experiencing this was amazing

Okay, real talk for a second. These moments of unity in the geek community are rare and powerful. We took a long walk around campus tonight for Pokémon Go and met no fewer than 20 people all playing. We exchanged tips, we showed off our Pokemon, we shared our levels and what Pokemon we’d recently seen, and where. I know this will fade over the coming days and weeks as excitement wanes, but right now, we’re all on the same page. We’re experiencing the immediate kinship with strangers that makes the geek community so amazing. ❤️ Fucking amazing. Catch ‘em all, guys.

dgm 223 translators, scanlators?

hey, starbuds here!! we just want to scanlate dgm for fun, discuss possible english translations thoroughly, and have a good time! 

but i have finals and we’d love to have anyone and everyone interested working with us, so this is just a casual recruitment post for a very casual scan group! we’re working on dgm 223 rn, but I have so much hw to do by tomorrow, so I would  be very grateful to anyone interested in helping out with translations or cleaning!

please feel free to directly message me or @panthaleia or just reply to this message! i am very sleepy because it’s midnight rn where I am, so if I’m dead, I might have drifted off…

Pokemon Go? More like Pokemon G-OHHH GOD MY FEET.

Walked a total of 10 miles today and holy shit, almost every single person I encountered was playing. At one point an EMT driver and his partner parked their vehicle, walked out, and started playing with us, a group of like 15 other people at a pokestop.

This is probably one of the most amazing things Ive experienced.

How to Be a Good Partner to an Asexual Person

I am a quoisexual person in a relationship with someone who is pansexual. I don’t experience sexual attraction at the frequency or intensity as he does, nor do I want to have sex with him or anyone at this current time. He is an amazing person, but one thing I experienced with my last partner that I was concerned was that they did not respect my boundaries when it came to sex.

With my ex, when we talked about my asexuality, they would often say something to the effect of “Yeah I guess I could live without it but it’ll be really hard because of my family history” which is A) Bullshit and B) UNHEALTHY. This is emotional manipulation. If someone says something like this it means they are trying to make you feel bad and like you are to blame for their frustration. My ex CHOSE to be in a relationship with, knowing full well of my sexuality. He knew that I was uncomfortable with any kind of sexual contact, and yet he was blaming me for his choice to be in a relationship with someone on the asexual spectrum. If you aren’t out to your partner, I would highly highly suggest changing that. If you do not set boundaries, it will hurt you in the long run.

Now back to the title. If you’re still reading this, you still need to know how to be a good partner. Last night, my current boyfriend and I were talking about our sexualities and he said that he wouldn’t mind giving up sex if this made me happy. Hearing this meant the world to me. After coming out of a relationship where I didn’t feel respected, felt like I was to blame for someone else’s choice, and just overall not good, this was incredible. I had thought that as an ace spec person, I would have to conform to partner’s needs, but that’s not true.

In all honesty, you both need to give a little leeway. Not every sexual person should be expected to give up sex, and not every acespec person should be expected to have sex whenever their partner wants it. What needs to be done is prioritizing. As a sexual person, one has to think about “How important is sex to me in this relationship?” and if that answer is that you will need it regularly, express that to your partner. As the asexual partner, the question is “Would I be willing to have sex for my partner?” For me, this is tricky to answer because I’m quoisexual, and if you know that definition it means that I have never known if I’ve felt sexual attraction. I don’t know what it feels like and cannot differentiate it from romantic attraction. Anyway, as of this moment I would not be willing to have sex with my boyfriend. We’ve both been able to establish those answers to each other and make sure they line up. But, if you were someone who was hyper sexual and absolutely needed sex in a relationship, then it is your CHOICE to either not be in a relationship with someone who does not want sex, or if you do, they are not at fault for the decision YOU made.

Tl;dr- make sure you know you know how your partner feels about sex, and see if you would be willing to meet that. If you aren’t, respect how they feel and don’t use it against them.

