experimenting with size

Here’s a fun little experiment.

over 2 years ago, right when tumblr was at its most biphobic, I made a separate blog. A secret bi discourse blog, basically, where I could reblog things and fight biphobes without worrying about people i know irl finding out things about me that i’m not ready to come out to them about

Not long after making this blog, I kind of drifted off and did other things. This blog has been primarily abandoned for a long time. I’ve occasionally popped back on to post some things, but mostly it’s been left to gather dust.

And then I realized something. Every single person that I followed on this blog, which began its life as a blog to fight biphobia on tumblr, was a bi person or someone who also was vocally against biphobia. I blocked a lot of people for being really awful biphobes… and then I kind of left. This blog and its following list and block list are a time capsule from the heyday of biphobic discourse on tumblr

So I came back on again, and I went through a bunch of blogs, and here’s what I’ve found:

I have scrolled through my dash, I have checked the blogs that I followed for being vocally protective of bi people on tumblr. And what did I find? FOUR exclusionists. All of the rest are either inactive, have not posted enough to determine a position, or (overwhelmingly) inclusionists. In fact, my dash on this blog is almost ENTIRELY inclusionist posts. On a blog I created to follow people defending bi people.

So I’m checking the block list. All of these people I blocked for being biphobes. 

I went on their blogs and to /search/ace 

Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Blog is wiped clean.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe. 
Exclusionist. Biphobe Terf.
Outlier, mega racist anti-sjw
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Biphobe. No ace discourse on blog.
Exclusionist. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Terf.* 
Exclusionist. Biphobe. 
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Biphobe. No ace discourse on blog.
Blog has been wiped
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Blog is wiped.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Biphobe, hasn’t posted in over a year, no ace discourse.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Terf.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.

* - I wasn’t looking specifically for truscum or transphobes but in these instances it was readily apparent just by clicking on the blog! Fun.

Is this a scientific experiment? Nah. Are the sample sizes large enough to say anything definitively? No. But it is really telling that a dash that, 2 years ago, was full of bi positivity and defending against biphobic tumblr discourse, is now entirely the same thing but for aces. 

So the next time an inclusionist tells you that this is ALL rehashed 2014 bihet discourse, maybe listen to us.


Felicity was the perfect companion for an experience like this. The size of this film is very new for me and I had the perfect friend and confidante to talk about all the fears and things that you have to go through and overcome, you know?

It was excellent working with [Diego]. He and Jyn in the story have a very lovely dynamic, and he’s very open, very collaborative and easygoing, and loves drinking espressos in true Spanish style.

Results of the Exo Bias Age Experiment

Sample Size: 970 points
Age range: 13-38

Data Point Distribution - Age Groups

  • 13-15:  62
  • 16:  81
  • 17:  119
  • 18:  135
  • 19:  133
  • 20:  114
  • 21:  95
  • 22:  83
  • 23:  41
  • 24:  39
  • 25:  25
  • 26-29:  41
  • 30+:  12

Data Point Distribution - Per Member

  • Baekhyun: 135
  • Chanyeol: 128
  • DO: 122
  • Kai: 114
  • Xiumin: 113
  • Sehun: 88
  • Chen: 80
  • Lay: 80
  • Suho: 53
  • Tao: 25
  • Luhan: 20
  • Kris: 12

Age Data per Age per Member:

The darker the red the more data was in that category

Individual Member Statistics (ot9)

*Due to very small numbers, Kris, Tao, and Luhan will get a separate evaluation at the end*

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the Basics of Cognitive Functions

So if you’ve been wandering around what I call the “MBTI fandom,” you’ve probably seen numerous posts talking about something called cognitive functions. And you’re like, “learning the order of the letters is hard enough, and now there’s SUBCATEGORIES!?!?”


And this is where the real magic of this thing called “Myers-Briggs” comes into play. Sure, the descriptions you read on 16personalities.com were great, but what really makes your type accurate is what’s behind those 4 little letters. Which is…four more letters. 

Here is a list of all of the cognitive functions–and don’t be too daunted by them!! You’ll understand them with time. 

ESTP: Se > Ti > Fe > Ni 
ISTP: Ti > Se > Ni > Fe
ESFP: Se > Fi > Te > Ni 
ISFP: Fi > Se > Ni > Te
ENTP: Ne > Ti > Fe > Si
INTP: Ti > Ne > Si > Fe
ENFP: Ne > Fi > Te > Se
INFP: Fi > Ne > Si > Te
ESFJ: Fe > Si > Ne > Ti
ISFJ: Si > Fe > Ti > Ne
ESTJ: Te > Si > Ne > Fi
ISTJ: Si > Te > Fi > Ne
ENFJ: Fe > Ni > Se > Ti
INFJ: Ni > Fe > Ti > Se
ENTJ: Te > Ni > Se > Fi
INTJ: Ni > Te > Fi > Se

And there you have it. Find your type in there and see what it looks like. I’ll explain each one of your functions down below. But what you need to do is follow this order: Dominant > Auxiliary > Tertiary > Inferior
And what that means is first > second > third > fourth. For example, if you’re an INFP (Fi > Ne > Si > Te), the dominant function is Fi, the auxiliary function is Ne, and so on. 
Read about your functions in their proper order to understand what they mean for you.

