experiment number one

Wait, okay, but did I ever tell you guys that when I went and saw Groundhog Day in New York during the summer, the truck with Phil and the two hillbilly/redneck characters completely fell apart during the end of the police chase scene/song?? Like split down the middle where Andy (the actor who plays Phil) was sitting and he grabbed the top by one hand and was holding the whole thing together?

And then the two actors playing the police officers walked up and were like “sir get out of the car” or “put your hands in the air” or something like that and Andy completely just started ad-libbing “I can’t. Hey do you fellas happen to have a wrench” and the entire audience is just in tears. And you can tell that all the actors are trying not to laugh and break character, but they manage to get out of the broken prop truck without destroying it and just as the police officers are hauling Andy/Phil offstage he turns around and yells “sorry about the car guys” and walks off cackling.

Waves of People you follow when you get into a fandom

wave 1: the seed. you probably already followed and/or followed someone who followed this person before you got into the fandom, they most likely post about a variety of things, and you noticed they post stuff for your new interest.

wave 2: incorrect quotes people. meme people. the most popular silly comic artitsts/fluffy writers. You might keep following these people later, it depends on how seriously you treat your interest.

wave 3: Discourse. Discourse everywhere. Why are we arguing about this. You will unfollow most of these people later.

wave 4: The most prolific writers/artists. Not necessarily the most quality work, but they post often. You will probably keep following them unless you prefer an uncluttered dash.

wave 5: the squad you lurked on the edge of but never quite joined. Something always felt off about it. You wanted to but they were a bit to immature for your taste, and you were too scared to strike up a conversation.

wave 6: the star squad. All the best content creators for a fandom. Often interconnected, though sometimes the only thing they have in common is good content. If you create content you might talk to them some times. If you create decent content you might find yourself chatting with them more and more.

other waves:

The creator wave: you follow all accounts run by the creators. You usually forget you followed these because they post sporadically at best.

The weird wave: you followed this person before you joined and never had much contact with them. They happened to get into the same thing as you independently, and you found that you were wanting to talk to them more and more.

The “oh fuck no” wave: You read this person’s fics and then followed them. You unfollowed them an hour later because they posted something personally abhorrent to you. Whether you keep reading their content or avoid out of spite is entirely dependent on what they posted.

The collections/recs/edit blog wave: end up either posting too often or not enough. It often seems like you get rec’ed a huge amount of content all at once (usually when you’re otherwise busy) but when you’re desperate for content the seemingly infinite well runs dry.

The dead wave: You read this person’s stuff and followed them, only to find you didn’t notice but they went inactive months/years ago. You will keep following them just in case.

The newbie wave: New rising stars join after you’re well established. If they turn out to be actually good, you follow them. If not, you just suffer through the rest of the fandom’s obsession.

The “oh, shit” wave: You have heard of this person. this person may even follow you, but you never followed them and you don’t know why. correction: you didn’t follow back immediately, and now you’re scared to for whatever reason.

The “on again, off again” wave: if one of the star squad is also heavily into discourse, you might have this wave. It may have been once, it may have been many times, but you had a moment of doubting whether their content was worth the discourse. You still aren’t sure, for now, your cursor hesitates over the follow/unfollow button.


Alright gang, I have been on tumblr a LONG time (six years) and as a newbie to the Voltron fandom I have read quite a few posts about ship wars and ‘paedophilia’ claims. Sadly, this is not new, happens in many a fandom. Here is a handy guide on how to avoid the haters (and not be a hater yourself).

Writing this up because I am a veteran tumblr user, if you will. And I know that some of the youngins might appreciate the advice.

How to have a good Tumblr time!

Number one: Use your blacklists. I cannot stress this enough. One particular person crapping all over your ship? Blacklist their name. You don’t like a particular ship, BLACKLIST IT. Keep your dash a happy place for you.

Number two: If people are crapping on your writing/artwork/creative posts, block them. Easy as that. If it’s anonymous, I’m pretty sure that you can also block that. If all else fails, turn off anon for a while. It doesn’t mean that the haters have won. It means that you’re taking care of yourself. Also, try not to take what they say personally. I know it’s hard but you are contributing to fandom and doing a great job of it! You make so many more people happy then people you piss off by writing/drawing/creative outlet-ing(?) your ship.

