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He kept the photograph, along with the letter, neatly pressed within the small book. It sat in his shelf – filed, secure and contained – amidst the various biographies and references, to be kept there until work required its reappearance. 

And that, he had decided, was the end of that.

Yet weeks later, while perusing his indices for a case involving tobacco ash, he found his hand reaching for the small bound book instead. 

Why he should be reading it when he had more pressing matters to attend to, he couldn’t say. The case was closed. There was no more information to be gleaned from within her letter, or from the photograph itself. The Woman’s face stared at him with condescension, and just a touch of mischief, between the pages of the book. He snapped the book shut and slid it back into its place.

It did not stay there for long. When Watson was out, he found himself reaching for the book and the photograph, absentmindedly at first, then with increasing urgency, and a mild sense of guilt – as if he were engaging in something illicit or sinful – with every encounter.

It was as if the Woman within refused to be contained inside the book and shelved. He should have known, truly, that she was simply too much – too clever, too real, too unsolvable a mystery – to be boxed into a single photograph, a simple footnote.

Every time he opened the book and stared at her face within, studied her handwriting, it seemed to him that she came alive and taunted him. And yet, he could not leave it alone. She would not let him.

The next morning, he packed his luggage. Unwilling to leave the photograph which had so enslaved him, he plucked the item from its home in the shelf, and without thinking about it, he placed it within his watch.

With a hurried goodbye to his landlady, Sherlock Holmes set off to Montenegro.


By SorrowsFlower

Welcome our latest member, Maram!

Maram / @2jaekisses​ / B-day: Oct 15 / USA
I’m into kpop rn but i like to watch bad tv shows when I have time for a laugh.

Design (Graphics), Photoshop/GIMP

Not a lot of experience, but i do make graphics and gifs.

Why did you want to join?
To learn more about coding   

What would you like to learn/know more about?
I really want to learn to make better graphics.

anonymous asked:

Hi i really love your gifs and edits and ive been wanting to get into making my own. I just dont know what software i need to get and if i need to buy it online?? just wanted to get the opinon from some of my fave gif makers on tumblr. I have a mac laptop at the moment. Sorry for bothering you im just kinda lost lol :/

Hi thank you!! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. It’s no bother at all.

I use Photoshop, which I pay a $10 monthly subscription for, and for me that’s totally worth the price. But if you want a good free alternative to that, there’s always GIMP. Click on the “All” link there to see the buttons for MAC users. 

In my experience, GIMP is a bit less intuitive than Photoshop to use, but once you get the hang of it, it gives you most of the same tools (and certainly everything you’d really need to make gifs!).

Please feel free to reach out anytime, either in my inbox or in messages, if you have any questions. Yay new gif makers!!