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okay but…james rhodes’ mad scientist aesthetic. the kid went to MIT to study aviation engineering, he is a little nerd, okay. so like. imagine mit era rhodey and tony renting out a lab space in school to share for the school year (other science/engineering students are like “???are they allowed to do that???” and honestly the professors don’t know but they’re pretty sure howard stark came and made the dean cry when he tried to tell them no so they’re just letting it happen.)

everyone expects Tony’s half of the lab to be messy and for him to always have something slightly on fire.

what they don’t expect is rhodey’s fucking catastrophe of a work station. there are spare piece of metal everywhere, empty coffee cups, old to-go boxes. his computer is missing its back panel because he cannibalized it for parts. he once fell asleep there with goggles on and had an indent on his forehead for days. There was an Incident That We Don’t Talk About™, that left his neck and chest GREEN. (D O N O T A S K W H Y H E I S L E G A L L Y N O T A L L O W E D T O S A Y) He’s not quite covered in oil or grease, but his dark circles are in a league of their own, and his hands and arms are permanently littered with bruised and cuts and burns from building prototypes, and experiments gone wrong. Just, James Rhodes’ being a scientist.

Linguists as parents

Partee 2010: In fact, in the literature on prototype theory, one can observe that many of the reported experiments on judgments of prototypicality are carried out with pictures of objects rather than actual objects, but all of the language of the experiments and of the discussion of the experiments refers to the corresponding objects, not to pictures of objects. And normally we don’t even notice; starting with our children and their picture books, we say things like,  “Where’s the doggy? There’s the doggy!” Presumably no normal parent would say “Where’s the picture of the doggy? There’s the picture of the doggy!”

Linguist parent: *reading* … Hm! Interesting fact!

Linguist parent: *two hours later with own child* Where’s the picture of the doggy? *waiting axious the answer of the child*

The Hand Unit

William Afton was the co-owner of Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria back in the day, and was a big influence to the Boss to re-open the place with new animatronics that he would built.

In the middle of the 90′s, William met a staff of the FFP called Hans, he was younger than him. They get along pretty well.

Though all the confusion and transicion to clean the reputation of the franquice and make a new building along with animatronics, Hans were always helping William with anything he needed, this slowly turn into a friendship that grow up along the years, unti eventually.

It turn in a romance.

William was married with a woman, but he didn’t love her more than a friend. He always felt attraction to boys, but that was unacceptable in the time he grow up, so he always manage to hide it, until his parents began to force him to get a girl, get married and have childrens. William ended up getting married with his best friend, who never show any attraction to the boys or girls in her life and her parents were forcing her to get a family. Both marry each other and decided to have kids, but never feeling any romantic attraction to the other.

The romance between Boss and Worker wasn’t a problem to William’s marriage, but they had to keep it as a secret, the word wasn’t a safe place for them back there.

Hans was part of William’s life and family, he met all his kids, they were used to see him around as a friend of his father. On 2003, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria make his re-opening, being a success with the new Toy Animatronics. The Boss was so happy by this that decided to give Afton the chance of make his own “spin off” pizzeria based on FFP, William took the chance and began to built Circus Baby’s Pizza world, attraction that was ready on 2005. Hans was transfered to work in the Circus.

The whole Circus had a lot of mechanism that were really advanced in that time, along with the animatronics. There was a room called “The Scooping Room” that clean the animatronic’s insides after a day of work, breaking it to clean evey cheese or dirt that could enter inside their systems. The mechanism was safe for the animatronics.

But it was dangerous of the workers. One day, Hans enter to the Scooping Room to check no animatronic part were there, he enter a few minutes before the room activate. He was “scooped” and died.

Nobody expected this, not even William, who was in shock by the scene.

The love of his life died in the pizzeria he built, he felt guilty, he felt sad, broken… but before the bad feelings took control over his actions, he felt something touching his back…

A screen of the Circus took one of the wires that connect it and touch the owner of the pizzeria.

Hans’s spirit was transfered to the security system that William was making for the Circus, the quick and surprising death of the technician make his soul take control of a mechanic being.

