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     I’ve seen SO many of my friends struggle with motivation these days, so I wanted to make a little psa about how to attempt to get motivation back ( this also helps fight depression yo ) — It’s all about POSITIVE VIBES. Positivity attracts positivity. Motivation is driven by the WANT to do something, and that doesn’t ( usually ) come on its own, but needs a kick-starter ( this is where inspiration comes into play ). Inspiration is easily triggered by positivity, and everyone has positivity stored in them ( it is a human thing after all ), so what’s needed is to extract it. This part is where people say that their depression prevents them, and a big reason for that is because they are waiting for the positivity to come to them, but relying on something to come to YOU is not as good as generating it YOURSELF. So, can positivity be generated when you feel down? By: DOING YOUR BEST. This is a cliche saying, but it actually works. Do one more thing than you did yesterday. For some, this is a slow process. Doing one more draft, answering one more ask - but the thing is, the more you do, the better you will feel about yourself. And, there it is: you have made a positiv feeling/vibe/emotion. By feeling good about yourself, and sending out this ‘ positive vibe ‘, you are attracting inspiration, which will turn into motivation. Then, it’ll be easier to do more things, which, again, will give you an even better feeling - more motivation - more productivity - more positive vibes! When you hit a certain point, you will have “excess” positivity, which you can give to the people around you! So now you’re not only making positiv energy, but you’re also distributing it to your social circle, which will make good things happen to you. You’ll feel better about yourself, your work, and the people in your life ( and they will feel better about you ). And all of this JUST because you decided that you wanted to do a little more than usual. People who say that “this won’t work for me”, are ruining for themselves, because that means that instead of generating positivity, you are making negativity, which brings NOTHING good. Don’t say: “this won’t work for me”, don’t say “this might work for me”. Say: “THIS WORKS FOR ME”, because — Well, it does.

     Small personal note about my own experience with this ‘ method ‘ of generating motivation ( feel free to ignore this) ; People tell me that I can’t understand what it’s like to be depressed and that it’s impossible to just “do” things when you’re feeling down, but, trust me, I DO know what that’s like. I suffer from a rare medical condition that causes me a lot of pain, which I have been very depressed about ( still feel down sometimes about it ), but I can STILL use the method described above to make motivation! So, I have no doubt that it will work for you too! 

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The gif set with the little girl is so adorable. Do you get approached by kids often?

It depends on the cosplay!! As furiosa or Hawke or Enchantress – uhh no, not really. 

As Elsa, Korra, or Rey? ALL THE TIME. 

Though we have a long, long history with Star Wars kids, because we did Star Wars birthday parties for a year in Los Angeles for Character Masters. 


William & Dolores + killing for each other

saw someone saying V/riska shouldn’t be held responsible for her terrible behavior because of her abuse and ptsd and imagined Dave going


O'BRIEN: I’ll never forget the first thing Tyler said to me: “Do you guys know where the bathroom is?”
POSEY: I play guitar. He plays drums. We hit it off within 15 seconds of knowing each other. He reminded me of me.
RODEN: The yin and the yang.
POSEY: I guess, yeah! We’re yin and yang together! Like, I’m yin and yang, and you’re yin and yang.
RODEN: What they experienced, I watched them experience. “Yo, bro! You wanna skate?” “Yeah. You wanna jam later?” “‘kay, cool. You guys goin’ out?” “F— that. You wanna play videogames?” I’ve seen them grow up.

trans!adrien headcanons for your trans!adrien needs
  •  marinette totally helps him with his binder (sorry i needed this in here)
  • bc of his dad being a fuck, marinette covers for him in the locker room by making sure he’s always very early to class so he can change before everyone else
  • his dad still calls him by his birthname, but nathalie calls him adrien (because his dad is a fuck)
  • as chat noir, he is practically transformed into what he wants to be, so he’s fully comfortable and would kill to be chat all the time
  • marinette stands up for him in school when people make fun of him in any way 
  •  on the first day he meets nino who is also trans and they hit it off in like .3 seconds
  • he’s pretty much fully out to the school but mostly because he was never in, only a select few know he’s not biologically a boy and they’re super protective
  • whenever anyone misgenders him, marinette and nino show up faster than you could say mM BOY YOU THOUGHT
  • he’s not really able to take t because if his dad noticed his voice and appearance changing he’d probably pull him right out of school
  • his dad is against him dating marinette D:
  • nathalie helps him sneak marinette inside bc she ships it

for @umberonica‘s HP femslash bingo (lmao i took so long on this that you now have a new url >.<,)

AU: Library/ Bookstore

  • Tonks peers over her book at the new visitor.
  • She knows everyone that enters her bookshop, but this woman’s sudden appearance almost makes her reach for her bookmark.
  • Blonde, almost silver hair floats behind her as if suspended in water, the sun glimmering off of it. 
  • With pink cheeks to match, Tonks squints with just a hint of suspicion.
  • She glows too much to be real and Tonks’ breath hitches when the woman runs her finger down the spine of a book. 
  • “Can I help you?” Tonks can’t help blurting out, watching as the woman turns and gives a soft smile.
  • “No, I am just browsing.”
  • The accent is distinct, Tonks can say that much, but she still can’t decide how she feels about this woman. 
  • “Do you have any suggestions?” The woman asks, again running her fingers along the books on one of the shelves. 
  • Tonks shrugs before setting her own book to the side and hopping off her stool.
  • “Depends on what you like,” Tonks stops a few feet away, looking over her collection. 
  • Her eyes land on a book of poetry, classics, and she tugs it out, brushing off the dustless cover. Without a word, she holds it out, her breath catching in her throat.
  • The woman’s face light up, and for a moment, Tonks feels as if she’s being swallowed whole. 
  • “Perfect,” the woman says without looking at the book, her eyes staring into Tonks’ soul. 
  • Swallowing, Tonks only shakes her head and turns to leave before a hand on her arm stops her. 
  • “Fleur,” is what the woman says and Tonks accepts that as her name. 
  • “Tonks.”
  • Fleur’s smile widens and Tonks wonders if this is what writers mean by, “Fairest of them all”.

