experimenting with gimp

some character I drew because I ragequit from osu! taiko :(

i now discover the magic of gradients, pressure opacity brush, and the overlay layer.

here is a list i plan on making fanart / fluff stories of tomorrow maybe???

- Steven Universe (mostly Garnet tho il her)
- maybe Hamilton…
- maybe McHanzo..


If his skin were warm, he’d be blinking melting snow out of his eyes. But he’s been living in the wind for so many months that his skin has taken on the temperature of the seasons. He ran away in a summer fever, high on the damage he’d caused and tipsy from the rush of how close he’d come. (Close to taking everything from Brendan and close to getting caught.) 

Four months later his skin is cool and the snowflakes that rest on his eyelashes look like they’re there to stay. The icy weather is like a cool breeze to him–reinvigorating and relaxing at the same time. No “fires of passion,” no “heat of the moment.” Just chilled resolve and the calm of a man who has rededicated himself to his purpose in life.

Walker is back.


I’m experimenting with Gimp in image manip and what’s better than my current obsessions to do it?

I think that Candice Accola and Jane Levy are flawless Elsa and Anna and Tom’s “Crimson Peak” attire is perfect for the AU floating in my head for them in the Once Upon a Time universe.

In fact, in the Marvel universe there is a place called the Enchanted Forest and in Vanheim there is a land adjoining with ogre/trolls territory (it’s never said what kind of creatures there are in the Thor:TDW movie, but the resemblance is striking)… sounds familiar, Oncers?

So, my mind elaborated a ton of possible plots: Elsa and Loki might have meet before the curse, but they had to separate and then the curse stroke and Loki never found her again? Or also he was with her during the curse and protected Arendelle? Or he was involved too and became cursed in Storybrooke with the others. Or when he fell from the Bifrost he was trapped in a time paradox that led him to the Enchanted Forest pre-curse/post-curse/Storybrooke rather than in the clutches of Thanos… and my mind goes on with endless possibilities (pre/during/after Thor/Avengers/Thor:TDW).

Argh! I just wish I was capable of writing at least one of these plots since in my mind a OuaT!Elsa would be even more complex and mature than in the movie and her relationships with everyone (including Anna, their parents, the other OuaT characters and so on) would be more realistic than in Frozen which is, let’s admit it, children tale in certain points (I love Frozen, I really do, but I have to be realistic and acknowledge the flaws). And I have to go back to study too, because it’s true I have no rush, but I still have to deliver results…

Someone’s interested?