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@c2ndy2c1d jack and johnny watching a scary movie

YOU GOT IT BABE. I have this weird au headcanon that Jack went back to the past–but only to Johnny’s timeline, and he’s stuck there. So I ran with it. Sidenote that I know it’s canon that Johnny is “afraid of very little save for clowns” but for my purposes he get spooked by anything “scary”

There was a strange sense of exhaustion weighing heavily over Jack’s shoulders as he stepped through the threshold of his and Johnny’s small apartment. 

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QuantumCurse ONESHOT: The Experiment

Scientist: Alright….Now we shall test how much this “curse” has consumed you…*proceeds to read the notes on his clipboard* According to the previous readings, you have altered your arm into something completely different….I would like to see that again, Subject 2….

TK: *sneers* Now why would I want to do that?

Scientist: The sooner we do this, the sooner we finish this session. Now, it’s been weeks since your last session and the curse has probably spread farther throughout your body….Perhaps you can try to create wings this time…..

TK: That’s impossible for me! Changing my arm already hurt like hell! But Wings?

Scientist: That’s why we are here to test it. will never know where your limits lie until you try….

TK: I know the limits of my body, doc. And I say it ain’t worth the risk tryin’!

Scientist: We are wasting precious time, Subject 2….It’s either we finish this session with you or I’ll have to assign it with the next Subject…..Mind you the next one is…new to the curse and probably has less endurance towards the pain than you are. Especially since she is “expecting”….

TK: *when he’s heard of the subject’s description, he seem to recognize who it was. A friend he had recently made and a former doctor of this hell of a facility ) ……!!!!

Scientist: Other than you and her, there are no other Test subjects to forward this experiment…..So what will it be? Subject 2…..

TK: *grits his teeth, trying to decide what to do* ……….

Scientist: Time is ticking, subject 2. If you refuse we can end this right now and move to the other subje–

TK: No– w-wait!!!

Scientist: *gleams* yes….?

Pain staking hours Later….

Scientist: Hmmm….Interesting yet very disappointing….It barely has enough to support your weight, let alone support itself…..At least it is safe to say that the curse hasn’t gotten to you…..yet…… 

TK: *Glares up at the scientist with glowing red eyes*


Nah, this wasn’t in the RP XD But there were other methods to determine his curse. And they were all still painful nevertheless….poor TK……

On reverse retellings-gender swap

Here on tumblr we’re comfortably throwing around (and taking in) ideas that stretch the mind, and attempt to cross the boundaries of society confines and stereotypes. Which is cool, but sometimes it can get a bit… detached from the actual real world that we’re trying to change (but still, lardely, haven’t, cause change is hard, if not impossible.)

So, basically, tumblr-land can be miles away from the whole rest of the land. It’s important to remember that this is a place of ideas, but not of the realization of these idas. That happens in the outside world, the real world, known also as

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Immediately you’re going: “Oh no, don’t ruin it. Don’t expose it to THEM. THEY don’t get it.”

But they must. Just whining to each other on here, although fun, won’t change anything. Going out and doing stuff will.

So, let’s do an experiment, shall we?

We shall.

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(Trust me, I’m a physicist.)

Let’s take this (amazing, if I say so myself) idea: A reverse retelling of Jane Eyre.

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She is the one with the sercret, mad spouse hidden somewhere, thirsting for her flesh.

She is the one who wanted to grasp that little glimpse of happiness with another man, even though she knew if was forbidden.

She is the one who has to be set on fire (both metaphorically and literally) before she can be free of her demons.

She is the one who needs to be rescued from the horrors of her own life, and they both have equal flaws and good things to bring to the relationship. (In the book, Rochester needs to be freed of his wife, but other than that he’s supposed to bring more to the marriage, not morally, but materially.) In this reverse story, they are equals morally. Although she’s still kind of poorer, so that stays the same, as do a lot of other things, (because Charlotte is a genius and that story is already waaaay ahead of its time, and people would probably hate SO much on it because of feminism and stuff, but they can’t cause it’s a classic and you go, girl.)

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What if he, in reverse, has had a sad, emotionally abusive childhood, and has lived a dry, melancholy life? While drownig in riches (nice contrast there). 

What if he is the unspoilt one, has never given his heart to any woman, nor has be promised marriage to one, although he’s had women salivate after him for years?

What if he is the one who has to come back to her in the end, and find her ruined, and promise to her that she is more worthy of him now than she ever was?

What if he has to rescue her morally and emotionally as much as she? (That’s the only thing that doesn’t happen in the book, Jane is the moral anchor throughout, and he’s trying not to drown in the sea of his sins. But what if she is a sinner too?)

What if, in short, the roles are reversed? What if the woman is the one with the guilty secret? Is she then worthy of love? Do we even dare to consider it? What if the man is left bewildered and wondering if she likes him AT ALL, and asking her to trust him with her secrets, and left at the altar (or near it)? What if he is the second man in her life (the non-virgin antitrope -is that even a word? Now it is) but she the first woman in his?

What if the man, for once, is not the one in need of emotional rescuing, but does the rescuing himself, even though he isn’t qualified to do it? But he becomes someone who can lead them noth to a stronger moral standard. He isn’t the rescuer, but he BECOMES the rescuer. Because there’s nobody that will save him, if he won’t do it himself. That’s what I’m talking about. What if he is their only hope of ever working things through?
What if she is good and kind and faithful, but maimed? Ruined? Is it good/romatic/relatable that he should want her at all? And is she in a place to even be attracted to him, after what has been done to her?

What if they are both ruined, the girl as well as the guy?

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Well, I’ll tell you what happens then.

People don’t GET IT. Most people. Some do. And yay. But most don’t get it. (Or if they get it, they don’t like it.) Ewwwww why isn’t she pure? Ewww she’s married, I don’t read books about girls like THAT. Ewwwww that’s not a heroine, that’s a *** Ewww why would he want her? Ewww Eww Ewwwww


In case you don’t realize what I’m talking about yet, it’s not ok for a woman to have a dark secret, to need rescuing, to not hold herself to a higher moral standard. All the things that make us go “my poor baby” for Rochester, would make us go “ewwwww” for Jane.

