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Something I filmed over a year ago.

It was the first night we had all been together in a while. I think about it a lot and got bored so here is this shit.


Guardian angels (on behance)

these are my new experiments, so far so good :)

if you’d like to email me either for a commission, general questions about my work or just for a chat about art please do:,I might not reply straight away because of work and schedule, but I will do. 

Re- questions about how I make gifs and softwares I use.

I only use photoshop to edit my artwork, for both illustration and gifs. there’s no real magic to the software we use, essentially animation is about layers and frames. so dont stress with which softwares to use, trust me they are all the same. the more we practice, the better we get ;)  

I did promise to make a tutorial, I will come to that!! I will!!

Thank you guys so much for liking my creations! and THANK YOU TUMBLR @staff for this wonderful platform. its been a real pleasure meeting everyone :3 


Black History Month & revisiting our first short film: Black Like Her

Black Like Her explores womanhood through jazz, album covers, and movements through the spirit of Laura Nelson.

“The 1911 lynching of the African American woman Laura Nelson, who was abducted from her jail cell, raped and, along with her son, lynched by a mob in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma, is evocative of a story told many times over in the annals of America’s most shameful history. In this case, however, these component parts have merged into a single story that has resonated throughout the decades as a battle cry for the black woman in America, and for womanhood in general.“ Read more here