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100 Days of Youtube - (26/100)

THE WEDDING | Melix Plays: The Sims 4 - Final.

Faux Cuffs and Collar Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This is a tutorial to make a detached collar and (faux) French cuffs. I intended this to be for Playboy Bunny-style costumes, and that’s a good use for them, but I can see people wanting to make these for fashion purposes or other costumes, as well. 

The collar is functional and buttons at the neck, and the cuffs are functional but use a snap on the inside and decorative buttons sewn to the outside to imitate the look of cufflinks. This makes them easier to deal with during a con day and makes it easier to either make custom “cufflinks” or to use what you have in your sewing stash rather than buying or attempting to make actual cufflinks.

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{I’m back from Japan Expo 2017 where I sold art for 4 days with the @better-together-art circle! So here’s pictures of 1- my personal haul, and 2- stuff I got from generous people as gifts! I also got a couple more things as gifts for friends, but I wouldn’t wanna spoil surprises èwé So, not showing.

Special shoutouts to:

  • @reiuyi, @b4kuhatsu and @elia-kun for being AWESOME boothmates
  • @cartoonsinthemorning of @spacingoutcircle for the art trade (drawing on the left of the second picture) and the gift stickers x3
  • @passionateandtired for the visit and the gift drawing of tracksuit Jyushi (sorry I didn’t have time to draw anything back for ou! TwT I love it so much TwT)
  • @awesomefukochan and @risatrash for the several visits, and for the adorable religion AU art (drawn by @risatrash if I’m not mistaken?). Also, I AM SO LATE TO SAY THIS BUT I ACTUALLY RECOGNIZE YOU GUYS FROM MY ACTIVITY PAGE, OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT?? It was lovely to meet you!! I hope we can meet again! <3 I’ll send you the pictures we took together when I’m able to retrieve them from my friend’s camera^^
  • @neko-virus for the Mob Psycho button and the Jyushi perler (*squeal*) they gave me as a gift! <3}
Attention fat/chubby/plus size cosplayers attending Fanime!

I’m thinking of doing a panel for plus size cosplayers to discuss and such like that their experiences being plus sized and cosplaying i wanna call it “on being fat and a cosplayer…..”! It would be a discussion panel, and the audience would have a chance to ask for advice or questions or anything and give a chance for the panelists to share their experiences and stories, however it will be a safe space for us fat cosplayers so if theres any inappropriate questions or comments, they will be skipped and such. i need to know if theres an interest for this! cause i need a co-host, and panelists (about 2-3 i’m probably gonna be one too). We will include trigger warnings in both the beginning of the panel and in the description in the program. 

this will probably be an all age panel, or a 16+ panel (due to triggers and such that might be discussed!)

The only requirements is that you are fat/chubby/plus size, you cosplay (whether you buy or make your own, it doesn’t matter, and doesn’t matter experience level. i would love to have diff cosplayers of all experience levels in the panel!!!) and will be in cosplay for the panel. Doesn’t matter what cosplay!

. Please message me on here so we can exchange info and ideas if you want to be a part of this, or have an interest in attending such a panel like this and what days would work best for you. i’m shooting for Sunday, like late afternoon! i need to know if theres an interest for this before i submit it to fanime! PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG THIS IF YOU WOULD ATTEND A PANEL LIKE THIS! SPREAD THE WORD!

 and like i said, please message me on here (@cardcaptorsteven) or my fat cosplay blog (@fatcosplayer) if you would like to be a part of this! 


👈🏻 Printed - Digital 👉🏻

This is some notes on set theory both digital and printed out. I don’t really like the black/white thing going on here though. But I’m still experimenting with titles, colors and sizes. 

I’ve been editing my blog’s theme for like 5 hours now, starting to like it. Will continue tomorrow when finished studying. Feel free to check it out and give me some feedback, I would love that. Now: lots of sleep 😴 (11.30 pm here). 

Doctor’s Visit

Now that I’ve had a few days to process it, I’m finally ready to talk about the doctor’s visit on Friday about my leg pain. It was pretty nasty.

