The kind of learning that sticks is the kind of learning that emerges after being submerged in headaches or heartaches or both. It is the kind of learning that happens in between drowning and refusing to sink, in between falling down and getting up, in between committing and correcting mistakes.

John Holcroft’s Satirical Illustrations Of Today’s Problems

John Holcroft is an illustrator based in England. Graduating in the 90s he started going freelance, working in acrylics on board. Since then he has reinvented himself many times. Currently he works digitally but emulates a screen print style, rather like 1950s poster ads. John has widened his repertoire in order to appeal to different markets such as publishing, editorial, advertising and design. His success is due to the various ways in which his style can be used whether it be for a child’s simplistic book illustration or a more edgy image to illustrate a more serious subject. 

For those who are familiar with his name, you will be aware of the cutting, satirical messages in his concepts, however this is just one side to his work.

Over the past 20 years John Holcroft has worked with some of the biggest names from all over the world: Financial Times, BBC, Reader’s Digest, Economist, New York Times,Informa, Experien to name a few. Holcroft lives and works in Yorkshire. 

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~ Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Walt Disney Animation’s 53rd film, Frozen! ~

Released in the US November 27, 2013

Thanks for sharing the laughs, cries, and moments when we couldn’t help but belt out a tune over this past year. It’s been quite the experience fangirling with the rest of you!

(Rape is horrible and scary and disgusting and never the victims fault. No one asks to get raped and I don’t want anyone to ever experiene that.)

I get it, it’s your body and your choice and no one should tell you what to wear, but you are gonna attract the wrong kinds of people with that.

I know this sentence is very hated on this website, but women should not wear revealing clothes, because it is something that could get them into horrible situations.

And yes, it is the rapist’s fault. But you still should be careful.

You still shouldn’t get drunk when you’re alone in a pub or in a club.

You still shouldn’t walk alone in the dangerous parts of the city.

You still should get home early before it’s dark.

And I get the sentence “teach not to rape instead of don’t get raped” but rapists are sick people and there will always be sick people and people who will blame you afterwards.

Don’t drink when you’re on your own, don’t wear revealing clothes, avoid dangerous places and get home early.

Do it for your own safety.

The SC is so fucked right now

What´s the situation now for the SC? Lets take a look. The three vet squads fighting the small titans are dead. Three squads of experiened, titan killing soldiers, in one strike. Thats a pretty big loss of combat power. Squad Hanji, another vet squad, is either dead or incapaciated. The 104th squad is stuck against the colossal titan, with limited battle supplies. Eren has proven ineffective and was kicked on top of the wall, and is likely unconscious. The colossal titan is slowly burning the inside of shiganshina down, and prepares to do the same with The recruits, horses, Levi and Erwin. Those are thus stuck between the bombardment of Zeke, his titans, and the colossal approching from behind. They have nowhere to run. The armored titan isnt dead either. It looks really fucking bad right now tbh.

What options are left?

1- Levi´s titan serum. It would turn any soldier into a mindless titan, presumably attacking both humans or shifters. His size, power and abilities are unknown. Not a reliable method, but used correctly it could defeat Zeke or his titans.

2- Reiner turning good. His soldier persona might take over for a while and he might attack the colossal. It´s unlikely that his titan would be any more effective than Eren on the ground, but he could definitely distract Bert.

3- The coordinate. Eren deus ex machinas all the enemys to oblivion?


SCANDAL; Beginning Their Tour For The World From The Capital Of Fine Arts

4-man girls band「SCANDAL」gathered about 1,500 in audience at Paris, France’s live hall「Le・Bataclan」on the 25th (26th as of Japan time), kicking off their first-ever world tour.

They revealed songs from the newest album「HELLO WORLD」, such as ,「Your song」and their debut tune,「DOLL」, and more, leading the audience to call out「Très Bien! (Very good!)」. Before their debut, the band has had the experiene of doing a live in Paris in year 2008. Vocalist’s HARUNA (26) said touchingly, 「We’ve finally met with everyone’s whose waited for us in Paris after 7 years. It’s been a wonderful night where we sang and danced with together.

Before their performance, they took memorial photos at the Arc de Triomph and Eiffel (Tower). They said,「Once again, we’ve fallen in love with Paris. Starting from here, we’re looking forward to meeting everyone that’s been waiting for us from around the world.

Captions (w/ translations, in order of photos) →

  • Before their very first world tour, SCANDAL stands in front of Paris’ Arc de Triomph for a memorial shot. (From left) TOMOMI, HARUNA, RINA, MAMI.

  • Before their very first world tour, SCANDAL stands in front of Paris’ Eiffel Tower for a memorial shot. (From left) TOMOMI, HARUNA, RINA, MAMI.

  • HARUNA, starting the world tour at Paris’ live hall

  • SCANDAL, starting the world tour at Paris’ live hall

Original article at Sponichi HERE, translations by fyscandalband. For SCANDAL’s world tour happenings in Paris, the tag is HERE.

Can Kid Icarus Uprising please acquire a Danganronpa-style fandom in which most people haven’t actually played it but read through the story via screenshots and stuff

Because the biggest thing keeping people from experiencing the amazing one-of-a-kind experiene that Uprising is is actually having to play it

140829 Key instagram update

bumkeyk:조로 첫공을 마쳤습니다 . 많은 분들 와주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다 . 일어나서 박수쳐주시고 같이 웃어주시고 같이 가동받아주셔서 하나가 된 느낌을 오늘 특히 여러번 받은거 같아요!얼른 조로로 다시만나길!


“I finished my first Zorro performance. I sincerely thank the many people who came. You stood up and clapped, laughed with me, and experiened it together with me, so I felt many times that we became one today! I hope I’ll meet you again as Zorro soon!”

Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net


One of my favorite experienes of my recent trip to London to see Hamlet, was the viewing of 3 of BC’s other theater performances. One must arrange to view them in advance. After The Dance is on film at the National Theater Archive and Hedda Gabler and Rhinoceros are on film at the V&A library Blythe House.

Molly and I decided to reserve viewing time for all 3 and were able to see them all on the same day. *thank you Molly for doing the heavy lifting for that one*

I have scant exerience of live theater and will not attempt to give skilled reviews. I believe Molly has that in mind - so be looking for her much better and in-depth real reviews - she took copious notes! I just sat back, watched and enjoyed. 

I enjoyed all of the performances, but Hedda Gabler was my favorite. All of the characters were complex, complicated and performed to perfection. BC had a supporting role for which he was nominated for an Olivier Award. After the Dance was funny and tragic. But more like watching a really good old Hollywood movie on TMC. BC had the lead role. Rhinoceros was a more avant garde production with metaphorical transformations of the population into literal beasts. BC had the lead role. 

If you are a big BC fan and get the chance, don’t miss getting to see him in other stage performances. You’ll be glad you did. It’s free and easy, just some paper work, selling of your soul - you know, the usual ;)

Thanks Jose Pimentel without his advice and motivation, I would have never trust myself to do what I did that February 28th 2011. He taught me to be brave and believe more in myself despite my emoness LOL! 

Thanks to OPFC for making this dream a REAL EXPERIENE that I will remember for the rest of my life!!!

Thanks to Paramore , Hayley Williams Jeremy Davisand Taylor York and the rest of the guys in the band and paracrew the self-titled life that I lead now.


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