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Can I request hc for Zen as a dad, as well as Zen x MC with their daughter (who is named Destiny)family outing/life hc? Thank you~

That sounds really sweet ^^ since I have most experience with small children I wrote it like she is 5 years old I hope that okay -its the cutest age anyway-

  • Zen is the kind of father who is super overprotective over his daughter
  • He will tell her all the time to be careful of men you have to calm him down “She is only 5 years old Zen.”
  • Also treats her like a princess no matter what and the girl will abuse that when ever she can
  • You often have to deal with both of them pouting at you when the girl is not getting what she wants.
  • Zen actually is pouting more then her sometimes
  • When he is too busy with work you team up against him to get him to take a day of -its super effective-
  • Zen was born to tell children bedtime stories but he often overdoes it and makes a play out of every fairytale ever.
  • It ever makes the girl pass out but it ever takes like 2 hours.
  • You let him though since he has way to much fun.
  • On the weekends when Zen sleeps a bit longer your daughter often comes and joins you two in bed -what sometimes is a bit annoying when you have other plans-
  • Zen loves to cuddle the both of you when your daughter had enough of it and runs off to play you see his heart breaking every time
  • You have to make up for it by cuddling him instead what is just as good to him.
  • Since the girl is super cute and comes after Zen she gets a kindergarten love and Zen pretty much dies – in a very dramatic way-
  • You have to be their and mentally support him you have to tell him that all they do is play house together and sometimes hold hands.
  • Zen is in tears still but he gets over it once he hears that his daughter wants to marry him once she is grown up.
  • She wants to become a singer when she grows up but that is fully fine with Zen he loves her singing.
  • You know she will probably change her mind at some point but you let them have their fun -like last week she wanted to become a fairy princess-.
  • Zen has a million pictures of her and shows them to everyone – his favourite one shows her in a fairy costume  and you are also dressed like fairy queen-
  • Loves to treat both of his princesses as much as possible.
  • Zen makes up for the lag of time he has with family trips when ever he can.
  • He loves bringing your daughter to amusement parks and the Zoo but since he also loves to get away from everything once a while you go for a trip in the woods or to a mountain.
  • Zen loves to go hiking even when he has to carry the child after a while , actually he enjoys doing that a lot.
  • Zen just really loves his family so much he is fully happy that he gets so much love from both of you.
  • Totally supports the idea of more children -gets your daughter on board for it too-

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How would UT/US/G(Echo) Sans react if their S/O turns into a child (very playful and mischievous) and they have to take care of them for a few days before they return to real age?

(A sorry, I don’t really know much about G, so I don’t know if I can portray him well, so I’m only gonna do the other two. (I swear I read the comic, but I just can’t get a proper grasp of his personality ^^; .))

UT Sans: Welp, you gotta be kidding him. When he woke up that morning, he didn’t expect to have a smaller, cheekier version of you jumping on his mattress. This is going to be a a few stressfull days for him, he doesn’t have the energy to keep up with you. 

At least he knows how to take care of smaller children, having taken care of Papyrus when that one was a smol skeleton. But he doesn’t know a lot of things about human children. What do you even eat? He may actually ask you, but if your answere is sweets or junk food, he will call Toriel. She has to know more about taking care of humans then he does. When you turn back, he promptly collapses, snoring before his eyes are even completly shut. He really doesn’t have the stamina for something like that. But expect an increas in children related puns in the next few days.

US Sans: He is already up and about, when he hears giggling behind him. “WOAH, DATEFRIEND! YOU ARE SMALLER AND GIGGLIER THEN BEFORE!” He definitly has more energy then his classic verions, so he will probably tire you out, instead of the other way around. But beeing the younger brother, he has no experience taking care of small children. Lazy older borthers, yes, but small children are a diffenrent thing. 

He calls Papyrus, who…wont really help, just lie on the floor and let you climb all over him. He ends up calling Toriel to get a bit of information on how to handle the whole thing. After you change back, expect him to tell you everything in detail, no matter if you remember or not. He is stil so excited, it was a lot of fun for him to play with you. He kind of misses it a bit, but he is glad to have you back to your old self.