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That’s gender swap in the real world, my friends. How do I know that? Because of this. I did it, you see. I did the experiment. And I am thankful every day for people who GOT the story from the first second, like @tea-books-lover @velutluna @pagesfullofstars @celebangel @bassguitarwitch and soooo many others who beta-read, reviewed, or just plain encouraged me with this outlandish idea.

Because, let me tell you.

I’ve gotten hate. (The ewwwws we were talking about, see above. So many EWWWS)

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ewe? close enough. 

I’ve even seen people read the synopsis and go, why would I read a book about a heroine like that? I don’t read books about ruined heroines.

People message me (most of them don’t dare post reviews) telling me they loved the writing but WTH? I reply, it’s reverse. They say ewww the heroine isn’t pure. I say she’s like Rochester, he isn’t pure. They say well, yeah, but he’s a guy. It’s ok for the man. That’s not a Jane Eyre retelling (A LOT of them don’t even get that. They don’t even recognize the Jane Eyre plotline or the characters once I swapped the genders. I mean it when I say it’s a different world out there, you guys. People have no idea. No. Idea.) I say -I usually say nothing, or just bye, but if it’s a nice person who wants answers, I reply- it’s the same story, governess goes to work for rich dude, mad spouse, fire, impossible love, morals, wedding stopped, the works. But it’s reverse.

There’s even lines in the book that are a direct nod to the masterpiece.

“You are my bright angel.”

“You can be mended, if once you were ruined.”

“Take off your mask, little ghost.”

“You tranfix me quite.” (Ok, that’s a lie, I didn’t put that last one in, just love it.)

Aaaaan feels.

Anyway, I am really happy with how this story turned out (and a lot of other people are happy too, it seems -yay- special thanks to the person who left this

 in lieu of a review, you’re my favorite thing in the world, person). And if I can do a TINY BIT to bring about some change in this world, then:

1. Books are the way to do it (or one of the best ways, subtle but powerful), I really believe this, and history backs it up.

2. I am proud and happy and blessed.

3. I don’t mind the occasional thick head trying to push itself into my inbox. Maybe it’s the sign of someone trying to wake up. Or refusing to wake up. But you know what? Something made them almost wake up. And if that something was me… then that’s all I can ask for.

Anyway, I jsut wanted to share a bit of my experience on “the other side”, which something actually went out and did in real life. It changed me in so many ways, and I really hope it might have changed someone else too. Even the littlest bit.

I always reblog reverse story ideas, and now you know why they’re so close to my heart, but I wanted to share my story of actually going out and DOING THE THING. You should always do the thing, even if you’re scared. Also, if you’re scared, I’m here. Talk to me. I know about scared.

Which brings us to:


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Read read read

Then write write write.

Then repeat.

Learn the rules, and break them. Like Charlotte did. Like a boss.

Let’s keep writing new things, let’s break the rules, let’s be respectful and educated, and then let’s think outside the box. Let’s RUIN the box (see what I did there? Pun, anyone? No? Ok.) 

Who’s with me?


Newt Era HP!Steve/Bucky/Peggy x Reader

Assumed female reader

Word Count: 2971

This was requested by my friend for her birthday today.

Part 2

“I thought that they were together,” Steve said, scratching his head.

“Steve, that was a month ago,” Peggy said as she rolled her eyes. “You’re usually on top of this stuff, Gossip Queen.”

“I forgot that we called him that!” Bucky exclaimed. “Peggy, we can’t let him forget that again.”

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Sentence Prompts

Here’s more sentence prompts!!

101: “You’re not my mom; you can’t tell me what to do!”
102: “You need to decrease your attitude size from a black hole to an electron.”
103: “Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times or suffer the consequences.”
104: “I don’t kidnap, I just temporarily borrow a person.”
105: “I’m dangerous, but as long as you don’t give me a reason, I’ll never be a threat.”
106: “Are you trying to give us away?”
107: “Insanity is a parasite; once one of us have it, it spreads.”
108: “Not everyone deserves a second chance.”
109: “I feel like shit now. Thanks a lot.”
110: “Please tell me you’re a butcher or something.”
111: “I’m not sadistic, I just like watching the people I hate suffer.”
112: “If you’re trash then I’ll be your trash can.”
113: “Sometimes I wish I didn’t eat meat.”
114: “Oh my god, that’s a severed hand.”
115: “I’m the cute one.”
116: “I want one.”
117: “There was a time I honestly cared what you thought about me.”
118: “Isn’t it great to live with rules, expectations, regulations, restrictions, and a ball of cotton candy?”
119: “I will not repeat what I just said.”
120: “Did you just gif me?”
121: “Bow before the king! …Actually could you hug me instead because I’m feeling really insecure right now?”
122: “…No.”
123: “I wish I was gay.”
124: “I’m sick of being in your shadow.”
125: “It’s time to get the hell outta dodge.”
126: “I’ve always wondered what the inside of an igloo looks like.”
127: “I want the TV for the next two days because I need a movie marathon.”
128: “I thought you hated that.”
129: “Um… it’s not what you think…”
130: “Now here’s the question…”
131: “Are you trying to get me in a threesome?”
132: “I may be clueless, but I’m not an idiot. Being an idiot is your job.”
133: “These bruises are just occupational hazards.”
134: “My goods cost more than just a pretty face.”
135: “I want my first kiss to be super cliche, but I don’t want to plan it out. Feel me?”
136: “First world problems, am I right?”
137: “Sometimes I just want to smash every bone in your body and other times I only want to smash a couple.”
138: “That look in your eye is really scaring me and not in a good way.”
139: “The store was having their post-Easter sale so now I have a pantry full of cheap candy.”
140: “I lack the coordination to play any kind of sport and now you’re asking me to play frisbee?”
141: “I wish I may, I wish I might, get away with the murder I’m committing tonight.”
142: “This is meant for kings and queens and that is the exact reason I should never touch it.”
143: “We should get a hot tub.”
144: “Your teeth look like they could fall out if I punch them. Let’s experiment, shall we?”
145: “I suggest you run.”
146: “Please tell me you didn’t order thirty-seven things of blueberry pancake mix.”
147: “Who are you trying to impress? ‘Cause right now, I don’t think even your mom wants to see that.”
148: “I require alone time so I can recharge my social stamina.”
149: “My thoughts take an abrupt turn from pleasant to horrifying anytime I see you.”
150: “You thought I was the pawn in your game of chess, that you were the king; you were wrong. I’m the player.”

