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Legends of Tomorrow Rewrite Recap

So we had some brainstorming sessions to discuss what people might want to see from a re-write of season 2, both in terms of overall plot, specific suggestions, character arcs, new characters, new timelines, etc.

I know not everyone managed to make it, so here’s the recap of what we discussed, boiled down a bit. Even if you didn’t make it to a brainstorming session (or if you did and have thought of something else to add), feel free to reblog with additional suggestions or comments! The more comments, the better!

If people really want to, we can maybe do another brainstorming session tomorrow at a convenient time. Let me know!

I’m going to try to @ everyone who was there but…there were a lot and not all the names I was sure about for tumblr. so I’m going to miss people. Sorry!

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Recap under the cut:

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Skat (Skatrunde) - Photo by German photographer Umbo, (Otto Umbehr) (1902-1980). Umbo is considered one of the most important Bauhaus photographers. The picture was taken in the end of 1935, when he was commissioned by the Berlin AEG to test a new ‘Himmelskamera’ (meteorological camera). This special camera was equipped with a fish-eye lens, generating pictures with 180-degrees-views.

CSJJ Day 22: Captured

Happy Sunday, Oncers! Here’s my submission for CS January Joy, a oneshot based off the following prompt:

You’re the photographer my friends used for their engagement, wedding, and kids. Now I’m graduating, and they’ve called you to document the happy occasion.

I don’t generally write off prompts, and the fic below is a little different than what you might first expect based on the prompt above, but I hope you enjoy it. Many thanks to @katie-dub for organizing @csjanuaryjoy and helping me select this prompt in the first place. It’s been an emotionally-charged week for me as an American, but writing certain parts of this fic was definitely therapeutic. Happy reading! Comments, as always, are welcome!

Find it on AO3.

Summary:  Killian Jones is a promising student who enters law school with no family left and a hunger for vengeance. But three years under the guidance of the right mentors helps him find hope and a new purpose in more ways than one. (Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, photographer AU, lawyer AU. Romance/Fluff. Rated G.)

Tagged upon request: @optomisticgirl

He first sees her at a wedding.  It’s a predictably classy, predictably ritzy affair.  His law school professor-slash-mentor-slash-boss, Robin Locksley, and Robin’s legal partner-turned-fiancé, Regina, get married a year after Killian lands a highly sought-after summer internship at their prestigious firm.  

He’s busted his ass for the firm, worked twelve-hour days, taken advantage of his nearly non-existent social life to throw in even more hours overtime, gone on countless runs for coffee and take-out, and dozed off over stacks of legal briefs at 2 AM more than once, but it’s paid off.  The partners have been impressed by his resourcefulness and doggedness and personal charm.  Even the notoriously exacting Regina, in one of her rare complimentary moods, once declared him surprisingly good at research.  But Killian realizes, as he dutifully escorts yet another of Boston’s political royalty down the groom’s side of the grand cathedral and tries not to stare at the woman across the nave, that this, his last-minute recruitment as an usher when one of Robin’s other men fell ill, might just be the biggest reward for all that hard work.  Because the woman?  The wedding photographer?  Bloody hell, she’s beautiful.

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Len Lye. Trade Tattoo. 1937.


The curious look,
different, unusual,
nothing routine.

A special look,
without comfort zone.

A lively look,
exceeded the risks
of pure experimentation.

Where the look evolves
pushing the optics
natural limits.

Look invented,
Indeed, the lens effect
already part of the edition

A transforming look,
view and makes common objects
in pure abstract image.

A defiant look …


for Seriously Edited Friday


Thanks to PWS - Nikos

Seriously Edited Friday - Sunday Reblog 10-01-2016

Love the strong, vibrant monochromacity which enhances the abstract feeling created by those brushstroke-like lines.

PWS - Nikos

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