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There’s a difference between being misunderstood and being misguided. Draco and his Slytherin friends are misinformed and misguided by their parents, they are not misunderstood. They were awful, they did horrible things, they weren’t secretly non-bigoted underneath. They can learn from their mistakes and grow up to be better people, that still doesn’t mean their past actions are excusable or that Harry was prejudiced to dislike them. They earned his dislike, they can earn his/others forgiveness too.

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When you’re around someone, so much, for so long, they become a part of you, and when they go away, you don’t know how to live without them.
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I'm very conflicted about the bedroom scene,,,it was very sad for me? Lance looked so sad and disappointed and vulnerable but Keith just said "focus on your missions" because when Lance came in, he said it was bc Keith was the new leader. It was very angsty and heartbreaking to see,,,,im very conflicted about it. I hope Keith soon addresses Lance's strengths and what he admires about him bc,,,,,

THIS IS GOING TO BE LONG AND I STARTED TALKING ABOUT KEITH AND LANCE AS CHARACTERS AND I’M REALLY FUCKING SORRY OH MY GODJFDGYDSFS i get what you’re saying and i have to agree with you so i’m going to analyze some shiz… this scene has definitely opened up the opportunity for keith to actually, properly, reassure lance about his part on the team in a future episode. their development has been gradual throughout the show and this is no different… it’s one step towards something greater. we can’t expect them to instantly have all their shit perfect, you know? it’s, along with the entirety of season 3, changed the dynamic of their relationship. mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual support. they are finally really opening up to each other. 

this whole season, we see lance support and comfort keith A LOT and he does it very well… because that’s the kind of guy he is. he’s an uncle and a good friend. he has a big family, in complete contrast to what keith has. lance has lots of experience with people in general and just… having their backs, comforting and supporting them. lance loves people, he loves interacting with them and he is very good at it. family and friends are obviously extremely important to lance. the team is extremely important to lance.

lance is caring and he can read people/situations well, most of the time. i say most of the time because he never picked up on pidge being a girl even though everyone else did. he’s social and charismatic. he lifts people up, he is there for people, he makes people feel at home, in his own way… he lightens the mood with jokes and tries to diffuse the tension with jokes/changing the subject. or just by being… him. just by being lance he can turn the mood around. he can bring out the best in people and he can probably bring out the worst in them, too… i think he just brings out the most in people. this really applies to how keith is with him. lance can bring out a lot of different sides of keith, we’ve all seen that. he fires keith up, but makes him go soft and tender, too. keith is usually very stoic and closed off but lance breaks down his walls so much and it’s really great.

lance grounds people, he can cheer them up just by being who he is, just by being there. he is a constant. team voltron tends to playfully tease him or act annoyed with the things he says sometimes, but i know they are extremely fond of him. i wish they wouldn’t tease him as much as they do because i do think it gets to lance sometimes… but the problem with that is that he has never voiced his insecurities to them before… so they don’t even know that their teasing is possibly having negative effects on him, they don’t know that they’re actually hitting a sore spot. they’re friends and friends tease each other so it’s hard to like, be pissed at them because i can guarantee if lance actually voiced his insecurities to everyone… they would stop with the teasing, or at least, not tease him about stuff that would be harmful to him. i think one of the reasons why lance doesn’t voice his insecurities to everyone is because he doesn’t want them to worry, he just wants everyone to be happy and have fun… he doesn’t want to add onto all the other shit they’re dealing with.

lance uses a rifle, he’s the sharpshooter and he now uses a sniper, too… his role is one that offers support for his teammates and in a way, let’s them use the fullest of their abilities because with someone watching their backs… they don’t have to worry about someone getting the jump on them. they trust in their sniper. they trust in lance. a sniper covers their teammates and allows them to go all out. allows them to focus on what’s in front of them. lance has always excelled in ranged fighting and analyzing the situation/his surroundings and coming up with a plan that will work best for everyone. lance is an expert at supporting people, in battle and every other way.

but keith… keith is, like he even admitted himself, a loner. social interaction is not keith’s strong suit, never has been and that hasn’t changed. he is a lone wolf by nature, through and through. this is slowly changing and he is slowly opening up as he grows to view team voltron as his friends/family… but at this point, it is still there and a part of him. it most likely always will be, to some extent. keith has no family besides shiro and we know shiro is the only one who never gave up on keith… we don’t know much about his past but it is very safe to assume that keith has… never even really had a friend before voltron. he has had nowhere near as much experience interacting with people like lance has. he is very distant and closed off from the team compared to everyone else. most times when keith does seem to open up to the others, it’s during a mission or because the other person talked to him first. he does not tend to seek people out on his own because he is, after all, a loner. keith is not even that good at talking about his own feelings, he has a hard time even being in control of them sometimes… as we’ve seen when he blows up on pidge in season 1 and when he blows up on everyone in season 3. though, keith does actually admit his faults to lance this season… that is a big step for keith. that is a big step for their relationship.