Sportacus: Wow, you’re up early.
Robbie: I haven’t been to bed yet. But good news, I am now officially a Level 3 Warlock.
Sportacus: All right! Good to hear the career is going well.
Robbie: Aren’t you tired of having exactly the same thing cooked for exactly the same amount of time every morning?
Sportacus: No.
Robbie: Let’s do a little experiment, shall we?
Sportacus: Let’s not.
Robbie: What happens if I do this? *knocks over egg timer* Oh, no, he’s out of his comfort zone! Heart pounding, palms clammy. Embrace it, this is therapy. Embrace the chaos!
Sportacus: Good news, I’m also timing it on my watch!

(Source: You, Me and the Apocalypse)

Ben Solo, the Reincarnation of Light!Revan??? (A Fringe Theory Analysis)

Okay, I know this one is NOT likely going to happen and it’s just a crackpot theory, but let’s take a moment to look at this as a thought experiment, shall we.

Disclaimer: The following post covers a fringe theory. A fringe theory is defined as a theory that is not based entirely within the Official Star Wars Canon lore. The purpose of this fringe theory is to go over a what-if scenario in regards to the subject of interest at hand. This post is not to advocate for any certain perspective, but instead it is to educate an alternative point of view in regards to characters and/or events in the Star Wars Lore (both Canon and Legends).

To start off:

This is Revan and Ben Solo/Kylo Ren. Two characters, one legend (might become canon) and one canon. According to Pablo Hidalgo, Revan is not the sole inspiration behind Ben Solo’s background story. However, over time, there have been many call backs to the Knights of the Old Republic story (Revan’s story).

For instance, in Star Wars Rebels, Kanan Jarrus mentioned the “Jedi-Mandalorian Wars” where Revan led a team of renegade Jedi who disobeyed Jedi Council orders in order to fight and stop the Mandalorian advance.

There’s another instance where in the official Star Wars Databanks, there’s a mention of “a mysterious connection" linking the two in analogous of the Force Bond between Revan and Bastila Shan.

In Legends novel, Revan, by Drew Karpyshyn, in Chapter 17, Bastila Shan stated, “I led that strike team. I don’t know why, but I took it when Revan fell. Perhaps even then I sensed our fates were intertwined.”

Now, with letting aside the background info about Revan and the possible connections on the elements of Legends and Canon material possibly linking Revan’s story and Ben Solo’s, let’s get to the main points of this “Fringe” theory.

In legends: When Revan was about to die at the Foundry (Emperor Vitiate’s Fortress), he was split into two: Light!Revan (good) and Dark!Revan (bad) as explained in the video below.

Then, there’s the deleted Clone War scene (below) where Dark!Revan talking to the Son of Mortis. Dark!Revan in the clip below tells the Son, the key to silencing his pain is to control the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker.

Yes, during the [Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan] story, both Light and Dark!Revan did merge in the end. However…

Many fans hated this “Shadow of Revan” arc in addition to how that scene alone did not jive with the deleted scene in the Clone Wars (as shown above).

So, in alignment with the narrative of this fringe theory, what may have happened is that Revan did die in his fight with Emperor Vitiate in [Star Wars: The Old Republic]. Revan helped the Jedi Outcast to defeat Emperor Vitiate. Upon Revan’s death bed, Revan thanked the Jedi Outcast and reconciled with his descendant “Satele Shan”. When Revan passed away, his spirit was split into two: Light and Dark.

Dark!Revan remained in the “Chaos” realm of the Netherworld of the Force. “Chaos” is basically ‘hell’ where the dark siders reside. This Dark!Revan would make his way somehow to communicate with the “Son of Mortis”.

As for Light!Revan, thousands years into the future, he was re-born as Ben Solo. The possible reason for Light!Revan for being reborn as Ben Solo is stop a much darker entity who is bringing imbalance to the Force. When reborn as Ben Solo, Ben’s memories of his past life as Revan was no more. 

Why would Light!Revan’s memories be erased when reincarnated as Ben Solo?

According to many real life reincarnation theories, there are instances that when a person was reborn as another person, that person would not remember his/her past life. In order to remember such past lives, they have to undergo either hypnosis or some form of meditation. The only time a person can remember a past life if only that person suffered a traumatic event before death. Such memory would stick with that person even after being born in a new body, many years in the future. As for Ben Solo’s case, it’s uncertain on why the Force would not allow Ben Solo to remember his past memories as Light!Revan. Maybe it was done to hide his dormant power during childhood before being reawakened at later time, assuming Ben Solo is indeed Light!Revan reincarnated.

Furthermore, as Ben Solo, he would live his life as an individual harnessing the light and dark side of the Force as he was years ago as Revan. But, this time being more pulled to the light side of the Force. Thus, another source of Ben’s light is not only the light force itself, but the light from within…the light of his past life as Light!Revan. Also, Light!Revan, as Ben Solo, would bring back elements of his past life as a force user of light and dark in addition to wearing clothing similar to that of his past life when he was Revan. This may explain why Kyo Ren’s clothing is similar to Revan. This is something Ben Solo sub-consciously pulled out in designing his Kylo Ren clothing without realizing he was Revan in the past life. 

Furthermore, the ADDITIONAL reason (not the main reason) for Kylo Ren’s compassion for Rey and his so-called mysterious connection with Rey is either of the following items below:

(1) Rey is the reincarnation of Bastila Shan even though this may not be likely in canon.


