I did the “marshmallow test” with some kindergarten students from my mom’s school. The test is you give a child a marshmallow and tell them they can eat it if they want, but if they can wait for five minutes they will get two marshmallows. This is a test of delayed gratification. Scientists have found that children that are able to wait for their marshmallow are more likely to graduate from college. These kids understand that delaying gratification means you can get something better in the future. The kids that don’t wait the five minutes are less likely to go to college after high school.

I did this experiment with four kids. Only one kid ate his marshmallow (top right in the picture). He held out for about a minute and a half before he couldn’t take it anymore. I overheard the kids talking and one of them said they had to wait to eat the marshmallow. So I told the kids again that they could eat it if they wanted to, and as soon as the words had left my mouth, he popped that marshmallow in his face as fast as he could. Later, he looked kind of sad when he saw everybody else get another marshmallow, and I kind of laughed (I realize that I am a terrible person). My mom had predicted earlier that this kid wouldn’t be able to wait. He has pretty poor impulse control (he once put a piece of trash in my mom’s drink when she wasn’t looking). He’s really smart, but he does not mind. This test does not bode very well for his future. 

But I’m sure they’ll all turn out fine.

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What is the "normal" weight for a weighted blanket/comforter?

The suggested weight I’ve read is 1 pound per every 10 pounds of body weight, plus an extra pound. No idea what that extra pound is for, as it seems like it would be a lot more “extra” to add for a small child than for a tall adult! (I suspect that everyone offering that equation is thinking about small children though.) 

From personal experience, I’d say to use that more as a starting point than a hard rule. For example, I made a weighted blanket to use at home. My wife is taller than I am and probably has 75 lbs on me, so in theory we should have different weights. I think I went with about 35-40 pounds, figuring that that would mean there was around 20 pounds on each of us at any given time. (Or less, since some of the blanket is supported by unoccupied bits of bed.) It can’t be the “correct” weight for both of us at once, but both of us love the weight just as it is. 

Day 53, February 22nd, 2015

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller

Goal: Take the time to slow down and experience something you cannot see but something beautiful that you can feel

You can feel beautiful things in even the smallest actions. I know I always feel most inspired and at peace when I’m with kids. I love seeing their innocence and their freedom. They’re so creative and don’t judge other people, which is honestly for refreshing. As you grow older, you get judged for your size, your clothes, your hair. When you’re around little kids, they give you compliments and just want you to have fun with them. Find something that makes you see the beauty in the world, and hold onto it with two hands. There is so much ugly in this world, and we need to hold onto the beauty for when the going gets tough.

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//wow!! if it isn’t so forward, I would like to hear about them some time.

(Well I mean. To be fair I never actually went to the hospital but at least once (probably twice) I think that was just neglect on the part of the people watching me but I’ll tell the stories under the cut here)

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I’m finally coming up for air after three years of parenting small children, including a near-death experience for one of them, Type 1 diabetes stuff, twin pregnancy, twins, moving twice, renovating a 93-year-old house, 3 job changes for my husband, trying to finish my degree in time, and just…

I realize I don’t really have any friends. I don’t have hobbies anymore. I haven’t RPed in a long, long time. I’m lonely. Ugh. I miss the old gang. I’m sad. Like I came out of the bathroom after several minutes and everyone else already left the party.


I lived in a small city in Niagara, from my experience there the children were angels by comparison, I worked with a few schools in my city and they had a few that were similar to here but until moving here I have never encountered children with such a lack of respect and incredible ignorance. They abuse us daily at work both verbally and physically and we can’t do a thing about it, these kids have no fear. I learnt last night about one child who is 12 and has been charged with kidnapping, arson and vandalism and no sign of juvie what so ever who comes in every day. They’ve followed employees home, egged houses, keyed cars, we are spat on constantly and it’s disgusting. I can imagine that kids in Peterborough would be something similar considering the size of the city, but this is a small town, the borough I live in is the size of my old city and there was no where near the level it is here. 

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Through my son's eyes - Photography with Kids

Through my son’s eyes – Photography with Kids

Since I got myself a proper camera and started taking a million pictures with it every time we went out, the small boy has been taking an interest too. Each time we’re out he asks if he can take some pictures and it’s something that I’d like to encourage in him.

I’m very cautious because a camera is an expensive piece of kit and in my experience small children often drop or throw things when they…

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Alecia Pennington can’t prove she’s an American – or even exists. What would you do?

On Sep. 24, 2014, 18-year-old Alecia Faith Pennington left her family and childhood home with the help of her grandparents. Having been raised in a staunchly Christian, homeschooled family in Texas, she was ready to set off and pursue a new life.

But she quickly realized that would not be possible. While she claims that she was born on Nov. 26, 1995, there is no actual proof of her age or identity, when it comes to the United States government.

[…] She appears caught in a Kafkaesque bureaucratic web – one that’s been dubbed “identification abuse,” which a small percentage of homeschooled children and adults sometimes experience, often due to the unconventional views held by their parents. [… Her parents] have refused to help, according to their daughter.

[Alecia’s parents] James and Lisa [Pennington] live in Kerrington, Texas, where they serve on the board of the Hill Country Home School Association. In 2010, they were named the 2010 Texas Home School Coalition Association’s “Leaders of the Year,” according to the THSCA website.

Apparently, this issue is not as unique as it may first appear. Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out (HARO), an advocacy organization for homeschool students, defines the type of behavior exhibited in the Pennington situation as “identification abuse,” where guardians destroy, deny, or hold hostage their child’s identification documents, such as a birth certificate, driver’s license, or social security card.

According to a Survey of Adult Alumni of the Modern Christian Homeschool Movement done by HARO in 2014, nearly 4 percent of respondents experienced some form of identification abuse.

Full article from The Christian Science Monitor

Homeowner Spotlight: Meet with the Kuerths

Homeowner Spotlight: Meet with the Kuerths

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Colleen Kuerth and her family recently moved into their new Lennar home at Carolina Reserve in Indian Land, SC. A busy wife and mother of two small children, Colleen shares her experiences and advice on purchasing a new home, making the big move, and getting her family settled and comfortable in their new…

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Marilyn Nance is a photographer from Brooklyn. She is a storyteller. A two time finalist for the W. Eugene Smith Award in Humanistic Photography. Nance photographed a black church in Brooklyn, and the first Black Church in America. She was the first woman of colour photographer I had ever met, when as a undergrad I became her intern. She was a mother of 2 small children at the time. The experience of working with her told me yes I can do it too. Along the many years I would store inspiration from her life and work that would make me never give up on the dream of being a photographer and exhibiting artist.

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               "Are you alright?"

Leaned over a female’s body, Belle’s hand pressed against
the wound gushing blood. It didn’t appear serious, but it did
look painful. Belle had no experience in treating wounds, 
except for small scrapes the children gave themselves.