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regina’s relationship with emma or regina’s relationship with emma’s car?

Hey babes!! Hope you are all doing alright!! *hugs* So… I changed my theme (again /sweats) hahah I was getting a bit tired of my old one and then I changed to BNHA (…. again;;;;) lolol. *coughs* Anyways I wanted to make a soft and smooth theme with a bit of some pastel colors! I had to experiment and made a different PSD… it took awhile tho X’D but I really liked the final results :) So really hope you enjoy it also and let me know if you guys like it hehe ^^ BIG KISSES!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


                                      TWO    SIDES

                                                                         o f   t h e

                                      SAME   COIN

So one week ago today I graduated from university, which was something that took much longer than expected (thanks, FAFSA) but it’s done!  And that’s something to celebrate!  I also recently hit 800 followers for the first time since revamping my blog in September, so… y’all know how these work.  Just a little show of appreciation and also, blatant promotion.  These lists are all alphabetical as I’ve tried not to forget anyone.

Thanks for being patient, being a friend, sending positive things, and generally being awesome.  This blue hell gazette is trying at times, but overall, this has been a positive experience for me.  ♥︎  ( psd )

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