ending of the story is entirely fine, and beautifully written. But the true appeal of this storyline is in the subplots you have to follow while collecting a series of rare items. True, a fair chunk of the quest falls under the category of that hoary old video game trope “find X things.” But seldom does a quest to find things result in such rich storytelling. I got to know my ship’s gunnery officer a bit, and realized he’d built munitions for some truly shady people. I aided in my chef’s training and watched as he prepared a meal for a retinue of the living drowned. I hunted a ship crewed entirely by spiders. And it was all expressed through, bar none, the best written prose in the industry. I say this every time I write about this game, but Sunless Sea and its sister title Fallen London are the only games I’ve played with a distinctive and sure-handed approach to language that rivals literature. The humour, terror, characterization and poignancy of the various stories contained within this game all arise from the writers’ ingenious and idiosyncratic use of English. It’s a thing to behold. I will likely put aside Sunless Sea for a while now (and perhaps take up Fallen London in a more serious way), but I’m sure I’ll return to it at some point. I still feel as though I’ve only made a cursory survey of many of its moving parts. I don’t understand the full significance of the island of mute exiles in the north. I don’t understand why the locals at Mutton Island, just off the coast of London, suddenly started acting so weird. And I definitely don’t understand where the terrifying artificial sun in the corner of the map came from. Plus, I haven’t really dove into (excuse the pun) the excellent Zubmariner expansion, which has a starting ambition of its own. I think I’ll make it my goal to finish at least one more ambition in Sunless Sea before the sequel, Sunless Skies comes out. I never tire of this game, and I increasingly love the parts of it that annoyed me at first — namely the long, slow trips from port to port — best of all. While these moments can become extremely stressful under certain circumstances, they are usually fairly placid. This lends a contemplative element to a game that otherwise serves up plot pretty swiftly. Like baseball, I suppose. For a game that is so concerned with (and so effective at simulating the experience of) abject terror, it can feel curiously therapeutic to play. Sunless Sea is for me the most magnificent escape into an alternate universe that gaming has ever offered. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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May I request a scenerio where reader suffers from chronic night terrors that happen nearly every night, and they try to avoid telling the others so they won't be seen as a burden, but one night Lance finds out and spends a whole night telling them funny stories and cuddling with them just to make them feel better? Thanks! 😊

;;sorry for the wait !!!!!!! its been sitting in the drafts for forever and i forget which one of us were planning on doing it so i just took up the job fiskjfs - mod danny

[Name] wished the ground would open up under their feet and swallow them whole. Lance stood in front of them at the doorway of their room, an indigo blue blanket draped over his shoulders as he gave a shiver.

“[Name], please?” He whined, puppy eyes insufferable. He’s not far from dropping to his knees at this point, “The air conditioning in my room isn’t working, and Coran said he’d rather fix it in the morning - so you’re just going to let me sleep out in the hallway?”

“Yeah.” [Name] replied dryly, hoping the anxiety wouldn’t interfere into their tone. They don’t want to turn Lance away like this, but in the end it’d be better for the both of them. [Name] wouldn’t end up waking Lance up with their nightly sweating and trembling, and Lance would stay just like he is: clueless. And that’s how [Name] would always want it. The night terrors didn’t concern anyone else, and if they ever did, [Name] would be labeled as a wuss. Or even worse, an actual liability to the team…

“But - why?” Lance inquired, raising a guilty eyebrow, “I thought we were on same-room terms by now.”

[Name] stiffened, “It’s not that. Just - I’m not a good sleeper, alright? Odds are I’ll wake you up one way or another.”

Lance studied them, another question arising on his tongue but [Name] moves to shut the doors. But a hand is reaching out to stop them from closing, and Lance’s eyes are serious this time.

“I’ve noticed - anyone could tell you aren’t getting a lot of sleep. What’s the reason?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“It is now! I’m worried about you.”

“Don’t be.” [Name] felt a painful tug at their heart with Lance’s words, and they can feel a few emotions knocking ominously at the door, “Look, if I tell you why, will you keep it from the rest? It’s…pretty personal.”

Lance’s gaze softened, a rare earnesty on his features, “Of course you can tell me.”