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Wed me + Appleshipping or Fakiru please?

They both made it early to the meeting place.  She wore her best, and he wore his worst.

While Rin had been the first to suggest they do things non-traditionally, she still remembered dreams of white dresses and church bells.  Her outfit was nothing but a simple Sunday frock, fraying at the seams a bit, but still more presentable than her work clothes.

Meanwhile Yugo had tried to maintain the secrecy of their plans and adopted a causal outfit any Commons could have worn.  It did the job when looking from a distance, but up close it showed little sign of wear or tear.  It was obvious to anyone that something in such fine a condition could only belong to the Tops.

Still both outfits did the job.  The two passed each other without a single glance.  Yugo entered a small church as if it was an afterthought while after walking a few blocks further, Rin darted into a side-alley and entered a mess of a maze that could make you dizzy just by looking at it.  In the end, they both made it to a cramped storage room tucked away from the prying eyes of the world.

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How To Write A Fight Scene

The general 4 rules you need to follow to make a fight scene work is called WIEECC

Weight, Investment, Environment, Emotions, Characters, Composition

The first thing when it comes to writing a fight scene is that we usually get so hung up on what’s happening. Who’s throwing the punch and who’s swinging a sword or pulling the gun, we forget about the fight. Fighting is something with emotion and reason. Your fight scene should be more about the characters and what’s happening internally and externally. The first intimidating mistake writers make when writing fight scenes is that we forget those components even exist, and the correlation the emotional has with the physical. Your reader doesn’t need to understand it, so much as they need to feel it.


Weight refers to the literal amount your character weighs. It’s highly important. How fast are they moving? How many hits could they really take? Can they dodge? Can they administer hefty blows? This also refers to attacking. If it’s a fast attack it generally has less energy behind it, because the are moving a lighter object or body part, making it faster and weaker. However, a heavier attack or blow will do more damage, but the victim maybe able to brace or block it faster. It’s something very real in combat, and height also feeds into this point. If a character is tall, the smaller character generally will have a disadvantage, or emotionally feel weaker. Unless specific circumstances are meet, smaller people lack confidence in fights, even if they are trained.Tall and short people will also aim for different places. Keep that in mind while you write.


The fight is much more than the fight itself. It’s like a kiss almost, it’s not what’s happening on the outside, it’s how what’s happening on the inside affects


Something we commonly forget in the thick of the action, both you and your characters, is that the world around them suddenly didn’t disappear. It still exists. Your characters will usually forget about the wall behind them in a fight, and ram into it. If you’re writing fantasy the cliche trick of destroying the wall behind a victim as they duck is classic for a reason. It’s that dawning moment of comprehension where you think “thank god that didn’t land…” If they have a fight where they are moving around an area, SKETCH OUT THE AREA. Know where your characters are fighting. If they are moving, they become hyper-aware of their surroundings, are more likely to use those surrounding to their advantage. An extra ledge to jump from or on, cornering an opponent, the works. It depends on where they are. Just remember that even though your characters are so honed in on the fight, doesn’t mean you can be too, and that wall or dumpster will still be there when the tussle commences. Use it to your advantage. WHat ground are they on? Are they alone? What’s the lighting like? ALl are critical questions to ask if a fight is to happen.


Emotion in a way is the main selling point of a written fight. Because things can’t happen like they do in a karate movie, we have to capitalize on something entirely different. THe emotions. Why does the main character feel like the world will end if they lose? WHat are they fighting so hard to protect? Do they use that to overthink the fight? How much does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Emotion can control physical response. They are two sides fo the same coin. THey are far more likely to lash out blindly when frustrated then level-headed. Know that experienced fighters very rarely lose their cool on a battlefield, it’s important to note that. Think of your characters battle- fistfight experience, then use that yo guide the emotions of the fight.


Your character themselves are a huge indicator of them in a fight. FIght are very personalized. Depending on a few variables, your characters will fight wildly different from others.

  • Do they have a weapon?
  • Do they have training or experience?
  • Defensive or offensive?
  • Do they trust themselves?
  • How afraid are they?
  • Spontaneous thicker or planner?
  • How well can they read their opponent?
  • Are they focused?
  • Why are they fighting?

All of these variables will change the way your character fights. THink about matching their personality with a fighting style. Educate yourself if your character knows what they’re doing, don’t if they have no idea what’s happening! Match your character in that sense.


Composure can be a surprisingly defining factor in a fight- and it all has to do with intimidation and how put together your character is. You’re automatically going to be afraid to fight a person larger then you, and fear puts you at a disadvantage because it’s a mental reaction that you can do very little to control. You will be afraid of people who have a track record of success, or somebody who you know has a weapon or heavy training. However, it’s also a matter of who is afraid of YOU on the battlefield. You generally want to target people who are afraid of you, knowing that they will put up less of a fight, and are generally easier enemies, seeing as they are unsure if they can beat you.

Weight, Investment, Environment, Emotions, Characters, Composition or WIEECC are the fundamentals of writing a compelling fight scene.

Writing these are hard, so be sure to get lots of opinions, and remember that nothing you do is wrong!

Happy writing!