experiential stories

The Stories of the Haunted Mansion

Observable Story

The happy haunts want one of us to fill the Mansion’s thousandth vacancy, but we’re reluctant to die.

The Ghost Host holds an open house. He waits till the other ghosts are comfortable with us, and then leaves us to wander. Since we survive the experience, we’re encouraged to return when we’re less alive.

Experiential Story

We want to escape the Mansion unharmed, but the ghosts grow bolder the longer we stay.

First we interact with unseen ghosts. We’re cool, which makes them get comfortable…and visible…and numerous…and they keep getting closer to us! Finally, they enter our ride vehicle, and even follow us home! Ahahaha!

I wonder if the Suits would consider building attractions with original premises if they told Experiential Stories that were designed to manipulate us into buying stuff.

Off the top of my head, imagine a gargoyle orphanage. It’s an attraction that takes us through an old cathedral, which is scheduled for demolition, but it’s full of living, adorable gargoyles.

We enjoy the ride through the cathedral, and we’re charmed by the gargoyles, but at the end of the ride, the cathedral is demolished and the poor little gargoyles are left without a home!

Incidentally, if you wanna say goodbye to the cute little homeless critters, they’ll be waiting in the gift shop…

The Stories of Journey into Imagination

Observable Story

Figment wants to learn about imagination, but he needs an expert to teach him.

Dreamfinder collects anything that can spark the imagination. He creates Figment, who’s curious about the process. Dreamfinder teaches Figment and us how to connect aesthetics to create meaning.

Experiential Story

We want to learn about imagination, but we need an expert to teach us.

We are invited to watch creativity in action. We pass through aesthetic dreamscapes. As we go, the dreamscapes become less immersive–prioritizing screens and narration over sets and atmosphere–until we’re just flat-out observing someone else’s imagination. The end!

To be fair, we can experience our own creativity in the Imageworks, but it’s a separate attraction, optional, and upstairs.

The Stories of the Enchanted Tiki Room Parenthesis Under New Management End Parenthesis

Observable Story

Iago wants the Tiki Room to embrace the timeless aesthetics of mainstream pop culture from the 1980’s and early 90’s, but literally no one else wants that.

Iago commands the Tiki Birds to update the show. Everyone hates this so much that they explode Iago. Once he’s deposed, they update the show anyway because of [reasons], and they all live happily ever after. The end!

Experiential Story

We want to be entertained, but this version of the show isn’t designed for that.

We’re told that, instead of the original show, we want a jaded, witless update. Then we watch a jaded, witless update. The cast celebrates how jaded and witless the update is, and Iago threatens to shit on us as we leave. The end!