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R.I.P. the great Jonathan Demme, one of the finest American directors of all time. His work meticulously eclipsed the borders of experimental, mainstream, and documentary cinema. Thank you for The Silence Of The Lambs, Stop Making Sense, Swimming to Cambodia, Something Wild, and so much more.

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Hey, so I recently just found your blog and really enjoy your posts. I always find them to be very informative. You seem very knowledgeable not only about the art of film, but the industry itself. I wanted to ask for your opinion on something. My dream is to be a screenwriter/director. What worries me more than the amount of work and dedication it would take is the fact that I am Canadian. I worry this would either hinder me from breaking in but also limiting my career opportunities. Thoughts?

Thank you @assorted-memories!

Because the US (specifically Hollywood) dominates the film industry, it often seems like that’s the place to be if you want to be a filmmaker. And while US filmmakers do have an advantage because of it, it doesn’t mean there is no film industry outside of the US.

In fact, Canada has great film schools and great film industries in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.  Toronto was the third largest screen-based production center in North America, behind LA and New York in 2015. I believe Vancouver has since beat out Toronto for that spot.

From what I know, Canadian cinema has a hard time breaking away from American counterpart. Which sucks. What is better, though, is a lot of films that are labeled “American” are really often a mixture of American and Canadian cast and crew. Many English-Canadian film companies have distribution deals with companies in LA and often work in conjunction with Hollywood studios (lots of TV networks like to film in Vancouver). So while Canadian films may be struggling, there are a lot more jobs for Canadian filmmakers than it appears.

Some notable filmmakers from Canada include:

  • James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic)
  • Norman Jewison (Fiddler on the Roof, Jesus Christ Superstar)
  • Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express, This Is The End)
  • Guy Maddin (Archangel, My Winnipeg)
  • Mary Harron (I Shot Andy Warhol, American Psycho)
  • Bob Clark (Porky’s, A Christmas Story)
  • Paul Haggis (Due South, Million Dollar Baby)

Some well-known Canadian-American co-productions include:

  • Night at the Museum
  • Final Destination
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Titanic
  • Blades of Glory
  • Mean Girls
  • Catch Me if You Can
  • Chicago
  • Juno

There’s obviously a TON more filmmakers and films, but these are just a few.

So I guess I’m arguing that it is by no means impossible to get into film if you live in Canada (or outside of the US in general). Canadian film industry has strong ties with Hollywood and even if you don’t want to become a big-budget Hollywood-style director/screenwriter, experimental and/or low-budget films (which tend to have a higher profit margin) are also plentiful in Canada.

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Out Of This World, a new i-D documentary series, journeys with American rapper and activist Mykki Blanco as he explores queer culture in Johannesburg. Captured intimately in an experimental hybrid-documentary by director Matt Lambert, Mykki meets boundary pushing artists Umilio and FAKA, designer Rich Mnisi and Bradley and Nkulsey, a model and dancer of the ‘Born Free’ generation - all using their platforms to give a voice to issues surrounding the politics of their sexuality, gender, identity and humanity. As we make our way through the creative epicentre that is South Africa’s biggest city, join us in celebrating the thriving alternative queer scene.


I want to show one deleted scene from my film later. But now I’m a little bit tired of seeming experimental director and I want to share some old stuff from the last summer. I signed that everything should be watermarked as Disney property and I don’t wanna mess with Disney so I overwatermarked everything. I was a visual development intern at Disney Feature Animation, working on a visual interpretation of  Peter Pan and mentored by Nick Orsi.  

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Please post more pics of your adorable dog. Also, what kind of role/film would you like to see Tom do?

I want a dramatic role, but a very very conflicted, complex, broken character that is very enigmatic and intense….(and natural-looking sex scenes please).

I also would not mind him working with a bit more experimental director like Lars Von Trier.

But my dream for him is to work with Mike Leigh in a film like Naked.

Challenge: Mind Reader
User: dahliadenoire
Rating: sfw
Summary: Welcome to Abyss Laboratories! If you’re interested to become a test subject just let a test associate know. We’ll just disassemble your body, take some organs, put defective ones in, then put you back together. And we’ll scoop out some tumors, maybe. (Human Experiments AU)
Title: We’re The Only Ones Who Know

On desolate ground reared a stubby white twenty-storey building with the words ABYSS SCIENCE, INC. in shiny embossed steel, along with its company’s motto in smaller letters, “We do what we must because we can.”

Makoto had never seen so much white in his life. The wide-spaced room seemed to hurt his eyes as soon as he stepped in, like an infinite light slowly suffocating him. The air didn’t do much as it was too cold, even though it was a week before June. The harsh lighting and refractions created a blinding ambience as Makoto took in his surroundings.

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