I’m gonna become an aunt in two months and I’ve got babies on the brain so here, have some baby headcanon:

- Hiroko carried both Mari and Yuuri in those little baby slings when they were tiny, so she could keep working around the inn but have her babies right there with her too. She loved looking down and seeing them sleeping against her chest while she worked.
- Since Yuuri looks a lot like his mom, especially when he was younger, Hiroko loved wearing matching clothes with him when he was a baby. She’d dress him in the same color she was wearing that day, or buy a little hat for him because it looked like one that she owned. She’d be so pleased whenever anyone commented on how much they looked alike.
- Mari was always a pro at making her baby brother laugh. Peekaboo was a favorite. Mari would just duck her head behind something and pop back out and Yuuri would laugh so hard he’d almost topple over. Nobody else could make him laugh like Mari could.

- Nikolai was the one to give Yuri his name, after his son asked for help picking out names while his wife was still pregnant. He named his little grandson after Gagarin; Nikolai was just a kid when Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, and it made a real impression on him. He hoped that his grandson could grow up to become a courageous person too. Who knows, maybe he’d make history himself someday!
- Yuri’s parents died in the car accident when Yuri wasn’t quite a year old, so Nikolai became his guardian. He was heartbroken at the loss of his son and daughter-in-law, but he tried very hard to never show his grief in front of Yuri.
- Money was pretty tight since Nikolai hadn’t been planning financially to take care of a baby, so most of Yuri’s clothes and blankets and so on were made by hand. His masterpiece was a stuffed cat he made when Yuri was three; Yuri slept with it for years.

- Yakov very briefly met Victor once when he was a baby. He and Victor’s grandmother were old friends who had gone to school together, and would still meet up to have tea and catch up every now and then. He knew her grandson had been born a few months ago, he just wasn’t expecting her to bring him along.
- Yakov doesn’t know how to handle babies. He has no experience, and has accidentally made small children cry just from the grumpy look on his face. Babies make him nervous.
- But Grandma Nikiforov has to step away for a minute to take a call or whatever and here Yakov, hold my grandson for a moment.
- So now Yakov is left alone holding a baby.
- He and Victor stare each other down for a solid ten seconds before Victor reaches out and grabs a fistful of Yakov’s hair.
- Grandma comes back to find Victor laughing while Yakov tries to pry Victor’s surprisingly strong little fingers off.
- The first instance of Victor contributing to Yakov’s hair loss.

Imagine Dorian meeting clan Lavellan.

Like, he’s spent the past few months trying to learn to speak Dalish, which is frustrating because it isn’t related to any of the other languages he’s studied, and there’s no written form, so the very few written resources on the Dalish language all use different transliterations (Dorian eventually just starts keeping his own notes in the Thedas equivalent of IPA), and of course there are dialectical variations from clan to clan. Lavellan just laughs when Dorian asks if there’s a standard form he should learn first.

And Dorian is super nervous about it because for one he never really did get the hang of the whole sleeping in the woods thing, and for another “What if they hate me?” “They won’t hate you.” “But I’m from Tevinter! We caused the fall of Arlathan.” “Dorian, none of them have ever been to Tevinter. To them you’re just another shem.” “What if they hate me because I’m a shem?” “Dorian, it’s going to be all right.”

Then they get there and Dorian is completely overwhelmed because there are just so many elves. And he’d encountered Dalish before in the Emerald Graves, but they mostly kept to themselves; whereas here, everyone is trying to talk to him - well, to the Inquisitor. And the Inquisitor is talking and laughing and trying to introduce everyone to Dorian, but Dorian quickly loses track of all the kinship terms and can’t tell who is actually related to the Inquisitor and who isn’t, because Dalish kinship terms have more to do with how people are related in the clan rather than how they are related by blood. At some point, Dorian asks the Inquisitor about his parents, and there’s an awkward pause because the Inquisitor is like “They passed away when I was small” and Dorian’s like “oh my gosh I’m so sorry” and kicking himself for not asking before. But then a tiny little elflet flings itself at the Inquisitor shrieking “Uncle! You’re back!” and Dorian asks the Inquisitor if he has any siblings and the Inquisitor’s like “What? No, why?” and Dorian’s like “Never mind.”