Lance ended up staying in their room that night. They talked for what felt like an hour, resurfacing [Name]’s experiences with the night terrors throughout their life, how they’ve managed through it all, and what night terrors are in their entirety. Once the topic was reduced to dust, and not a thing was a secret anymore, it just came natural to grow close to one another, legs tangled and bodies close on top of the warm covers. Lance could feel the discomfort radiating off of them, definitely not used to talking so much about their night terrors. But it was relieving to finally get some things off of their chest, knowing that Lance was here to listen and help them sort through their worries. But after a while, when they were still feeling relatively down about the whole thing, Lance resorted to getting their mind off of it all together.

“One time, when Hunk and I shared a room back at the Garrison-” Lance was on his third story by now, soft smile on his lips as [Name] nestled their cheek against his chest, face still red from giggling. The cold atmosphere was gone now, replaced with only warm, meaningful touches on the other and laughs that are far from forced, “He sleepwalked, like, for the third night in the row and he wandered around the room, knocked down a few stuff, then accidentally hit the emergency button by the door - all the students in that block had to evacuate. And to this day Commander Iverson has no clue that Hunk was responsible for that false alarm at 2AM in the morning.”

[Name] laughed, eyes growing glassy as Lance chuckles along with them, playing absentmindedly with their hair. The funny stories had started coming naturally to him now, and he doesn’t mind giving [Name] a few information that could be used for blackmail against his friends, because they’re laughing and smiling and that’s all that matters.

Half Bitten: Part 2

Prologue  Part 1

Scenario: A vampire!Jimin AU

A/N: I thought long and hard about how I wanted this storyline to go. I could keep it basic or actually attempt a decent plotline with it. I thought about it so hard I ended up dreaming about freaking vampire Jimin, and from that this idea was created. I hope to keep it suspenseful and interesting. I hope you all enjoy. Much Love, Jenn @blue1928

Genre: Jimin x Reader

Words: 2571

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

It felt like the Mojave had taken up residence in your mouth. You were on your third glass of water, eyes peeking over the edge of the glass at Jimin’s position. It had been his request that you go to the diner down the block. There wasn’t much you could do in the way of arguing with him. I mean how could you argue with a…

No. You still hadn’t been able to acknowledge the possibility. It seemed so ludicrous. Mythical creatures were meant to be fairy tales, some little nightmares that you told over campfires. You were tempted to ask him if he was real if that meant the boogeyman was real too. You didn’t though. You could only handle so many traumatizing truths at a time.

You set down the glass and tucked your hands between your legs. Your gaze landing on him and skittering away until you noticed a smirk creeping back on his face.

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How does UF Sans deal with the resets? Does he get angry, or is he sad bc he knows it means Frisk died? (P sure dying is painful as all hell) Also, does Paps know about the resets?

(With booze. Lots of booze.) 

Nah, kinda like Undertale Sans, he’s only slightly aware of resets, but the recurring nightmares and deja vu are enough to let him know that its happening. Paps is also aware of resets, although to a much lesser extent than his brother. He also experiences night terrors and occasional familiarity. 

About a month ago I was at work when my boss sent me a message with a link to a local news article.

The headline of the article read “Police investigate double homicide near [NAME OF MY STREET]”

This was before we had moved into town, so our home at that time was in the middle of the woods and there were very few people who lived near us. Also, most of the neighbors I knew weren’t typically home during the day.

My wife and youngest daughter, on the other hand, ARE usually home most of the day. And our home had been broken into less than six months prior to this.

It didn’t take more than a second for me to start fearing the worst.

I immediately hung up the work call I was on and called my wife’s cell. No answer.

My blood ran cold. I was in a blind panic. I started reading through the article my boss had sent me to glean any information I could about the “unnamed victims.”

It probably only took me about 30 seconds to find that the two victims were both men, but that half a minute felt like half a lifetime. Afterwards I could finally breathe again.

I’m telling this story because someone I consider a friend had to suffer through a similarly frightening experience today. Except instead of waiting 30 seconds to find out everything was OK, it took an hour for my friend.

So I just want to send this message to my friend: @isharton I am so SO sorry you had to experience that kind of terror and uncertainty today on behalf of your brother. That kind of scare is absolutely awful, and its effects can last longer than some might expect. Be gentle with yourself today. Your emotions have had a major workout, so give them all the rest you can.

