experimental art stuff

A (somewhat) request pic by @counteyokir for our favorite ghoul x ghost pairing. I haven’t drawn these two in soooo long, since last year I think. Because of that time leap, I apologize for any mistakes you see. 

I…really nothing to say except to bite back my own criticisms and hope to you guys and my fellow LOK fans enjoy this experimental result. 

he’s quite the fighter


My hero academia OCs!!! So I’ve been working on this for awhile, and I’m kinda proud of it! I love @literarymerritt ’s OC Yuki! Check him out here: http://literarymerritt.tumblr.com/search/bnha+oc?soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma I love his awesome quirk! My OC is Sube! His quirk is spring jump! He’s very smart, like genius level, but he is also very blunt. He sees Yuki’s quirk as something really cool and very useful when thinking of strategies when fighting. I love Yuki, he is super awesome, and I hope I did him justice in my art!