Hans was alive inside the Hand Unit system, William could transfer his data to another body and have his lover with him again. But an AI and a human soul were different things, what if a normal animatronic wouldn’t accept his soul? what if his soul were erased when he tried to bring him back? William Afton had to experiment first… create prototypes, design different models, experiment with human souls.

He had to create a kidnapping system to his animatronics to get childrens, he had to torture childrens in order to imitate the Scooping Death, he had to get a human soul and experiment with robots and prototypes, he had to kill innocent people in order to give the Hand Unit a body.

He had to turn into a killer


My Won, My All - Photocard Prototypes!

Hello guys! As you may know, we @fyjeonwonwoo are holding a project dedicated to Wonwoo for his 21st birthday! The link is in the title above in case you want to check it out.

These are the potential PCs donors will receive in each set, all transparent. Each donor will receive two (2) random PCs within each set, which means that PCs are not limited to any type of set.

An example:

Donor One chooses Set A: randomly gets two (2) PCs from top image;
Donor Two also chooses Set A: randomly gets one (1) PC from top image and one (1) PC from bottom image.

What we want to achieve from this is a possibility for people to mix and match PCs with each other to provide a fun experience!

These PCs are prototypes, as they will be polished as soon as we complete the designs, but you can expect an identical look when they’re finished.

On behalf of the @fyjeonwonwoo team, we thank you for your contribution towards this project. Let’s make 2017′s year a good one for Wonwoo. ♡

Mikunology Files 1: Premise

So I guess I better start this, huh? My post did get a decent amount of likes and I dunno if everyone really wants me to do this or not but might as well and I need to keep track of this anyway @ask-vocal-android, @ask-model-cv02 and @incorrectvocalandroidquotes do have a sort of “shared universe” or something like that. I’ve actually had this little universe in mind for a WHILE now, and I’ve tried to make it as a fanfiction, but I’ve had to restart that fanfiction about 3 times because of negative reception (which made me wonder if I should be doing this at all). But I’ve kept working on it quietly, and I guess I should explain what it’s all about at least for the sake of letting people know what I’m actually talking about sometimes when I refer to things inside this verse.

I simply call it the “Vocal Android Verse”, and I am now declaring that this is (obviously) NOT CANON IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, NOR WOULD I EVER SAY THIS IS. I know for a fact tons of people in this fandom mistake stuff for canon when it isn’t, and I don’t want anyone doing it with my own stuff. All of this is, in a word, headcanons, and the headcanons I go off of when I make things regarding Vocaloid.

Now, let’s get started, I guess. If you wanna keep reading, go under the cut. But be warned: there’s A LOT OF READING.

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Fallout 4 Headcannon #11 Nick Valentine wounds & Lab fears

Nick Valentine psychology

*Many spoilers ahead for vanilla game & Far Harbor*

Cut for length as this is a long one but I like to keep note of theories and headcanons like this one for reference in future fics I write.  It helps me to understand the character(s) better and to decide on what choices they would make in given circumstances and situations.

Nick’s wounds & fear of laboratories.

One thing that has always tugged my heart strings with Nick is his determination to keep moving forwards despite what life throws at him.  He talks very little about himself and his own problems (usually) but despite having a very strong personality and appears practically un-breakable in spirit there are many deep and sensitive wounds in this guy’s past.

Talking to Nick he uses lines such as;

‘I wouldn’t normally bother you with this but I feel like I can trust you at this point.’
‘Some of our prior conversations to the contrary I’m not usually one for long sob stories.’

This guy is anything but an open book and for those who want to know him better they need to rely heavily on time and experience, picking up on small details and choosing their moments to ask questions carefully.

‘Are you okay?’
‘Do I look okay to you!?’

We receive an apology very quickly after this outburst but it doesn’t change the fact that he snapped at (depending how you are playing) possibly his closest friend and confidante.  

Why?  Because he is frightened.  He is scared and is likely nursing a wound that is still tender even after 100 years.

We learn early on that he was some sort of prototype experiment and kept isolated.  We now know from DiMA what exactly they were prototypes for and the kinds of experiments they were subjected to;

‘I watched you wake up not knowing who or what you were so many times.’

This sounds horrible on a normal level but with Nick it goes an extra step.  The last memory that synth Nick could possibly have of the original Nick Valentine is of the man going to the C.I.T building to have his brain scanned.