(2) Within Kylo’s sub-conscious, the inner Light!Revan may have caused Kylo’s perception to confused Rey as Bastila Shan since Bastila Shan resembles Rey. See below.


(3) Rey is not a descendant of Bastila Shan and Revan, but her force signature is coincidentally so similar to Bastila’s that this caused this “force connection/link/bond” to happen between Kylo Ren (Light!Revan reincarnated) and Rey herself.

(Above) Adam Driver (Kylo Ren/Ben Solo) and Revan.

According to various reincarnation theories in real life, when person(s) reincarnate in their next body, they maintain their past live’s facial features. So, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo maintained his prior life’s appearance of Revan.

An example of this reincarnation theory in real life is the following picture(s),

(Above) Jennifer Lawrence and her Egyptian twin-actress Zubaida Tharwat.

(Above) James Dean and James Franco

Now, whether this particular reincarnation is true or not, that remains to be seen. But if you look at the following documentary below about this particular reincarnation theory, there may be something to consider.

Note: it’s uncertain on whether the above video’s content is authentic or not.

Issues with this theory: 

So, far there is nothing in canon thus far suggesting reincarnation is an actual occurrence in the Star Wars Universe. Even though [The Phantom Menace Visual Dictionary] mentioned how the Chosen One Prophecy implied a reincarnation process of a Chosen entity coming back again and again to restore balance to the force, there is no official word from Lucasfilm story group confirming if reincarnation does occur in the Star Wars Universe. 

In addition, the narrative focus for Kylo Ren and Rey is that they are stand alone characters with NO BIG DIRECT connection to the heroes of the ancient past, i.e. Knight of the Old Republic. Rey’s narrative is about a normal individual from a completely separate family who can make a difference in a galaxy far, far away. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo’s narrative is about just another Skywalker trying to regain his humanity. Both of these characters do not have to rely on being a reincarnated entity to achieve their ends.

Now, there is a possibility of reincarnation occurring in the form of Ahsoka Tano coming back as a wolf being in [Star Wars Rebels Season 4]. However, some people stated that it could just be Ahsoka Tano as a Force Wielder entity who can shape shift. Others say said that the wolf is something separate from Ahsoka Tano itself. 

If “reincarnation” were to be canon, how is it going to be applied in the greater scheme of things in the Star Wars Canon?

Two ways:

(1) Use Force Wielder-type characters to be the reincarnation-based characters. Also, assuming the "Daughter" is to be alive, then the “Daughter” can be the one to pull off the reincarnation technique of being reborn in a fresh and blood body. 

(2) A completely new character who is not Ben or Rey, but either be Ben and Rey’s child or a friend/associate of Ben and Rey (after Episode IX).. This particular character would either be a wise man who is reborn again to help Ben and Rey in a future conflict or be another character who remembers memories of his/her past life and these memories help Ben and Rey to get out of a sticky situation in a future story (post-Episode IX).

In conclusion: Ben Solo may not be the actual reincarnation of Revan. But, Ben Solo may borrow certain traits from Revan himself, assuming Ben Solo is aware of Revan’s existence during his time as a Knight of Ren. If reincarnation were to be canon, it’s most likely other characters from other canon sources like the “Daughter of Mortis” or new characters being these reincarnated beings.

anonymous asked:

Drax, I have autism and I have a hard time understanding figures of speech, too. With lots and lots of practice, I was able to get the hang of the basics (see what I did there?) If you want to learn, I've heard the best way is to have an understanding friend to practice with. I did it by reading a lot, though, and that worked for me. New expressions still confuse me, but I get the common ones at least. Saves a lot of trouble when working with others.

Drax: It is comforting to know I am not the only one who experiences this same trouble. We shall both work to our best ability and I have no doubts that we shall prevail. It will be ‘a walking cake’.

Quill: Drax, it’s cake wal–….Good job, man.


Min Swaegi Suga for the lovely auriee​! Referenced from jonghyunar‘s gif!

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Title: Science Partners (reader x Peter) 

Summary: the reader is an underestimated science nerd, which Peter Parker finds out when the two are paired up together for a project worth half of their grade.

Word Count: 1177

A/N: When you write about a character who is slightly smarter than you. SLIGHTLY. LOL but the struggle is real. PS I love Peter Parker but I think you all knew that. Y/L/N stands for Your Last Name. Enjoy!

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Surprise Threesome (a Jack Gilinsky smut imagine)

Jack’s POV

I wake up to what sounds like pots and pans smashing against each other, what the hell is she doing in there. I drag my lazy ass out of bed once I see that it’s half ten in the morning, I walk into the kitchen to find my best friend y/n picking up a bunch of pots and pans from the floor “god I didn’t wake you did i?” she mumbles and I kneel down to help her as I say no. Once all the pans are back into the cupboards I go about making some coffee and breakfast whilst she walks into the living room with her coffee.

I finish buttering my toast and making my coffee before then heading into the living room to join her. “I can’t believe you slept in this late” she laughs and I nod my head in agreement “neither can I, normally I’m up early every morning even if it’s my day off” we both agree on that before going back to watching TV and drinking our coffee. I hear my phone ring from my bedroom, I walk out to go get it to see that my girlfriend Madison is calling me, i decide not to answer the call as I kinda wanna spend time with y/n. I haven’t exactly been a good friend lately, I’ve been out every day and night for the past few weeks, if I’m not in the studio with Jack I’m out with Madison and if I’m not out with Madison I’m out with the guys. I never see y/n so without her knowing i’m gonna just stay with her today and have a movie date with her.

I walk back into the living room to y/n who looks up at me the second I come back in, she beams at me, that smile has such power over me. She is everything, beautiful, funny and smart. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about any of this but I can’t help it, I’m sexually attracted to one of my closest friends what is wrong with me? what am I doing to Mads. I sit back down next to her, taking a sip of my coffee as I do so. She moves closer to me, resting her head on my shoulder and lifting her legs up onto the couch. “Have you ever thought about us you know fucking before?” I ask her flat out, not attempting to be subtle about it. She sits back up, smiling at me “To be honest I have, a few times actually. Have you?” I nod. We both sit there just staring at each other, both of our eyes are full of lust.