The Inquisitor trying to keep up with translating everything for Dorian and getting all muddled, so Dorian, trying to help him out a bit, says “Actually I do understand a little Elvish,” and word gets around the camp that the shem speaks Elvish, and suddenly everyone wants to talk to him despite his slightly panicked protests of “what no I said a little Elvish!”

Dorian being surrounded by tiny elf children who are all fascinated by his tiny ears and his mustache. They keep trying to grab his face, and Dorian, who of course has very little experience with small children, is like “Amatus, help!” and the Inquisitor’s all “Hey kids, don’t touch the shem unless you ask permission first.” And one of the kids is like “Why’d you call him ‘amatus’? That’s not his name!” The Inquisitor explains that it’s the Tevene word for “ma vhenan” and kids all giggle like “ooo, is he your boyfriend?” and the Inquisitor laughs like “Yep, he is. Now give him some space and let other people meet him.” 

At some point Dorian finds the Inquisitor holding a baby and he’s like “Amatus, whose baby is this?” and the Inquisitor is like “pfft I have no idea, I’ve been gone the past three years. Would you take him for a sec? My arm’s going numb.” And before Dorian can protest, he’s holding this tiny elf baby and all he can think is Maker please don’t let me drop it. Dorian can’t stop staring at the Inquisitor in amazement, because he has literally never seen him this at ease among this many people; and especially children. There aren’t many children at Skyhold, and the ones that are there know who the Inquisitor is and keep their distance; the bold ones might point and whisper, but certainly no parent would ever be so casual as to plop a baby in his lap with a “Hey lethallan, you take him for a minute, I need to go pee.” 

Because here, he isn’t the Inquisitor. He’s just another Lavellan making silly faces at the baby trying to make it laugh.

Imagine the Avengers finding out you're a single mom

So, this is the first Avengers fan fiction I’ve ever written, and I’m really excited about it. I felt like writing something light-hearted and cute.

Also, no pictures or gifs because I wrote it on my phone. Sorry.


You had been an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D for several years now, working your way up through the ranks. After your most recent promotion, you were finally working with on the actual Avengers Initiative project. It had caused a bit of a stir, a young, pretty female agent working with the team. However, you’d made it clear that you weren’t interested in a relationship right now, and you’d developed some good friendships especially with Natasha (because she finally had another girl around) and Steve (because he was just such a sweet guy).

What you didn’t count on was Tony Stark and his darned curiosity and need to know everything about everyone. You were pretty open about most things, but you were careful to make sure that your work and your personal life never mixed. There were certain… aspects of your life that you didn’t want to make public knowledge.

You had been training with Clint and Natasha when Stark first confronted you. After several hours of the other two beating you in almost every competition, all you wanted was to get home and take a hot shower. However, before you could even get to your locker to get your stuff, Tony was stepping out from around the corner, giving you an odd look. You glanced down at his hand and felt the warmth drain from your face; he had your file.

“So.” He leaned back against the wall. “That twelve month leave of absence you took five years ago. What’s that about?”

“Family emergency.” You muttered, trying to push past him. “I need to get home, Stark.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that. You’re always off the clock by nine pm. Why? You know, you get more than your fair share of days off, too. Where do you go, (Y/N)?”

“It’s really none of your business.” You glared at him, resisting the nervous urge to run a hand through your hair. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go.”

You pushed past him and practically ran out, not slowing down until you were sliding into the seat of your car. You breathed a sigh of relief. You knew when you came back to work that you would have to be careful. You couldn’t risk anyone finding out about your four-year-old son, Oliver.

You took a long, complicated route back to your apartment, making uses that anyone (meaning Tony) would have a hard time finding you. When you did get home, your babysitter was waiting impatiently on the front porch. It was 9:45, and she was supposed to get off at 9:30. You apologized and handed her an extra tip. “Is Oli in bed?”

“No.” The babysitter sighed. “I tried, but he said he needed you to tuck him in.”