keith has a hard time understanding things people say/do sometimes and he isn’t good at picking up on references or anything. lance is always a part of these scenes. the first time this happens is the “i say vol, you say tron…” scene in season 1. keith tries to play along but he doesn’t understand and lance is patient with him and tries to help him out. it doesn’t work so lance just tells him they’ll work on it. also in season 1, we have the laser guns scene. keith directly asks lance “what was that?” and lance tells him. in season 2, this progressed into lance explaining to keith, on his own, about the “hunter becomes the hunted” thing… that then progressed to when we got hunk and pidge talking technobabble and whatnot in season 3. keith instantly looks to lance for an explanation but this time, lance has no idea either. i just really like this progression shfsyfsg i think it’s important when analyzing their relationship. anyways, keith just isn’t… a social butterfly like lance and he has no fucking idea what he’s doing in regards to interacting with people most of the time.

keith uses a sword, a very quick and to the point weapon. very in your face. keith is a warrior, always on the front lines. brute force, pure instinct and skill. not thinking before acting, sometimes not even thinking about the team, as we saw on full display at the beginning of season 3. keith just goes for it, full swing. a sword does not offer support, it can be used in supportive ways, but that is not it’s purpose. it’s purpose is to go in and kill. keith is not an expert on supporting people, in battle or in any other way.

i think we have to remember all of this about keith and lance when analyzing the keith’s room scene? because yes, lance was obviously looking for a better answer than what keith gave him… he wanted to hear that he was important to the team and that he contributed. that he’s a great paladin and he doesn’t need to worry about his place on the team. but like i said, keith isn’t… good at this… he’s been better at it at times, he’s made progress… like with hunk in “the belly of a weblum” when he calmed him down and near the end of the episode when he was complimenting him but… i don’t think we can expect keith to instantly be a pro at this stuff at all times, especially because this is lance. it’s possible that keith was very confused because lance always seems so confident to him… that’s what lance lets people see, until now. this is the first time lance has come to any of his teammates about these insecurities. the way keith says “what are you talking about?” supports this… he sounds genuinely confused as to why lance would even think this about himself… and it also supports keith, in his head, probably being like wtf dude you are so important and skilled and you are my impulse control and my friend… BUT KEITH DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SAY ALL THAT BECAUSE HE ISN’T! GOOD! AT! THIS! keith tries to reassure him, he’s just trying to tell him not to worry because he doesn’t NEED to worry because keith knows he’s IMPORTANT… but the way he says it comes off like he’s just brushing lance’s concerns away and telling him to forget about it and focus on his missions… but i don’t think he is? we’ve seen how keith has grown to care for lance, so i know he’s trying to help him, he just really doesn’t know how. it has been a point in the show to show us keith’s poor social skills due to him being an orphan and a loner. 

lance still looks sad when he’s leaving keith’s room because that’s not what he wanted to hear but this next scene is what really made this whole interaction more special and important, for both of them…

when keith says “and lance, leave the math to pidge” it is obviously him trying, in his own way, to at least cheer lance up a little bit. he did not have to call to lance, he could have just let him exit his room and that’s that… but he didn’t and that’s important. not to mention, this whole scene was just very trope-y lmfaosjdfb… this is keith teasing lance, trying to joke with him and lift his spirits even just a little bit… keith probably tried more of joke-y approach because their whole relationship has been full of lots of teasing… he took something from their conversation they just had and tried to make lance smile. like i said, keith isn’t good at this stuff so i think he’s relying on their past interactions to guide him. he is not literally calling lance dumb or useless or anything by saying “leave the math to pidge”… math is one of pidge’s strong suits, they both know this. everyone knows this. when keith said this, as well as keith teasing lance to cheer him up, i read it more as him meaning something like “leave the math to pidge because you have your own strong suits and don’t need to worry about that or your place on the team.” keith is bad with words and he is also a man of few words, in the first place. 

in this same episode, very soon after this scene takes place actually… they need to take the lions out, but just like lance said… there are six paladins now that “shiro” is back and only five lions… but keith now knows that lance believes he’s the one who will end up with no lion. before anyone else even has a chance to say anything in regards to there being more paladins than lions, keith voluntarily gives up the black lion to “shiro” and decides to stay at the castle so lance will not have to give up red. i don’t think keith did this simply because he didn’t want to lead anymore now that “shiro” is back, because he could have easily still said he wanted to take the red lion while “shiro” takes black… but he didn’t, he left red to lance. like, the fact that these two scenes took place so close together is most likely so people could make this connection, i think. it just… doesn’t feel like a coincidence that keith told lance “things will work themselves out” and then proceeded to offer being the one to stay back so lance didn’t have to leave red. of course, black ends up not letting “shiro” in because he’s a fucking fake ass bitch, so this didn’t even end up mattering but like… it’s still important and i think people should at least think about the connection to those scenes. EDIT: this totally mattered because lance was actually aware that keith did this. i just fucking forgot about that entire line like an idiot.

