experimenting with psds


“I had a bit of an identity crisis when I was a child, I didn’t know who I was… yeah I was shy. I did a lot of school plays and being a different character was a chance to be someone else and gave me confidence. That’s what got me into drama. I was in drama after school club, did a lot of plays…” - Rupert Grint.


                                      TWO    SIDES

                                                                         o f   t h e

                                      SAME   COIN


The delinquents are back!

The Pokémon Jukebox app has now been released on Google Play devices across the US and Europe. This app is free to download and provides access to a variety of Pokémon music, which can be added to by paying, and allows for you to use special sound effects, loop and more. You can listen to three free tracks every day, but these are on a trial basis and you do not keep them.

Source: Serebii