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Wake up, Kaisoo is not real! They're just bros!

Have you been living under a rock the past few weeks (or more like years)? If you’ve seen what I’ve seen can you still honestly say that they are nothing more than bros? I feel kinda bad for you actually, because shipping Kaisoo makes me freaking happy, and I wish everyone could experience this feeling!

1. You will feel better. You will feel happy again. The disturbing experiences and feelings you’ve had or are having are temporary. This may be hard to believe, but it’s true. No one knows how long these symptoms will last.

However, there are lots of things you can do to relieve them and make them go away. You will want help from others, including health care providers, family members, and friends in relieving your symptoms and for ongoing help in staying well.

2. The best time to address these feelings and experiences is now, before they get any worse.

3. These feelings and experiences are not your fault. Remember, you are just as valuable and important as anyone else.

4. When you have these kinds of feelings and experiences, it is hard to think clearly and make good decisions. If possible, don’t make any major decisions—like whether to get a job or change jobs, move, or leave a partner or friend—until you feel better. If you have to make some major decisions, especially about getting treatment, ask your friends, family members, and health care providers for help.

5. Spend time with people you know, and work on developing friendships with people who are positive, caring and who like you just the way you are. Sometimes people who have these kinds of feelings and experiences are treated badly by people who don’t understand. Try to stay away from people who treat you badly.

6. Listen to the concerns of and feedback from your health care providers, friends, and family members who are trying to be helpful, and work with them to find solutions that feel right to everyone

7. These feelings and experiences do not take away your basic personal rights. You have the right to-
 ask for what you want, say yes or no, and change your mind.
 make mistakes.
 follow your own values, standards and spiritual beliefs.
 express all of your feelings, both positive or negative, in a responsible manner.
 be afraid and uncertain.
 determine what is important to you and to make your own decisions based on
what you want and need.
 have the friends and interests of your choice.
 be uniquely yourself and allow yourself to change and grow.
 have your own personal space and time.
 be safe.
 be playful and frivolous.
 be treated with dignity, compassion and respect at all times.
 know the side effects of recommended medications and treatments.
 refuse medications and treatments that are unacceptable to you.

8. If you are told that the following things are not normal, don’t believe it. They are normal. These kinds of things happen to everyone and are part of being human.
 Getting angry when you are provoked
 Safely expressing emotions when you are happy, sad or excited
 Forgetting things
 Feeling tired and discouraged sometimes
 Wanting to make your own decisions about your treatment and life

9. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your behavior and for getting better. You have the right to as much help as you need, but it is crucial that you take charge.

The time of the day that makes me the most emotional about not being pregnant is the early morning. Seeing the sun rise and hearing the birds sing as the stillness of the earth re awakens and a peace washes over me. My clear blank mind finds a heart breaking reminder of my childless life.
A quick glimpse of some ones face when i say im trying and nothings happened yet.
A voice giving encouragement as they can hardly contain waiting for it to happen.
A look i get when i say AF came.
The excitement and over whelming hope everyone gets for me the closer it gets to CD1.
The negative hpt that makes me wonder if ill ever see a positive.
Im just slowly reminded about the thing i want most that i dont have.
The mixture of emotion is intense. Part of me is actually happy i get to experience it, some people never get to feel the emotions or realize how precious some things in life are that they take as a burden . but other days… Other days i wish i got pregnant instantly and would never know the pain of ttc.

Unforgotten Love

The Rumbelle/Scarlet Beauty scene from last night inspired me to write a one-shot. I included everything that we saw in the episode and have it end in a way that I would have liked to see on the show. I used to write fanfics all the time several years ago but stopped because life happened. This is my first fanfic in about 7 years, so please keep that in mind while you read this. Please message me what you think because I am very curious! And I have some Skin Deep/Land Without Magic parallels in this, too. You will experience happy feels and it will make you cry. I cried while writing it. 

Word Count: 1,271

Despite the threats raining down on Storybrooke from the three witches, Belle’s ex-husband and the Author, Belle and Will’s routine never changed of meeting for breakfast at Granny’s before walking down the streets of Storybrooke in hand to the library or pawnshop. Belle was left in charge of working both establishments once she banished Rumple, so she had her pick with the building she wanted to start in first before ending in the opposite one at the end of the day. 