EDIT: please also read these posts i’m about to link. i had more to say about what went down in regards to the bedroom scene here. don’t want to squeeze it into this post so yeah. also, this anon... and this where i talk more about lance’s insecurities and why we see team voltron teasing him so much.

keith knows how talented lance is (and if he didn’t already know somehow, he definitely does now because later in this episode, lance literally saves keith’s life by shooting a blade out of MID FUCKING AIR… that shit is HARD… keith even STOPS mid battle to SMILE SOFTLY at lance and admire him and his skills… acxa is able to run right past him and he almost gets blindsided by ezor because of this… this boy is fucking whipped). keith has experienced for himself in episode 6 of season 1 that lance is very good at coming up with plans when he, himself, would rather rush right in. i think he really admires that in lance because he can’t do that. he is not the plan guy, lance is. keith is all instincts and pure skill. keith has come to know how skilled lance is and he has come to know lance. not fully, of course not, but lance is no longer a nameless face, he is no longer a “who are you?” to keith… lance is the closest person to keith after shiro. he is keith’s newfound impulse control which was shown many times this season. they are friends. lance is the first person that was able to make keith smile this season, when he was extremely upset and angry about losing shiro and the whole leading voltron thing… but lance makes him smile. he makes him smile with one single line, “i’m not the goofball! i’m like the cool ninja sharpshooter.” like i said, keith knows how skilled lance is. i’m sure keith has seen these skills in action over the course of the show… they are a team, it’d be impossible for him not to know that lance actually is an extremely skilled sharpshooter. 

when keith scoffs and says “are you joking?” (accompanied by The Soft Look) i don’t think he’s saying it to be like, “really? you’re not the sharpshooter, funny joke” because keith knows that he is… i think it’s more like keith thinking “but you ARE a goofball, too” because lance is. lance is a goofball and keith probably likes that about him judging from the look on his face… like, lance isn’t JUST the goofball, of course, but he still is a goofball. if you only listen to what keith said and don’t look at his facial expression and don’t think about the progression of their relationship over the course of the show, it’d be easy to think he’s being a dick or something… but combining it with his expression and everything else we know about their relationship, it changes it. teasing like this has always been shown to be part of their relationship. for example, when keith teased lance back in episode 6 of season 1 when he got his lion back for him… along with the many times lance has teased keith. it also really wouldn’t make sense for keith to actually be trying to start shit with lance after lance had just comforted keith in the episode prior. 

[EDITED AFTER FURTHER THOUGHT INTO LANCE’S CHARACTER AND THIS SCENE] after keith says that, i definitely think lance takes it the wrong way and it hits a sore spot (this ties in with his insecurities) so he gets all defensive and says, “i’m being completely serious when i say, i do not want you to lead me anywhere.” (even though this drastically changes later on) and then keith loses his fond look because now lance has hit keith’s sore spot and antagonized him, so he says, “i don’t want to be the leader! that’s just what shiro wanted!” and then realizes he just told them all that and looks upset. i don’t think he even meant to blurt that out, but lance riles him up… lance cracks him open. lance looks very upset, as well, after keith says this… i think lance is concerned for him in a way, because of him losing shiro, but i definitely also think… at that moment, he’s upset because he wanted to pilot the black lion since he goes on to say, “well, i never heard shiro say that, and how convenient that you’re bringing it up now that shiro is gone.” lance is being like this because keith had just unintentionally hit one of lance’s sore spots. this whole exchange gets heated because of lance’s insecurities… because keith unintentionally hurt lance while he was just trying to tease him. so, lance fluffed up his bravado and fired back with venom. lance was just soft and supportive with keith the episode prior, he’s not doing this to be a dick… he thinks keith was being a dick to him. it’s a mess, really. keith tells him, “you want the job so badly, you can have it!” and they just glare at each other.

lance didn’t even want to pilot the black lion for glory or anything, he wanted to pilot it to validate himself to the team and also… himself. his insecurities are quickly increasing. at this point, lance hadn’t even really noticed keith’s insecurities and doubts about being the leader… we see that as soon as black chooses keith and keith expresses that he doesn’t accept it, that he can’t replace shiro, that they were right, he is the loner… not the leader shiro thought he was… lance is instantly backing him up, despite being clearly affected by not being chosen by black. this was a big turning point in their relationship and for lance as a character. he matured a big amount this season. from this point on, lance always has keith’s back. he literally becomes keith’s impulse control and is able to knock some sense into him. pull him back from the edge of nearly pulling the whole team apart, from doing reckless and dumb things. only lance can fit this role with keith as leader. they are equals in this situation but honestly? i don’t think lance realizes that, considering he thinks he should step down as a paladin. considering all his self worth issues. he is literally keith’s right hand man… and the reason this works so well, the reason they are equals in this situation… is because without lance, keith would not succeed as a leader whatsoever. definitely not with how he is right now. lance doesn’t even know this though. his insecurities are about to reach a boiling point, i think… and i feel like keith is definitely going to play a supportive role for lance once he actually knows about lance’s insecurities. once lance actually, properly talks to him about them.

ANYWAYS, back the “leave the math to pidge” scene. this scene is purposefully framed in a way so we can see how lance is starting to view keith… because we are literally viewing keith through lance’s eyes. that is how the shot is set up. i didn’t realize it at first honestly, but when i watched this scene, i couldn’t shake the feeling that it was so… different and special somehow… i just couldn’t figure out why, until i read this post and it all hit me full force and honestly made me tear up. i’ll reference some things that were said but i highly recommend you read that whole post when you finish this. 

we know lance started off as viewing keith as his rival but over the course of the show, that has been changing… and this scene changes it even more, so much more… in a very big way. keith, in the first place, is usually very closed off… we all know that he crosses his arms in front of his chest a lot, people commonly do this to put up a sort of wall between them and the people around them. i actually do this when i’m in a new situation with new people and i am uncomfortable. it’s not that hard to believe that keith would do this too, considering his loner nature. he also seems to be glaring most of the time, even in the background of scenes… the shot of keith when lance is looking back at him is… very open. keith is not coming off the way we have gotten used to him being, which could be classified as very standoffish. keith is not coming off the way lance is used to seeing him. he is seeing him in a completely new and different way.

