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💜 well get ready cause the next yo-yo album is gonna be fucking weird


└ The “weakness” in Sho-kun’s heart is apparent in the the weakness of his pen strokes too. (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 21.01.2017

trans!adrien headcanons for your trans!adrien needs
  •  marinette totally helps him with his binder (sorry i needed this in here)
  • bc of his dad being a fuck, marinette covers for him in the locker room by making sure he’s always very early to class so he can change before everyone else
  • his dad still calls him by his birthname, but nathalie calls him adrien (because his dad is a fuck)
  • as chat noir, he is practically transformed into what he wants to be, so he’s fully comfortable and would kill to be chat all the time
  • marinette stands up for him in school when people make fun of him in any way 
  •  on the first day he meets nino who is also trans and they hit it off in like .3 seconds
  • he’s pretty much fully out to the school but mostly because he was never in, only a select few know he’s not biologically a boy and they’re super protective
  • whenever anyone misgenders him, marinette and nino show up faster than you could say mM BOY YOU THOUGHT
  • he’s not really able to take t because if his dad noticed his voice and appearance changing he’d probably pull him right out of school
  • his dad is against him dating marinette D:
  • nathalie helps him sneak marinette inside bc she ships it
Cada día a su lado era una experiencia nueva, verlo sonreír cada día era como ver un eclipse, cada beso se sentía como formar una galaxia y cada vez que estaba en sus brazos, me sentía en medio del Universo.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she says as he walks backwards toward the railing, tugging her by her hands to follow.

I know this part was one line but you can bet your sweet bippy I absolutely l LOVED it
(from the hella good fic Heartstrings by @taylordraws read it, love it, live it)

why do white ppl feel the need to aggressively defend “queen rowling” you can still love her but yall need to accept that she can be problematic and try to help her figure that out

and if you’re a white person dont you fucking dare try to silence a native person saying that this is cultural appropriation or expressing their discomfort its not your fucking place to decide for them

a lot of times ppl will get offended when they feel someone they idolize is being attacked and i get it but sometimes maybe chill out and step back and listen to what other people are saying

O'BRIEN: I’ll never forget the first thing Tyler said to me: “Do you guys know where the bathroom is?”
POSEY: I play guitar. He plays drums. We hit it off within 15 seconds of knowing each other. He reminded me of me.
RODEN: The yin and the yang.
POSEY: I guess, yeah! We’re yin and yang together! Like, I’m yin and yang, and you’re yin and yang.
RODEN: What they experienced, I watched them experience. “Yo, bro! You wanna skate?” “Yeah. You wanna jam later?” “‘kay, cool. You guys goin’ out?” “F— that. You wanna play videogames?” I’ve seen them grow up.

Mer!Requests!!! *closed btw*

I made Barto a lionfish cause other sea life literally keep away from them. He got his very own barrier. Also, they’re really pretty and all over the whole place.

I’m trying to push myself and experiment on art stuff yo~

Re: my experiment to see if people at the studio where I take drum lessons could guess what band Zayn was in from a recent tour photo.

yngvolkayno said:
I’m gonna say that at least two people think he’s from Bastille. One person says The 1975.

srslycris said:
I will be SO curious to know if anyone guesses right about that pic of Zayn. The only ones who would say 1D are those who know the band - so would they admit it? :D

I ended up asking 7 people, and here were their guesses (no Bastille and no 1D but The 1975 made it!):

  • 2 votes for The 1975
  • 1 vote for “I know it’s not Blink-182 but I can’t think of anyone else that looks like that right now so Blink-182”
  • 2 votes for Fall Out Boy
  • 1 vote for Hozier
  • 1 vote for “give me the Warped Tour line up and I bet I could guess it. It’s some obscure band, isn’t it?”

And the overwhelming response when I told them it was One Direction: “never would have guessed that in a million years.”  One guy asked if the other band members were wearing the same outfit as him and if that was their punk costume. The girl I asked said “when did they stop wearing pastels and varsity jackets?” Next week I’m going to play Fireproof for everyone and see how that goes.


YO-KAI WATCH 2 is arriving in stores on 9/30, but there’s still plenty of time to learn how to dance like a Yo-kai! Thanks to our friends Mark Ballas and Billy Blanks Jr., these humans are now fully prepared to experience YO-KAI WATCH 2: Bony Spirits and YO-KAI WATCH 2: Fleshy Souls.


Once Upon a Twist (AO3)

Role!Swap fanfic born from this >post<

Hook would be Graham, and you know how that ended. :P Rest of Storybrooke would be pretty much the same from during the first curse, but this isn’t set in S1. It’s an experiment, yo. Don’t hate me. Or hate me. Meh.