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Henrietta Hotel, 14/15 Henrietta St - Covent Garden - London

Owned by the collective behind the Experimental Group - the ones of the Experimental Cocktail Club in London Chinatown and the Grand Pigalle Hotel in Paris- and designed by Dorothee Meilichzon (CHOZN), the hotel is located on Henrietta Street, within two four-story townhouses from the late 19th century. The hotel includes 18 rooms, one restaurant and a cocktail bar. The vibe is relaxed and the decor is actually cool with- it goes without saying- an eclectic style: classic plaster ornaments harmoniously coexist with vintage and modern furniture, mirrored surfaces, brass lamps and marble coverings. 

Daveed Diggs never auditioned for Hamilton. In fact, he fell into the career-making musical smash by accident. But you don’t get halfway to an EGOT in one year without the raw talent to back it up, and Diggs has plenty. The proof? His dazzling smile and halo of curls seem to be everywhere we look these days, from our TV screens to our playlists.

But back to that accident. In 2012, the Oakland native was cobbling together a living as a performer, touring with his experimental rap group, Clipping, and substitute teaching to pay the bills. “I was living at the poverty line at this point—maybe,” he recalls. But his luck took an unexpected turn when a clerical error placed Diggs and another teacher, Anthony Veneziale, in the same Marin County classroom. Turns out they were both freestyle rappers—and like good improvisers, they leaned into the mishap and taught the class together. Diggs gave him a ride home that day, and eventually Veneziale invited him to join his freestyle rap group. Also in the group: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton‘s eventual creator and star, as well as the show’s director, Thomas Kail. Unbeknownst to Diggs, Miranda’s Pulitzer-winning opus was already in the works — and the rest is modern Broadway legend.

Kail asked Diggs to take part in a workshop of Hamilton in the summer of 2013, where he originated the dual roles of fast-rapping (like, 19-words-in-three-seconds fast) revolutionary Marquis de Lafayette and Alexander Hamilton’s swaggering political rival Thomas Jefferson. Following a wildly successful Off Broadway run, Hamilton opened on Broadway in August 2015 and snowballed into a pop culture phenomenon that won the cast a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album, and Diggs a Tony for best featured actor in a musical.


Diggs has mixed feelings about his sudden rise. “Everyone wants to talk to you when you’re in Hamilton, which is nice, but the only thing they know is Hamilton,” he says. “That was the weird thing—to have been an artist your whole life and have nobody care, and then all of a sudden everybody cares.”

Growing up in the Bay Area, Diggs says his family was poor but “very happy.” Though his Jewish mother and black father weren’t together, they shared the responsibility of raising Diggs and his younger brother easily. “They were both very fun parents, but my dad takes his fun very seriously,” he explains. “We would get chocolate chip cheesecake for breakfast and then go to school.” It was in the fourth grade that Diggs realized he could make his classmates laugh by acting out poems. “I was very shy,” he says. “[But] I remember feeling very powerful at that moment.”

He replicated that feeling throughout high school in slam poetry competitions. “I was a good performer, so I could win with pretty subpar writing,” he says. After graduating from Brown University in 2004 with a concentration in theater, he moved back in with his mom in Oakland while auditioning for plays, working on music, and teaching. “It seems like I was doing so much, but it was just grinding,” he says. “I didn’t have another skill set.” Even his mother knew that to be true. “I tried to apply for a job as a waiter, and my mom laughed at me,” Diggs says. “She was like, ‘You can’t do that.‘”

All that grinding has paid off: He’ll appear on the big screen in Wonder later this fall alongside Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay. He’ll also executive-produce The Mayor, ABC’s upcoming fall series about a struggling rapper who runs for office — and if that’s not enough, he’s set to star on TNT’s adaptation of Bong Joon-ho’s 2014 dystopian film, Snowpiercer. Oh, and he’s working on music in his spare time, too. “I’m just trying to do all the things,” he says with a laugh. “I like acting. I like rapping. And it turns out, I like producing!” But with his years of hustling not so far in his past, Diggs is realistic about Hollywood’s fickle attention span. “I know it’s rare and doesn’t always last very long, so I’m trying to soak it up while I can,” he says as he heads into rehearsal for a movie he’s not even allowed to talk about yet. “When it all comes crashing down and I’m couch surfing again, I’ll remember these times fondly.” We have a feeling he’s going to be okay.


