experimenting with different styles over the summer

It’s a...date? (FreshPaper)

Ok… so this is like the first part to who knows how many parts there will be… it was suppose to be fluff but I don’t know how it is now… -_-

And it kinda ends within the middle cause I didn’t really know how to continue from that last line… (and I kinda wanted it to end like that *shrugs*)

ANYWAY! My attempt for Floof Day!

Prologue -> HERE

Characters: Paper Jam (created by me) and Fresh (Created by CQ)

Setting: A post-pacifist run universe

Story is under the read more!

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So I’ve been pondering on different comic ideas for a while now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that since I don’t think i’m skilled enough to accomplish my main goal yet (My mermaid/pirate comic), I’m going to do the two others as sort of… test runs to experiment with style and color and see how things go from there.

So here they are in order.

1. [Released over the summer] Short string of InCube (InCube belongs to Abdomented!) comics. Including everyone’s faves, Dash, Marsh, and Harvey. And I’ll try and feature other OCs that are active in the community as well! Including Cass.

2. A comic about werewolves with heavy themes and diverse/lgbt characters. I’ve had a few character designs floating around but I want to give them a story. (Hopefully this one won’t be extremely long.)

3. MORE ALIENS! Because if you didn’t already know, I love aliens. I’m not sure if i’ll do this one before or after the werewolf comic, but I know its gonna be about a guy who happens to befriend an alien that was exiled from his planet, and he’s in hiding (from the government, humans, etc. No way home, blah blah blah.)

4. Zombie apocalypse in the point of view of the pets left behind after all the humans turned.

Summer OOTD/W for the Signs

You can look elegant and refreshing by going for a “pinup” or classic look with lots of red and navy, high waisted shorts, and winged eyeliner.

Mix class with playfulness by pairing floral prints with darker colors for a look that can go from day to night. Try interesting cuts such as off the shoulder for an added flair.

Go for a fun and youthful look this summer by sporting French braids and overalls as an ode to elementary school. Going out of your style comfort zone will only be the beginning of your adventures!

Don’t mess with the classics! Pull out the converse and the ripped jean shorts what’s better than being comfy AND stylish?

Show off your style! Stay on top of the trends this summer by trying out new color combos and prints, as well as influencing your style with a boho flair.

Color blocking and bold prints has always been your thing, so why change? Magenta, bright yellow, and kelly green may be making an appearance in your closet this summer!

Showcase your summer bod with form-fitting pieces, and pair them with loose pieces for an experiment in shape and color. Crop tops, flowy shirts with a pair of tight shorts will do the trick.

Don’t be afraid to go over the top - summer is your time to experiment and find a style that’s your own. Use personal pieces along with new purchases to create a look that’s uniquely your own.

Experiment with different structures of clothing, for example pairing tight with loose. Accessorizing isn’t always your thing but you should find a go to piece of jewelry that’s meaningful for you

Push your style boundaries this summer by changing the way you think about your looks. Ever wanted to try round sunglasses? go for it. an outfit using different shades of the same color? you’ll rock it.

Try the challenge of rocking fabrics and colors that aren’t typically “summery”. Find interesting ways to incorporate darker colors, short boots, leather, or leggings into your wardrobe this summer

Go for a boho look this summer by incorporating knitted or loose pieces into your closet. Experiment with colors, trying brighter colors and prints with looser and textured clothing.