She smashes her lips to mine in the heat of the moment but I kiss her back, our tongues connecting passionately. I can feel how badly she wants this just by this kiss, I want it too, I have done since the day I met her. I mean what Madison doesn’t know won’t hurt her right? I’m only gonna do it this one time, I’ve always wanted to fuck her and if it turns out to be a terrible experience then we shall never speak of it but if it’s good then I’m pretty much screwed. She breaks from the kiss, standing up and pulling me with her, both of us breathing heavily. I pick her up and carry her to my room, I lie her down on the bed as I strip, she goes to take her clothes off but I stop her. That’s a job for me. I get on my knees and part her legs, I slide her shorts down her long legs along with her panties

Madison’s POV

Okay he’s obviously ignoring me because otherwise the phone would have rang a lot longer, he rejected my calls. I don’t understand, we got back from Omaha last week, I met his family and spent thanksgiving with all of his family and friends. I can’t read too much into this, he was probably busy I mean he always is quite busy. He has a career and I should respect that, he has fans too. I pick my phone up and decide to call him once more but after two seconds of it ringing it goes to voice mail… AGAIN. That’s it I have to go to his place, to at least see why he’s ignoring my calls and texts. I put my shoes on and head out to my car.

I pull into the parking lot of the apartment complex in which Jack and his best friend y/n live. The fans think that it bothers me that he lives with her but it doesn’t, she’s his best friend well female best friend that is and I get along with her. She isn’t into him like that, she told me herself that they see each other as an annoying brother and sister. I step out of the elevator and I am faced with the door to their apartment. I go to take the spare key from my bag when all of a sudden I hear monas. “Mhmm keep going omg fuck” wait that sounds exactly like y/n okay that’s it I’m going in there. I shove the key into the lock and open the door. I throw my bag down and walk up the hall to Jacks room, I push the door open, my jaw drops. He’s on his knees eating that bitch out, there was me thinking she didn’t see him like that, yeah of course she doesn’t, she obviously said that to keep me from getting suspicious.

I walk in, grabbing his shirt and pulling him up onto his feet “how could you do this to me you absolute asshole” I don’t hold back on the harsh words. He probably would have fucked her if didn’t decide to come over. She get up covering herself with his shirt “Madison we can explain thi” he cuts her off “baby don’t be mad, I know you’ve always wanted to have a threesome, why don’t we have one now” he whispers as he pulls me closer to him. He leans down, cupping my face with one of his hands whilst the other finds it’s way into my panties. I tilt my head back moaning as he rubs my pussy, making me wetter and wetter. Y/N starts to strip until she’s completely naked and Jack rids me of my clothes too. We all get onto the bed, Jack lies down with his dick on display for both of us to play with.

She starts to pump him whilst I lick move to the top of the bed where his head is. I hover over his face for a few seconds before he pulls me down onto his mouth by my thighs. He starts to flick his tongue over my clit and then he licks through my slits. “Mhmm” I moan quietly. Each time y/n makes him moan, he then moans onto my pussy, making me moan even more. Fuck this feels so good, this has always been a dream of mine, in the back of my mind I’m thinking that he was gonna fuck her behind my back and never even confess to it which hurts but I decide to push it further and further to the back of my mind, I just wanna focus on this right now. I wanna focus on reaching my high, with y/n and Jack.

Y/N sits up and I lean down, still keeping my pussy near his face so that he can continue to eat me out. “You like that dick don’t you” y/n mumbles, I moan onto it as if to try and say yes. She reaches her hand down to where his face is so that she can rub my pussy. Fuck this feels amazing. After a few minutes of staying in that position I get off of his face and he stands up, he pulls her up, leaving me on the bed to play with myself. He picks her up, fucking her hard against the wall, not giving her time to adjust to his size. I sit there with my legs parted, using my thumb to rub my clit whilst I slide two fingers in and out of myself. He knew watching my boyfriend fuck another girl could get me so hot like this.

Shortly after, he puts her down, looking over at me. I stand up and he bends me over the bed, slamming into me. “Ahh fuck” I yell, he continues to fuck me before then moving me over to wall where he bends me over once again. He then lifts my leg up “hold your leg” I do as he tells me to and then y/n walks over, kneeling down in front of my bare pussy. She rubs my clit as he pounds into me again and again. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum” he grunts before then slowing his thrusts down, not long after I feel him twitch inside of me. He pulls out, I lower my leg. We all stand there panting and smiling at each other. “Well I guess you can cross that off your list of fantasies and things you wanna try eh babe?” he smirks, still trying to catch his breath. Shortly after the reality kicks in. He was gonna cheat on me. I wanna say something but instead I decide to leave it. Why ruin a good thing.

(A/N i’m actually really proud of this one tbh i think this is one of my best smuts if i do say so myself haha, hope the anon that requested this is happy with it, i also have another imagine coming tomorrow, a cute Sammy one so look out for that)

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades Darker (part 11/11)