“Okay.” You smiled at her as you unlocked the door. “I’ll take it from here. Thanks for everything.”

The moment you stepped inside, Oliver ran up to you, throwing his skinny arms around your legs. “Mommy!”

You scooped him up, peppering his face with kisses, which caused him to giggle. “Hi, baby. Did you have fun today?”

“Yes, Mommy.” Oliver yawned, burying his little face in your neck. “Mommy, will you tuck me in? I’m sleepy.”

“Of course, Oli.” You gave him an extra squeeze and carried him to his bed. You had just set him down on the bed when you heard a thump in the front of the house. You stared seriously into his big eyes. “Oliver, stay here. Mommy will be right back.”

You grabbed the gun that you kept hidden on you at all times, slowly making your way into the living room, you turned to corner, gun at the ready, only to lower it with an exasperated sigh. Tony Stark was standing in the middle of your living room, examining the family pictures on the walls. Steve stood behind him, looking somewhat sheepish as he met your eyes. You figured Tony probably convinced Steve that you were in some kind of trouble to get him to come.

You were about to speak when you felt little hands clutch the back of your pants, Oliver’s head peeping out around your leg. “Mommy, who’s that?”

“Just some men I work with, baby. Don’t worry.” You knelt down to pick up your son. “Come on, let’s get you in bed.”

After putting Oliver in his bed for the night, you made your way back out to the living room, crossing your arms angrily. You glared at Tony and Steve. “Explain.”

“So what, that’s your kid? That’s why you’re off so much?” Tony was staring at you like he’d never seen you before.

You sighed. “Yes, that’s Oliver. Who, incidentally, doesn’t know that his mom works for S.H.I.E.L.D. I try to keep my work and my family separate.”

“So, are you married then?” Steve asked innocently. You sighed. Of course, he would ask. In his time, people got married before they had kids. You closed your eyes slowly, taking a deep breath.

“No, Steve. Oliver’s dad skipped town as soon as he found out I was pregnant. It’s just me and my baby.”

Steve looked extremely upset on your behalf, while Tony just looked interested, like he wanted to know more about the situation. Which, knowing him, he did. “So you’ve been raising this kid all by yourself.”

You nodded. “I was so scared at first, but Oli is the best thing that ever happened to me. He’s my whole world.”

Steve nodded, his gaze flickering to the framed finger paintings on the wall. It was obvious that your son was the center of your life. “He doesn’t know about what you do?”

“No.” You shook your head. “I’ll tell him someday, but right now I just want to keep him safe.”

“What’s his favorite superhero?” Tony interrupted, and from his cocky attitude you knew he expected to hear his name.

“Spider-Man.” You informed him, smirking as his face fell slightly. You grew serious. “You won’t tell the others, will you?”

“Nope.” Tony smirked. “You will.”


The following week, you stood next to Steve in the elevator, clutching Oliver tightly in your arms. The two men had helped you tell the others about your son a few days before, and they had all insisted on meeting him. You had spent a very long two hours explaining everything to little Oliver, who was know staring at Steve with wide eyes.

“Are you really Captain America?” He asked in a small, shy voice.

“Yes I am.” Steve smiled at him, causing Oliver to snuggled closer to you.

“Were you really frozen in an iceberg for a looooong time?”

You were about to scold Oliver for being rude, but Steve cut you off with his reply. “Yes.”

Oliver stared at him, dead serious. “Was it really cold?”

You giggled as Steve answered that yes, it was. Before Oliver could ask another question, the elevator doors opened, revealing the room full of eager faces.

You walked in, introducing Oliver to the first people you saw. “Oli, this is Clint and Natasha.”

“You’re Hawk Eye.” Oliver pointed at Clint. “And you’re Black Widow.” He directed his finger at Natasha. “You guys are so awesome!” He wriggled down from your arms and ran to hug both of them. When he hugged Clint, he looked up at him very seriously. “Mr. Clint, are you in love with Miss Natasha?”

He ran off before Clint could answer, leaving them both blushing. He ran over to Thor, gasping in awe. “You’re Thor! Are you really from Asgard? Where’s your hammer? Can I feel your armor?”

