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Minhyun Angst Scenario

Author’s Note: Ok so 3 people asked for an angst scenario with Minhyun and I’ve been having the hardest time trying to thing of one to make it into a long writing, so I’m just going to make it into a bullet point scenario because Minhyun is literally so sweet I can’t think of having arguments with him,,, srry if this is bad bcuz im just gonna go on a whim without having to worry about grammar lol

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  • ok so we all know how sweet minhyun is so being in an angsty situation would be a rare occurrence 
  • but when these do happen, it would usually be something really serious;; the relationship not working out, lack of understanding each other n stuff
  • TW: hyperventilation ( its a sensitive topic for some people out there )
  • non-idol!au just to make things  a little more comfy & have different problems besides the relationship problems that can rise when dating an idol
  • if that sounded confusing im clarifying that minhyun is NOT an idol for this scenario
  • you & minhyun have been dating for a while and have even been living together 
  • but problems rise as you notice that minhyun has been acting strangely more distant
  • you know he didnt talk about his feelings alot unless you asked him, then he would always say if u asked
  • but recently whenever you asked him whats on his mind, he would tell you not to worry and would switch the convo topic to something else as if nothing happened
  • this went on for a couple days until you told him that he needed to really tell him what was going on with him because you were concerned that he was trying to solve some sort of conflict on his own or keeping a secret
  • you felt a pang in ur chest because he looked annoyed when you asked him to seriously talk
  • because of that look he had, you already felt like crying because you really didn’t know what to expect
  • it was really late at night and the two of you were sitting at the dinner table
  • the mood felt heavy and you were fidgeting a lot since you were so anxious
  • minhyun was sitting across the table from u, looking down at his hands that were folded together until he sighed and slowly turned his gaze up to look at you
  • you jumped when you saw him look at you and you kept fiddling with your  hands under the table
  • “y/n i need you to listen to me carefully. i’m just going to say my honest feelings.”
  • you felt your heart drop already and you tried to hold back ur tears, clenching your hands together, anticipating what he would say to you
  • “i think we should break up” he said slowly, trying to look you in the eye multiple times, but he fails to and looks down at his hands again
  • you start crying instantly and you try to suppress it by covering your mouth with your hand and bending over in your chair.
  • “im really sorry y/n” you hear, his voice breaking a little as he was also trying to hold back from crying
  • You rose your head up and looked at him with your red, teary eyes 
  • “Why?” the word that kept repeating in your head and the only word that you could say to him
  • he didn’t like the sight of you in pain and his fist clenched a little when you looked at him
  • “its… harsh, but… i just fell out of love, y/n. it isnt your fault. its just me.” he explained, finally looking you straight in the eyes
  • you couldnt believe what he was saying
  • fell out of love? if he fell out of love then wouldn’t be my fault? i dont understand. my head… it hurts so much. why is it hard to breath?” multiple thoughts were running through your head and you held your hand to your chest, clenching at your shirt
  • the words “why” couldnt stop running through your mind and your head started to lower slowly and your breathing was getting shorter and faster
  • Minhyun watched with worried eyes and got up from his chair and slowly inched closer to you with his arm raised a little to reach out to you
  • “Y/N? Are you okay?” he asked with worried eyes, crouching down in attempt to see your face
  • you were scared. you didnt know what was happening anymore. your mind went to dark places and you couldnt control your breathing. tears were rolling down your face, your eyes quickly moving in different directions, your chest quivering, and your teeth clenching.
  • you were clearly freaking out. you didnt know that something like this would do this to you
  • you clenched your eyes shut and started whimpering, hunching over to the point where your chest was touching your thighs 
  • minhyun saw how your breaths became short and frantic and he immediately stood in front of you to straighten your body so that you could breath easier
  • he grabbed your face with both of his hands and stared at you, “Y/n open your eyes. please” his voice sounded desperate and you could feel as his hands shook when he held your face
  • you slowly opened your eyes, seeing a blurry image of minhyun in front of you, the tears blocking your vision
  • he started wiping away your tears with his thumb, avoiding poking your eye out 
  • “please, y/n calm down. i dont want to see you like this” he said with a shaky voice, basically on the brink of crying as well. “take deep breaths with me” he said and started to create a slow, steady rhythym of breaths, not breaking eye contact with you
  • your breaths were still quick as you tried taking deep breaths, but minhyun started to rub your face with his hand, still keeping the steady breaths he started. 
  • you tried your best, but the words that minhyun said to you before this all happened kept replaying in your mind, causing you to go back to those same frantic breathing
  • minhyun’s face changed completely when you started to go back to that quick breathing and the tears that he tried so hard to fight back finally started to fall from his eyes
  • he obviously wanted to stay strong for you so that he could calm you down 
  • “y/n p-please…” he begged, his words being choked back
  • he bent down a little to hug so, your head resting on his shoulder as he softly held you in his arms, his hand placed upon the back of your head and the other under your arm, slowly petting your back
  • you were shocked at the sudden hug, but it surprisingly helped your breathing calm down and you slowly pulled your shaky arms to hug him back
  • your frantic breathing turned into sobbing and you rubbed your face into his shoulder
  • he was relieved that your quick breathing was reduced down to crying, but he still held you tightly in your arms, softly crying
  • minhyun was quick to recover from crying and he let go of you to face you
  • he smiled, his eyes red, looking at you, who was still crying, sniffling loudly, holding minhyun’s hand tightly
  • he reached over and grabbed a napkin that was on the table and started to dab at your face, drying the tears.
  • you looked at his handsome face as he wiped at yours which only made you cry more because the thought of him leaving you was too much to bear
  • he laughed a little when you started you cry more and got close to you to place a kiss on your forehead
  • “once you stop crying, then we can talk.” he said and grabbed another napkin because the first one was drenched from the tears he was drying before
  • you eventually calm down to where you were only sniffling and minhyun hands you a glass of water and drinks out of his own cup since he also cried
  • you both start talking about your relationship and minhyun explained to you why he fell out of love and you guys realize that most of those problems are things that could easily be fixed if you both worked together to make it better ( communication is key in a relationship ;) )
  • you end up avoiding an emotionally horrific breakup with minhyun, going to bed to prepare for the next day that will be filled with new efforts to keep the happy moments that started this whole relationship in the beginning 