Belle wanted to get started in the library after leaving it unattended for several days. She grew distracted when she received word of Rumplestiltskin’s arrival and when she found out that he deceived her by using magic to be Killian. Belle and Will shared smiles and laughs as they walked down the streets of Storybrooke in hand while Rumplestiltskin watched nearby. It pained him to see his ex-wife in the hands of another man, but this time he needed Will’s help to retrieve Belle’s heart as the risk of losing her clouded his mind. 

Belle was able to accomplish a lot in the library that morning and afternoon and decided to grab dinner for Will on her way to the pawnshop. The moment he walked in she could tell that he wasn’t acting himself and that something was off when she made a comment about getting dinner for him from Granny’s. “Belle, uh, I have to show something to ya.” He was hesitant, scared to show Belle what had happened to her. Will had his heart taken from him willingly back in Wonderland, but it was used against him and knew what it was like to be controlled. Anger filling up as he thought about Regina taking the heart of the woman he fell in love with when he never expected that he would love again.

Belle looked down at the box he brought out from behind his back and opened it. Her eyes widened as she realized who the heart belonged to. “Will,” Her voice cracked as she allowed shock to take over her body. “Is that– is that mine?” Will nodded, “Yeah, it’s yours. Regina was the one who took it.” Belle shook her head as she tried to come to terms with Regina being the one responsible. “Why would she take my heart from me? I don’t–” 

“Regina took your heart so she could use you as a pawn against me.” A familiar voice interrupted her from the back room. Belle turned around saw the man she once loved standing in the doorway, but she forgot that she met him the previous night at the well where they exchanged vows. “What are you doing here?” She asked, quickly standing behind Will as protection. “I wanted to be certain that you would get your heart back.” Rumplestiltskin answered her with a comforting tone as he walked towards her. “Wait, Rumple. You two were working together?”  Rumplestiltskin’s approach frightened Will as he took a step back but stayed close to Belle. “We share one thing in common, Belle. We both care for you.” Rumplestiltskin sighed, “I have to tell you something.” 

Belle shook her head as she took another step closer to Will. “I’m not sure I want to hear it, Rum–” Rumplestiltskin shook his head and interrupted her by putting his hand up as a gesture that he knew that. “I’m not asking for forgiveness. I spent everyday of our marriage deceiving you when I should’ve been trying to make you happy. Now it’s too late. My heart is nearly back and if I continue hurting you, then there’s no hope for me.” he sighed as the idea of hurting her physically pained him as he placed a hand over his heart to try and numb the pain. He grabbed Belle’s heart that was in the box, “I’m gonna return this to you, Belle, but he’s the one who’s gonna protect it, because I have proven unworthy.” Rumplestiltskin held her glowing heart so carefully in his hands that he thought touching it after all he had done to his beloved Belle would hurt her. Regina squeezing her heart slightly could never compare to the pain he had caused her for not being honest. Instead of using force to put her heart back where it belonged, Rumplestiltskin gave it a slight push with his hand on her shoulder to support her. Belle gasped slightly as all the memories of what happened the night before came back. “Goodbye, Belle.” 

Belle remembered all the she said to him and the kiss they shared before being controlled by Regina to hurt Rumplestiltskin. Belle felt Will’s hand wrap around her own, but she didn’t reciprocate the gesture. She stepped forward as he walked out of the shop and fought with herself on whether or not to chase after him once the door closed behind her true love. “You still love him, don’t ya?” Will’s voice was barely audible as he knew what her answer would be. She bit her lip and didn’t turn around while allowing a few tears to fall down her cheek. “I do, Will. I have– I have always loved him.” Belle walked over to Will and saw that he was understanding and yet hurt. “I’m sorry, Will. I do care for you but–” Will cleared his throat and looked up at her, “But Rumplestiltskin is your true love. I get it. Ya don’t have to explain anything to me, love. I want ya to be happy and ya won’t be if you’re with me. Go out and get the man ya love because if you let your true love go, well, it’s hard to them back.” Those words of understanding and encouragement made Belle walk back and hug him. She knew that he was talking about what happened between him and Ana, “You should take your own advice and find Ana. Thank you, Will. I’m sorry for all this. Truly.” She kissed his cheek before running out of the shop to find the man she loved who was honest with her. Perhaps she was wrong about him never changing. He did change to become the person behind the beast she once saw.

