experimenting with fonts and stuff in this

dave ubercharge’s really good meme baking tutorial

i serve the people.

i usually use paint, photoshop cs6, and paint tool sai, but you can do this on just ps. the reason i also use sai is to speed up the ‘saving as jpeg multiple times’ thing, and i think sai’s low quality jpeg is lower quality than ps’. without further ado:

1. pick the text. this is the most important step, of course. for this tutorial, i will be using the text ‘my nipples are fucking frozen’. i said this in a competitive match once when i was very cold. we still won.

2. pick a relevant image to use as the background. you can also use a solid colour or whatever else you want, but i think images are funnier. i’m gonna use a picture of a blizzard from google images (filtered ‘labelled for reuse with modification’).

3. apply the text to the image. i do this on paint because i’m fucking lazy and the kinda but kinda not anti-aliased text edges are funny to me. you can do this on photoshop. i use large size (large being relative to the image) bolded and italicized arial.

i gave myself a bit more canvas space for the next step.

4. apply the same text on top in a darker/lighter colour. i like putting it to the upper left of the original text. with ps, you can just fiddle around with the 2nd text layer to get it in the right position. with paint, you might have to try wiggling the text box a few times. it’s a waste of time compared to ps but for me, it’s just a part of the process making the end product funnier.

make sure your text is visible on top of the image! if it’s not, no biggie, use the fill bucket or just try different colours.

5. apply an overlay on top if desired. red is funny, but it doesn’t really work with what i want on this specific image, so i’m gonna use blue. it doesn’t really matter because the following steps are gonna ruin the colours anyway.

i used a light blue with linear burn. i saved it as a .jpeg after this.

remember to have lowest quality. even on this small version, you can see the start to the terrible things this image is going to endure!

6. here’s the fun part! you can mix these steps up, but i’ll just show how i more or less usually do it. go to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen. you can fiddle with the sliders and whatever.

save the image as a .jpeg again.

7. go to filter > blur > motion blur OR filter > blur > radial blur. motion blur is the diagonal (or up/down, or left/right) blur, radial blur has both the spinny and zoom blur. you can use more than one, if you want. since my abomination is already kind of annoying to read, i’m going to be light-handed with a spinny radial blur.

wow! that already looks pretty fucking bad, but we can go further:

8. go back to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen and apply that again. you can also do more overlays and blurring.

i decided to do all of that. here it is with another blue overlay, motion blur, and radial (zoom) blur.

i changed the sharpen settings before sharpening it again. do whatever you think looks good (or bad).

here’s the final image:

you can keep going, but i have stuff to do. some better baked images of mine:

i have a thing for 1. cropping the text weirdly and 2. red

other stuff you can do includes:

  1. doing both (or 3+) text layers on paint with a white bg, then stretching it weirdly before pasting it on the image bg (transparent selection, 2ndary colour should be white)
  2. using the fucking impact font for bad memes
  3. using lens flare (funnier if you have eyes in the image)
  4. stretching/distorting the image at any point
  5. using other filters, ps has plenty. experiment!
  6.  repenting

the beauty of this is that if you make mistakes, you can just re-bake the image, apply more effects, and it probably makes the image funnier.


one night he wakes,
strange look on his face

pauses, then says,
you’re my best friend

and you knew what it was,  he is in love

“I can’t bring myself to understand when people say Tumblr’s a great roleplay site, in my experience, everyone abandons me if I DARE get depressed or take too long getting to replies. I lose my partners because they find someone who’s more willing to due shippy stuff whereas that’s not my strong font or they get depressed themselves, get hate for it and I’m too late to come to their aid, for I know how it is when you get hate for stupid reasons. Half of the fandoms I’ve attempted ignore too.“

anonymous asked:

How did you learn how to write so beautifully?

Ooh do you really like my handwriting? That’s so sweet, thank you!!!