Thor, who didn’t have much experience with small children, smiled amusedly at your son and then glanced up at you, clearly not sure what to do. You smiled, motioning for him to kneel down so he could better talk to Oliver.

Before Thor had finished answering even half of Oliver’s questions, your son was running over to Bruce, startling him by climbing up into his lap. “Hi. Are you Mr. Bruce?”

Bruce nodded, looking terrified. Oliver bounced on his lap. “My mommy says that you’re reeeeeally smart. Are you really smart? Do oh do a lot of math?”

He looked over Bruce’s shoulder just then and saw Tony, who of course, wore his Iron Man suit. Oliver scrambled down off of Bruce and ran over to Tony, staring up at him with wide eyes. “Hey, you were in my house last week!”

He turned to grin at you. “Mommy, did you know Iron Man came to our house last week?”

You nodded, watching as Oliver hugged Tony’s metal-clad leg and asked him to teach him how to “kill all the big bad guys”. You did believe that this was your sons first fangirl moment.

Steve smiled at you, gesturing towards your son, who was now excitedly asking Thor for a piggy-back ride. “You have to bring him to work more often.”

You smiled. “Yeah, I think I will.”

Kataang Week: Gentle

Okay so this is a day late, but here it is! Also, here is the link to read it on Fanfiction. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12070733/1/Kataang-Week-2016


“Be gentle; hold your arms like this. Support his neck.”

The Avatar’s eyes were filled with concern as he passed his newborn son to Sokka.

“You act like I’ve never held a baby before!”

Katara swatted at her brother, “Keep your voice down, he’s finally sleeping.”

The new uncle held his nephew close to his chest and Aang stood by his side with a nervous look in his eyes. Katara watched with tired eyes and a smile on her face as her husband worried over their son as if he were an egg precariously perched on the countertop; him being the nervous cook pulling it away from the edge. While she had plenty of experience with babies and small children, this was the first time Aang had really been in charge of care for a newborn.

She rested a hand on his shoulder, “He’s not gonna break.”

He gave her an uneasy smile. “He’s just so small and soft and terrifying.”

She laughed. “He’s the Avatar’s son, I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

“Not to mention, he’s MY nephew,” Sokka boasted. “He’ll be tiger seal hunting with me in no time!” Aang gave him a disgusted look. “Okay, maybe not.”

Days went by and more and more family members arrived to meet the Avatar’s first born son. Each pair of hands outreached wanting to hold, kiss, and snuggle made Aang that much more anxious. By the end of the week, he found solace in finally being alone with Bumi.

His wife knocked on the open door to their shared room, “He asleep?”

Aang gave her a nod and a weak smile. “I’m sure he’s exhausted from all the excitement.”

She laughed. “Doesn’t seem like he’s the only one.”

“I don’t think I’ve been this stressed since the Fire Lord was trying to kill me,” He sighed. “People weren’t kidding when they said being a parent was hard.”

Katara took their son from his arms, “It’s definitely not easy.”

Aang wrapped his hand around her waist and leaned his head into her. “Do you think I’m being over protective?”

“Just a little,” She smiled. “But that’s normal.”

“But you’re not out there policing everyone that even so much as looks at him,” Aang pointed out. “How are you so calm?”

“Sweetheart,” She started. “I am a nervous wreck. But I’m entirely too exhausted to do or say much of anything. Plus, I think you’ve got us covered when it comes to worried, new parent syndrome.”

He lifted his to look at her. “Are you trying to say I’m hogging all the stress?”

“Pretty much,” She teased.

“I guess we have a lifetime of stress and worry ahead of us, huh?”

Katara nods. “Yes, but it’ll lessen over time when he gets old enough to care for himself. But it’ll never go away for good.”

“Might as well enjoy it while it lasts,” Aang said jokingly as he placed a kiss on her lips.


As Bumi grew older, he became a very rambunctious young boy. When he was a toddler, it seemed as though there was never a moment that Aang didn’t spend chasing him through the Air Temple. The Avatar’s son would laugh as his father tirelessly ran after him.

“Bumi!” He shouted. “Get back here! It’s time for bed!”

