Post-tek tier ark drinking game - Go into the comments of a Tek tier video and take a shot for:
- “Ark is dead now”
- “I thought this was a dinosaur game” (bonus shot if they mention that they thought the game was actually set in the past)
- Any mention of Halo bc Halo invented sci-fi obvs
- Hates the tek tier because it ‘destroys the natural feel of ark and a dinosaur game’ but refuse to play Primitive+ because they still want their rocket launchers and C4
- “What is this space shit?” (Bonus shot if they don’t reply to comments stating that the ark is canonically an experimental space station/alien)
- “The game was ruined when they added dragons”
- “Ark was REALISTIC before Scorched earth/Tek tier”
- Double shot for every “Well WC you just lost another player, quitting Ark now”

Guaranteed death by alcohol poisoning with every game!