I think the thing that helped me the most with it was the fact that we learned how to write in cursive at school. This way it was easier to do all the fancy lettering and fake calligraphy for me but!! if you didn’t learn how to write in cursive, you can definitely practice that - just take a sample of the alphabet from someone whose handwriting you adore and try to copy it - there are plenty of these either here on tumblr or on pinterest  (I can make a handwriting sample if you want??)

Then it’s just about writing whenever you can and you’ll get better! I’ve gotten so much better with my lettering and stuff over the time I’ve been making bujo spreads. I even try lettering just when I’m bored or have a spare paper - I experiment with brush pens, markers, paint…

Aalso, something that I used to do when I started with bullet journaling - find a font you love, write the word you’d like to write in a text editor or whatever and try to copy it by writing it yourself on paper. This seemed to help me and I got to discover many beautiful fonts, some of which I still use today (because I learned them over time)

I hope this helped at least a bit!

Ok then i have been experimenting with hatching and stuff i have done long long ago… anyways (i just found that i had some gramatical horrors and also papyrus not talking in papyrus font) for those who doesnt get the reference 

undyne is wearing guts armor from berserk

and papyrus is wearing momonga/ains robes from overlord

Idol Work Experience, Part 2

Episode 5

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Yuki: We have Gaku-kun from TRIGGER with us today.

Yuki: We’ve had IDOLiSH7 back to back for a while now, so it’s been a while since we’ve seen someone from TRIGGER.

Gaku: Hello. I’m TRIGGER’s Yaotome Gaku.

Momo: You’re so handsome today, too, that you’re almost transparent. Do you do any kind of skincare?

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was just wondering how people MAKE fonts? Specifically handwritten fonts?

Hi there, anon! This was actually something I looked at a long time ago, and I was pretty put off by its complexity (hence why you’re not using Rabbit’s Empire of Amazing Fonts for all your graphic-making needs).

From what I’ve seen, the basic steps are designing your letters, which can be drawn by hand and then scanned, drawn with a tablet, or even created in whatever software you’d like to use. Once you have the typeface created, you put it through your font software, which generates your font–but you have to worry about the overall design, kerning, other mysterious and arcane properties, and so on, since all of that stuff changes how versatile and readable your font is.

I don’t really have experience with this, so I’ll direct you to folks who know better! Here are some links that might be able to help you out:

I hope this was helpful! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

anonymous asked:

hi! let me preface by saying that i love your themes! but i want to ask you: i'd like to learn to code and make themes myself, but i'm having a bit of trouble... how did you learn to code and make themes? what knowledge is necessary to code themes? do you know any online resources or books i could use to self-teach myself css and html and such? ónò' i'm overwhelmed. thank you!

wheeze every time i get this question i have no idea how to answer so this time im gonna give u an essay on my entire experience coding

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anonymous asked:

Quick question, sorry. I'm new around here and I have no idea who the Xkit guy is. Would you mind informing me? I'd be extremely grateful! Have a nice day!

The Xkit guy is Jesus. I’m pretty sure he really actually is Jesus.

Xkit is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that makes the tumblr experience a million times easier and better. When you download Xkit to your browser, it’ll come with extra stuff you can add to Tumblr. So, for instance, one really great Xkit extension is Quick Queue. You hit the button and it automatically goes into your queue and it tags it for you (if you’ve set up a tag for your queued posts). He also fixes pretty much every shitty update Tumblr has ever made. Like this last update where they changed the fonts and then switched the post and cancel buttons which pissed everyone off because instead of posting they would end up cancelling the post and have to start over because everyone was already used to where the buttons were. Within about a day, Xkit guy made the extension to switch those back as well as fix the fonts. He created an outbox for fanmail and private messages, he made it so you can tag your asks before publishing, you can get themes, you can set up automatic tags for certain kinds of posts, there’s all kinds of shit. And, one of my favorites, you know when you reblog a long post and it reblogs it as a link? He fixed that too so it’ll reblog it as a text post instead.

Xkit guy is Jesus.

This is his blog, I highly recommend you get the extension because it will change your life