The sun was setting on the horizon as Bumi ran into the sky bison stables. Aang followed him in to find him stirring up a mess of trouble with the baby bison.

“Hey, hey,” Aang put his hand on his son’s shoulder. “You have to be careful.”

Bumi dropped his head, “I’m sorry, Dad.”

“It’s okay.” He guided Bumi over to the back of the stable. “See this one right here? He was born just last week. He’s just a baby like you were once.”

“I’m not a baby,” Bumi said proudly.

“I know you’re not, but you used to be,” Aang crouched down next to the bison. “And when you were a baby, you were so small and fragile just like this bison. So, anybody that held you had to be extra careful and that’s what we have to do with this baby bison.”

His son looked up at him. “Until he grows into a big boy, like me?”

Aang laughed. “That’s right!”

He gently stroked the top of the bison’s head and watched as Bumi did the same. One by one, the rest of the baby bison started to join, pushing their way through to get their heads rubbed. Aang watched as his son laughed and hugging the animals and couldn’t help but smile.

“Seems like you two are having a good time.”

At the sound of Katara’s voice in the doorway, the two looked up, startled knowing that they had been caught out passed Bumi’s bedtime.

“I can explain,” Aang gave her his signature lopsided grin.

“Can’t you always?” She laughed.

Aang sighed and stood up, “Come on Bumi, time for bed.”

“Can’t we stay just a little while longer?” Bumi looked up at his parents with big eyes and his lips poked out. “Please Mom?”

“Yeah, please mom?” Aang gave his wife the exact same look.

Katara tried her hardest to remain stern. “This is entirely unfair.” The Avatar and his son whimpered a little for added effect. “I guess I’m out numbered. Five more minutes and then I expect both of you to be in bed.”


The very pregnant waterbender waddled out of the stable leaving her husband and son alone to play with the baby bison. They stayed there for another half hour before Aang was forced to pull Bumi away from his new fluffy friends and join Katara in bed.

“You don’t play fair,” His wife complained as he crawled under the sheets beside him.

He gave her a large smile and wrapped his arms around her. “You know it’s hard for me to say no to that kid! I mean look at his cute face!”

“Well, now you’re making it harder for me to say no,” she teased. “You should have never taught him your secret trick.”

Aang laughed, “Secret trick?

Katara gave him a knowing look. “The sad polar puppy eyes, the whimper. It’s all part of your ‘I’m cute, so give me what I want’ look.”

“I know of no such look that does no such thing.”

“Deny it all you want,” she narrowed her eyes at him. “I’m onto you Mr. Avatar.”

He smiled, “Oh so now I’m ‘Mr. Avatar?’”

She hummed in agreement, but was squealing moments later as Aang began tickling her sides. The two laughed and kissed for a moment before returning to their place under the blankets to get some much needed rest.

It was only a few hours later that Katara awoke to the sheets soaking wet beneath her. She grabbed her husband’s shoulder and shook him awake. He shot up out of bed and began racing around the room, half asleep and completely devoid of any clear motivation.

“Get the midwife!”

The Avatar scurried out of the room at his wife’s words, returning momentarily with the midwife and a handful of acolytes in tow. He stood by her side through the gruelingly beautiful miracle of childbirth. He was with her through the tears and the shouts of pain leading up to the moment that their newborn’s cries were the only thing to be heard throughout the halls of the temple.

“It’s a girl.”

At the midwife’s words, Katara began to tear up as she reached for her daughter. Aang wrapped his arms around the two of them and they shared a moment of silence as they looked at their child in complete awe. The midwife left momentarily to collect more towels and blankets, leaving the Avatar and his wife a moment alone to discuss a very important topic.

“Now comes the hard part,” Aang started. “What’s her name?”

“Kya,” Katara said without missing a beat.

Aang smiled and kissed his wife. “A brave name after a brave woman; I think it’s perfect.”

Tiny little footsteps resonate from down the hall and moments later, there’s a knock at the door. Aang moves across the room and pulls on the doorknob, looking down at his son’s over excited face trying to pear around his legs at his newborn sister.

“Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?” Aang teased before collecting his son into his arms. “Come on, buddy.”

Bumi’s eyes lit up as his father placed him on the side of the bed. “It’s so squishy.”

Katara and her husband shared a laugh. “Yes she is.”

“Her name is Kya,” Aang explained.

“She’s a baby so we have to be gentle, right Daddy?”

“That’s right,” the Avatar smiled. “Cause she’s so little.”

“Like the baby bison?”


The midwife returned shortly thereafter and collected Kya from their arms to clean her up and wrap her in more blankets. Upon her return, she found the new mother and her family nestled into bed sound asleep. She placed the newborn into the recently crafted basin by the bed and took a seat in a rocking chair across the room, keeping a close eye on the Avatar and his family.

The days, weeks and months following Kya’s birth past by in an instance. As she grew up right before their very eyes, Katara and Aang beam in pride as she took her first steps and spoke her first words. They smiled and cried as their son and daughter learned side by side over the years. And when Tenzin finally came into the world, they taught Kya and Bumi how to hold him and how to care for him as well.

While the three didn’t always get along, Aang always managed to remind them that they’re family and in the end, family is all you’ve got. And in the many years following their Father’s death, the three still bickered on occasion and rough housed quite a bit. But they still remembered to love one another through thick and then. Because if there was one quality they all shared, it was their Father’s gentle heart.


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Love modern Glasgow AU, imagine Claire and Jamie meeting Ferguson.

anonymous asked: I love this blog! Thank you so much for writing it and giving it so much of your time and creativity. I always thought that we didn’t get enough of Fergus in the books. Can we please get a scene of a young Fergus with Jamie and Claire? Complete fluff or humor welcome!

Anonymous asked: Could you please do a modern au where J/C somehow end up, I guess in this era Fostering Fergus

Modern Glasgow AU

Claire settled William tighter in the crook of her arm as she unbuttoned her blouse. She gently caressed the tender curve of his wee cheek, and he rewarded her with a gummy grin.

“He’s smiling again!” she exclaimed as the baby lay a chubby hand on the curve of her breast and began to suck greedily, impossibly tiny fingers kneading gently.

“That’s because he knows ye’re feeding him.” Jamie shifted on his knees, crouching beside the bathtub, constantly checking the temperature of the water streaming from the faucet as Brianna and Faith happily splashed their toys in the shallow water. “He’s no’ an idiot.”

Perched on the closed lid of the toilet beside the bathtub, Claire tucked back the brown wisps of William’s fine baby hair, his piercing blue eyes – Jamie’s eyes – boring into hers. “He’s like his da that way,” she teased. “He loves my breasts. And especially my milk.”

Jamie whirled to face her, eyes narrow, face flushed. “Dinna say such things in front of the girls,” he warned through his teeth. “That talk is no’ suitable for –”

“Milk?” two-year-old Faith asked hopefully, looking up from her plastic horses. “Can we have milk before bed?”

“Milk,” one-year-old Brianna nodded, her wet red curls nearly black against her fair skin, smacking the water around her wee hips.

“Well, we’ve had such a long day – I suppose we can find some milk in Jared’s refrigerator.”

Jamie shook his head and closed the tap, reaching across the bathtub to the bottle of baby shampoo.

It had been a long, tiring day – the train trip from Glasgow to London, and then a second leg from London to Paris, had worked out logistically but had been a very taxing experience. With three small children, plus suitcases, it had been very ambitious. And she’d been so glad when Jared met them at the train station and helped with the kids and luggage, driving them the short distance to his flat in the heart of the old city.

Jared Fraser – Brian Fraser’s elder brother – had moved to France as a young man, setting up a wine exporting business catering to Scottish clients at a time when most Scots had zero interest in foreign alcohol – let alone French wine. But time and patience had paid off – and Fraser Exporters was now one of the most prosperous companies in the industry. Jamie had visited his uncle periodically over the years – but hadn’t seen him in some time. And now that wee William, aged two months, was old enough to travel – he’d finally taken Jared up on the offer to come to Paris.

