experimental noise

sound-collage by carl kurger & i. using field recordings, electronics, tape manipulation, and acoustic instruments.

released in a super limited edition of 20 cdrs+color artwork by blue spectrum tapes (UK).

i have a small handful for sale on bandcamp.

if you live overseas from me, get one from simon.

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This one is peculiar :| I call it Very Angry Ad/Hd Glitch Music

I found this genre called Extratone which focuses on absurdly high tempos. It can be something like 15 000bpm so of course I wanted to try it out! I wanted it to be hardcore so I just took a BMTH sample and started to make it go faster and faster and faster until I got this sweet experimental noise track :D

The tempo in this track varies from 500 to maybe over 100 000. (I lost count at some point)