The 10 gallon aquarium is one of the most common aquarium sizes. Its also usually what the beginner aquarist starts with. The 10 gallon poses its own set of challenges because it is such a small volume of water, but that does not mean it is not a viable tank to create a beautiful aquatic ecosystem.  This is a list of fairly hardy species that could live in a 10 gallon aquarium.  This list also includes some that you can make your own decisions as well about adding to your new aquarium. There are also some “biotope” ideas at the end of this guide to give some ideas.

Sources: Personal experience, 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species by Rachel O'Leary and Mark Denaro, and Anders247’s guide on Fishlore.com.

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Kwon Hyun Bin Talks About Support He Received From Other Trainees On “Produce 101 Season 2”

Kwon Hyun Bin, the model-turned-“Produce 101 Season 2” contestant from YGKPlus, talked about his experience on “Produce 101 Season 2” in a recent interview with News1.

During the interview, he was asked about his mindset while on the show. When asked if he had ever wanted to give up on the show, he said, “I didn’t ever want to give up, per se, but I did feel like I wanted to avoid the elimination rounds because I was scared. In the end, I think it’s a good thing that I was able to beat it.”

Kwon Hyun Bin, having been a model and not having received any formal training to become an idol, got a lot of help from the other contestants to pull him through. He said, “I can’t pick out just one person to thank; everyone supported me so much. I thought everyone would distance themselves from me when I was struggling, but I was thankful that they tried to make me laugh.”

The atmosphere on set, he explained, was always warm. “Although it is a competition, we didn’t think of it as one,” he said.

He also talked about the reason why he decided to go on the show despite already being a model. He said, “I love rapping so I hoped that I would have an opportunity. When ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ came along, I felt like I would never have an opportunity like that again. I was in the dance club briefly in high school, and I had a strong desire to sing and dance at the time. A great opportunity came along, so I wanted to take it.”

He exceeded his own expectations. Kwon Hyun Bin said, “I wrote that I thought I could place third on the show [at the beginning of the broadcast,] but that makes no sense. I hoped that I would get into the top half. But [while on the show,] I promised myself that I would dream big and worked hard thinking that I wanted to make the final 11.”

Unfortunately, he was eliminated when he came in 22nd place. He said, “I’m more than grateful for having come even this far. Of course, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about it, but I felt more like a weight had been lifted.”

Although he didn’t make it into the boy group Wanna One, he certainly made a lasting impression on viewers. Although he started as a model, he now has a diverse number of dreams. He is hoping to be perfect at both walking down the runway and also communicating with fans through music on stage.


i can’t believe i took the time to make this

anonymous asked:

hi! if you have time, would you please consider doing a teeny tiny linkspam on demisexuality? it would help me so, so much. your other linkspams have been so informative to me and i appreciate them so much!! thank you for everything you do either way!

Hi, anon!

Teeny tiny linkspam on demisexuality, you say?  Here we go!

Personal experiences and 101:

Flowchart explaining demisexuality

metapianycist on how they came to identify as both asexual and demisexual

Here’s a vlog by someone who identifies as asexual and demisexual

Why is demisexuality part of the asexual spectrum?