1. Intense prayer circle because I’m hoping this is the last post for this book.
2. I can’t believe I’ve managed to stick this out. I thought the first book was bad. But this… this is in a league of its own. There’s rock bottom, then 50 feet of crap, then this book.
3. It’s really really so so so bad. It’s downright nasty.
4. Angels will descend upon me when this is over.  Now…where was I…
5. Ah, the happy couple is now engaged. I am so shocked and surprised at this unforeseen turn of events.
6. I need to remind you guys, again, that these people have known each other for about a month. I’ve had a more serious and long standing relationship with my favourite sandwich. I’ve definitely had a more meaningful relationship with chocolate.
7. Ana: “My future husband wants to play.” – sadly, it’s not video games he wants to play and that’s a damn shame. Because the couple that plays together, stays together.
8. The water in the shower is fucking cold, how are you guys not fucking freezing right now.
9. One day, in the far distant future, I will come back to these books and count the number of times her inner goddess has made an appearance. Maybe this will convince people that any book with such a „character” is a waste of time and brain cells.
10. Apparently, they can stop having sex with a condom for a reason I can’t remember for the life of me (I don’t really care anyway), but do you know what this means? Ana will get pregnant. Why do I say this? Because there’s a third book and a kid is the only drama-worthy (in the hands of a decent author, but I’m trying not to be picky) thing left to throw in.
11. Ana: “will I always have this leveled at me? That I’m marrying Christian for his money?” – yes, because people are judgmental pieces of crap. Welcome to the real world, Ana, we hope you enjoy your stay.
12. Christian: “I don’t want to fight,” – after the damned inner goddess, this is probably one of the most reiterated sentences in these gods forsaken books. I *told* you, these people either have sex or argue. There is no in between.
13.My subconscious snorts with derisory laughter. I ignore her.” – Ana, voices and/or sounds in your head are not a sign of sanity, just fyi.
14. For his birthday, Ana gives him… her. In the Play Room. With nipple clamps and other…delectables. Um. Send help.
15. Help for me, not Ana, I don’t give two shits about her. Help consists of several alcoholic beverages and very hefty supplies of chocolate. And if you can get your hands on one of those memory erasers that the Men in Black had in the movie, so I can wipe out the next chapter from my memory, that’d be peachy. Okay, I’m going in.
16. Ana: “I want to be in here, too.” (here being the Play Room) – uh huh, keep telling yourself that, Ana. Maybe you’ll end up believing it. Because your experiences with these things have all been pleasant and not at all traumatizing. Sure. Mhm.
17. Oh look, she’s aroused. Of course. Because this woman loves absolutely all that he does to her, even though he has hurt her in the past, in this very room. Shall we revisit that experience? We shall.
18. “He hits me again, and the pain pulses and echoes along the line of the belt.  […]I desperately scrabble around my psyche looking for some internal strength. […]  I yell as the belt bites me again, and now the tears are streaming down my face. […]My voice is more a choked, strangled sob, and in this moment, I think I hate him. […]“Let go… no… ” And I find myself struggling out his grasp, pushing him away. Fighting him.”
19. In all fairness, he’s not doing that to her now, but honestly, you want to tell me that being in the same place, with the same person, as that scenario above, mere weeks after it happened, now makes you wet instead of uncomfortable and frightened? No. Fuck you, E.L.James.
20. Butt plugs are okay, but the thought of a finger “there” gives her pause. I cannot with this girl.
21. Holy honey badger.
22. I don’t even know what the fuck I read. Don’t ask me.
23.You are the most compassionate man I’ve met.“ – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What the fuck HAHAHAHAHA no
24. I have 30 pages left and they feel like 300. *deep breath* Lord give me patience
25. Bla bla bla, telling people she’s engaged, bla bla bla
26. I also need to make a list of all the pretentious words she used. You know, you have oh jeez, oh my, holy cow on one hand and maudlin on the other.
27. Kate – you know, Ana’s best friend who hasn’t been around at all in the last 300 pages, has found an old email from Ana to Christian, in which she discusses the famed contract with him. And she flips out, asking Ana if she’s okay, hurt and all that. You know, she does what a sane person would do. I’ve missed Kate, she’s the voice of reason in this crapfest of a trilogy.
29. Elena hasn’t taken the news of the engagement very well. Now she’s cornered Ana and it’s all thinly-veiled threats and drama.
30. ANA THREW HER DRINK IN ELENA’S FACE. *NOW* it’s a proper soap opera.
31. *chews popcorn*
32. AND NOW ELENA GOT SLAPPED BY CHRISTIAN’S MOM. I’m sorry, NOW it’s a proper soap opera.
33.Take your filthy paws off my son, you whore, and get out of my house—now!” – I have tears of laughter in my eyes
34. I know this is supposed to be heavy and full of drama, but I honestly cannot stop laughing.
35. And now he properly proposed to her, with a ring and everything. I was not moved the slightest. *shrugs*
36. Ominous epilogue of Jack the boss vowing revenge for the beating he took for hitting on Ana. Oh, and he was the one who tampered with the helicopter.

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38. I DID IT. *stares in wonder* I fucking did it. *chokes on tears*

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39. I know you’re expecting me to say that I won’t touch the 3rd book, but, let’s face it and be realistic, knowing my inclinations to hate myself and my selfless nature, I’ll probably read it. Just not for a very very long time.
40. Chocolate awaits me.
41. Mary out.

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Things I have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey masterpost

Dangerous--The Night of the Met Gala, Part 3

Ok guys, here it is. Very mature. Just a warning. Let me know what you think!

Dangerous–The Night of the Met Gala is here

Dangerous–The Night of the Met Gala, Part 2 is here


“I’m sorry,” she whispered into the phone. There was silence on the other end, and Taylor felt her heart sink. “I didn’t mean for this to happen, can’t you understand?” She asked, walking into the corner of her room, away from the bathroom, where Adam was showering.

Tom finally responded, sighing heavily on the other end. “Why exactly are you going to the Bahamas with Adam when you told me you two were about to break up?” His voice was hard, unyielding. Taylor sighed and leaned against the wall. “He…he can tell something is wrong. More than before. And…he asked me to go. To work on our relationship.”

“And you want to go? You want to work on it?” Tom asked, upset. Taylor pulled her arm in, crossing it across her body. “No..I mean..I owe him this, right? It’s been more than a year. He’s put so much into this–I mean, so have I. I mean, I can’t just tell him no, you know? Unless…”

“Unless you break up with him,” Tom finished for her. “Right,” Taylor answered softly. “And you don’t want to do that,” Tom continued, running his fingers through his hair, annoyed. Taylor didn’t answer, just listened to her two worlds; Tom sighing in the UK, Adam showering in the next room.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen like this, you know that,” she finally said softly, worried about her voice drawing attention. Tom answered, just as softly. “I know. Neither of us did.”

