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Kinda urgent (tho it may not sound it) I'm trans and I watched some videos saying bein trans is a sin. This disturbed me deeply. I'm afraid what if God wants me to stop my transition, or else I won't be able to be with him. If thats what Jesus meant by picking up my cross? I don't want to stop transition at all but I don't want to go against Him either. I'm scared and confused. I don't want to think my gender identity is a temptation from Satan since it's so deeply who I am. (1/2)

(2/2) I feel so distraught and like my world is coming apart. I feel distant from God and fearful of Him rather than knowing His love. I’m scared and I don’t know what to do or how to reconcile my gender identity with Him. It’s making me question my faith, when all I want is to be close to God. I know this may not sound urgent but it’s destroying me inside and I don’t know why. Do you have any thoughts on this whole thing? I’m sorry if this is a bother or not seemingly urgent.

Hi there, anon. I’m sorry those videos shook you so much – I’ve been there. It’s sucks, but it’s okay. You’re okay.

First off, I promise that God loves you so, so deeply. And God made you how you are. Jesus came that we might have fullness of life, not to make us live in fear or so that we might continue to live under the chains of social norms. Because the gender binary is a social norm – and we are called not to conform to the world but to be transformed in Christ.

God does not set ultimatums that force us to chop off pieces of ourselves, or squeeze ourselves into boxes that don’t fit, in order to live with God. This post has a quote from a womanist theologian on how God calls us to wholeness, and what that means for LGBT+ Christians in particular. And here is a post with a string of tweets that show how God loves us as we are – rather than saying, “In order to love you, I must make you into something else,” God says, “I receive you as you are – and I come to help you become your fullest, truest self.”

With all of the above information – that God comes to affirm our fullest selves – we do need to take the concept of carrying the cross into account as well. Luckily, Austen Hartke’s Transgender and Christian series has a video on how being trans is not “Our Cross to Bear.” (If you have trouble hearing videos, let me know and I’ll write out a synopsis of the video for you tomorrow!)

His videos “Self Denial or Abundant Life?” and “Abundant Life AND Self Denial?” are also ones that would help you understand how God calls us to abundance that includes transitioning. (Again, let me know if you need a textual summary of the vids.)

Jesus assures us that we can know sin by its fruit, and we can know goodness by its fruit. So let’s look at the fruits of trying to live as cis when we aren’t, versus the fruits of embracing being trans.

Common fruits of living as cis when we aren’t: depression and anxiety from dysphoria; feelings of isolation from other humans and from yourself; feelings of anger, often against God, and thus a lack of strong relationship with God

Common fruits of embracing being trans: gender euphoria!; renewed energy and feelings of joy and thanksgiving that we can use to serve and connect with others as well as to praise God; deeper understandings of ourselves and new experiences that may shape who we are and give us wisdom; a connection to a marginalized community that helps us develop empathy we can use to serve others.

(Some Austen Hartke vids related to these ideas of good fruit: x, x). 

Embracing being trans bears good fruit, while trying to repress it (as well as transphobia) tends to bear harmful fruit. For more on the idea of good fruit, see this tag. Satan is not “making” you trans, because if that were the case, it would not bear good fruit.

God delights in diversity, anon. We are all made so uniquely, with different gifts to offer. I believe being trans is a part of that – we have a unique perspective to offer others – a unique view on our bodies, our minds and spirits, on the gender binary and harmfulness of gender roles, and more. 

Another video to help calm your worries about physically transitioning, this video by Austen is helpful too. 

Here’s a prayer on transitioning that also might help.

For more resources, including responses to common arguments against trans/LGBT people using Scripture, see the “But what does the Bible say?” and the trans section of our resources page

I’m going to post now so you’ll have this; I might add to it tomorrow so keep a lookout for updates. Take a look at the links, and take a moment for some self care. Then, if you have more questions, you are welcome to ask them here! We are here for you anon; you are not alone. <3

Congratulations on the start of this brand new chapter of your life Seán. :)

Like  I’ve said before in other posts I am sincerely proud of you and happy for you. Taking big steps like this in life are scary but also exciting at the exact same time. I’m proud of you for doing this for yourself and trying to explore your horizons and potential more. Personally for me I see gigantic, beautiful and unique spark in you that you don’t even realize you have. There’s so much of yourself and life that you have yet to discover, to see and to do. I’m just happy that you are able to do that for yourself. You’re lucky enough to be able to have real chances and opportunities to really follow your heart and try brand new things and make brand new experiences that shape who you are as a person. Sure there may be bumps in the road along the way because in life you never really know what’s going to happen and sometimes unexpected moments of negativity can hit you like a fast moving truck. But I know that you’ll try your best to learn from and make the most out of whatever life throws at you. Appreciate the best days and try your hardest to make the most of out of the worst! It’s the start of a brand new chapter and adventure in life for you and Wiishu as well and I seriously wish you both nothing but the best in the future. ^_^


Project Runway Baltimore...

Inspired by last night’s silliness ;-)

Will Graham
Freelance Designer   #DesignerWill

“So, Will. What do you think of the other designers’ progress on the first challenge?”

Will blinks at the camera in a haze of hairspray and powder. A harrassed production assistant had sat him in a chair in front of some artfully arranged mannequins and ignored him for twenty minutes. He’d been considering a quick nap when three make-up people ambushed him.

“Uh, I… haven’t really noticed anything.” He pushes his glasses up his nose, then remembers he was told to keep his hands out of shot. “Was I supposed to–?”

“No, no, that’s fine.” The producer murmurs something to the guy behind her, and he laughs. Will shifts in his seat. “Maybe take a quick look around the workroom before your next interview, just to give us some options. But we can talk about your design for now. How are you approaching it?”

“Well, I’ve always been inspired by dreams, so this is a good challenge for me. I’m experimenting with some new shapes, uh, and interesting black and white prints I found, trying to create something reminiscent of the shadows that follow us out of our nightmares.”

The producer’s forehead creases into a frown. “This is for the children’s pyjama challenge? The models will be… well, children.”

Will’s fingers dig into the arms of the chair and he swallows hard. “Yes?”

The producer grabs a passing PA by the arm and shuffles quickly through the papers on her clipboard. “Alana’s going to kill me,” Will thinks she says, but that doesn’t seem very likely. There’s a sheen of sweat across her brow and a desperate look in her eyes when she looks up.

The PA steps forward, tapping her pen against her perfect scarlet lips. “You have watched the show, right?”

Will doesn’t know what that has to do with anything. “I don’t own a television.”

The PA’s mouth drops open, and the studio falls dead silent.

“Am I done?”

Frederick Chilton
Senior Designer BSHCI Inc. #DesignerFreddie

Frederick shakes his head sadly. It does nothing to hide his smirk.

“I’m very worried about Will Graham.”