previously in this scene, while lance is voicing his concerns and his insecurities, keith has his arms crossed in front of him. there is still a barrier. 

but then we got this shot: 

whether it’s subconsciously or consciously, keith is trying to appear more friendly and welcoming towards lance. this goes along perfectly with him teasing lance, he’s trying to cheer him up and this heightens the effect. makes lance feel safe, let’s him know keith is being genuine. he is completely open and his expression is so soft. everything about this shot is so fucking soft. he doesn’t even have his jacket on… they made sure to show him hanging it up before lance entered the room and i think they showed us that because they really wanted to get across the change in keith and lance’s relationship in this shot. keith is not seen without his jacket that often and i just… refuse to believe him taking it off didn’t serve a purpose for this scene, specifically. they are both allowing themselves to be vulnerable around the other. lance voicing his insecurities to keith, out of all people (yes because he’s the leader now, but “shiro” was back at this point, lance easily could have gone to him since he literally talked about shiro going back to the black lion…), lance finally somewhat voicing his insecurities to a teammate and it happens to be keith? that’s important. and keith just… everything about keith in this fucking scene is so unlike how keith normally appears. normally, the less clothes someone has on, the more vulnerable people feel… they feel exposed. keith’s whole stance is open and this shot was also literally coded as romantic… here’s an excerpt from that post i linked before.

When a character is being admired by another character, getting a shot through their eyes of their subject from the waist up, or thighs up, or knees up, etc, is a very common way of displaying that admiration in a visual sense.

this is why so many people are comparing this shot to goddamn dating sims. that’s what it reminded ME of! the way this shot is set up is so commonly used in dating sims. i haven’t played dream daddy myself, but i’ve seen a lot of people specifically compare it to that dating sim. this shot feels intimate, it is intimate. we are witnessing lance starting to view keith in a different light because like i said, and like how that post i linked emphasizes, we are seeing keith through lance’s eyes. we’re not just seeing him through lance’s POV, but directly through his eyes. keith is the center of lance’s focus and this shot? just makes keith look really beautiful? which fucks me up because that is how lance is seeing keith. we then get lance returning the same softness keith expresses towards him:

even as lance is turning away, the smile is still on his face. i do think lance is sad and disappointed that he didn’t quite get the reassurance he needed and wanted… and someone definitely still needs to explicitly tell him he is important to the team and acknowledge his strengths and skills. keith still needs to learn how to comfort him better but i’m 100% sure we’ll get that in the future. regardless of lance not receiving the support he needed to the extent he was looking for, i think he is genuinely happy in this shot. i think keith genuinely made him feel a little better. keith did cheer him up a bit and make him smile, in his own weird ass way. remembering how the shot of keith was from lance’s eyes, the way he was seeing him… it’s safe to say that lance is starting to develop romantic feelings for keith starting, or at least really taking off, from right here.

i think this whole scene was meant to show the current level their relationship has reached and open the way for it to naturally reach a new level, in the future. lance will definitely still struggle with his insecurities, they have been a constant in every season so far… they may even get worse since he didn’t get the comfort and support that was necessary… and with time, i’m sure keith will be able to reassure him better. he’ll be able to express how much he admires him, list off his strengths without a second thought… he’ll know what lance needs to hear once they become better friends. once keith gets better at working with the team, he will be able to support lance to the extent he needs. he’ll be able to support everyone. keith needs to grow and leave more of his lone wolf nature behind because that just doesn’t work when you’re part of a team like this… he needs to get better at bonding with his team, with his friends.

EDIT: talked more about this scene here, here and here. i also compare the shot of lance looking at keith to a shot from voltron: defender of the universe here. i’ve changed my views somewhat on the whole “leave the math to pidge” scene as well, here.

nct 127 as marching band stereotypes

taeil: quiet sousaphone player but is a secret class clown, very small and everyone wonders how he can lift such a big instrument (he’s secretly ripped but no one can tell under his uniform)

johnny: drumline captain, obnoxious snare player who does rim shots constantly in the band room, director loves to blame him when the band is out of time. blares “because i got high” during drumline sectionals 

taeyong: trumpet section leader who the director asks for favors all the time, takes good care of underclassmen, constantly stressed because he can never get everyone together at once for sectionals

yuta: lead quad drum, loves giving johnny a hard time and pranking the freshmen, wore WHITE SOCKS with the black marching uniform and everyone shamed him

doyoung: unanimously elected drum major, takes his job extremely seriously and is pressed that he cant do backflips and stuff that other drum majors do, the whole band loves messing with him for fun

jaehyun: first chair alto sax who came to band camp HOT after being a nerd for so long, plays yakity sax as a warm up until the director begs him to stop, freshmen try to leave love notes in his locker

winwin: the new kid who got stuck on bass drum even tho he’s secretly good at snare, the whole drumline dotes on him because he’s shy, the only person yuta doesn’t prank 

mark: the freshman that came in and somehow got first chair clarinet because he’s a prodigy, marches perfectly in step Every Time, memorizes drill in two seconds, wins director’s award

haechan: freshman cymbal player who has already been declared future drum captain, volunteers to lead dances and stand tunes during football games, all of the drum majors love him for his enthusiasm 

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Omg I am in love with this blog 💕💕 I love how well written everything is!! So I read the rules and I wasn't sure if I could request only one character or if I had to do RFA+the characters I wanted;;; but I was hoping for some kissing headcannons (like how they kiss, etc.) of the RFA+V please and thank you!

