experiencing withdrawals

libras are self sacrificial and they can be a very brooding sign. although they are socially well received, libras retain their privacy and tend to be remain closed off emotionally. when they are experiencing difficulty they may withdraw and refuse to share their pain. then they can become angry or resentful of others because they feel that people were not there for them when they needed them most. but not everyone is as psychologically receptive as libra 

Today I learned that when you date someone for long enough your brain develops a rhythm with this person and your schedule changes, as well as your physiology. That’s why when you break up it’s physiologically traumatizing, not just emotionally. Also, heart break has been studied in the brain and it shows similar pathways as cocaine addiction. Soo you are literally experiencing withdrawal from a person

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harry and #38? x

enjoy my dude xx


38. “I fell in love with my best friend”

Harry had started acting weird around you a couple of months ago. At first you thought nothing of it, even the best of friends needed their space sometimes, but he continued to distance himself from you. 

Your movie nights dwindled until they were no more, there was no spontaneous road trips, you only really ever saw him when you went out with the other boys. Even then, the air was thick between the two of you and you had no idea why. 

Saying that you missed his voice and overly loud laugh right in your ear was an understatement, it was like he was a drug you never wanted to give up and now  you were experiencing withdrawals. 

Having had enough of the lack of Harry in your life, you decided to make your way to the Halo Tower to confront him. You knocked on the door, tapping you foot impatiently as Calfreezy opened it. “Y/N, hey! Harrys in his room” Cal smiled at you and pulled you into a hug, “Thanks Cal” you mumbled as you made your way to Harry’s room.

Knocking on his door, you opened it carefully, slipping into his room quietly in case he was filming. “Haz?” you called for him, still standing in his doorway, causing him to turn around in his chair. “Y/N! I didn’t know you were coming over,” he seemed nervous, “you would’ve made up some excuse saying you were busy if you’d have known” you crossed your arms in front of your chest. “No-” “Harry, you would have. What’s wrong? What did I do?” you question sadly as you make your way to sit on his bed in front of him. 

He took a deep breath, as if he was preparing himself for something. “You didn’t do anything” he smiled softly at you, grabbing your hand in his like he used to. “What’s wrong then?” you question looking at his face, he was looking at your hands. “Nothing. I just realised” he sighed but didn’t continue. “Realised what?” “That I fell in love with my best friend” he concluded, slowly raising his eyes so he was looking at your face.

Smiling at him softly, you decided against words and leant forwards so your foreheads were touching and your hand was placed softly on his cheek. “Can I?” Harry whispered, casting his eyes downwards towards your lips that were millimetres apart. “Yeah” you whisper breathlessly, and that was all the confirmation that Harry needed to connect your lips for a long awaited kiss. 

1967. Some Muggleborn students get together after graduation to build an internet cafe in Hogsmeade. It quickly becomes extremely popular for students who are experiencing internet withdrawal or who want to catch up on their favorite shows. Surprisingly, it also gets a lot of business from purebloods and even from teachers who are curious about what all the fuss is about.

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You spoiled us by updating so frequently before that I'm now experiencing withdrawal syndrome. 😖 Why must your writing be so good??? Anyway, I'm just so excited for the next chapter! Hope that you feel better soon and that your trip goes well :)

Aww, thanks. ^ ^

(At least in Puerto Rico I can see a doctor, haha.)

I hate to be that astrological new age sap


As a Taurus, whose been raised by a Scorpio, whose loved a Scorpio, whose broken the heart of a Scorpio, whose heart was broken by a Scorpio, who has plenty of Scorpio friends and family, I know damn well how penetrative and insidious Scorpio poison is. Though I’m thankful I’ve learned how to turn those toxins into good energy. (preface, dear scorpios, this doesn’t apply to all of you LMAO.)

The thing about Scorpio poison, is that it’s so emotionally taxing. It will make you do things, even after everything seems it’s settled. It’s that friend who drains your life force. It’s knowing you’re completely over someone, but still remembering what it was like or what it could have been. It’s someone self-victimizing and enticing you to coddle them. It’s a snake behind irresistible doe eyes. It’s planted seeds of guilt. It’s sometimes like experiencing withdrawal, because Scorpios can have addictive personalities. 

Scorpios are fixed WATER signs who have a firm and almost LITERAL grasp on emotions. Emotions to Scorpios are not metaphysical, they are as factual as cutting your arm off, and this is their weapon.

How do I prepare myself for this? How do I find the antidote?

Accept how real it hurts. Remember your emotions are yours. Understand that even after you think you’re cured, phantom pains still exist and you will have moments, random pangs of that same pain from the smallest stimuli. Find strength in having survived a poisonous Scorpio. Accept that maybe, whatever change was spurred due to a Scorpio, is now a part of you, but know that, it doesn’t mean they are still part of you or that you are still part of them.

Overwatch Imagines Open

So I’ve been binging on a lot of Overwatch imagines as of recently and let’s just say I now out of content. So I thought, ‘hey, some people are probably experiencing the same withdrawal symptoms  problem, so why not contribute to help take some of the load off these busy bloggers?’ 

Overwatch is love, Overwatch is life help me 


Anyway, if any of you would like a s/o imagine drabble, please send a request and I will get to it as soon as I can. While I highly recommend it be SFW, I might be able to do slight NSFW without dying. But it never hurts to ask!

also might be able to do ship drabbles. maybe. not entirely sure yet. 

So, why don’t you make a contract with me?

Benzo update. I am officially now down to 6mg of Valium in the AM and 16mg in the PM. I am experiencing some withdrawal but I believe its aggregated by the anti-biotics I was on which are known in some people to create withdrawal like symptoms due them them hitting the same Gaba receptor in some way.

At this rate I should be done with my AM dose in 6 months to a year and a year+ for my evening dose, assuming I don’t have any major withdrawal during.

Woot. Doesn’t seem like much but I went from 10/20 to 6/16. For you benzo people, you know what I’m talking about.

Go me!


Due to the Robron drought, some of the more dedicated and addictive fans are experiencing RWS (Robron Withdrawal Symptoms).  In response to this emergency situation, a Robron Support Group was established to get fans through these difficult times.  You may want to consider joining if you are experiencing one or more of the following signs:
Confusion (Why is this happening? They are so great-Why do we have to wait for them to be together?)  
Irritability (Arguing with family and friends who tell you, “its just a soap”)
Sending Emmerdale writers/producers angry tweets (#endrobrondrought)
Sudden urges to watch past Robron scenes, pressing pause more than once Poor concentration
Visions of Aaron in his blue suit
Visions of Robert in his tight shirts and jeans
Social isolation due to constantly checking for Robron updates
Visions of Robert’s white & blue spot shirt
Seeing white and blue spots
Seeing blue and purple spots
Sweating every time you see a black leather jacket
Racing heart palpitations every time you see the colors blue, black and purple
Muscle tension
Wanting to violently smack Jimmy/Marlon/Sam/Laurel/Rachel for taking up Robron air time
Difficulty breathing        
Broken Heart attacks
Sudden burst of tears when you pass garages/farms/scrap yards/barns
Hallucinations (Hearing Robert say, “Yeah” and seeing Aaron biting his lip)

The first step is admitting you have a problem and then reply with your favorite Robron moments.  We can get through this together.