Rumplestiltskin didn’t get very far down the main street. Belle ran after him until she was a couple feet away, “Wait! Rumple, wait.” Rumplestiltskin stopped in his tracks and was surprised that she had chased after him. “I remember. I remember everything that happened last night.” Rumplestiltskin turned around as she spoke, “I remember what you told me about why you came here and I understand why. I love you, Rumple.” Belle allowed tears to fall down her cheeks as she spoke, “I want my chipped teacup back. I want you back.” Shock and disbelief covered his face as his beloved Belle chased after him and said those words. “Belle,” he cried while walking towards her, “My darling Belle.”

It was in that moment when the kiss they shared on the empty streets of Storybrooke was full of passion. With Belle’s arm around his neck and Rumplstiltskin’s arms around her waist, they pulled each other closer as they deepened the kiss. This allowed them to forget all that transpired over the past several days and to be reunited by a love that never died or faltered. 

Your success is, your those beautiful feelings which you have experienced so far.
—  Armaan

Still can’t believe I met this man, I miss being at Wolfsbane 2 so much

Be You!

These years, I am not being myself and I regret that thing so much. I pretended that I am one of those rich people, that I can speak English fluently, and many more. I assumed. I got hurt because of not being TRUE to myself

Before I sleep, something popped on my mind.  That was like “I wanna do that” thoughts. It’s like I wasted time. Instead of doing the things I want, I did the things that I think when I do those things, they’re going to accept me. It’s like ugh

Now, I am being me! It’s happiest thing! I am happy because I can do whatever I want! I don’t care what other people say, I’m having fun! And in being  true to myself, I know the person who are true to me. My true friends! Best friends! 

I wish you do the same thing. You’ll find the real happiness in being true. In showing the real YOU. Not worrying about other people says is just great. You don’t need to listen to them! Just be yourself.

Whatever people say about you, good or bad, just be yourself because you’re BE-YOU-TI-FUL.

Have a great day! :)

call me cold-hearted or a bitch or whatever you want but I really don’t have sympathy for people who put themselves in shitty situations and then complain about being in them or complain about not being able to do anything about it when in reality it is a completely controllable situation. (I’m not talking about people who are in shitty situations and ask for advice or help or have a breakdown because they don’t know what to do.. If you are asking for help, you are trying to find a way out. needing assistance is 110% okay and trust me, we have ALL been there. Myself included. nobody should have to go it alone.) If you are in a toxic relationship, leave. Whether it be a friend, a family member, or a lover. LEAVE. If you are in a terrible job and you are miserable, leave. (Again, I know there are exceptions. But really, there usually are plenty of other jobs to choose from and all you have to do is put yourself out there) If you are unhappy with the way you are living, change it. If you are unhappy with where your life is headed, change course. If you are unhappy with how people are treating you, stand up for yourself. I know from experience that every single one of these things can be extremely taxing. I know the emotional hell a person goes through trying to correct all of these things. I know what it’s like to feel powerless, to feel unloved, to feel replaced, rejected, not good enough, average, etc. But you are not powerless unless you give your power away. You can not be controlled unless you let somebody control you. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission. You are not powerless. You are loved. You are irreplaceable. You are MORE than good enough. For those who are worth it, you will be accepted for who you are. you are not average. you are far above it. Never settle. Ever. When you think you have become the best you can be, reach a little farther. Take that extra step to fix those things that are making you unhappy. Remove yourself from the situation. Change your course. You are in control. You are your own puppet master. You do not own anybody and nobody owns you. I understand that there are some things you cannot control. But you have a say in who hurts you. You have a say in when you get back up. You have a say in how you deal with it. You. Have. A. Say. You are not helpless. I do not pity you. I will not listen to your complaints and not tell you that you have the ability to change it. If you are looking for somebody to tell you that it will pass or for somebody to sugarcoat it and tell you that you are a poor tortured soul, go somewhere else. Sure, I will let you cry if you need to. I will hug you. I will be there as long as you need me. I will never leave your side. I will be loyal, damn straight. But I am also going to tell you to fight for yourself. I am going to tell you to stand up and do something about it. I am going to tell you that you have the power to change it, you have power over your life and that is on you. I can grab your hand and help you brush yourself off and make sure that you are okay. But in the end, You are your own savior. Nobody can even help you without your permission. Think about that. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. If you come to me for advice, I will do what I can. I can tell you how you can fix it. I can tell you anything I want to. But it is up to you to follow through and change it. I can’t fix it. YOU CAN FIX IT. You are in control of your happiness. So damn it, do what makes you happy.