My last few #Pleinairprils. What a fun month, and ending it with CTN Roadtrip was amazing. Glad the group is growing. I remember when it was just my girl, me, and my dogs at the paint sessions! blessed for the awesome crew and all the others that help me (michelle, steve, laisay, misty, randolph, vaughan, etc!). Love you all! Thanks for a awesome month!

Tres bailarines de El Grupo de Walter Nicks, Ballet experimental de El Eco y La Serpiente por Mathias Goeritz en el patio, Museo Experimental El Eco, calle Sullivan 43, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México 1953

Arq. Mathias Goeritz

Foto. Marianne Gast

Three dancers from the Walter Nicks Group,  Ballet experimental de El Eco y La Serpiente by Mathias Goeritz in the courtyard, Museo Experimental El Eco, calle Sullivan, San Rafael, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City 1953

Hey do you love the Great Comet?

Lets support the work of it’s stars!

Gelsey Bell also has two solo albums.

Brittian Ashford writes and sings songs, she also has a band called Prairie Empire!

Grace McLean has a band too! Grace McLean and Them Apples!

ok so like most of the cast has a solo career… and they are all amazing! 

Rachel Chavkin has an experimental theater group call the Team, and they are currently working on a project titled “Primer for a Failed Superpower. She is also directing Hadestown, which might transfer to Broadway. Bradley King is also the lighting Designer for Hadestown.

Dave Malloy is writing a musical about Moby Dick. But you can also listen to his music on the cast recordings for Ghost Quartet and Preludes!  

Lucas Steele has talked about wanting to direct, and if that happens  go see the work he directs! 

Follow these artists, because they are going to do some amazing work! 

Beyond that go see off and off-off Broadway shows. Thats where shows like Comet are getting made, tiny theatres with nothing to lose are producing the best work! Go see your local theatres shows! There is theatre outside of Broadway, go support it! There is so much amazing work out there go find the next Comet! Look at Ars Nova, next time your in New York, go see a show there, go see a show at the Mckitterick Hotel! Go see a show at the New York Theatre Workshop! There is so much theatre out there, that isn’t an adaptation of a popular movie, and isn’t a jukebox musical. Show Broadway we demand better by supporting better shows! 

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I can't find it now, but my wife saw an article once about experimental groups in psychological studies. LOTS of such studies are performed in US and then seen as applicable to the rest of (westernised) world. The article stated that all those studies really shouldn't be generalised on the whole world - because Americans are fairly unique in their qualities and opinions. It's like learning about birds in general from studying penguins. Maybe that's why US ppl think the whole world is like them.

A few American folks have commented on one of my earlier posts about that insular thinking, explaining it’s because of the education (“indoctrination”) system in most schools.

I always thought it was because Americans typically have all their media aimed at them while the rest if the world consumes that media from America plus some of their own and some from other countries. In Australia, a hyge percent of TV is American, and another big chunk is British. We grow up aware that our culture and lifestyle is just one of many.

I think it’s a combination of a lot of factors, but the only people who refuse to believe their experiences are not universal and who get angry and entitled when people don’t do things their way on Tumblr are typically American teenagers. I think they are just victims of growing up in a world that 100% caters to them.

You know as much as I don’t like that Cherry Bomb’s line distribution is awful, it makes me really appreciate NCT’s unit concept. For example, Haechan got barely anything, but being in NCT Dream he plays a big part. Also, I believe that some people suit certain parts of the song more, (not justifying these one second lines for WinWin and others). Overtime, let’s say in the future we get a Japanese unit, if Yuta were placed in it he would most likely have his time to shine, or Winwin in a Chinese unit if that’s still happening with the ban and all. We also have to take into consideration that NCT is such an experimental group, and that it’s possible that this line distribution could improve depending on the concept. On the bright side, the b sides seem to be more generous with lines. The best we can do is keep supporting them so a) we can see everyone else’s talents in the title track, and b) so they don’t conform into more traditional sounding kpop.

remember the surprise group SM debuted out of nowhere? SHINee aka SM’s Experimental group, Baby team, SM5, Luxury boys are now 9 years old, still together, still love each other and own one of the most peaceful, respectful and loyal af fandoms in kpop world SHINee world

They’re the best surprise that could ever happened to us. 