Still in the C.I.T area for Nick to wake up he likely will have defaulted on that last memory – a human man going in for something he’d been hoping might help him overcome some of the horrors in his recent life only to wake up strapped down to a bed with these scientists pulling bits of wire and metal out of his head and body.

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Untethered and unguided: Our first deep look at HoloLens

After a year of suspense, carefully controlled experiences with prototypes and a strict no-pictures policy, Microsoft​ is finally letting its prized hologram-generating machine operate in civilian hands. And according to Senior Editor Mona Lalwani, “the freedom to walk and interact with objects and menus floating right in front of you – while you’re still grounded in reality – is a whole other kind of immersive reality." 


Project Tango

Google unveils next-generation smartphone device featuring motion and depth sensors. This is really exciting as it offers computational photography to the masses and far more sophisticated Augmented Reality experiences. The prototype device is available now for developers to create something special - video embedded below:

As we walk through our daily lives, we use visual cues to navigate and understand the world around us. We observe the size and shape of objects and rooms, and we learn their position and layout almost effortlessly over time. This awareness of space and motion is fundamental to the way we interact with our environment and each other. We are physical beings that live in a 3D world. Yet, our mobile devices assume that physical world ends at the boundaries of the screen.

The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.

You can find out more at the Project Tango website here

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You dug yourself a hole there nyahahaha(?) Since you like nearly every pairing — Jikook + Robot!AU

metal now (but i’ve always been) (insp)
jimin/jeongguk, 1.9k, android!jeongguk + scientist!jimin

jimin didn’t know why people always said robots were cold and unfeeling. sometimes, jeongguk became so flustered that jimin could hear the gears inside of him whir from across the room, and his synthetic skin heated up so much he became burning hot to the touch, the lights on his body beginning to flicker and glow.

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The Concept of Love, Social Connections, and Yagi's "Claymore."

Previously, I argue that Yagi’s Claymore is about regaining one’s humanity. Initially, it seems the warriors become monsters to fight other monsters. Of course, this is Claymore. The standing protocol is, “It gets worse.” Yes, they are monsters created to fight other monsters. However, this is too broad a statement. They are prototypes and experiments to create a monster to fight bigger monsters elsewhere. From here, I’m remember a line from the 1987 movie Robocop, “He doesn’t have a name. He has a program. He’s product.”

In effect, the warriors of the Organization are effectively products in the eyes of leadership. You do not get more humanized and depersonalized than this. Furthermore, while you can tell how each looks, there is a… slight homogenized quality (white/blonde hair, similar uniforms) to really emphasize the point: They are not human, they are commodities.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy often explore the question of what it is to be human. Yagi touches upon on it in his earlier work, Angel Densetsu. Social scientists, sociobiologists, etc. generally argue to be human is to interact with other humans. To be human, then, is a social construction. We have the capacity through our genes, we must learn through sustained and constant interaction.

It does not mean it, however, that simply interacting is it. You need to be socially connected. You cannot be an island getting by on simple, basic, and short interactions. How Yagi explores this is through the initial dehumanization of the warriors, which I’ve touched upon in an earlier piece. Clare is a perfect example. While she is stronger than her rank ever gives her credit for, one of her biggest problems was her desire to do everything by herself. She goes ahead on a mission despite it being a team mission, pissing off a then-unnamed single digit (Phantom Miria). Later, Miria ensures that Yuma and Cynthia follow Clare for this very reason. Then we have Raki.

Initially, Raki is Clare’s defroster (and Yagi reverses the gender roles here). He is Clare’s first connection to a person since Teresa and Elena. This is doubly significant as most of the human population is fearful of the warriors because humans view them as monsters or “the other.” Raki doesn’t. It’s telling that it takes an ignorant child (I don’t mean this a bad way, I do mean that how could he fear something he had zero awareness of) not to be fearful of a warrior and want to connect with one. The same goes with Clare connecting with Teresa. Through this social connection, it keeps Clare alive! Even during the separation. Remember, Clare was always ready to sacrifice her life to kill Priscilla. But then she makes a promise to Raki. Yes, she did plan on saying goodbye to him but it’s part of her progression to wanting to live.

