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R.I.P. the great Jonathan Demme, one of the finest American directors of all time. His work meticulously eclipsed the borders of experimental, mainstream, and documentary cinema. Thank you for The Silence Of The Lambs, Stop Making Sense, Swimming to Cambodia, Something Wild, and so much more.


I want to show one deleted scene from my film later. But now I’m a little bit tired of seeming experimental director and I want to share some old stuff from the last summer. I signed that everything should be watermarked as Disney property and I don’t wanna mess with Disney so I overwatermarked everything. I was a visual development intern at Disney Feature Animation, working on a visual interpretation of  Peter Pan and mentored by Nick Orsi.  

Challenge: Mind Reader
User: dahliadenoire
Rating: sfw
Summary: Welcome to Abyss Laboratories! If you’re interested to become a test subject just let a test associate know. We’ll just disassemble your body, take some organs, put defective ones in, then put you back together. And we’ll scoop out some tumors, maybe. (Human Experiments AU)
Title: We’re The Only Ones Who Know

On desolate ground reared a stubby white twenty-storey building with the words ABYSS SCIENCE, INC. in shiny embossed steel, along with its company’s motto in smaller letters, “We do what we must because we can.”

Makoto had never seen so much white in his life. The wide-spaced room seemed to hurt his eyes as soon as he stepped in, like an infinite light slowly suffocating him. The air didn’t do much as it was too cold, even though it was a week before June. The harsh lighting and refractions created a blinding ambience as Makoto took in his surroundings.

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