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Hey Scott... how do you get so many notes...

Aloha :D

I can’t really answer this IC because it’s more of a Tumblr issue than an RP question. I’ve been making GIFs and stuff here since 2010 and I’ve learned a few things along the way.

[Disclaimer: this is based on my experiences as a GIF maker and a roleplayer. Obviously everybody’s experiences differ and this isn’t a bible. It’s just advice]

1. It’s really hard not to, but do your best not to care about the number of notes something gets. It’s really easy to get obsessed with that lil number in the corner, but then posting begins to feel like a chore. Concentrate on having fun and any notes you get are just a bonus. It’s a hard lesson to learn but once you get over that hurdle, life becomes good again <333

2. Use tags wisely. Only the first 5 tags on your post will show up when other people search for stuff so make them count. Posts made by new accounts don’t tend to show up in the tags for a while, probably to deter spammers. If you’re a new account, it might be best to tag your original content with ‘mine’ or something so people know you’re not reposting.

3. DON’T repost other peoples’ work. Just don’t. There’s no excuse for it. If it’s not yours, don’t post it. It WILL be noticed, it WILL upset the person you stole from and they WILL remember it. So just don’t even go there <333 Don’t do that awful thing some people do where they find a GIF using the GIF search function and then post it without any kind of commentary. It’s very obviously done to get notes without actually putting any effort into creating original content and it’s kinda gross. Good Tumblr etiquette will earn you friends and with friendship comes good times.

4. Good Tumblr etiquette is important. Tag things that might cause others distress. Tag fanfics with abuse in them. Tag flashing GIFs that might cause a seizure. Tag your rants and make use of the ‘read more’ feature. Be considerate towards others and you’ll go far <3333

5. Make friends with people. If you want notes, do your best to give notes to others. Be nice :D Give nice feedback or just send an ask to say hi. Most people on here love to chat but are too nervous to approach others. Try saying hi and see what happens :D (And I recommend using the ask or direct message system because it’s really hard to reply to comments on posts.)

6. if in doubt, ask. If you want to know what episode a GIF was from, send an ask. If you’d like to make something based on something someone else made, just ask. If you want to roleplay with someone, send them an ask first. It breaks the ice and lets that person know that you respect them, value their opinion and that you’re polite. That usually leads to good times <333

7. Last but not least, make stuff. Have fun :D

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hi! I'm not sure what your policy is about requests, but have you done the parallel between king bumi throwing something at aang to get him to airbend, and meelo throwing something at bumi ii to get him to airbend? I tried to make a post like this myself but I have no experience making gifs.

Hey, I’m cool with requests. 

I think I already have a reblogged version of that in my queue. 

The first four!!

[Set 2] [Set 3] [Set 4]


If you put that ball on that machine while it wasn’t spinning, it would just roll straight down the lower sides. 

The raised edges would keep it in the middle line, but it’s only controlled in one direction. By spinning it, you constantly alternate the position of the tall sides, meaning that the ball is held in the middle, never able to fall off.

Particle accelerators control particles in the same way. Magnetic or electric fields can only direct particles in one plane at a time, so to keep a beam of particles rushing down a particle accelerator in one focused stream, the current gradient must constantly oscillate. This means the particles are constantly held in place, never able to shoot off in one direction.

Here’s the same principle in action: these are tiny pollen grains being held in place by an oscillating field. Rods in the four corners of the beam establish a field that oscillates many times a second to keep the pollen trapped. If it didn’t constantly switch, the pollen would all fly off in one direction.

Watch the full film with Dr Suzie Sheehy for more.