experimental videos


A making-of video of my small experiment painting with acrylic gouache on a watercolor paper block backing board. 

See the final picture in more details, read more about it and the tools used in previous post: http://mattjabbar.tumblr.com/post/157470650926/i-have-been-using-a-lot-of-the-white-watson 

このあいだ描いた実験的なイラストのメイキング動画です。製作中の漫画のために「ミューズ ホワイトワトソン」の水彩紙をいっぱい使ったら、裏表紙のボール紙がだいぶ余りました。 出来た絵と、詳細はこちらです:http://mattjabbar.tumblr.com/post/157470650926/i-have-been-using-a-lot-of-the-white-watson


i am flesh / bones / i am skin / soul // i am human / nothing more than human


A lot of you have asked about how I make my tape loops and how you can make your own, so I decided to make this instructional video for all of you. There are lots of variations on how to make tape loops, but in this video I show you my personal approach and method to the most basic tape loop. Let’s start this new year off right everyone - here’s to to creating more art, building more community, sharing more skills, and spreading more love in 2017! <3


I’ve been waiting an eternity to enjoy the edgy boldness and popping costumes I knew I’d find on the new video for Grimes’ Venus Fly, that punchy infectious gem Janelle Monáe featuring gem from critically acclaimed and widely loved full length Art Angels. As of yesterday, the prismatic and flamboyant video is finally off Tidal exclusivity, so here we are, ready to snap our fingers, cock our hips, and strut our legs to the extravagant dazzler. Jump down the rabbit hole and take a Grimes styled fantasy trip. 

art student step 1= doing paintings, thinking of expanding into new media, focusing on locking down some formal skills, possible interest in collage and encaustics

art student step 2 = lots of writing, interest in video and experimental performance, feeling trapped by creating actual images or things, research 

art student step 3 = production at a standstill after your sophomore year gallery show, lots of art historical reading, dank art memes

art student step 4 = everything gets gayer for you at this impasse, you almost HAVE to be a little gay to reach this step, basically an art history/philosophy major at this point, existential crisis and peer envy combined with a sense of superiority as your research leads you to a deeper understanding of what art is

art student step 5 = hell, and/or derrida. weed. artist’s block, shitty essays, and ego death.

art student step 6 = emergence from the total shattering of your dreams and personality with an outpouring of new work that is at once much more informed and less self-conscious, buying slightly more expensive booze, knowing all 20 people at a gallery opening, letters of recommendation from trusted mentors but probably just as many letters of rejection from residences 

art student step 7 = final form. either you become one of those ladies with red cat-eye glasses and 4 feet of hair who smokes a lot of cigarettes, knows everyone, and never leaves town to work on her own career, or you go for that shit and get weird with it. don’t do cocaine during any of these steps. 


An experimental music video clip generated by a neural network

Creative coder @mario-klingemann puts together method to produce sound-reactive visuals from neural network trained datasets:

The visuals in this clip a generated from the sound itself using a plug and play generative network. The synchronization seems to be a bit off at the end - WIP. 



I do believe I’ve babbled endlessly about my long time devotion to Thao Nguyen’s brilliant music both as a solo artist and with her band The Get Down Stay Down more than excessively in the past, so let’s not get into it so deeply this time around. Instead, let’s marvel at her cool dance moves and cutthroat ferocity in the video for Meticulous Bird, but one of so many genius tunes off of critically acclaimed 2016 album A Man Alive, easily one of that year’s best and most creative albums. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down’s spellbinding experimental folk meets art pop is cheeky jittering and whimsical bristling on this mesmerizing spectacular. There seems to be something brewing in the waters here in San Francisco. So many local acts are dishing out fiery mettle on their magnificent tunes (for another example, go listen to K.Flay’s latest songs). I’m convinced after watching the video for Meticulous Bird that I need to go hang out at a grocery store with Thao. It might be the best time of my life. A Man Alive is out now via Ribbon Music.