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For the ghostau please please I'd love it if Jinkook where a couple, please thank you :)

hello c: if the random scenes where they’re always together in my book of ideas is anything to go by, then jinkook are definitely a couple i’m thinking of being featured~ 

“I don’t know how I ever became this person who adoringly seeks out anguish as a hobby. Someone along the way must have lied to me and told me that sadness is the ultimate litmus test for a true, vibrant, life experience. The constant search for tragedy. Deluding myself about the consequences of a life lived seeped in poetry.  Happiness then began to feel fraudulent. It began to feel like a place-holder for real life. Just something we experience on our way to authentic devastation; which requires our wits to be quick and our brains to function on over-drive. It all became the premise for a B- action thriller. A full screen adrenaline-laden feature film aimed at getting action junkies to sit and salivate. Lots of drama coupled with misplaced action sequences.

Someone misguided me into thinking that this is really the purpose of human existence. Life, love, and the pursuit of sadness.

But you want to know the worst part of it all? I keep thinking that misleading stranger may have been me”

-Joey The Factory Lady

“Word can’t explain how I feel about you. I’ve tried writing it down on paper but I couldn’t. The only word that can explain it is "fuck”. Because I catch feelings way too easily. And they always hit me hard. I just love your humor. I love your face. I love the way you smile. I love the way you tease me playfully. That’s an issue. I wish I can be friends with you but I will just be setting myself up for more feelings. And I can’t afford that. I get this feeling whenever you look at me and are near me. Which is why I hate it. You make me want to be around you. I want you to stay away from me but I also want you to be close to me. I want it. But I know I can’t have it because you don’t experience the way I feel for you. I was happy with having no crush, until I met you. I wish all of these things but my mind is telling me no and my body is telling me yes.“

I’m a loner. I don’t really care if there are people around or not, I’m just happy to experience life. But sometimes, I feel lonely, and that’s different. When that feeling comes over you, it’ll strike you down. The thing about loneliness, is that it can drown you out of nowhere, and you don’t have to be alone when it hits. Can you imagine that?
Here you are, at ease on your own or with a group of your closest friends when suddenly, seemingly out of the blue you’re struck with loneliness. You realize that you are the only person in all of existance who has ever experienced the things you have the way you have experienced them and you are struck with this fundamental disconnect.
It’s almost a hopeless feeling.
It doesn’t last long, when it hits, just remember not to let it convince you otherwise.

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I know not everything is positive all the time, but I encourage you to find those silver linings. To write happy poetry is to channel happy experiences into relatable words, give it a shot sometime :)

I feel like I have been writing about them. It’s always strange to me when I present a piece of my work to people and they look at me so sadly with their interpretations, all of my pieces and feelings are ones that I enjoy. I guess when I say “happy poetry”, I mean ones where someone actually loves me back. Because when that happens, I know just how well I sit in silence around them, and my hands stop writing because they’re just too damn busy playing with his

Guided #meditation is a little bit like having your hand held, it’s helpful for those who are new at meditation or have some intimidating #emotions that need to be addressed. You can attend a live guided meditation or listen to a recorded version. The range is vast as any form of meditation can be voice guided. With a gentle voice, guided meditations assist you in relaxing through breathing and often involve #visualisation.

Guided imagery is one of the common practices where you are lead to think and visualise about certain images, states of mind or affirmations. These meditations often include seeing yourself as relaxed, confidence and in the place you want to be. You experience real feelings of #happiness as though what you’ve visualized is real. This can be a powerful manifesting tool for obtaining what you want in your life. Within guided meditation, there is space for healing, self-improvement on all levels, practicing forgiveness of yourself and other and simply learning to relax. #Chakra meditation allows you to bring the higher states of #consciousness, allowing a heightened sense of spirituality. There is also body focused guided meditation that ask you to focus on your breathing and your #body. (at www.bohoflower.com)