Number three: If you get an anonymous hate message on tumblr, IGNORE IT. People do it to get attention and I dunno why, it makes them feel better somehow??? I don’t know. Ignore it. Don’t answer. No point, won’t help you and it certainly won’t change their mind. It’s just going to get you worked up. Also you answering won’t mean that you can shut them down with your words. They don’t care. They just want to see you get riled up. Don’t give them the satisfaction. 

Number four: Remember that you are allowed to ship your ship. One, they are fictional so….yeah. And two, ship whatever makes you happy.

Number five: If all else fails, stay out of the tags. Keep your beautiful followers who make you happy and use your tumblr power to continue to draw/write/creative outlet to your heart’s content. No one has the right to make your tumblr experience a bad one.

Number six: SPREAD POSITIVITY. Get a hate message? Ignore it and write a post about how much you love your ship! Write a fic, draw some art, do other stuff or just lurk and reblog your ship! Whatever you need to. Kudos some fics, reblog some artwork. Spread love, not hate.

Remember kids, BLOCK everyone and IGNORE people who spread negativity. You don’t need that sort of crap in your life. Trust me, once I culled and blocked, life became so much better.

How to not be a hater in FOUR HANDY STEPS

Number one: Don’t be that person who tags your hate. Come on. We’re all human here. People have feelings. Feelings can be hurt. What do you gain from hurting people’s feelings. Really. Come on. Don’t like it? Don’t go into the tags. Don’t tag your negative posts about another ship. Keep it in your own ship tag if need be (if you’re comparing but even then…no need).

Number two: Just because you have an opinion that X ship is crap because of whatever reason, it doesn’t mean that you have to state your opinion. Freedom of speech is a thing (in America, I dunno I’m not from there) but it doesn’t make you immune from people calling you out on your crap. If you feel like you HAVE to put your opinion out there for whatever reason, again, don’t tag it. Saying ‘I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT, LOL WHATEVER’ does not make you cool.  

Number three: Here is a RADICAL NOTION. Wait for it. You can write about how much you love your ship….WITHOUT crapping all over another ship. I know. It’s crazy.

Number four: Don’t actively seek out people and hate on them. What are you? Five?

That’s all from me. Feel free to message me if you need. Just know that if it’s hate, I am not going to respond.

Sun in Taurus is a feminine fixed Earth element Sign symbolized by the bull. Taurus, being ruled by Venus, brings a Venus nature to the ego of a person born under the Taurus Sun.  Like the Bull it is symbolized by, The Taurus Sun identifies with being stable, steady, strong and reliable.  Being influenced by the nature of Venus; pleasure, happiness and comfort is often a prime focus of the actions taken in life.  Taking the steps to achieve comfort is prime focus in life. Taurus is all about value systems and the Taurus Sun will work for what it values.

The influence of the earth energy of Taurus on the ego makes for being very disciplined and determined in order to achieve stability.  The earth nature brings much practicality in life.  Taking the time moving through life in a comfortable and cautious way to promise security is vital.  Very little , if anything, is done impulsively to upset the important comfort zone.  Taurus brings with a need to make small calculated cuts; which aids in lettering things slowly fall into place. Discipline and the need for security work seamlessly to help achieve the Venusian need to secure pleasure and comfort.

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UTI Relief

So I have just gotten off of three rounds of different antibiotics for over a month trying to get rid of a most terrible UTI (I used to suffer with them constantly but now only go to the doctor for very serious cases like this) and figured I would make a holistic master post on how to cope and alieve pain for my future reference and for any other woman that is sensitive to them. 

This is what works in my experience:

  • The number one preventative and uti reliever that you can find at a healthstore is NOT cranberry powder. This can sometimes irritate the lining of the Urinary Tract. Instead try: D-Mannos Powder, a sugar that cleanses foreign particles from the tract, and Female oriented Probiotics which will boost the “good” warrior bacteria trying to fight off the infection even if you are using antibiotics. 
  • When in the throes of a UTI, mediation is a blessing. If you can visualize the pain as purely bodily sensations and breathe into that area; while you wait for a doctors appointment or pain reliever to kick in, you will be much more comfortable. 
  • As far as medication goes storebought AZO that includes the pain-reliever Phenazopyridine works to completely numb that area but will turn your pee bright orange. As much as medication companies would like to kid themselves, Antihistamines do little to nothing to relieve this type of pain.
  • A bit of bud can help this area just as it helps alive menstrual pains if you partake.
  • No Undies! Loose Pants! Always change clothes immediately after working out! These will keep that area well ventilated.
  • Heating pads or a heated blanket are wonderful.
  • White or Orange Calcite, Rose Quartz, even Moonstone or Hematite will help when placed on the area. I’m sure there are many other crystals you can use but these are my favorites.
  • Massage the lower abdomen gently
  • Do not drink Alcohol or Coffee, and herbal tea is best if you must have it.
  • Hair around the Vulva can help to prevent bacteria from entering, although this is not everyone’s preference, it is something to consider.
  • Breathe.
  • Eat good fiberous foods.
  • You will be alright. You are strong and still beautiful no matter how much pain you are in! 
Experiment One; Preface