As soon as I said that I thought my recent change in my running workout might be to blame, the nurse and the doctor both stopped in their tracks and said “RUNNING? You?” incredulously. I explained that I’d been more active for about 2 years - had lost 70 pounds - gained some of it back - and was looking for a higher intensity exercise to get the most out of my time due to writing my dissertation. I tried to be polite in saying that I may be 265 pounds, but my body is by no means so out of shape that she should look at me like that.

She proceeded to tell me to quit running and go for something lower impact like swimming. She said if I insisted on running, then I should do it indoors at the gym on a treadmill or the indoor track - not because of lower impact reasons - but because “what if you get a mile away from your house and get so tired? You wouldn’t be able to get home!”

I’ve been doing about 2.5-3 miles every Zombies workout. I’ve completed a 5+ mile mountain hike. I routinely walk several miles at a time. This would have been helpful if it was 2 years ago when I couldn’t walk more than a ¼ mile at a time. I explained this to her, and I said that I recognize running is high impact and that’s why I’m doing a training and spreading out my runs in order to avoid serious injury. I said “I’m not here to ask if I should run. I’m asking for advice about how best to go about it.” And she was NOT about that. I even had to ask her explicitly to answer my questions about the source of the pain, since she just moved on to preaching at me about running as a fat person. 

Anyway - after a few days rest, my legs are fine. It seems to be tendon/muscle strain. I’m going to do my next run on the indoor track for the bounce to avoid the impact for a bit. But yeah… so that happened. 

anyamercury  asked:

Hi! I saw your bunny suit boot camp post and was wondering if you had any extra tips for plus size girls looking to make bunny suits?

Hello there!

I haven’t personally made a plus-sized bunnysuit, but the process should mostly be the same. The major difference here is going to be the amount and type of structure you add.

A large part of the fit of a suit will depend on your particular body type in addition to size – if you are hourglass vs. apple, etc. You may not need large bust considerations, or you may need to pattern for a different fat distribution pattern (such as a larger stomach or a larger butt), but a lot of that is taken care of in the patterning itself, since it’ll be custom fitted. If you have any areas with a particularly large difference, such as a much larger butt than your waist, you may need to add additional seams or gussets in order to get the curve to fit correctly. 

Generally, you are likely to want additional boning channels (you can add some short ones between the longer ones I outline in the panel), and if you want to disguise the front of your stomach more, you will want to angle the boning (and possibly the front princess seams on the interlining – you’ll have to experiment with a couple of mockups) to create more of a V shape in the front. You may also want to take into consideration the large bust structure outlined in the panel, and possibly add some shorter boning channels that end underneath the bustline in addition to the channels that may go over the bustline. Basically, while the boning isn’t going to add the support or any reduction on its own, combined with a snug fit (and a curvy fit, if that’s what you are going for) and the fabrics used, the boning will give additional support to the fabric. 

For additional bust support, you can also build a bra band (or bra band like structure) on the inside of the suit and close it before you zip the suit for an extra layer of support.

If you want a significant waist reduction (at any size), I’d recommend wearing a corset underneath a bunnysuit. You will still need boning in the suit to keep its shape, but not as much, and you can likely use a thinner interlining layer, since it won’t have to hold structure in quite the same way (but still give the appearance of structure). The suit itself isn’t meant to reduce your waist much at all (though you may be able to go a little bit smaller in the waist if you are mostly squish and not mostly firm), but with an actual corset underneath or built into the suit, you can help enhance or create curves and make sure everything is as smooth as possible.

You will want to wear shapewear underneath. You will also want to wear dance tights (flesh-tone or colored), but that goes for any size. If you can’t find tights in your size, the microfiber tights from We Love Colors are a good option (though they have a very limited skin tone selection), and The Big Tights Company specializes in plus-sized hosiery. 

I  hope that helps! Good luck :]

why Franky/Robin is gr8 ship to get on board

  • loud wild yankee x elegant studious silent type
  • while franky is a self proclaimed ‘pervert’, he never goes wild on women and is respectful of robin’s personal space and never goes out of his way to win her affections cheaply
  • size difference
  • older mature couple (Franky 36, Robin 30)
  • I have this feeling that in Robin’s experience a 'normal size’ guy has never used their average size hands to hold her as gently as Franky would
  • they’re the Two Who Could End the World
  • Franky who loves himself and doesnt try to hide who/what he is x Robin who’s had to hide everything from everyone her whole life
  • Robin’s already grabbed his package so i mean she knows whats going on
  • their general personality contrast 
  • Robin was told her whole life she does nothing but destroy everything she gets near, Franky is the best in the world at building up amazing things from what other people feel are useless and discount as trash 
  • Franky is too big for a normal woman to put her arms around, but Robin has many arms to spare