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“It’s the type of performance that drives one to incessantly wonder, ‘What is she thinking?’ But this is uncertainty shrouded in personal mystery, not vagueness. And like the headiest and most involving mysteries, Keough refuses to settle for any quick and tidy resolutions, luring us in without ever emerging too far from her own protective shell. In this instance, answers hardly matter. Her suspense is enthralling enough.”

Here’s why Riley Keough’s breakout performance on The Girlfriend Experience deserves Emmy consideration, by Matthew Eng

Phil’s Livestream // 2.23.17

He’s wearing his NASA shirt

“Have a cup of tea. Hang out with me!”

Storm Doris has attacked a wheely bin outside

His plants have been gaining leaves he’s doing something right

Trampoline videos

“Tie some bricks to it”

He worries about cats and dogs during storms he hopes your cats are okay

“Calm down. Have a green tea. Stop being so stressed.” him @ the storm sky

He got a haircut today at his house (sides are short but not shaved)

They talked about dogs

He finds hoovering quite fun

Hoover Fantasies 

Phil’s Liveshow Haul

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His hippo lamp

He looked up the most dangerous animals (hippo is #4)

Hippo facts

Pictures vs memories discussion

The Impossible Quiz was exhausting

Probs not Impossible Quiz #2

“Don’t watch me in jail”

He froze for a minute (or it was a really good mannequin challenge can’t tell)

He melted a bit of his NASA shirt while ironing rip

7 new planets discussion 

“Maybe just leave them alone if they’re happy, you know?”

He gets very excited at the idea of space giraffes 

Lots of universe discussion

Shrimp Prince

He’s seen Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, and La La Land but Arrival was his favorite 

What fictional universe would you rather live in 

Shrimp Prince of the Rings

Itchy nose

He got a navy blue jumper with a geometric bird on it that he may wear in his next video

He also got the “scent of happiness”

No bad cinema experiences this time 

Pastel edits irl

He likes his black hair a lot so he won’t be changing it soon

“I’ve already got a toddler called Dab”

He’s loving Final Fantasy XV


“Could’ve used more diversity”

He took the troll wig Dan mentioned to the charity shop soz

He ate the moss surrounding his cocktail oops

He saw Book of Mormon with his parents 

Horse Prince

New gaming video tomorrow

It’s kind of long but also a Dan vs Phil

They’re going to an Oscar’s party so hopefully he can stay awake

The couple that made him bonk his head on the window

The coffee table is out to get him 


They watched Speed and Speed 2 Cruise Control 

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They’re still working on the pastel merch

They’re going back to Australia coolforsummerfest.com.au 

He’s going to watch Bates Motel again 

He’s watching Riverdale and Homeland 

“I hope you have a great weekend”

“I’ve hoped you’ve had a great evening. Thanks for choosing to spend it with me.”

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I took my dad to watch “Love, Simon” one week after coming out. #Awkward

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So yeah… that happened. I took my dad to the cinema to watch Love, Simon just after a week on coming out to him.

So I can’t talk for every gay or bi guy, but coming out to your father is one of the most nerve-racking things you have to do. Maybe because you feel like you’ll disappoint him or he just won’t accept this about you. 

A little back story about my dad: he’s in his late 50s, hardcore Catholic, very conservative, married with my mom for more than 25 years now, etc. but also a very loving and caring Dad. I think that my relationship with both of my parents is a very good one, in fact I do a lot of stuff with my dad, we fix things, we build stuff, we even play sports together. I think out of my 2 straight brothers and me, I’m the closest to him. The point is that I have a good relationship with him… also with my mom obviously in a different way, I can’t complaint about my parents. 

I’m not gonna go into details with my coming out story yet, I’ll leave that for another post. But a few months ago, I came out to my parents, both of them hardcore catholics. So it was a huge shook for them. Surprisingly I was more nervous to tell my mom than my dad, and in fact my dad even if he couldn’t understand he was and he is still trying, my mom is a bit in denial still but she’s trying too. So this happened on April and the movie “Love, Simon” was in the theatres at the time so I wanted to watch so badly! and I didn’t want to end up watching it on streaming… I wanted the full cinema experience because for me this movie was huge. By that time I had only came out to two of my best friends and they were both straight guys so I couldn’t take them to the cinema to watch that movie because they would’ve gotten judged and I didn’t want that for them so I never even considered asking them. So of course there was the option on going by myself, but I just felt like I couldn’t do it alone. I took the courage and asked my Dad cause I was sure that my mom wasn’t ready yet. It took me a while to convince my dad but he ended up accepting. I’m not gonna lie haha It was a bit weird being with my dad watching that movie… I’m 24 going with my dad to watch a gay high school movie… anyway there were literally 5 people in the whole room… 

My dad actually enjoyed the movie. He wasn’t ready for the kissing scenes though, I could tell by the look on his face but I totally get it… this was a week after me coming out. What I loved about going to that movie with him is that he actually took some words from the movie in order to make me feel better about myself, he even quoted Simon’s mom when she said “you are still you…” and that coming out of my dad’s mouth meant so much to me. So that’s basically it

To my dad: I love you so much.