When she does properly meet Helen, Deneve, and Miria, she begins a social connection with the three them. After Pieta, we include Yuma, Tabitha, and Cynthia to the mix. The Seven Ghosts deeply care for each other, even when they don’t express it. More examples are found post-Pieta. How does Miata become stable? Through a maternal connection. Why does Clarice sacrifice her life to heal Miata’s heart and mind? Because of that parental connection. Why does Yuma desperately try to save Cynthia and not understand Cynthia’s wish to die? Because she loves Cynthia. Why do the Ghosts and Raki desperately want to save Clare? Because of love all love her. All of them love who they’re protecting, healing, rescuing, training with, living with, or raising.

Now, some of you are going, “Well, duh.” But that’s the entire point. The entire build to this story has been about the ultimate battle of love versus hate. Love means being connected with others that love you. To interact is to be connected, to be connected is to be exposed to others, to be exposed to others is to learn. And that’s what the Ghosts do. It’s what Clare especially learns. Deneve lampshades this. Through Clare’s social connections, through her bonds with the Ghosts, Jean, and Raki, she’s gained strength and knowledge. She’s gains so much strength and knowledge she realizes just how weak she was and is against Priscilla. More importantly, she realizes she no longer wants to throw her life away in meaningless fight for revenge. And that’s Clare’s victory within in her demons that she carries in her mind. And Yagi emphasizes this because once Clare has found TRUE meaning, what happens? TERESA.

We have Teresa now. It is not coincidence that the Twin Goddesses of Love Yagi introduces (by way of a statue) in the “Witch’s Maw” arc are named Teresa and Clare. It’s either brilliant foreshadowing or he has some kind of amazing luck (maybe both). Like Clare, Teresa liked to work alone. But she realizes, learning everything from Clare, that you cannot be an island. It is the ultimate form of strength is through the bonds of those you love and love you. What’s sustaining Teresa’s heart and giving her strength? Clare’s love, who is also probably giving Teresa everything she can to beat Priscilla.

Which brings me to Priscilla. Again, it is no coincidence that Priscilla starves herself. Yes. she’s tracking after the scent of Teresa, but when she is with Isley and Raki in that makeshift family… you realize which is the monster and which is the human. And what created the monster? What fills Priscilla with all that hate? Besides her father being a Yoma: Isolation. A community that isolates her and eventually dumps her on the organization. If someone helps Priscilla. Hell, if the organization got to her immediately… do you think Priscilla has so much uncontrollable hate? I somehow doubt that. Her hate had to build to some incredibly high level to be ranked #2 right out of the gate. And what caused it? More than anything, the isolation from other people. And what does hate do? Lets you be manipulated, lets you be used, lets you dehumanize yourself. Yes, love can do these things as well. But someone that truly loves you back will never do any of those things to you.

The criticism that this is just a battle between love and hate is hackneyed at best. Yagi has developed layers as to what love and hate are, where they come from, and the strength and weaknesses of both. Furthermore, Yagi does something that is practically taboo in western culture: The ultimate form of love he’s talking about? IT’S NOT ROMANTIC LOVE. I concede that the love Raki has for Clare could be romantic in nature, and possibly vice-versa. But you know what? That’s not what has driven the story (non-sequitor: Clare and Jean, OTP). What’s driven the story is the love between parent and child (Clarice and Miata plus Teresa and Clare), siblings (the Ghosts), older sibling to younger sibling and vice-versa (Miria and other Ghosts). Even Clare was certainly more older sibling to a young Raki. To be human is to connect with other humans. It’s to love others and have them love you. It’s to have what we would call a family even when there is no blood relation. The warriors regain their humanity by connecting and bonding with others. Hopefully, they find their Raison d'être for themselves. Clare certainly has as Deneve points out. They have social bonds (basically a family) through connecting because they all love each other. Their Raison d'être will be for themselves, not what was forced upon them.

That’s what the ultimate battle is. And, in the end, in Priscilla’s final moments… that’s probably the most human she’s been since she was a child…

Just a battle between love and hate? You’ve missed the entire damn point.


Experimenting with the prototype. Still a long way off.
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