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New L.O.Λ.E. here! already in love of Nu'est! I have no idea about the fansigns!Can’t believe it! They're so talented,not just gorgeous, I really hope they make it better and not disbanded, they have so mucho to offer! Sometimes I hate that kpop only focuses on korea, when they have so many fans around the world. (it's so hard to support kgroups overseas, I'm also supporting KNK, and it's really hard, god! I'm even trying to learn korean so I can read daumcafe and melon and to support them)😊

It’s really frustrating, but Pledis really, really messed up when it came to promoting them. They sent the boys overseas within the first year and a half of their careers, before they even had a stable fanbase in Korea. They also rarely let the boys just show their personalities to fans, and the more you look at it, the more it seems NU’EST was just an experimental group for Pledis, dipping them into as many foreign markets as possible (which made it nearly impossible for them to stay in touch with fans back home). 

Another issue was with Pledis trying to boycott stations when Pledis didn’t have the power to do this. Pledis was a small company, still is, and decided to boycott Music Bank in 2013, which also hurt the idols under the company at the time (Afterschool, Orange Caramel, NU’EST). 

There’s also the issue that in 2013, Pledis decided to make the fancafe private/exclusive, right as the fanbase was beginning to deteriorate, so it made it harder for fans to be involved. On top of that, this is where the schedule was updated, and the schedule even wouldn’t (and still to this day isn’t) be updated in a timely manner, so it made it impossible for fans to attend live stages and other events to support the boys because they couldn’t plan for it (dates would often only be added the day-of or a day before the event would take place). 

Then, on top of all this, Pledis hasn’t even opened up registration to become a LOVE in years (since 2013) and they haven’t even given NU’EST an official lightstick and they haven’t had official Korean merchandise since 2013 (and even then, the merchandise sold was offered by Loen Entertainment, and not through Pledis themselves). 

There are multiple ways Pledis made it hard for NU’EST to maintain a steady fanbase, and it’s enraging when you realize just how long the list is. Then, being an overseas fan and knowing that there is little you can do to support makes it that much more frustrating (especially since there are so many more of us than K-LOVEs) . K-pop is a highly competitive industry, and if you don’t have the popularity in Korea, your career is basically as good as over. This is why I was willing to support the boys 100% when they decided to go on Produce 101, even though it broke my heart to know they were going. These boys are fighters, they are young. They refuse to give up on their dreams, no matter how much they have to humble themselves to reach them. If anyone deserves success in K-pop, it is definitely NU’EST. 

I’m sorry, I got a little ranty there. But thank you so much for recognizing the talents of our boys and becoming a LOVE. It means the world to me and more than words can explain to the boys. Thank you. 

France has become a through line in the career of Oakland-born Daveed Diggs. On ABC’s black-ish, he plays Johan, the little brother of Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross), a Francophile and a spoken-word poet. Before joining the comedy last year, he won a Tony for the dual role he’d originated in Broadway’s Hamilton, as Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette

The actor-rapper has been involved in music and theater most of his life. “But I didn’t do any TV until Hamilton came along,” he explains. “While there [in New York], I managed to do a couple of Law & Order: SVU episodes, which was great.” And, despite doing eight shows a week in the hit musical, he also took on roles in Netflix’s The Get Down and HBO’s Tour de Pharmacy, a mockumentary about doping and the Tour de France in which he stars alongside Andy Samberg and Will Forte.

Since departing Hamilton last summer, Diggs has been acting, touring with his band — an experimental hip-hop group — and writing music and scripts with collaborator Rafael Casal. He’s also executive-producing a pilot for ABC.