Oh hi~! Thank you for your support! You can have individual characters or the whole gang when making a request. :) We don’t normally do Vanderwood (or Rika, or Driver Kim lolol), but for HCs, we usually write for the five main characters + Saeran and V. ♥

This was fun to write, so I hope you enjoy~!!!


Kissing HCs


  • You were surprised when he first kissed you at the party
  • He seemed so… confident.
  • But he becomes a blushing mess when you initiate kisses
  • Likes eskimo kisses, rubbing his nose against yours, and then finishing it with a quick peck on the lips
  • Attacks you with multiple kisses on the face when you call him cute
  • To the point where you’re already holding his face away from you and he’s still puckered up like a cartoon octopus, trying so hard to reach you
  • “Yoosung, nooooo~“
  • “But whyyyy, emshee jush one mooorreee pweeeeaaash“
  • Makes obnoxiously loud smooching noises until you give in
  • Will steal kisses when you’re super serious or unaware
  • Expect a moan or two when you bite him during makeout sessions
  • Loves it best when you’re cuddling and he reaches from behind you to kiss your cheek.
  • “I’m sorry MC, I just can’t help but want to kiss you ‘cuz you’re so cute!“
  • Yoosung, what’re you talking about you’re the one who’s cute asdfghjkl

Zen / Hyun Ryu

  • Good night kiss. Good luck kiss. Goodbye kiss.
  • Basically makes each and every excuse just to give you kisses.
  • Chooses the highest seat on the theater just to make out with you
  • “But Zen, we won’t be able to properly watch the movie from up here…“
  • “You don’t need to look at anything else but me, MC.“
  • Who needs 3d and 4d when you’re always having a very interactive movie experience™?
  • But he really lives for morning kisses
  • Chuckles at the sight of you since your hair is always a disheveled mess
  • Starts with kissing the top of your head and then tucks away some loose strands so he could kiss your forehead
  • You always automatically roll away from him, exposing his favorite part to kiss : the crook of your neck
  • Lmao Zen are you a vampire
  • He goes to wrap his arms around you, burying his nose at the junction between your neck and shoulder, breathing in your scent before he licks a path just below the shell of your ear
  • And then he goes back, peppering said area with small kisses
  • Doesn’t care whether you’ve brushed or not, nothing will stop him from kissing you on the lips when you turn to face him
  • “Good morning, jagi. ♥“
  • What a good morning, indeed.


  • Was really shy at first, so she wouldn’t kiss you much.
  • But she gradually gets used to it since you usually rain kisses on her.
  • Would give you a quick kiss when you least expect it.
  • And blush innocently.
  • Baehee what did we do to deserve you aaaaaaaa
  • Sometimes though, she would just rest her forehead against yours, and give you butterfly kisses, your eyelashes touching as you lazily kiss
  • She’d smile and laugh with you afterwards
  • There was one time when you had icing on your cheek and she was feeling adventurous
  • So she gathered her courage, and then…
  • “MC, there’s icing on your cheek.“
  • “Eh? Where?“ you ask, touching the opposite cheek
  • “No, no, not there. Here, I’ll get it for you“
  • She reaches out, and then licks the icing off of your cheek in a way that it made you shiver and feel light and tingly inside
  • There was an awkward silence right after, until she coughs and then carries on with work as if nothing happened
  • (≖ ͜ʖ≖)
  • You made it a point to smear some icing on your cheek from then on and pretend that you didn’t know you had it on


  • Tries so hard to act cute with you sometimes, it’s almost painful to watch
  • Jumin, please stop watching cheesy dramas and copying it; we’d still love you even if Zen calls you a bore
  • Pretty shameless when he kisses you on the lips during parties, much to his father’s disdain.
  • “As much as it’s a pleasure to meet your daughter, I only have eyes for my wife.“
  • He doesn’t kiss much, but when he does, it’s always the back of your hands first.
  • And then the forehead, then the lips.
  • Or forehead, eyelids, tip of your nose.
  • When you’re being intimate with him, he’d gently gather a few locks of your hair in his hand and kiss it
  • Also loves kissing a path from your knees down to your inner thighs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Hickeys on your neck, collarbone, chest, upper arms; he likes marking what’s his.
  • Would sometimes take you out for evening walks, and then kiss you under the fireworks or when you’re alone at an observation deck on a tower or a cruise ship
  • “Wha… what was that for???“
  • “Do I really need to have a reason to kiss you, my love?“
  • It usually leads you to melt on the spot, but he’s always there to catch you ♥

