Okay I’m making an experiment my hypothesis is that autistic people seem more hyperflexible than non autistic people so I’m gonna list a set of skills and if you’re autistic then say what skills you can do and if you’re not autistic then say what skills you can do from this list:

1: lick your nose
2: bend your thumb to touch your forearm
3: turn your tongue on its side (not rolled up like a tube literally turned on one side)
4: raise one eyebrow
5: raise one side of your upper lip
6: put your palms together and separate your fourth finger without separating your palms or other fingers
7: wiggle your ears
8: bend your arms further than the normal range

So I can do 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 (just) and 8 and I’m autistic (self dx with help from friends etc)

Also when people do it can you state whether you’re autistic or not please?

To clarify number 8 means your arm bends further back than most people’s and instead of being straight horizontally it bends from the elbow hang on I’ll link a pic 

That’s number 8

Normal range is having straight arms

A trick of tether dynamics: If you drop a metal ring down a straight chain loop, rather than falling straight off it’ll catch itself into a loop, because a travelling wave moves down the chain. The whiplash of the wave kicks the end of the chain upwards. The ring falls into the hole and gets stuck. Try it yourself!
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The Effect of Music, Prayer & Words on Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto:

Keeping in mind our bodies are 65% water.
You are what you tell yourself you are.
You are what you tell others they are.
Thoughts truly become things… choose good ones!