“It’s good to be able to jump from project to project and get inspired in new ways,” he says. “When you’re in a play for a long time, it’s about tricking yourself into thinking you’ve never said these words before.

“With television, the scripts have changes up to the last minute, so half the time you really never have said the words before! Because it’s so new to me, I feel like I learn so much every time I’m on a set working with people who have new ways of doing things — I’m trying to take it all in and come out a better person at the end of every project.”

Diggs is ready for whatever comes next.

“As an artist who’s spent all his life sort of making it up as I go along — trying to create everything from scratch and just hustling through — it’s crazy to have so much access,” he says. “I feel very lucky.“

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A question Senpai !! The Gekkoukon hs badge says "Since 1982" and then 10 years later, when Minato returns, would be 1992 then. But the game is set in 2009 so I am most confuzzled ;;-;;

Ah, you’ve come to the right place for answers on questions like this.

As I’m a scientist, with a science degree, I can give you an in-depth answer to help you better understand how all of this works.

You see back the protagonist was MEANT to attend Gekkoukan in 1992, as the events of all Kirijo group experimentation had happened earlier in 1982, but someone had other plans…

Akihiko Sanada, seen in the photo above during his younger days, decided he wanted the game to take place in 2009. And Akihiko always gets what he wants. So he decided to beat the crap out of time itself until it agreed to thrust everyone 10 years into the future.

Here’s a helpful diagram to help you better understand what happened.

So TL;DR, Akihiko became the focal point of a universal time warp by punching time in the mouth.

And that’s why the game takes place in 2009.

Fat Fingers part 1: Coffee

Note: I know that I am not that active and I am really sorry about that. I post more regularly on my main account, @hamiltontrashfam, if you’d like something more regular. Also, it will probably be a couple of days before part 2 of this is out, sorry. :/

Word count: 2302

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: A bit of swearing, I guess. Do not read if you are a Trump supporter.

Originally posted by jayvoom

You had openly been supporting Bernie Sanders since the election began. But, when Hillary turned out to be the candidate for the Democrats, you felt that you had no other choice than to vote for her, as you never wanted Donald Trump near the presidency. You had often discussed this with your parents, as they were unable to understand, how you could possibly hate Donald Trump that much. You never really felt like any of them understood you. And unlike you, they wanted the country to be run by a Republican again and whether that was Trump or someone else, they did not care at all. And because of your family’s opinion on politics and your lack of social interactions throughout your childhood and teen years, you did not have a lot of friends who agreed with you either and you felt very alone.

The only distraction from the fact that you had no one’s accept or understanding of your political views, were the celebrities and online friends who felt the same way about Trump as you did. You never actually expected to meet anyone who felt the same as you and befriending them, because your family had gained quite the reputation after taking action in several demonstration that were against woman’s rights and especially against rights for people of colour and queer people. You thought that no one could possibly feel that your views were any different from your family’s. You found comfort in music, especially tracks against the Donald, like the song Fat Fingers by the California based experimental hip hop group clipping.

You had just picked up your morning coffee from the small coffee shop on the corner of your street in downtown Sacramento and were on your way to work. You walked down the street with music in your ears while you sipped from your coffee. You had to look up when a police car passed by quickly on the street, with the deafening siren and the constant flashing of the red and blue lights on. You were unfocused for a short moment, which made you crash straight into someone’s built chest, spilling your coffee all over the guy in front of you and knocking your headphones out in the process. It took a moment for you to gather what had just happened and when you did, you really could not help the embarrassed blush that spread across your cheeks. “Oh, God. I am so sorry. I should have watched out. Are you okay?” You rambled. You did not dare to look at the person in front of you and instead you stared straight at the grey pavement, feeling really embarrassed about spilling your coffee on a stranger.

“Shit. It’s okay, man.” You heard a very familiar voice answer softly. Your head snapped back up to look at the person in front of you and your mouth hang open slightly at the person in front of you. You knew who this was. Very well, actually. As a matter of fact, you were just listening to one of their songs on your phone. It was Daveed Diggs. Fucking Daveed Diggs. You had just spilled your coffee all over a man that you had developed somewhat of a celebrity crush on since you discovered clipping. when the election started.

