experimental director

This week at MoMA: MoMA Film celebrates experimental filmmaker Andrew Noren, the MoMA Teens art show opens, and more. 

[Andrew Noren on the cover of Filmmaker’s Newsletter, Summer 1969. Photo: Angelis Alexandris. Courtesy the Estate of Andrew Noren]

Every piece of news I hear about Series 9 is getting me more and more excited.

  • The continuously evolving relationship between the Doctor and Clara.
  • Further progress on the Gallifrey arc.
  • The Sisterhood of Karn returning.
  • UNIT being heavily featured with more Kate and Osgood (this series is going to be very Pertwee).
  • Some awesome-looking new monsters.
  • The fact that plot threads from Day of the Doctor are still receiving narrative pay-off with the return of the Zygons and the supposed exploration we’re going to get of Capaldi appearing along the other Doctors to save Gallifrey.
  • Jamie Mathieson returning to co-write an episode with Moff.
  • The fact that this series will have the most female writers in the history of the show (it’s still an appallingly small number but it’s progress).
  • Rachel Talalay and Hettie MacDonald returning as directors.
  • The experimentation with the show’s format by including more two-parters and more interconnected stories.
  • The casting of Maisie Williams and Bethany Black along with the return of Jovian Wade as Rigsy.

On paper, just looking at those twelve (heh) points, I think this will be what topples Series 5 from the #1 spot for me.

I’m can’t even begin to put into words just how much I’m looking forward to this…