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Giant Accelerator Ready to Restart in Search for Fundamental Laws of Nature

by Michael Keller

The world’s largest and most powerful atom smasher will be firing back up for a new round of experiments as early as this Thursday after being shut down for upgrades two years ago. 

When physicists throw the power switch, the overhauled Large Hadron Collider will send unimaginably tiny particles like protons and the nuclei of lead atoms in opposite directions with significantly more energy than when the experiment’s first run ended in early 2013. 

“We are really excited because we are entering a new phase of the LHC after two years of heavy maintenance and heavy improvement of the whole accelerator chain, of the whole infrastructure,” said Rolf-Dieter Heuer, a German particle physicist who heads CERN, the organization that runs the LHC. “And to restart the LHC now at a new, higher energy, which hopefully opens new windows–depending on the kindness of nature, of course–we are excited.”

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It’s time to send in your prompts!! 

From today (Feb 15) to Feb 27 (including 27) you can send us your prompts over **H E R E**.

Prompts we’re looking for:

+ Canon Prompts: Things directly related to the show. For example: first experience on ice.
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+ Emotion Prompts: One/two word prompts. For example: love. 
+ Quote Prompts: Send in the quotes that you think would be good as prompts. You’re welcome to modify them a bit if you wish. For example: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Try to keep them short.
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+ Guang Hong Prompts: Considering we’re dedicating one day of the second week to Leo, one prompt has to be solely for Guang Hong. Of course, Leo can be featured too, but it has to mostly be about Guang Hong. :)

Hoping to see lots of prompts coming in! Thank you, and have a lovely day! <3

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THE PREDATOR Chapter 14 [ Olicity | Mob AU ]

Summary :  Oliver Queen is the one anomaly in the Chicago Outfit. He is the only non-blooded member to be a part of the high circle in the family. His reputation precedes him and he is their best hunter.
Felicity Smoak, daughter of the Starling boss, infiltrates his house, intent on killing him.
But a startling encounter tips the scales. He goes on the prowl and she escapes. Hate, heat, and friction. Sparks. But something bigger is happening in their world. And despite their disagreements, only they can fight it down. Mob AU. Not Bratva. Enemies-lovers.


It was already getting darker outside, the sun fading away to give room to the moon, the air chilly as she crossed the lot to the main door, shivers racing down her spine, not entirely due to the cold.

The guard looked up as she approached, eyeing her in a way that was all too familiar, thanks to her father and his choice of dinner companions, and it was exactly what she needed at the moment. Her spine straightened, her teeth gritting as she passed the guard by, wishing for the hundredth time she’d had her gun instead of the small butterfly knife in her bra.

Clenching her jaw, she cleared her mind of everything but getting to the backroom, so she could spy in peace, and entered the casino. Bright lights and a plethora of colors assaulted her eyelids, the sound of music and laughter drifting about everywhere, along with the voices of the dealers and the machines pinging.

Felicity stood still for a moment, fisting her hands beside her, taking it all in. She wasn’t used to such crowds, and her experiences with such large number of people had not always been the best. No. She preferred her computer and her solitude, maybe a few people.

The dinner with Dante and Amara and Oliver Queen at the penthouse had been nice, a voice whispered inside her. Awkward but nice.

Felicity hushed the voice, not willing to hear whatever it had to say, shaking off her musings and started walking towards the back of the huge area. The closer she got, the more clearly she could see a narrow corridor of some kind, with a single curtain at the end.

Assuming it was the room the man had referred to, Felicity looked around to make sure  she wasn’t being watched, then made her way to the corridor. Once safely there, she stood at the curtain, trying to listen hard for any sounds, but heard nothing. Hesitating for a second, she pulled the curtain away slightly, peeking around it, and saw a simple wooden door with a keypad on the side.


Stepping into the small area, she pulled the curtain back in place, concealing her from everyone outside, and checked the keypad out. She knew her father’s security, having installed a lot of it herself. She knew if she cracked the lock, there won’t be any alarms of any kind. And the keypad was complex, but not uncrackable, not for her at least.

Pulling her lip under her teeth, Felicity concentrated completely on the lock, undoing it in a matter of seconds.

The minute the lock opened, a hand grabbed her roughly from the back.

Felicity’s hand instantly went to the knife she’d hidden but a gun pressed into her ribs, stilling her.

She turned slowly, looking at an older man a few inches taller than her, his face cruel and harsh, especially under the dim lighting by the curtain.

“What are you doing here?” the man demanded, his hand shaking her in a way she knew would leave bruises.

Felicity opened her mouth to make up an excuse when the man’s eyes fell on the opened lock. Shit.

“Well, well,” he looked at her with interest. “You want to get inside, little girl? Then, let’s get inside.”

Shoving her hard through the door, he pressed the gun into her side, ordering her to move.

Felicity didn’t try struggling.

In a place like this, she knew it would be futile, that she’d have her own knife in her back before she’d even turned around properly. Being smart about this was the only to way to make it through.


The dark room in the back of the casino was lit up with multi colored lights that should have made it look cheap and flashy but had the opposite effect instead. Unlike the outside, there were no female servers in there. That was the first thing Felicity noticed. No women at all, and that told her something very important - whatever was going on here was highly private and highly important. It was only under those circumstances that women servers were refused at a gathering.

Okay, then.

Felicity let her eyes take it all in. There was a huge round table in the center of the room, with dangerous looking men siting around it with a single gun smack in the middle of the table, within the reach of each and every man.

And seated right across from the entrance, facing the door and every other person in the room, sat Oliver Queen.



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Major volcanic eruptions can be accompanied by pyroclastic flows, a mixture of rock and hot gases capable of burying entire cities, as happened in Pompeii when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 C.E. For even larger eruptions, such as the one at Peach Spring Caldera some 18.8 million years ago, the pyroclastic flow can be powerful enough to move half-meter-sized blocks of rock more than 150 km from the epicenter. Through observations of these deposits, experiments like the one above, and modeling, researchers were able to deduce that the Peach Spring pyroclastic flow must have been quite dense and flowed at speeds between 5 - 20 m/s for 2.5 - 10 hours! Dense, relatively slow-moving pyroclastic flows can pick up large rocks (simulated in the experiment with large metal beads) both through shear and because their speed generates low pressure that lifts the rocks so that they get swept along by the current. (Image credit: O. Roche et al., source)