“It’s just a couple days. And after, I’ll either be broken up or not,” she said quickly as the shower turned off. “I got to go. I’ll text you when I’m back.” Adam came out wrapped in a towel. “You almost ready, Tay?” He asked. Taylor nodded and slid her phone into her back pocket. “Yup. Let’s do it.”


The next couple days were torture for Tom. No messages, no calls. Either service was terrible in the Bahamas or Taylor was trying to put her 100% into her relationship. And Tom couldn’t really hold that against her. She wasn’t the type to cheat in the first place. And she was definitely the kind to try and make it work if possible. But Tom didn’t want her to make it work.

He had never been in the middle of a relationship like this before. He would never thought he was capable of being the other woman, so to speak. But, after that night, and morning, when he joined her in the shower and made love to her several more times, he just couldn’t leave her. She had gotten under his skin, and he needed more and more of her everyday.

They had been sneaking around over the phone, learning more about each other as distance kept them part. Long conversations on the phone on separate continents. Tom always hung up the phone with the hope that she would leave Adam, that she would let go of her increasingly irritating relationship.

As for Adam–he could tell something had changed, even if Taylor hadn’t said a word. She wasn’t seeking him out, she found ways to amuse herself. She didn’t call him as much–and Adam was becoming increasingly nervous. He asked her if there was a problem. But there were always problems. He knows his kissing another girl had really hurt her, but the truth was, she didn’t seem hurt anymore. Just–quiet. They didn’t communicate well anymore–he couldn’t get it through to her anymore.

He was hoping this trip would fix things. That she would remember them, that they would find their way back to each other. But so far, it was more of the same. Taylor taking walks on the beach alone. They would go into the ocean together, but barely speak. The distance on their bed felt like an ocean between them. He didn’t even know what he could do anymore. He was beginning to think they couldn’t be fixed.


“It’s over,” she said nervously. She had just taken off in her plane from LA to Nashville. Adam and her decided it wasn’t going to be fixed, and she was heading to Nashville to get some distance. And to be there when the announcement broke.

“Really?” Promise?“ Tom answered excited. “Promise,” Taylor answered, laughing. “We just..spent the days talking and not talking, you know? I think he knew it was over.”

“Why?” Tom asked. Taylor was silent. “Come on, Taylor. Why did you break up?”

She looked out the window and tried to say what was true, what was real, what was honest. “We broke up because we weren’t right for each other,” she said finally. Tom sighed. “But,” she added hesitantly, “but there’s another reason too.”

“What’s that? Tom asked, hoping. Silently hoping. He didn’t want to push her, he wanted her feelings to be genuine, to be her own. He waited with bated breath and Taylor thought it over.

“But I also have feelings for someone else,” she answered finally, her eyes closing in embarrassment. When he didn’t say anything for a few moments, Taylor said, “what do you think about that?”

Taylor sat, hoping. Silently hoping. And finally, he answered. “I’m pretty sure he has feelings for you too.”


She opened the door, and there he was. Just like she had imagined for weeks. He was so tall, standing in her doorway. So easily gorgeous, in just jeans and a regular blue button up. He shot her a smile–“Can I come in?” She quickly pulled the door wide open, and he entered, taking a quick glance around the entryway.

“Wow, your apartment is amazing,” he said, turning around to face her. She was standing by the door, her back against it, staring at him. “I don’t know why I’m so nervous,” she said suddenly, crossing her arms across her chest. He walked over to her, until he was right in front of her. “What are you thinking?” He asked her, curious to know what was going on inside her mind. She shook her head. “It’s stupid.”

“No, tell me.”

“It’s just…I haven’t seen you in person since that night…and day,” she said quickly, “and well. Hmm. We were both caught up in like…this crazy chemistry storm, you know?”

Tom ran a hand up her arm and smiled. “I remember.” She glanced up at him and smiled nervously. “Right so…what if we were like–too hormonal and drunk and whatever, but now….” She trailed off, unsure of how to finish. Tom leaned in and whispered in her ear. “What if we don’t turn each other on the same way?”

“Right,” Taylor agreed, his breath giving her goosebumps. Tom smirked. “Let’s try an experiment, shall we?” He asked. Before she could say anything, he pushed her tight against the door while his lips found her neck–that one spot that he knew drove her crazy. Taylor moaned as he exerted more and more pressure. “Shit, Tom, oh my god,” she sighed, as his hand found its way into her shorts right away.

After just a few short minutes, Tom had Taylor calling out his name, screaming and moaning in ecstasy. When she finally calmed down, he pulled away from her with a satisfied smirk. “I don’t think chemistry is going to be our issue,” he said smugly as he kissed her on the nose, her hair a mess, her glasses about to fall off her face. He set them right for her, sliding them back into place.

Taylor smiled softly and pulled him down so her lips could capture his. “I don’t know how you do that, but please never ever stop,” she mumbled against his lips as she gave him short kisses all over his mouth.

Tom laughed and lifted her legs around his waist. “Where am I taking you–I must ravish your body all night long,” he declared. Taylor giggled and pointed to the stairs. “Up the stairs, over there,” she pointed. He kissed her cheek and headed for the stairs quickly.


“I don’t want there to ever be any secrets between us,” Taylor whispered, her head on his chest. The sex was, unsurprisingly, even better than their first night, because she had no guilt. No fear.

She lifted her head up and looked at him. “I know we joke around a lot, and it’s fun, I love it,” she said softly. “But I want you to know–I don’t take us lightly. I know we started out…and I was cheating,” Tom nodded and stroked her hair. “I don’t ever want that to be us. If you think you might want to…just break up with me. Or talk to me about it. I know we started out bad, but…that’s not really who I am. You’re already so important to me. I don’t want you to think I don’t value you or care about you. Because I really do.”