Thanks for listening to my rant ❤


❤ First of all to all my followers: WOW. Thank you so much for following AND sticking around, for liking and sharing my silly posts, for laughing with and/or chatting with me, and generally making my fandom life so amazing! I love you all!!!! ❤

❤ My loves ❤ 

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I’m in love with the sunrises in Wyoming, in love with Montana sunsets, in love with the greener than green grass in South Dakota, in love with the cool blue lakes in South Carolina, and I have never been more in love with the mountains than here in Colorado and I just want to go to so many places and fall in love with so many things because there’s so much I never focus on because I am stuck in a place for people, school, and work and I wish that things were different and that the reasons I stayed behind were the reasons that pushed me to go and it’s frustrating beyond belief because out of my whole simple life the one thing I know I can always count on to keep my beliefs and to keep me alive is the beauty in this world.


If you haven’t ever gone to Camp Bisco, what the fuck are you doing with your life man?

Never have I ever experienced happiness of this magnitude. I am so grateful for such an amazing opportunity to bond with new souls and create a new family under the sky in the mountains of PA.

Camp Bisco 2017, you better be fucking ready for me ♡

“I taught him well.”

I’m not just falling in love with you. I’m falling into you. You’re an ocean, and I’m falling in, drowning in the depths of who you are. Like you said, it’s scary in a way, but it’s also the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. You are the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.
—  Jasinda Wilder, Falling Into You

Okay so just a little positivity for today, because God knows I’m due for some after this week!
(Lol it’s only Wednesday frickity frack)

BUT my stomach is healing up nicely and is in minimal pain which means my doctor no longer thinks I don’t have Crohn’s disease it was just unlucky timing of ovarian cysts and an infection in my intestines

So my big news is this dinner I know it looks pretty lame but the important thing is the lack of pills!!! This is the least amount I’ve had to take in ages and three of them are just a vitamins and fish oil to deal with my deficiencies. It’s nice to be feeling a bit more like a normal person.

Hope everyone is having an amazing day and experiencing some positivity 😘💕🎉

anonymous asked:

Have you ever nutted hands-free while being fucked? If so, care to share the experience?

I have but only three times, the first time was with this white guy I was 17 or 18 and I had already a few notches under my belt but this guy was the biggest! He was in his late 20’s or early 30’s, 6'4 and a 10 inch dick. He drove a PT cruiser and we did it inside of his car, in front of my parents house🙈🙊 .. I was so scared of the dick lol but he was a gentleman, made me get on top of him and he slid it inside of me, it was painful for a few but once he started thrusting it was beyond amazing! I’d never experienced anything like this, i can’t describe the feeling but it was sensational 💦👅 and before I knew it, with out putting a hand on my dick I busted all over the back of his front passenger seat while he nutted all over my insides.

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I figured out I was ace a little under a year ago, a couple months after getting a tumblr, a few weeks after learning what asexuality was. The first few months of self discovery felt amazing, I only experienced positivity from those I came out to and on here. But the discourse has really been getting to me lately. Stressing me out, making me tired. I can't even block it - I have to use mobile. I never expected so much hate. I just have trouble processing it, and I'm more afraid to come out.

Block all the drama. Search for positivity-exclusive areas. The drama is smaller than you think, and eventually you’ll grow to get used to it. Trust me.

- Fae

hellosammu  asked:

I know you've gotten several of these, but I wanted to drop mine in as well! I started reading Homestuck April 7th, 2016, and finished May 21st, 2016. It was a wild ride, but I loved it. That being said, I never experienced an update for myself! Your team's amazing comic has allowed me to have the anticipation of waiting for an update to come out, and I give you all of my thanks for it. It's a very well put together comic, with very good character + set understanding. Keep up the great work!! <3

I don’t think we’ll ever get sick of reading this kind of message, hellosammu :o) I’m so glad you’re enjoying Act 8, thanks for joining us on this wild ride!