Your mouth went dry as a desert for a second and you sort of forgot how to even function. You swallowed and took a moment to gather your thoughts before you answered. “I am so, so sorry. I hope I didn’t ruin your shirt Mr. Diggs.” You answered, unable to stop yourself from mentioning his name and your eyes grew wide with the realisation. You had just mentioned his name. Not creepy at all.

“Oh. You have an advantage, I see. You don’t strike me like a musical kid. So, how do you even know who I am?” He asked curiously.

While it was true that you were not much of a musical kid, you still knew what he was referring to. Practically every person who was the slightest amount of clipping. fan, knew that he had been a member of the cast on the hit musical Hamilton. You had not listened to much of it, but you actually sort of liked the small bits that you had listened to.

“I hate Trump.” You blurted. You felt another blush spread across your cheeks, as it did not offer much of a explanation as to how you knew who he was. “I mean…. I listened to Fat Fingers and I agreed with a lot of it and after that I sort of just became a fan of clipping.” You added with a nervous chuckle, trying to explain how you knew who he was in a way that actually made sense. At least more than your first explanation did.

“Oh. Me too.” He answered with a soft smile. You were very much aware that he did not like Trump and the fact that you had a lot of the same views as him made you really happy, because you thought that he was a pretty amazing human being and if you shared a lot of views, that made you a pretty decent one too, right?

“You don’t really strike me as much of a hiphop fan, though?” He asked with an arched eyebrow.

It made you chuckle softly. “Yeah, no. I know….My family is very conservative.” You admitted with a soft sigh. You then realised for the second time during the last couple of minutes that you had indeed spilled all of your coffee over him. You were actually about to offer him a new shirt, because there was no way in hell he was getting the coffee stain of off it. However, it seemed like he beat you to it.

“I see…. I am fine, by the way. It was an accident and just as much my fault as yours. How about I buy you a new cup of coffee?” He asked. You were actually sort of surprised that he thought that this was his fault too. You were the one focusing on the police car that drove by after all.

You chewed on your lower lip lightly, not really able to make up your mind. On one hand, you had to get to work. But, you always showed up really early anyway and what could it hurt to let him buy you a cup of coffee? On the other hand; If your family figured it out in anyway, they would probably murder you. You looked at him thoughtfully. “I…. I don’t know.” You answered honestly and lowered your gaze.

“Oh… I see. Is it because of your family?” He asked, hitting the nail right on the head.

You nodded. “Yeah.” It was indeed about your family. Of course it was. It always was. They were always the once that fucked up everything for you. If they ever figured out that you had let a clearly democratic, black rapper buy you coffee, they definitely would not let you in their house ever again. You had discussed this with your parents several times. They even tried to send you to an all- white high school. However, that definitely did not work out.

He looked at you thoughtfully, before a soft sigh escaped his lips. “Right. Okay… No coffee then.” He answered. You felt really bad for disappointing him, but you had to think about your relationship with your family after all. “Can I at least have your name?” He asked. It was a pretty simple request, but you still found yourself wondering whether you should tell him or not. Not because you did not want him to know. But, if he figured out just how racist, homophobic and close minded your family was, he probably would regret offering to buy you coffee.

“I am…-” You were about to answer, when of your dad’s friend, Garrett pulled up beside you in his car. It felt like you were stuck in the middle of some terrible movie scene. Everyone who knew your family, knew who Daveed was, because you were unable to shut up about him when with your parents and they had obviously told their friends and no one approved of what they called your unhealthy obsession.

“Y/N? What a coincidence! What is a nice girl like you doing talking to a stranger like him?” Garrett asked through the window that he had just rolled down. You felt like a deer in the headlights in a way.  He could have just meant, that you were talking to a stranger and that was it, but you knew Garrett and that was definitely a racist remark. The sticker on his windshield of his car, a man resembling the confederate flag kicking another man resembling the rainbow flag with the lettering ‘Trump 2016’ made it very clear where this guy stood politically.

“Garrett. I um. I accidentally spilled my coffee on this nice young man’s shirt.” You shot back. You were already caught talking to someone you apparently should not and you knew that you were already screwed, so you might as well defend Daveed.