And please don’t hesitate to reach out to those who respect you, admire you, and want to support you.

so this kid wants to be the ‘top hero’, a profession supposedly meant to be helping other people, and yet he thinks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of being a vicious, spiteful bully who likes to hurt other people (physically and verbally) to ‘put them in their place’????

…you know, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure there’s a major disconnect right there.

…the terror the ego feels in contemplating the dissolution of boundaries between self and world not only lies behind the suppression of altered states of consciousness but, more generally, explains the suppression of the feminine, the foreign and exotic, and transcendental experiences.
—  Terence McKenna - Food Of The Gods
An Analysis of Realistic Characters and How They’ve Changed Modern Media

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. After viewing The OA, Stranger Things and One Punch Man it’s become apparent that the strongest suits of these shows are the characters and the way they react to their situations.
AHH! I love these shows so much and the impact that they’ve had on my storytelling abilities. I thought I’d do a bit of an analysis on the ideas I’ve come to find super helpful and very enlightening! Especially for people who want to write stories or get better at writing stories!
[For each of these points I’m going to illustrate examples from each show individually just for organization’s sake. Beware there are spoilers.]


All of these characters are extremely complex, and it’s hardly ever represented through words. The show guides you through these lives using visual cues and soft interactions. It illustrates the purest forms of human connection. 
I think my favorite is Steve. Because I have had so many Steves in my lifetime. Someone who seems angry and disgruntled. Someone who finds that violence is the only solution to his problems. The very definition of a bully, and in shows that flatten their characters, this would be the only traits you see.
Yet… OA picks him first. Out of anyone. He’s first. She brings magic in his life and he becomes gentle. The other side of him emerges, and you can understand why he acts the way he does. 
The OA strongly illustrates what we are as humans, rather than how we are defined by stereotype. 

I’d also like to take a moment and illustrate Hap. To be completely honest, he is probably one of the scariest antagonists I have ever been introduced to. The reason why he is so effective as a villain is because he is realistic. His evils are justified to him, “It’s for very important research.” He even expresses remorse at times, but you can see him struggle to ignore it and push forward. People like this really exist. Hap was just a passerby who got off a train among millions of other people. He found OA by complete accident, he pretended to be her friend by showing her things and giving her extravagant foods and to him, it was all so easy. 

The most pivotal moment, is when OA realizes she was betrayed… He took advantage of her so easily and it’s something that really happens to people all around the world. Every. Single. Day.

Stranger Things

My favorite thing about this show are the actors. They did such a brilliant job at portraying emotions. ST has so many common features with The OA when it comes to exposition, it’s why it’s a close second on my list of favorite shows. The whole world is tangible and each character’s personalities give insight to the reasons why they operate.
Again, I’m going to take a character that was originally irritating and personally, someone I hated when first experiencing the series.
God! THEY WERE SO GOOD AT TRICKING YOU INTO HATING HIM! He was such an asshole at first! For goodness sake, his character introduction paints him as this drunkard who won’t give two shits about who you are or what your problems are. Yet, we’ve all met someone like him before, perhaps some guy at a bar or some horrid customer you’ve come into contact with. 
But, Jim isn’t that guy… and the writers so elegantly transitioned into that. He essentially becomes the guy you’re rooting for. His actions and his indignant personality are a key to his success and it becomes clear that even if he’s an asshole, he’s an asshole in all the right ways.

One last example I’d like to bring up is when Joyce answers the phone for the first time. You could just hear the gargling and fuzziness of the phone, It sent chills through my whole body. The way the actress reacted was perfect. A gasp of disbelief and shuddering. It was one of those scenes that brought tears to my eyes in an instant and not because I was sad or moved but because I was literally terrified. If I were in Joyce’s position, my son was missing and I happened to heard this horrible noise with the small faint breathing of my son on the phone, I’d probably experience true terror in that instant. Where your body just washes over in a cold sweat. 