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The more I read about astrology, the more I hate abt myself. I've seen the chart of many celebrities and the people around me just so I could relate to them, but it only make me envious and feeling worse. I have a pisces pack(sun/mercury/mars/jupiter) wit cancer rising. I always try to read positive astrolocherry post, but all those good traits she mentions abt pisces are so out of this world, like they don't complement with the reality of this world at all. Sorry I just want to vent 😔

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac so it’s definitely otherworldly, they have the closest connection with the divine and there can definitely be reality problems at times, but you’re on earth for a reason and experiencing ~reality~ for a reason. Pisces is an amazing sign, I’m sure if you keep learning even more you’ll begin to love your chart


I gotta rethink how to pronounce my name, thanks Bri. Here’s for my embarrassing appearance on ASC (insta sucks cause there’s more but it’s alright) where Brian was savage and decided to make me call him Oppa (which I highly dislike BUT boy you answered my question about your stage name so I think we are fair with the salty requests for each other.
I AM NOT CALM ABOUT THIS YET. Talking, live, with one of your hightly important biases is the most amazing thing I’ve experienced until now. @day6kilogram #brian #youngk #day6 #day6_asc #iconicmomentofmylife

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First Love

The beginning and first time of experiencing love is amazing. You see, when you’re new to something you don’t yet know the limit and so, you go into it with your everything until you discover the limit. It’s a heartbreaking dream shaking bittersweet thing, it is.

“Being a single mother has been a great challenge for me as I was divorced at a young age. God blessed me with four beautiful children. Growing up, I’ve never experienced what it was like to be a single parent since two amazing parents raised me. I believe that if I stayed in that hapless situation, it would have cost me my life so after years of hardship and bearing patience, I decided to get out. I put my trust in God and prayed day and night that He would bring ease to my heart and help me along this battle. At times I didn’t believe in myself, I thought my children deserved better and wanted to be better for them but because of my pain, I was unable to do much. I realised, that although I was working before my divorce; I had to go back to school for the sake of my kids. I enrolled full time and started working more hours which meant that I had to be away from my children for hours’ end. Every time I came home late; I used to cry to myself about how much I missed them. I cried at the thought of how one could abandon his children without ever looking back. Every day, I hear stories of how women keep the fathers away from their children while I’m begging and asking God for the opposite. Today, I’m happy and content with my life because after every hardship; there is a relief. My children see me as the best mother in the world and never fail to tell me how much they love me. Although at times I feel like I don’t deserve it but I pray to God that He makes me a better mother for them. I’ve now graduated from South Seattle College, and I’m currently pursuing my teaching degree. I feel like my life is back on track and with more energy than ever. I make sure I channel it in the right direction. I’m currently the head of several organisations that help East African youth with educational skills and give dawah to non-Muslims. I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be the woman I am now if I didn’t go through that difficult trial. God does not burden a soul beyond that which it can bear.“

(Seattle, United States)