“Nice? Okay. Aren’t you late for work young lady? I can drop you off at the office, if you’d like.” The thing about dropping you off at the office might have sounded like an offer, but that was definitely not the case. You knew that you had to obey, because otherwise you would get even more shit from your family and that you definitely did not want.

“I am really sorry about this asshole, Daveed. I am Y/N. I hope that I get to take you up on that coffee some day.” You finally decided to say, though not loud enough for Garrett to actually hear. While you hated the guy, you definitely did not want to get on his bad side. He could make your life hell after all and you really do not have any intention of letting him do so.

“I should go.” Daveed answered, obviously completely disgusted. You had thought that it had been with you at the time, even if it had not. You had no chance to say anything, before he left and you could feel your mood fall even more. Another thing your family had managed to fuck up, again.  Your gaze followed him shortly, before you got into Garrett’s car hesitantly, as he had told you to.

You knew that he was about to comment on what had just happened, so you simply held your hand up to cut him off. “Just go, Garrett.” You sighed. You did not want to hear any of his disapproving and racist comments. You just wanted to get away from him as fast as possible.

On your way to the office, you passed Daveed in his coffee soaked Oakland hoodie and you felt really bad for not being able to make it up to him. You could practically feel the tears beginning to sting your eyes. Your family always managed to fuck up your every attempt to meet someone who had the same views as you. It was like they followed you day and night to make sure that you felt isolated and alone.

Once the car came to a stop outside your office, you did not even bother to thank Garrett for dropping you off, because he honestly did not do you a favour at all. You did not say goodbye either, instead you just left without a word. You knew that you had to make it up to Daveed somehow, you just had no idea how. It was not like you knew him at all. But, you felt like you had to apologize on behalf of your racist, homofobic, Trump supporting family, even if it really had nothing to do with you.

You spent the rest of the day knee deep in work, yet your mind kept wondering back to your run-in with Daveed earlier that day. It was on your mind pretty much all the time, inevitably distracting you from your work. You just felt so bad. Now that you had finally met someone who shared your views, you had to fuck it up. Not really you, but your family, but you somehow got into your head, that it was you who Daveed was mad at and not the racist asshole who had picked you up after you spilled your coffee all over him.

Nearing the end of your shift, you were feeling even more defeated than when you arrived. You wanted badly to contact Daveed somehow, but you thought that it was perhaps not th smartest idea after the incident earlier. You sat there, your head pounding from all the thinking you had done during the day and perhaps from your lack of morning coffee, when someone placed a soft hand on your shoulder. “Miss Y/LN. I have noticed that you have been very distant today. Are you alright?” Your boss asked.

You knew that he did not care at all, but you nodded half heartedly. “Yes, I am quite alright, sir.” You managed as you gathered your things to leave. You were really not okay though, but you managed to hide it pretty well.

“Well, I want you to focus tomorrow, okay? We have an important meeting coming up.” He said sharply. You knew that you had fucked up today, both with Daveed and your job. But, luckily you could actually do something about the later.

“Of course.” You simply stated, as you got up from your office chair, stretching lightly from sitting down during most of the day. Then, you left without another word, just wanting to go home and go to bed early to forget everything about what had just happened.

Mindfulness And Meditation: The Basics

First off so you don’t immediately think this is a bunch of hippie junk on your dash let’s look at this scientifically. Everything on this planet has a frequency, even inanimate objects. This includes your thoughts. The more depressed or “dark” your thought is the lower its frequency. If you can raise the frequency of your thoughts, either by clearing these negative thoughts or thinking thoughts with a higher frequency you can raise your own personal frequency and thus feel happier, more focused, be more creative, etc.

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Psychological Research

The Scientific Method

  • Scientific Method: The approach through which psychologists systematically acquire knowledge and understanding about behavior and other phenomena of interest.

  • Four main steps: identifying questions of interest, formulating an explanation, carrying out research designed to support or refute the explanation and communicating the findings.

  • Theories: Broad explanations and predictions concerning phenomena of interest.

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