So they would be visiting for about a week. Claire was still on maternity leave, and Jamie was able to take some time off from the printshop. Faith and Brianna had been on trains before, but never for so long. They were well-behaved, but active, and inquisitive. Brianna had slept for most of the way – as had William, thankfully – but Faith had taken in every single moment with her bright, questioning eyes. Asked questions the whole time, watching the English countryside glide by.

By all rights, the girls should have been exhausted – but they were still full of energy and excitement at the novelty of being in a new place.

And with new people. Jared had taken immediately to his great-nieces and –nephew. Having never married or had children of his own, he’d been immediately charmed by the three wee Frasers. And of course he’d showered them with ridiculous gifts – to the delight of the girls, and the bewilderment of William, who had promptly tried to stuff part of his new plush Highland Coo into his mouth.

And then for dinner, there had been a special guest – the nine-year-old boy Jared had been sponsoring for the past few years. Fraser Exporters participated in a program with a local charity, where employees could mentor, spend time with, and provide financial sponsorship for a child living in a home operated by one of several social organizations. This boy had had a rough start in life – father unknown, mother a drug addict – and he’d been rescued from a filthy apartment, aged two, the victim of severe neglect. He’d grown stronger with the love and attention provided by the home – and by Jared, who had come to regard him almost as a son.

So Fergus had come for dinner – excited at the prospect of spending time with the small children. He was polite, charming, and a bit reserved – but had utterly blossomed in the company of Brianna and Faith. And William, whom he’d held so gently, crooning soft things in French.

Seeing him with the kids had touched something deep inside Claire. Had brought back all her memories of living as an orphan, with dear Uncle Lamb her only family in the world. Of the bone-deep longing for parents – for a true mother and father – and for siblings. And for a home, full of love and laughter.

It had given her an idea.


He shielded Faith’s eyes as he rinsed the shampoo from her long dark hair. “Hmm?”

She gently slid William’s wee lips from her nipple with a soft ‘pop’ and moved him to her other breast. “What do you think about Fergus?”

“What about him? Here, Brianna – take one of Faith’s horses.”

She bit her lip, considering, watching William’s tiny eyelids starting to drowse. “He needs a home.”

Jamie sat back on his knees and just looked at her – so serene, nourishing their precious wee lad. He badly wanted to give her another child to love – but they’d already discussed that William would be their last. Three bairns in three years had taken a toll on her body – and it wasn’t fair to her training as a surgeon, either.

But perhaps there was another way – a way which also provided a family for a loving child who so desperately needed a Mam and Da.

“He does. Ye see yerself in him, don’t you?”

She nodded, not surprised at how perceptive he was. How attuned he was – always was – to her, and her feelings, and her desires.

William’s lips slid from Claire’s nipple – fast asleep. Gently Claire hoisted him over her shoulder, rubbing his small, solid back.  

“Do ye want to talk to Jared about it?”

She met his eyes – and in that one moment, their decision was made.

“Yes. We’ll make it work. We have to. He’s a sweet lad, and he loves the kids already.”

Jamie nodded and turned back to the girls. “Tomorrow, then. Let’s make it happen. And quick.”

She nestled William’s dark head closer against her shoulder, her heart already blooming with love for this slight, French orphan who, God willing, would be coming back to Glasgow with them.

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As scary as Steve was at the press conference in "Chick", everyone should be very, VERY glad that Steve made that promise and not Bucky 'Winter Soldier' Barnes. (Assuming Bucky will ever show up in that universe, of course.)

Ahahahah damn you


Title: Russian Tea
Rating: G
Summary: Bartons are notoriously poor at sticking to the plan (or, Isobel meets Bucky under less than prearranged circumstances). 


They had made a plan to introduce Bucky to Izzy, as much for his sake as for hers.

It was a good plan; Sam and Clint had come up with it together. It involved putting Bucky somewhere he felt safe and then Clint bringing Izzy in while Steve stood by in case…well, in case something happened. Bucky hadn’t been violent since Sam and Steve had found him and coaxed him back to the Tower, but even Bucky wasn’t sure he wouldn’t be, if someone said the wrong word or did the wrong thing. They’d had him on lockdown at his own request.

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