Pairings: Dean Ambrose X OFC, Roman Reigns X OFC, Seth Rollins X OFC, Finn Bálor X OFC, and Baron Corbin X OFC
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1.8K
Warnings: Kidnapping, drugs, Big Brother type surveillance, swearing, talk of sex and forced pregnancy.

“Are the subjects contained, doctor?” Stephanie asked airily as she changed the channels on her security monitor. She looked at the different rooms as she clicked through them.

“They are properly dosed and isolated for the time being. When the injections become effective, we will proceed as planned.” The giant doctor, a former dentist as Stephanie understood, informed her the plan was well in motion. “These monsters will produce spawn as soon as you let them at each other. Are you sure that’s what you want ma'am?”

Stephanie looked at the brute through the semi darkness of the office. A desk lamp and the monitor the only sources of light, making the man before her look even more ghastly. Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her, but the doctor’s skin looked red.

“Go back to your office, Yankem. I’ll call you if one of our creatures needs medical attention.”

He didn’t say another word before he left. Stephanie’s eyes turned back to the cluster of live-feeds from the isolation rooms, newly modified to adjoin when the right sequence of commands were entered.

She watched as the subjects went about their usual routines. Rollins trying to seem casual, but looking for any way out of his room. Bálor pacing and spinning his toothbrush in his fingers. Reigns ripping pages out of book after book, looking absolutely ferocious. Corbin laying in bed and looking at the ceiling. And Ambrose doing push ups. Physical activity like that would mean he’d be the first to be affected by the drugs.

She switched to looking at the girls. She didn’t know them as well. For whatever reason, women with ‘abilities’ were better adept at hiding them, and therefore took longer to capture.

'Sneaky bitches,’ Stephanie thought as she looked at them. Two of them, Jess and Amy, had seemed interested in The Project, and she had easily lured them to the facility. Two, Regina and Marie, were tough cases. She had them arrested and took them from the jail in restraints. The last was a fight, and she gave a fake name. Queen Anne.

Just the memory of the girl’s wide brown eyes narrowing in menace as she gave the name made Stephanie angry. That was why Queen Anne’s king would be Roman Reigns. Under the haze of the drugs that super strong bastard might kill the little gardening imp. A green thumbed bitch. She wasn’t even that powerful. Where did she get off acting like a god?

As she watched the young woman on the screen, she saw Ambrose stand out of the corner of her eye. He sniffed the air, and looked right into the camera. Stephanie’s pulse quickened. She switched to his feed immediately. His eyes were dark, pupils blown wide. He was feeling the effect of his dose. But she didn’t want to join his room with his partner’s until he was ravenous.

Little Jess, with her enchanting voice, would suit the beast man. Ambrose was a level A changeling, he could change into any animal, but his preferred form was a dog. A huge snarling beast of a dog. Stephanie had sickly pondered whether he would turn when in his disoriented state, so Stephanie chose the voice weaver.

Voice weavers could enchant people’s emotions. If you didn’t know you were in the presence of one, you could be easily manipulated. Ambrose wouldn’t know what she was, and therefore there coupling would be suitable. Their children would make excellent double agents. Pets that could manipulate sentiment in a household or office seemed a dream.

The next to stir was Amy. Her looks surpassed all the other girls, and perhaps it was because she was a close contact danger. You had to get close to be shocked by the electric woman. Only skin to skin contact would do for her power to work with deadly consequences. Bálor, the invisible man, would be her match tonight.

Stephanie had worried at first, that Amy would be completely deterrent to any of the men. Then one day, during a punishment, Finn had a strange reaction. An inappropriate reaction to being whipped. So, seeing as Bálor was a bit of a pain slut, the two of them would figure it out.

An invisible electrocuter would make a fine assassin, and any child they had would be fucking gorgeous. She watched as Bálor paced around his room. He seemed to know something was happening. Stephanie could see his mind whirr like the toothbrush in his hand.

