Young Juvenile Youth - Animation (Music Video)

pretty creepy/cool/interesting video
Fate, by Disparition
2 track album

This is the new single Fate. It is the second single from the forthcoming FAITE (Oct 13 2015). 

Track A: “Fate” features Kyra Sims ( lilymischief) on vocals, Jon Bernstein on synths, drum programming, guitar, samplers, vocals

Track B: “Je me souviens” features Deepthi Welaratna ( deepthiw) on vocals, Jon Bernstein on piano, synths, drum programming, samplers, mandolin


There is no time here,
it is distance that pulls us
outward to our fate.
As flowers fall from our hands
the fires rise to meet us.


OPEN TODAY: i call america presents a series of open-ended explorations by sound experimentalist Matana Roberts. Performances take place throughout the day, from Wednesday through Sunday. 

Matana Roberts addresses No Title, 1969–70 by Eva Hesse as part of the 99 Objects series, June 4, 2015. Photograph by Evan Hunter Mcknight