One Punch Man

Okay, time to tone down the seriousness for a second, because not all shows have to carry heavy undertones. One Punch Man is like, the coolest anime I’ve ever watched, and not just for the action or the aesthetics. It’s Saitama. Before, he was this crestfallen businessman. The world threw him out and in turn, he’d gained a cynical attitude. It was until he realized that he could be better than he was and even when he had worked at it and became the best of the best. No one appreciates him or even knows his name. I believe this is a strong allegory to those who have put a tremendous amount of effort into things but are thrown out just because they don’t have as much experience as a few other people which leads to a pretty fucked up system. 
Yet, Saitama kind of doesn’t give a fuck. I mean sometimes he does. But the majority of the time he really doesn’t. Yet, my favorite thing about him is that he’s got this nice contrast of God-like power yet, he still lives in an apartment eating ramen noodles and reading manga like everyone else. 
He’s relatable because he makes you feel powerful as a normal person. Saitama doesn’t need special gadgets, he wasn’t born a super hero and hell, he didn’t even know about the Hero Association until later in the show. 
Just by doing 100 Sit-Ups, 100 Squats, & 10KM Running (6.2 miles) every single day, he’s more powerful than the heroes who were born with special abilities. He’s just a normal, average guy. Being a hero for fun. 

As the final push, I’d like to illustrate that shows like these cater so strongly to the individual. It’s a nice chance to get away from the stereotypical “bad guy, good guy, action, romance” formula. Obviously, there are plenty of other shows that do a good job of illustrating this and there are probably so many other examples I could use. However, I felt these were the strongest models for storytelling. The media world is moving in such a good direction,I believe if we keep up the trend of utilizing visual exposition and complex characters as well as a universal mindset of “It’s exhausting to exist, yet there are so many beautiful things that happen every day,” we’ll find a much more empathic society. 
(This is just a rant of mine. Perhaps it was useful. Perhaps not, but I really enjoyed writing it. I think it’d be fun to write more about interesting concepts of different media, so… thanks a lot for reading!)


I am muslim. Not the same as terrosris. Do you trust me? I trust you!

This is so beautiful!

Chateau d’Onterre, The Haunted Chateau

Disclaimer: Most of this is completely canonical knowledge. Speculative information is labelled as such. There are sources for the canon information and I’ve gathered from every source that I could. This includes: Codice (Lord d’Onterre’s Journal, Superstitions, and A Torn Diary), In-game Texts [Not filed in the Codex] (An Apology, Cook’s Diary, Lord d’Onterre’s Beast, A Reminder, and Secret Reading) and Dragon Age Inquisition: Chateau d’Onterre Quest.
Nothing is taken from an unreliable sources (i.e. Wikipedia).

As the story of the Chateau is rather vague, this post does contain speculation on some of the fuzzier details and is marked as so. Though I try to be as close to canon as I can. And while I tried my best to make this easy to read and comprehend, the events themselves are a bit hard to explain and so the event explanation might be choppy or weirdly worded in parts. For that I apologize.

Warning: Mentions of Child Abuse and drowning below the Read More

Chateau d’Onterre is located in the Dales of Orlais, specifically the area known as The Emerald Graves.

The d’Onterre Family
The d’Onterre family was a noble family with a very pristine reputation and name.They were also known for their extravagant parties and unyielding faith in the Chantry and The Maker (as seen through their many painting, statues, and altars).

Known d’Onterres

  • Jeanette d’Onterre, Matriarch of House d’Onterre
  • Nanette d’Onterre, Beautiful Rose of House d’Onterre
  • General Mathieu d’Onterre, Feared by Dog Lords
  • Antia Chayeau, Beloved Grand’mére (Grandmother)
  • Abel d’Onterre, (Speculation) Lord d’Onterre and Father of the Child*
  • Colette d’Onterre, Lady d’Onterre and Mother of the Child

*Abel d’Onterre is the only d’Onterre portrait that does not come with an explanation and appears several times, most of the time in crucial locations (The Study). This leads me to believe, he may be the current Head of the House.

Summary of the Events
The d’Onterres were blessed with a daughter, but cursed by their daughter’s magic. After years spent torturing her emotionally, mentally, and physically in hopes to smother her magic, their daughter was given a talisman. Though the talisman was meant to protect their daughter, it instead lured in a demon that threatened to possess the child. Which would result in the deaths of the family, their friends, and their staff.

Leading Up To The Events of Chateau d’Onterre

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