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fuck i think im lesbian

I know how scary and confusing it felt for me when I first started coming to terms with my sexuality and realized that I’m not straight, and I can’t begin to understand what it’s like for you, since all of our circumstances are very different, but I want you to know that it’s really okay, and that loving women is nothing to be ashamed of. Queer women are beautiful and important and valid, and our romantic and/or sexual attraction to women is something really special, something that’s just for us. Personally, the most intense, blinding love I’ve ever felt has been for a woman, and she’s the one I’m planning to build my life with, and it’s something that still manages to knock the wind out of me and fills me with hope. And even though the media’s representation of happy, loving queer women is abysmal, I promise that it’s possible to be a happy wlw and find someone with whom you’re comfortable and feel free to explore yourself. 

I wish you so much luck, and you have all my love and support

Also, here are some positive wlw blogs, if you want to check them out:

At school, the principal told us to think about our lives and how we’ve lived and how we want to live. Then she paused for a few seconds, for us to think, then continued on with her speech, but I kept thinking.

Who inspired me? PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, RobertIDK, and more. At first I didn’t understand why they were the first ones who came to mind. But of course, I understood why. 

They are human. They experience and show their feelings of sadness and happiness, anger and joy, things like that, and they accept it. They don’t edit out their tears from the experiences, they don’t just have smiles in their channel, they show their other emotions, and that inspires me. It inspires me to accept that I won’t always be happy. 

But I will always be human. Just like them. And I’m content with that.

I just helped a little boy find and buy his first outfit at Justice. He was so happy and every piece fit him just the way he wanted. Kaleb is officially my new little dude and his mom told me they’d be back to shop with me again, and took the time to thank me for being so helpful. 
It’s these moments that make every rude customer, every awful change to policy by corporate, and every other awful thing that could happen worth it. 


  • Cherophobia is the fear of happiness. People who genuinely avoid experiences that cause feelings of enjoyment, positive emotions or happiness are said to suffer from it because they may believe it’ll be taken from them. I can check that box.
  • I’m pretty sure the normal reaction to having too much stuff and not enough space is to have a clear out. Not in this house. I’ll buy storage boxes and a label maker. More is better and minimalism does not exist to me. 
  • I hate when I’m deliberately trying not to open a message because I can see the tag line and need time to figure out what the hell I’m meant to say to it and I accidentally click it. I would just send a message being like “Hey not a clue how to deal with this right now, standby for further info” but that’s not very acceptable.

@noited sadly no cat because what even are animals


just a little post i felt like making at 11:35pm because why not

so today marked me being 7 months clean. and i just got back from a wonderful vacation. and on that vacation i finally realized a lot of different things and learned a bit too. 

for once in a long, long time, i actually feel like living. not just surviving or existing, no. i actually want to live. i don’t want to die. i want to live and experience things. 

i feel happy. genuinely happy. i haven’t felt this way in such a long time. and honestly, it’s great. 

i’ve been trying to get myself more motivated to take care of myself more, as well as help around the house and do more chores and all that. 

and some of you may not care at all about any of this, but to me, this is something i feel good about. 

[[and of course i couldn’t have gotten here without you guys, with a few very special people like tina, clark, sam, and a few others]]

so yeah. that’s my life currently. things are looking pretty good. 

-oliver c:

Life is truly weird isn’t it? It’s so long, but with time it feels so short! Some years are so long, some very long no matter if you’re having fun or not. Some days in your life you realise how long you’ve been here, some times it’s painful other times it’s a delight, all depending on your state of mind.

I’m now 22, I feel old! I feel like I’ve lived a long life, but in reality I have so many more years in front of me, so much to experience, disappointments, lost love, sadness, happiness, smiles, laughter, true love, excitement, and feelings I’ve never experienced, going places I’ve never seen, that is what keeps me alive, that’s what makes me want to live, to experience the unknown! One day I’ll live, one day I’ll be truly happy!

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im going to high school&ive loved this girl since 7th grade (she was in the 8th, she 1yr older) (im also a girl btw)&when she started high school we stopped talking&it's been almost 2 years but i still love her & idk what to do or how to get over her

Awww sugafoot. You’re young right now and you’re experiencing puppy love. She was your first love and experience of love and she made you happy or feel happy. All of us have experienced this before. I think it’s more about her going to HS before you, and changing environments and growing up. But right now love muffin, just continue to focus on yourself and your interests. You’re still young and have so much more to experience and look forward to. If fate is on your side then maybe you two will run into each other again when you get older and build your friendship over. Right now just focus on yourself and enjoy your youth!

Ask the Schuyler Sisters Day is Over

Yooo, its over man. I’m kind of sad that only one person was asking questions to the sisters, but at the same time happy. I keep trying to reach out to you all but it doesn’t seem like its working. If you all would tell me what to do to make your experience more appealing, I’d be really happy. I just feel like you wonderful people don’t like me at all and it saddens me ;-; Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day/night!!

Climbing Mt Fuji was one of the most intense things I’ve ever done in my life. We met a group of guys that stayed with my group & helped us navigate the hike considering we started at night all the help you can get is appreciated! I ended up getting altitude sickness about halfway through our hike & then ended up freezing! Thankfully the men we met had bags full of stuff one let me borrow his extra sweater he had and then another let me borrow a pair of thermal pants he had 🙌🏽 so grateful for their kind gestures! We didn’t want to slow them down so we ended up splitting up right around the time the sun began to rise … Crazy thing is we saw them again on our way down so I was able to give them their belongings back… Although we didn’t make it to the top due to me being sick then my Mom not feeling well … I loved the experience and happy I did it with family!!!

Left: on the way up
Right: on the way down

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