She switched the camera to the second hardest case, Rollins. The hyper intelligent man would have at least some awareness of what was happening. He already had to know his injection was different today. Usually, it was just used to suppress their powers, but Rollins would notice the slight different right away. He stared at the camera in the corner for a minute, the sweat gathering on his brow gave away his nerves.

Maybe Stephanie was wrong about Ambrose being the first affected. Seth looked about ready to break.

She looked at the command controls as she thought of Regina. The tall blonde with long legs, and a nasty habit of telling the future. Stephanie coupled them together because of their powers specifically. A hyper intelligent with future vision would be a blessing for the cause as long as the child was conditioned correctly.

Marie was moving now, putting her hand on the wall and no doubt seeing the shadow of Corbin moving behind it. With her full powers she could have seen straight through to Stephanie’s office. And that power would mix interestingly with Corbin’s. The man was nearly a giant, but his power was small. Well, seemingly small. To a certain point, he could manipulate odds. Flip a coin and he could make it land his way every time. Go to choose this door or that one, and he could push for an option. Pick a card, or… did he pick it for you?

It was dangerous to have him in the compound, but the injections kept his power at bay the same as it did to everyone. They were prisoners here, but tonight they were more than that. They were The Authority’s breeding experiment number one. And it was about to start.
There was a tension in the air. Ambrose could smell it. He wanted to transform into something with better defenses than a human. He knew he couldn’t 'go dog’ all the way, but maybe the snout and the claws would be enough. Just as he was considering that, a wave of heat came over his whole body. It nearly knocked him down.

He looked up at the camera. He knew she was watching. That bitch was always watching them. Maybe though, because this was clearly a different kind of night, she had the audio on for once.

“Hey, Steph, what the fuck did you do to me?” No answer came.
Roman continued to destroy the books as he felt the tension within himself growing. He knew what it felt like when primal feelings took hold. It happened when his super strength demanded to be used, but only one part of his body was growing. This was some bullshit. Make him horny as a fucking stag in a room by himself. What would these people do next?
'Who will they send in?’ Rollins thought as he sat against the wall. 'It won’t be Stephanie. No. It will be someone I don’t know. Someone I’m supposed to form a bond with. Breed with. Goddamit.’ His mind was going a mile a minute as usual, but it was stuck on the same thought going in a loop. When will it happen?

Not 'if it will happen’, this was done by design. He knew whatever was going to happen was going to happen tonight and hopefully soon.
Bálor was consumed by fire. His whole body burned with lust. Whatever they gave him had been settling in a while. He only knew a few minutes ago what it was doing. He had started to jerk off, but realized that wouldn’t be enough. God, he could jerk off a thousand times and it wouldn’t be enough, he needed a woman.

That’s what this was. They were either driving him crazy on purpose, or he was going to feel a loving touch for the first time in months.
Corbin didn’t know how, but he could feel her on the other side of the wall. He could feel a female presence right there. She could feel him too, he just knew it. Her heat seemed to be reaching through the wall, trying to get at him as badly as he wanted to get at her. And it was going to happen.

He would make it happen. He needed it to happen, or he was going to explode.
Jess held her chest. Her heart was racing. What was this? What did they do to her?
Anne was angry, so fucking angry they did this. Was this a new punishment? Make her sit in her soaking mess to shame her into obedience? It wouldn’t work.
Regina tried to see into the future over and over. If she tried to make this desire go away on her own, she wouldn’t be satisfied. Every time she tried to see how to fix it herself, it never worked. She was limited to a few minutes into the future with her powers suppressed like this. Then she saw what was going to happen.

The wall to her left would open, and there was a man on the other side. In another room. And he was handsome. And he was in the same kind of pain she was. “Fuck.”
Amy tried to breathe evenly. This would go away. This wasn’t forever. Just breathe. She reached down to her core and felt the heat rolling off her center. Just brushing her hand over her crotch was enough to light up her whole body from tip to toe. Her entire being ached for touch, but just hers wouldn’t be enough.
Marie could see his silhouette. He was tall and broad, and he was pressed to the wall like her. She had seen him before, but now it was urgent to contact him. She needed him, and from the look of him; he needed her.

She could see his pants straining from her side of the wall. He had the same drug, whatever it was, running through his veins. Maybe this was some kind of punishment. Maybe a reward. Maybe a new kind of experiment. Whatever it was, Marie needed to fuck, and this guy was it.

She banged on the wall. “Hey!”
“Time to start.” Stephanie said as she entered the commands for Corbin’s door to open. “Experiment one begins.”