707 / Saeyoung

  • Spiderman kiss? Lizard kiss? Australian kiss?  ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)
  • Name an unusual type of kiss, and he’d convince you to try it with him.
  • Saeyoung, stop trying to hang upside down from there, it’s dangerous pls stop
  • On a serious note, he’s more likely to casually flop on your lap when you’re on the couch and ask for a kiss.
  • Or he would distract you from a card or board game with a breathtaking kiss to win. Lmao you cheat
  • Biter. Also a tease.
  • His favorite part to kiss is your tummy, then making his way down, down, down… but then he suddenly backs up to give you a deep kiss when you think that he’d kiss there
  • Also loves kissing from your back down to the swell of your butt, where he proceeds to bite.
  • “Saeyoung!“
  • “Eheheh. Sorry, I got carried away, it’s just so soft and bouncy, I couldn’t resist!“
  • There are also times when he’d take you out on a drive
  • He’d spread a blanket on a dry, grassy patch and you’d just lie side by side, holding hands while star gazing.
  • When he thinks you’re starting to doze off, he’d hover over you
  • “Hey, don’t fall asleep on me, MC,“ he says, caressing your face and then tilting your chin upwards.
  • Proceeds to place soft kisses on your lips, moving to the corner of your mouth and then your jaw.
  • And then he stops and flicks your forehead.
  • “It’s getting late, we should head back home.“
  • ( ಥ ʖ̯ ಥ) ….

Unknown / Saeran

  • Polar extremes
  • You’d have to either coax kisses out of him, or he would slam you against a flat surface and aggressively kiss the crap out of you.
  • “Saeran, you rarely kiss me. C’mon, pleeeaaase? With mint chip ice cream on top?“
  • “Fine, but you better live up to your promise“
  • Gives you a half-assed side kiss, then carries on with his task
  • “Saeran that’s not even a proper kiss“ ( ಠ ʖ̯ ಠ)
  • “Beggars can’t be choosy, MC.“
  • He might say that while sporting a bored look, but he’s really screaming inside.
  • Very embarrassed bean. Give him space. Let him scream. Give the boy his ice cream.
  • Likes giving one-lip kisses, either kissing your upper lip, or biting your lower lip and then making a swipe inside your mouth with his tongue
  • But there are also times when he’d ask nicely for a kiss on the lips.
  • “Can I kiss you, MC?“ kiss. “I want to kiss more. Can I kiss you again?“ kiss. “Another.“ kiss.
  • This usually leads to heavy makeout sessions.
  • Lets you take the last weiner, cake, nugget, etc., but then he steals it from you through a french kiss before you could even chew
  • “It’s your fault for not swallowing quickly.“

V / Jihyun Kim

  • Will randomly pull you in for kisses when he’s in a happy mood
  • His favorite is when your back is turned to him and your nape is exposed.
  • Will hug you from behind and starts with a number of soft kisses on your nape, going to your shoulder.
  • And then he’d just rest his chin on your shoulder and smile at you as he watches you work.
  • “I would take a picture, but I don’t think I’d be able to perfectly catch this moment on camera, MC.“
  • Would usually lead to you accidentally cutting or burning your fingers when he does this during meal prep
  • “Oh no, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for you to get distracted! Here, let me see your hand.“
  • Unconsciously puts the burned/bleeding area to his lips, lightly sucking on it.
  • “Uhh… V, the… the first aid kit… “
  • “Hmm? Oh. Oh, right. Just stay there while I get the kit.“
  • Likes to lightly nibble on your earlobe, neck, collarbone, shoulder, and hip
  • Showering together? He would kiss your back while you’re both under the shower spray.
  • Most likely to take you skinny dipping, and then make out with you in the water
  1. Are you willing to read a lot of text, or would you rather have a more interactive experience?
    1. Brush up on the characters and world on the Homestuck wiki, then begin in Act 4. The majority of the exploratory, interactive Flash games begin there, and continue into Act 6.
  2. Do you like worldbuilding and fantasy adventures?
    1. RPG fantasy with a focus on war, destiny, and mythological magic powers?
      1. Begin at Act 2, where the main character John Egbert is transported to the Incipisphere and, with the help of his best friend Rose Lalonde, the ghost of his grandmother, and a mysterious creature from the future, gets a grasp on the new world he must live in.
    2. Darker fantasy/sci-fi with a cruel society and unforgiving social norms that push people to do evil?
      1. Begin at Act 5 Act 1, where we meet and get immersed in the Troll society, in which a strict caste system pits friends against friends, casual games can lead to lifetime paralysis and even death, and children are raised by literal monsters. Feel free to check the wiki if you get lost or confused.
  3. Are you super stoked to meet new characters and get to know them deeply and personally?
    1. Begin at Act 1, and read until Act 4. 
    2. At Act 5, are you interested in learning about the Trolls more in depth, or are you frustrated by them?
      1. If you’re interested, read Act 5 Act 1 in its entirety. You’ll probably enjoy it.
      2. If you’re frustrated, skip Act 5 Act 1 and jump to Act 5 Act 2. Any important points will be brought up again in the dialogue and referenced in the interactive flash games. If you’re still confused, feel free to read Act 5 Act 1 or peruse the wiki.
  4. Do you get very invested in romantic, interpersonal drama between interesting characters?
    1. Begin at Act 5 Act 1, because Trolls have a unique romantic system that makes for interesting and complex interpersonal relationships. Before Act 5 Act 1, romance is not a factor in the story at all.


  • this post is not for any kind of political agenda, and is solely for the purpose of studying CRIMINOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY & PSYCHOANALYSIS.

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How to Read a Synastry Chart

Upon first looking at a synastry chart, there may be an initial sense of confusion as to how to best interpret the intertwining planetary alignments from one person to another.

Essentially aspects between another persons planet shows the dynamics as to how one aspect of your personality interacts with another’s.

