The F-22 Flying Test Bed, a heavily modified Boeing 757 airliner that features the radar, wing sensors mounted on top of the cockpit, avionics, and the simulated cockpit of the Lockheed F-22 Raptor.

Created to flight-test these systems in a real and safe environment, where up to 30 software engineers and technicians can monitor the different systems and how they interact with each other, and if need arises, even troubleshoot while in the air.

While researching soviet AEW&C planes, I found this little gem:

You know what this is? It’s a Tupolev Tu-154 TRIJET AIRLINER!

lIKE HOLY SHIT, some gloriously mad soviet designer saw this wonderful beast, and said to him/herself “I’m gonna add a radome on top of it”, but s/he realized that it would interfere with the flow of air of the second, tail-mounted engine, so the best fucking solution this glorious motherfucker found was to simply expand the S-duck THROUGH THE RADAR! 

It was never produced, as the Il-76 was found to be the perfect platform for the new generation of soviet AEW&C aircraft, but can you imagine?

Goddammit russia, as much as I hate communism, for stuff like this I can never hate you. 


Physicist Andreas Wahl uses Extreme Experiments to Prove Physical Concepts.

In this edition, Wahl is attempting to show that “It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules”. 

To prove this he puts himself in front of a gun submerged under water, which shows the strange reaction of the bullet in a denser medium.

(Andreas Wahl)


Bizarre Taxidermy by 10 Artists

The art of taxidermy has been practiced for a long time; the ancient Egyptians embalmed and entombed cats, birds, and other creatures. Over the millennia, animals have been mounted as hunters’ trophies and museum artifacts. It is an odd practice, one that is traditionally pulled between human pride, symbolism, and a desire to memorialize deceased representations of the wilderness.