‪TRANSLATION: “I encountered a minor inconvenience while trying to do the right thing, so won’t bother doing the right thing ever again."‬

sasuhinasno1fan  asked:

Not sure of you answered this already, but if one person is feeling down, how do the others cheer him up? Also, thanks for the reblog

you’re welcome! <3 also, hmmm, here’s my comfort headcanons:


  • keith cheers him up one of two ways, depending on what specific kinda “down” shiro is feeling. if it’s just a general but constant sadness/melancholy, shiro likes quiet comfort. keith will lay down and cuddle with him, press kisses to his forehead, synch their breathing. if it’s more of an on-edge, anxious, i-Need-to-be-doing-More kinda down, keith will spar with him. it’s a good distraction, plus it makes shiro feel like he’s doing something useful.
  • lance cheers shiro up mainly in two ways as well. honestly? just being his usual self bit a bit More (bigger smiles, louder singing, cheesier puns) helps shiro a lot most times. lance’s love, and humor, and sensitivity, and overflowing humanity makes shiro feel grounded. reminds him that he’s still shiro and not the champion. that he can joke around and laugh too, despite everything. the second way? massages. lance gives the Best massages, and they help shiro relax and release tons of built up tension.


  • shiro and keith have very similar methods for comforting the other when their down. quiet company and sparring are two methods good for distracting and comforting and eventually cheering up keith. keith takes a bit longer to be brought out of a Mood than shiro does though. back on earth, shiro’s go to method for comforting and cheering up keith was to pop in a star wars movie and eat ice cream, but they can’t really do that at the castle. rip.
  • in lance’s experience, the number one way to get keith to relax is to lay on him and play with his hair. shiro is a but too heavy to employ this particular method, but lance is just right. after keith is more mellow, lance will usually distract him with bad jokes and/or playful teasing. usually, the teasing will end with lance blowing a raspberry on keith’s tum which makes keith shriek and lance laugh and lance’s laugh is infectious tbh, so even though keith is now chasing him around with a pillow they’re both laughing and smiling. also.


  • lance has two modes when he’s down: extra clingy and needy or extra snippy and distant. no in-between really. for the first mode, as usual, cuddles and coddling are the best method to get lance to relax and feel better in general. for the second mode, keith has found that it’s easiest to draw out lance in a way that makes him feel like it’s on his own terms. “ah, well, looks like i’ll just have to beat your score on the simulator since you won’t be there to defend it…” “excuse me, pretty boy?” (just cause they’re madly in love doesn’t mean they don’t still have a healthy sense of competitiveness). once he’s out and about and distracted, it’s easy enough to cheer him up again tbh.
  • shiro knows one thing that cheers lance up is to talk about earth. especially his family. at the very start it’s more of a melancholy thing for the both of them, but it actually usually ends with something silly like “and then beni replaced ALL of neo’s hair gel with glue” or “when i was a cadet, there was a theory that iverson could smell Fear…” “…i believe it”. shiro is also not-so-secretly a big lame memelord like lance, so if lance isn’t like super down and is just a bit down, he’ll start a joke war with lance. everything from puns, to inside jokes, to memes, to seeing who can quote more of the princess bride before forgetting a line


  • honestly? the number one, hands down way, they all help each other cheer up and feel comforted is to just talk.
  • if any of them sense that the other(s) are down, they’ll just ask what’s wrong. if it’s a specific thing that’s bringing them down, they’ll explain. if it can be helped - even a little bit - by words of reassurance or simply by venting, they’re ALWAYS there for each other.
  • if it’s not something that can really be pinpointed or explained, well, see everything i’ve listed above.

★ mod lance ★

to new writers:

My roommate and I were just talking about this, so I apologize, but I am going to go ahead and give out some UNSOLICITED ADVICE.

New writers (or old writers or any writers, really, but especially the new ones):

Please know that every. single. writer. in the history of time and space has, at MORE than one point, sat back, thought about what they just wrote, stared at the screen for a long time, and said to themselves:

Dear god above, This. Is. Stupid. 

Sometimes it comes early on. You’re only a couple thousand words in and you’re like: Wait, what is this? This will never work. Gotta scrap this one. No good. No, sir. Maybe my next idea will be better. I’ll move on to that. Or, no, no I’m never going to be a writer. I’ll leave it for someone else. I’m done.

Sometimes it comes in the middle, when you realize that you ARE in the middle and suddenly your beginning is horrifically boring and your ending doesn’t matter and holy shit, this is terrible. 