Reading a synastry chart applies the same method as reading a natal chart, however you must remember you are looking at one persons planet interacting with another, therefore each person playing a role in the expression of their planet in aspect.

Example: If Person A’s Moon was Trine Person B’s Venus, one person would be expressing their caring, vulnerable and hurting side, while the other person would be expressing their loving, appreciative and giving side.

The type of aspect will dictate how your personal expression of a part of your personality (ie. sign on a planet) interacts and is revived by another.


Here two planetary energies express themselves in the same way (unless its an out of sign conjunction). Here there is a natural and mutual understanding of how each person expresses a part of their personality, though the planets involved and how each persons own planet is aspects in their own chart will dictate how well the nature of the conjunction plays out.


Here two planetary energies flow effortlessly together, and expressions of one another’s personality is received well due to the easy and mutual understanding. Each person will understand the other persons way of expressing and doing things, as well as provide a compatible variation on how they give to another, in a way they appreciate.


Sextiles provide much more excitement than Trines, as the modality and element is different, however, the elemental compatibility provides a contrast in which stimulates the other. In affect, they almost act like easy squares by where the friction builds on the other, however the energy is much more friendly and playful. Sextiles in synastry can challenge the partner to expand on a part of their own personality and find a way to engage that part of them more in themselves and in the relationship.


Squares are INCREDIBLY common in synastry.


The nature of squares provide a challenge, a chance to improve and work hard to find a solution. The entire universal PURPOSE of relationships is to experience oneself through interaction with another, and square provide and opportunity to bring out parts of the personality that may lay dormant. This is how we learn what we want and what we don’t want in relationships.

Squares upon first interaction are highly magnetic, as the natural energetic friction causes a sense of challenge, creating a desire to experience a certain part of the self.

However it is true to say that square are not always the most pleasant aspect in synastry, as they draw on a sense of desire NOT compatibility - any relationship that contains squares will ultimately create a sense of growth, and its ones ability to resolve conflict or walk away with a sense of knowing who they are and what they want is what makes square an integral part to relationships.


Oppositions in synastry act quite differently than within the natal chart, as the sense of ‘internal spinning form one part of the personality to the other’ is manifested within two people in the relationship. Like the conjunction, oppositions can either be beneficial or detrimental depending on the planets involved, the condition of the individuals planet, and the maturity and ability to make a compromise between two people.

The opposition in synastry can provide an excellent contrast as to looking at ones ‘shadow side’, and often these two can compliment each other by having a similar perspective, though taking a different approach.

If not handled well, the contrast can be TOO different from one another, causing a sense of separation due to the sense of ‘foreign’ expression of another. If both people are mature, a compromise can be made, if not, there may be a natural need for separation as each others needs can not be met by the other.


This is perhaps the most difficult aspect in synastry. The Inconjucntion acts much like an opposition, though with the opposition, the element and modality compatibly makes it possible to find a compromise by understand the others mutual perspective on things. With the inconjucntion, signs are aspected with incompatible elements and modalities, therefore having no common ground on the way they act. This often results in the inability to understand one another from there perspective. They may have to ‘take turns’ at expressing parts of their personality to one another, or when one acts, the other person fails to react. The inability to understand one another can cause a sense of disappointment as each persons efforts and expressions are not being recognised by the other.

The final part to reading a synastry chart will be understood by looking at the house area each persons planet falls into, making the birth time crucial to interpretation.

When a planet falls into another persons house, an aspect and energy of one person is being expressed in the life area of another. This creates a sense in the house person whereby they energetically sense a persons certain energy being expressed in a certain house, and the aspects will determine whether it will be positively or negatively received.

A planet falling into another’s house stimulates that area of life for them.

Example: A planet falling into someones 11th house will stimulate the feeling that this person will fulfil their need for friendship.

The planet person will also feel their personal energies being projected into that life area of the house person, but will ultimately be more focused on the way the other person makes THEM feel rather than where they are investing their personal energies into another.

This is why aspects are highly important in synastry, as there needs to be a mutable reception by both people in order for exchange of feelings.

Example: Person A’s Venus may fall into Person B’s 7th house. Person B may feel the Venus person can fulfil their relationship desires, however, Person A’s Venus is afflicted by other planets in synastry, and they in fact aren’t attracted to Person B at all - perhaps far from that.

It is incredibly important to NEVER single out one ‘positive’ aspect in synastry, especially as a need for personal validation. If the relationship is meant to be challenging or not to form at all, it will be so, therefore a high level of objectiveness is needed when reading your own synastry chart with your own love interest.

Problems can be resolved, and other times they can not, the aim of relationships is personal growth, and it’s always best to act for your own highest good and seek a relationship thats challenging AND fulfilling.

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anonymous asked:

I have problems finding different "voices" for each of my characters. Could you help me by maybe explain the different aspect that can change one's voice? Thank you!

Hi, love!  Thanks for your question and your patience :)  I love writing unique character voices, both in dialogue and narration, just because it can make a story completely different just through the way it’s told.  There are a lot of different aspects to a character voice, though, so I’ll just go through the basics I run in my mind when I develop voices.