"In aan noqdo hal waalid la nool caruurteeda waxay igu ahayd mid aad igu adag noloshayda anigu, waxay igu timid xili da’daydu aad u yareyd. Laakiin ilaahay wuxuu igu deeqay afar caruur oo aad u quruxbadan. Runtii aniga waxaa i koriyey laba waalid hadana ma qiyaasi karayn nolosha ah in aan noqdo hooyo keligeed korsata caruurteeda oo aabbaha ka maqan. Waxaan aaminsanahay hadii aan kusii jiri lahaa xaaladdaydii hore oo ahaa mid ku dhisneyd rajo xumo in ay igu keeni lahayd dhibaato intaas ka badan. Laakiin sanaddo badan oo guur adag aha isla markaana aan u dulqaatay ayaan ugu dambeyn go’aansaday in aan ka baxo noloshaas. Waxaan markiiba aaminay oo tallo saartay Ilaahay, waxa har iyo habeen Ilaahay ka tuugay in inuu igu garab galo sidii aan uga bixi laha dhibka I haystay. Xiligaas maan aaminsanayn naftayda, waxaa hadana ka fekeri jiray in caruurtaydu u qalmaan wanaag waxaanan raadin jiray wixii iyaga u dan ah horumarkooda ah. Waana taas sababta igu ahayd murugada. Maan awoodi karayn in aan waxbadan qabto, taas waan xaqiiqsaday inkastoo aan shaqaynayey ka hor intii aan kala tegin caruurtayda aabbaahood, hadana waxaan go’aansaday in aan ku noqdo waxbarashadii. Danta caruurtayda ayaan u sameenayey. Waxaan bilaabay Iskuul, sidoo kale waxaan bilaabay in aan shaqeeyo saacado badan taas macnaheedu waa ugu danbayntii in aan ka maqnaado caruurtaydii wakhti dheer oo marna waxbarasho ku jiro marna shaqo kasoo shaqeeyo. Markasta aan gurigayga kusoo noqdo wakhti dambe, waxaa igu dhici jiray in aan keligay iska ooyo sababto ah waxaan ka murugoon jiray sida aanan ugu heli wakhti aan caruurtayda la qaato. Waan ooyey waxaan ka murugoon jiray sidee u dhici karta in qof caruurtiisa cidla kaga dhaqaaqo isagoon diba usoo eegin noloshooda iyo xaalada ay ku jiraan. Maalinkasta waxaa maqlaa dhacdooyin ah sida ay haweenku uga ilaaliyaan ragga ay kala tagaan in ay caruurtooda arkaan ama ka warqabaan laakiin aniguna waxaan Ilaahay waydiisan jiray taas mid aad uga duwan oo ah in uu mar uun caruurtiisa ka warqabo ogaado xaaladooda iyo waayaha ay ku jiraan. Maanta, anigu waan ku faraxsanahay noloshayda ayaan lasoo halgamay sababto ah wakhtiyo adag kadib waxaa jirta wanaag iyo xili aad ka nafisto dhibka kusoo maray. Caruurtaydu markasta waxay ii arkaan in aan ahay hooyada ugu wacan adduunka. Waligood way ii xasuusiyaan jacaylka ii hayaan markasta. Inkasto wakhtiyada qarkood aan dareemi jiray in aanan u qalmin nolosha sidan oo kale ah, hadana waxaan ilaahay markasta ka beryi jiray inuu iga dhigo hooyo wacan oo u wacan caruuteeda. Waxaan dhawaan dhamaystay waxbarashadii anigoo ka qalinjabiyey  College Koonfurta Seattle, waxaan hada baranaya shahaadada macalinimo oo ah derejada digriiga. Waxaan dareemaya inay noloshaydu hada ku socoto jidkii aan rabay waxaan haysta karti iyo fikrado aanan waligay hore u helin. Waxaan hubinayaa in aan dedaalkaas jidka saxa ah ku marro. Maanta waxaan madax u ahay dhawr hay’adood ka shaqeeeiya caawinta dhalinyaradda asalkoodu kasoo jeedo Bariga Qaaradda Afrika, waxaanu ka caawinaa dhanka waxbarashada iyo is dhexgalka kuwa aan muslimka ahayn. Runtii waxaan aaminsahay hadii aanan soo mari lahayn noloshi adkeyd isoo martay, in aanan maanta noqdeen haweenayda aan ahay maanta. Kuma mashaqeeyo Eebe naf waxay awoodo mooye.”

(Seattle, Maraykanka)

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I just wanted to let you know that I found your fics recently and I fell in love with your storytelling. Your characters are so well-developed and beautiful, damaged and real. It's a thrill to watch them grow through your work. I am amazed that you have experienced so much negativity from the fandom. It's completely unwarranted. Never stop doing what you do. There are, I believe, more people like me than assholes who spread nastiness. Thank you for sharing your talent. You are a blessing.

Aaaw - thank you so much anon! ^_^ Thankfully I haven’t had any silliness for a while now! I’m hoping it stays that way. But oh gosh, thank you for taking the time to send this to me - it really brightened my day. And it means a lot to me that you enjoy my stories and my characters. Wow. *hugs* I wish i could give you a real hug or bake you come chocolate crackles with sour candies in them (trust me, they’re amazing - and I make them amazingly!). Thank you for the warm fuzzies!

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