Tom leaned up and kissed her softly. “It’s not who I am either. I promise. I hope we never get to that point but–if we do, we have to try and talk it through.” Taylor nodded and kissed him quickly before laying her head back down in his chest. “I mean–having sex with you is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do,” she said, giggling a little. Tom lifted her face up to his. “Yeah?” He said, smiling.

“Tom, seriously–I think it’s unfair you can’t feel the way you make me feel. Like, I’m sure I can make you feel good, but you make me feel…” Taylor trailed off, her eyes glassy, before shaking her head and laughing. “I’m literally getting turned on right now thinking about us having sex. What is that? You’re like some magical sex god.”

Tom grinned and squeezed her in tight to him. “I don’t know–I swear, I mean, I have had a lot of practice,” Taylor swatted him jokingly. “I’m just saying–I’ve had some experience. But with you–it’s at another level.”

“Really?” Taylor said quietly, playing with his chest hair. “You could tell me if…if you wanted more. Something different. Anything, you could tell me.” She looked up at him. “I’ll do anything you want,” she whispered, tracing his face softly with her finger. “I want to give you…everything you could ever want. Just say the word.”

Tom brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. “I’m really quite happy with how things are going right now. But if I ever do want to try anything–you’ll be the first to know. Besides….” He trailed off as his hands started to wander over her body, “I bet you have some ideas of your own.” Taylor’s face turned bright red and she found it difficult to look at him in the eye.

“Maybe,” she whispered, her head on his shoulder. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of darling, I want to know all your fantasies, how else will I be able to properly get you off?” Taylor’s face kept getting redder and redder. “Am I going to have to guess or are you going to tell me?” Tom asked, his hands roaming over her breasts, a pinch here, a tug there. Taylor moaned as he played her body like an instrument, finding all her secret spots and turning her into mush.

“Tom, shit. What are…mhhm.” Taylor’s mind got cloudy as he continued to turn her on, slowly pressing and pulling, tickling and tingling. “I’m not going to stop until you tell me,” he murmured, his body sliding over hers, as he kissed his way down her chest until he settled in between her legs.

“Let’s see if I can guess,” he said, his fingers finding her core easily. Taylor moaned before leaning up on her forearms. “What do you mean?” She asked, her eyes narrowing slightly. “Well, your body is a natural lie detector,” he said, moving in between her folds lightly. “So if I mention, oh I don’t know–bondage?” Tom felt her get wetter at just the mention of the word. Tom laughed lightly. “Got it. That’s a winner.” Taylor groaned lightly. “Tom. I appreciate this but…” She trailed off when she felt his lips find their way near her center. She swallowed loudly.

“Are you going to do this all night?” She asked softly. Tom lifted his head and met her eyes, a mischievous glint in his eye. “Maybe. Seems to be the best way to get you to…eh hm–open up, shall we say?” He laughed as he spread her hips wider and went back down.

Using his method, Tom discovered all of Taylor’s secret fantasies and desires. Getting her turned on but never releasing, pushing all her buttons until he found the right ones, the ones that turned her totally limp. When he was done, Tom felt accomplished and smug, and Taylor felt on edge and worn out.

“So you spent all that time finding out my kinks–what about yours?” She asked, sighing as she laid against him. Tom laughed lightly before responding. “Oh, I would think I’d be easy to figure out,” he said, flipping her over onto her stomach. “How’s that?” Taylor asked, so close to the edge already. It was becoming that just his voice got her wet. Tom slid his hand down and could feel the wetness already there. He leaned over her and whispered in her ear, “I always like to be in control. I like to be able to turn you on and off like a switch. Like right now–I’m in total control of your body and how it reacts. And that drives me…crazy,” he finished, before sliding himself into her forcefully.

Taylor felt euphoric–the past hour of teasing finally culminating in intense satisfaction. Tom pounded into her, pushing her closer and closer to the edge before the intense release of both of them. Taylor felt like she was floating above the bed, watching herself have the most intense orgasm of her life. He held her as she rode it out, their two bodies pressed as close as possible to each other.

Finally, he pulled out of her and flipped onto his back, breathing heavily still. “You’re my kink. You’re my fetish. Dominating you and getting you off are my main desires,” he said softly, as Taylor remained silent, still feeling all the pleasure he gave her. She laughed lightly. “That works out perfectly for me, then,” she said softly, lifting his hand to her mouth and kissing it.

They spent the next couple minutes catching their breath. Finally, she smiled and kissed him before sitting up and headed to the bathroom. “I need a shower. I’m so sweaty and gross.” She glanced back at Tom who just shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry,” he apologized with a big grin on his face. Taylor smirked. “You’re not even a little bit sorry,” she told him before turning back to the bathroom.

Tom laughed and laid back down on her bed. Suddenly he heard her shouting. “Shit Tom what the hell?” Tom jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. “What’s wrong? What’s happening?” He looked her over, worried and confused. She turned around and lifted her neck. A bunch of hickeys were blooming on her skin, from her neck, all the way down to her breasts and stomach.

“How in the world am I going to cover all these up?” She complained, turning to the left and to the right, trying to see them all. Tom snorted. “I’m sorry, love, it’s just…I must have gotten carried away. But..” He started to say, then stopped.

“What? What is it?” Taylor asked, annoyed. “I wouldn’t look at your thighs or legs either, if I were you,” he said, laughing. Taylor looked down then back up, her mouth open in horror before smacking him lightly. “Tom! What the hell? I’ll have to dress like an Amish person or something!” Tom grabbed her flailing arms and pulled her into him. “Well, since you’re already covered in bruises–shall I join you in the shower and add some more?”

Taylor’s frustrated frown melted into a smile and she kissed him. He slid his arms around her waist and pressed himself into her–she could feel that he was ready to go again. She pulled back and shrugged. “You might as well,” she said, her eyes glittering with lust. She walked over and turned the shower on, the water hot and steamy. “Like I said,” she smirked, walking back over to him, “I could have sex with you forever.”

Tom smiled and kissed her before slowly walking her backwards into the shower. “Let’s try it,” he suggested, before pressing her up against the shower door. Taylor sighed happily and pulled him in tighter.