And, sometimes, it’s right at the end. When you’re almost done and it’s 24k and you’ve been nonstop writing for THREE DAYS (or worse, six months) and your hands literally hurt - like stabbing pains up your arms hurt - and you suddenly realize that this ENTIRE fic is the worst thing to ever happen to literature. It’s too long and too jumpy and switches styles at random and that is three days of your life you’re never going to get back. You look at it and think- what am i doing right now? 

Also, more bad news, this moment might happen MORE THAN ONCE. Hell, it might even happen when you’ve already posted it and people seem to like it.

I don’t know why this happens. But, rest assured, every single fic or story or poem or song, you are going to have this moment. And it’s going to seem like this is a clarifying moment. Like the rest of the time you’ve been kidding yourself and THIS is when you can finally see the truth. That you are not a good writer and this is not a good story and this is a waste of time.

Here is my message to you: THIS MOMENT IS NOT TRUE. It is not some secret you’ve been keeping from yourself. It is not your moment of clarity. It is not a divine message from above that you are wasting your time. IT IS NOT TRUE.

Don’t let it beat you. Don’t stop writing. Don’t be afraid to write. Don’t be afraid to post. Push forward and write what you love and your. work. is. not. stupid

Your. Work. Is. Not. Stupid.

It’s just a moment. And fuck that moment.

Get out there and write.

Leading Up to the Kiss (Part Two)

Read Part One Here.

First and foremost, it was evident that the Victuuri relationship had been growing steadily since they met and episode four was a turning point for them. We don’t know what happened off-screen between the two. (Though many do speculate they already had sex.) But I’m going off what show has given us thus far to explain why the kiss in episode seven tied the relationship together with a pretty bow.

Let’s start connecting the pieces together –all the way from episode one in correlation to seven. 

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10 things you might not know about orgasms (but definitely should)

1. Many things can cause you to have an orgasm and a lot of them are not even related to sex. Examples are cuddling, horseback riding, medical examinations or showering. That doesn’t mean you’re dirty or a pervert. It simply means you’re a human being. 

2. They are not always like unicorns farting rainbows. Even if you experience 99 fantastic ones, number 100 might be disappointing - and that’s okay. Like with everything else in life, there are great and not-so-great ones. Don’t worry about that!  

3. Many people love chocolate - does that mean you’re a freak, wrong, broken or sick if you hate chocolate? Nope. It’s the same with orgasms. You may love them, hate them, don’t care about them at all…And that’s okay! 

4. If you experience orgasms as boring, uncomfortable, awkward, terrifying, gross or in any other way less than enjoyable, it’s perfectly okay to try to avoid having one in the first place (for example by avoiding sex or only having sex under certain circumstances etc.) 

5. If you relate to number 4 but you want to learn to enjoy them, that’s perfectly okay, too! The only thing that’s not okay is if somebody else tells you it needs to be “fixed”. 

6. Some people never ever have orgasms. If that’s you and it bothers you, it’s okay to talk to a doctor about it. They won’t think you’re prude or weird. However, if it doesn’t bother you, there’s no need to bother with a doctor visit. You can live a long, healthy, happy life without a single orgasm. 

7. If your partner makes you feel bad for the way you experience orgasms, talk to them. They may simply not be aware of that. However, if they continue to make you feel bad  break up with them. You deserve better. 

8. If your partner never has an orgasm or doesn’t enjoy them, don’t laugh about them, mock them, tell them you will “fix” them, get upset, feel personally offended or think they’re playing “hard to get”. You don’t want to be a disgusting piece of shit, right? 

9. Honesty is key in every aspect of relationships and if you’re in a sexual or sensual relationship, orgasms are an aspect worth talking about. You may be surprised by your partners thoughts! 

10. Your gender identity and sexual orientation may play a part in how you feel about orgasms or it may be completely unrelated. Don’t feel pressured into a certain stereotype and don’t assume anything about someone else based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. 

on Bitty's role as queer representation

Okay, hi. Chatting Check, Please! here, and I’m specifically concerning myself with recent criticisms that centre on the idea that Bitty is potentially an example of the “Gay BFF” trope, a character that is gay but never allowed to visibly be gay and therefore more serves the straight person’s gaze. I consider thinking critically about things we read incredibly important, but I firmly disagree with this idea.

Before we criticize Check, Please!, I feel it’s best to remember two things: first, that this webcomic is currently a work in progress, and second, the nature of Bitty’s character.

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