Notes about the term “asexual spectrum” by metapianycist

What It Means to Be Ace: Building community on shared experience by Jo (here on The Asexual Agenda)

Demisexuality as a concept is not “appropriative” of asexuality by Critique of Popular Reason

Many Ways to Be Between by Siggy

But isn’t that just “normal”?/defending demisexuality:

knightsplendid responds to the idea that demisexuality and grey-asexuality are “normal”

In Defense of Demisexuality by Olivia Davis

Rejection of Demisexuality Implies Rejection of Bisexual Monogamy by The Ace Theist

I want to limit your ability to communicate by swankivy

What happens if all demisexual people are wrong by slightlymetaphysical

Let’s get meta:

The development of gray asexuality and demisexuality as identity terms by Critique of Popular Reason

Visualizing demisexuality by me (here on The Asexual Agenda)

Categories are Complicated, or: What Tomatoes Have to Tell Us About Demisexuality by nextstepcake

Takada Kenta Talks About Positive Experience On "Produce 101 Season 2" And JBJ's Unexpected Popularity

Takada Kenta Talks About Positive Experience On “Produce 101 Season 2” And JBJ’s Unexpected Popularity

External image

Former “Produce 101 Season 2” trainee Takada Kenta took time to talk about his experience on the popular survival program as well as the unexpected popularity of JBJ.

When asked whether it was difficult and lonely to be on the show, especially as the only Japanese trainee, Takada Kenta responded in an unexpectedly positive manner and said, “Actually, people didn’t realize I was Japanese…

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do trans men have male privilege? i personally think they don't but I'd like to know your opinion. great blog btw :)!

Men who are oppressed in some way are still men. Any kind of oppression impacts their experience of manhood and diminishes their ability to oppress, because there will be people with privilege over them. However, all men still have, by virtue of being men, systemic power over people who are oppressed in all the same ways plus not being men.

Trans men are men. They have male privilege but are also faced with transphobia, which causes the way they’re privileged as men to be different to cis men. They’re still privileged over trans women, who face both transphobia and misogyny.

Another situation where this happens is disability. Men who are disabled experience male privilege in a very different way to abled men - they are often expected to overperform masculinity in order to be considered masculine at all. But they still have privilege over disabled women, who face ableism and misogyny at the same time.

Privilege is not super simple. There’s insulation from direct violence and there’s insulation from being deliberately targeted for violence and there’s insulation from being targeted by systemic violence. And then there are the real perks, like being favoured for employment, being considered more authoritative, etc.

All of this can vary in effectiveness for lots of different reasons, including the impact of other forms of oppression and the impact of being mistaken for a member of an oppressed group you’re not part of. 

Nevertheless, across the board, men, even oppressed men, are not oppressed as heavily as the women of the same oppression experience plus misogyny.

The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality by Julie Sondra Decker

Ladies and gentleman and variations thereupon, today we have something different for you, something special. A book review! Author Julie Sondra Decker and her publisher were lovely enough to send me a copy of The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality.

Should an asexual check out this book?

Yes! Many asexuals, or people who think they might be, often fumble for the words to describe themselves. I get a bunch of asks always asking do you think I’m asexual or how do I come out to my family, or the person I’m dating. This book covers it all. It is well put and very well organized. Even if you just get a copy to review when needed. There is an index so you can just keep it as a safety net without having to worry about memorizing the whole thing to be ready for any topic.

Should someone dating an asexual check out this book?

Yes! I’d be so thrilled if my significant other didn’t put me on the spot of with sometimes awkward questions. Plus, it would be an amazing way to say I might not understand now, but I support you and am very willing to learn.

Should an ally check out this book?

Yes! I might just be trying to imagine a better, more inclusive word here, but a lot of asexuals don’t feel included in LGBTA+ places because so often it’s just labeled LGBT and we worry that we will have to explain ourselves to groups that we already relate to. 

I honestly could not think of a better person to write this book and I’m so glad something like this exists. The book covers historical studies, and the differences between things you might not even realize should be separated. Decker’s skills as a writer also show when it comes to how well versed and organized this book is. 

The divided into sections: 

  1. Asexuality 101
  2. Asexual Experiences
  3. The Many Myths of Asexuality
  4. If You’re Asexual (Or think you might be)
  5. If Someone You Know is Asexual (Or might be)
  6. Other Resources

That doesn’t even dig into the gems hidden in each section so briefly I’m going to mentions things you might be surprised get covered.

  • Aromanticism
  • Polyamory
  • Asexual people of color
  • Non-Binary Identities
  • Where did the 1% number come from anyways?

So, should you get should this book? Yes!

It is now available as hard cover, e-book or audiobook today! 

Abuse Knows No Gender

I don’t feel like I’m at all qualified to talk about this, but it feels like there’s a lack of important discussion happening right now. I’ve checked high and low, but the only posts I see about what’s going on are the ones asking why no one is addressing this as a serious issue. So, I’ll try to supplement what I can to start a conversation about the abuse that transpired between Matthew Santoro and Nicole Arbour. (I’m not sure if this will be uncomfortable for some, but there’s going to be discussion of many forms of abuse under the cut, so please read with caution if you might be upset by it.)

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Blogger's worst experiences 101:

Madalas ka na ngang sabaw, puro nonsense yung napo-post mo, walang nag-tta sayo, para kang invisible sa dash kasi walang pumapansin sa mga kadramahan mo, nagiging inactive ka, halos puro reblog ka na lang, taga-like ka na lang ng post nila, walang nakaka-miss sayo at nakakalimutan ka ng mga nakausap mo.