Aspects of Character Voice

  • Education – To be as realistic for your character as possible, you need to consider the level of education they received growing up.  There are too many characters in modern fiction who speak eloquently, confidently, and grammatically correct, yet don’t have the educational backstory to support this.  This is especially important if the character has to speak publicly, which many overlook as a skill that must be developed.
  • Influences – People learn how to speak, how to joke, and how to appeal to others from their family, friends, and idols.  For example: my aunt is much more reserved than my father and uncle.  She’s a quiet, thoughtful psychologist – but every once in a while, she shows her roots over her education by engaging in some of the awful puns that run in my dad’s side of the family.  Puns seem uncharacteristic of her at first glance, but it adds depth to who she is by reaching back into her childhood.
  • Communication Style – I touched on this in my post on character traits, and it probably applies even more here.  Your characters aren’t all going to speak up at the same times, about the same things, in the same ways.  Some people avoid confrontation; some people can’t ignore irritants.  Some people are open about their personal affairs; some don’t feel comfortable sharing their middle name with friends.  Some people think out loud, and occupy the room subconsciously.  Some people use humor to mask their feelings, and rarely speak without a hint of irony in their voice.  Some people are horribly self-aware, and some people talk without really hearing or filtering themselves.  It’s all important.
  • Demeanor – Mood, countenance, disposition – basically, what is the character’s general attitude?  If someone were to describe them in a couple of words, what would they be?  Some people are generally positive, and some are generally negative, or irritable, or uncomfortable, or emotional, or just really strong in whatever direction.  I had a friend in theatre describe me as “anxious at rest”, and I think that pretty much covers my demeanor.  Now, no one behaves one way all the time – this is just more of a “default emotion” that colors how they approach certain situations.

Example: Because I’m “anxious at rest”, I feel happiness like butterflies in my limbs, and sadness like it’s raining bullets in my stomach.  Because my brother is naturally chill as hell (my words), he feels happiness like a warm, gooey piece of pie, and sadness like a thin, wet sheet clinging to his skin.

  • Social Skills – This can tie into education and influences, but also has a lot to do with personality.  A character can be raised to know and value social convention, or they can pick it up themselves; or they can disregard social “rules” despite any kind of education.  How does your character handle awkward situations?  Are they blunt with strangers?  Are they respectful to authority?  Do they keep their opinions to themselves, or speak up no matter what?  Do they at all change themselves or their behavior to adapt to new situations?  There’s a spectrum there, between 100%-Integrity and Chameleon status, and your character’s somewhere on it.
  • Sense of Humor – I’ve talked about this before, too, but for posterity, I’ll add it here.  When writing a character’s voice, you have to think about what amuses them – and it’s not necessarily what amuses you.  I think of the show The Office, which is basically a playground of different senses of humor.  There’s Michael Scott, who works with things like “that’s what she said” and celebrity impressions; there’s Jim Halpert, who’s both sarcastic and a diehard prankster; there’s Pam Beesly, who can only offer puns along the line of, “I’ll put out an A.P.B. – an Ask Pam Beesly.”  These small details make characters sound distinct from each other.
  • Introversion/Extroversion – Lastly, a lot of how a character communicates depends on how they experience social interactions.  Are they energized by conversations and social events, or do these things drain them?  Do they seek out others, or do they wait to be addressed?  Are their thoughts focused outwardly – on what’s going on around them, what others are saying or thinking, on how they appear to others – or inwardly – on their internal thoughts and interests, on what they’re thinking and feeling?  This will affect how they speak and how they narrate the story, even if you’re not writing in first-person.

Anyway, that’s basically what came to mind when I saw your question.  If this doesn’t help you, be sure to send us another ask with more information :)  Good luck!

– Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!


Keith isn’t mature. Keith has little social interaction experience. He doesn’t know how to connect with people. He was stuck in the desert for years, chasing down something he wasn’t sure even existed.

He tried to refuse the Black Lion twice. He didn’t want to become Shiro or do Shiro’s job, he himself didn’t think he could lead the team as well as Shiro could. He didn’t step up and say, ‘I accept this as my duty.’ Someone had to coax him into doing the job. Shiro is the only person who was truly family to him, he was the only person Keith had. He needed a leader figure, he needed a big brother or mentor figure, someone to look up to. He couldn’t accept that his brother mentor figure could be gone for good. Loss doesn’t mature someone. Acceptance matures someone. He didn’t accept that his Big Bro™ and teacher could be gone.

Keith isn’t mature. Keith rises to Lance’s bait all the time(though this has resided in S3), despite being a generally monotone person. He keeps his emotions under wraps a lot. He vents things out by fighting and training.

Keith isn’t mature. He burst out at an important diplomatic meeting, no matter if it would have ruined the meeting or not. Yes, Keith lost Shiro- but isn’t the mark of a mature leader to step up to the plate and start the engines, despite any hardships? Or to step up and start a better plan?

Speaking of plans, he couldn’t think of any plans and almost led all the paladins to danger? He took on Zarkon by himself, despite the leader of the team telling him to back down? He took on Lotor by himself, despite the team telling him that it looks sketchy? Didn’t accept teamwork for half the season? And even after that, he would only listen to one person on a reliable basis? Those aren’t the marks of someone who is mature. Those are the marks of someone who’s been forced into a mature position despite being a teen folded away from humanity in a little pocket in the desert at heart.

He’s not Shiro. He can’t be like Shiro. He’s not mature like Shiro is. Why can’t you let Keith be a kid for once, instead of aging his personality years just for an age gap ship?