experimenting idk i was bored

OK  I  KNOW  I  AM  A  TRASHCAN       but  i  am  v  stressed  and  a  lot  is  going  on  rn  and  i  need  a  slightly  fresh  start  so  im  dropping  my  last  starter  call    (   with  maybe  exceptions  if  i  get  bored   )    and  u  can  like  this  post  for  a   STARTER  if  u  wanna  ??    possibly  lyrical  or  canon  dialogue.     capping  at  10.

I remember summer being about endless energy and wandering around until dusk. porch music til sunset. phone calls after 9pm. nightswimming and biking to the giant trampoline to put ourselves in danger. laying on our stomachs in parks and pulling up grass. and then making plans to see each other the next day to do “i don’t know, whatever, we’ll figure it out”

now I literally need a week’s notice and a detailed iternerary to leave the house on a work night